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Barcelona or Madrid – Which should be your first choice

Spain is one of the most pleasant, vibrant and exquisite countries of the Europe, sharing a huge fan following among tourists from across the world. Each year, millions of tourists tend to take cheap flights to Spain in order to witness and savor on the magnificent dynamics of the nation. With a history, cultural diversity and magnificently booming lifestyle, the country has developed many folds over the past a few decades. And as usual, so did the rivalry among the tourists of different opinion. Hence, if you are a first timer to visit Spain and seeking out the best destination, you will stumble up on the question whether to visit Barcelona or Madrid. To share a clear picture to decide your first choice of visit in Spain, we have jot down a comparison of both on different levels.


1. The culture
Barcelona and Madrid both share similar yet absolutely different culture. Where on one hand, Madrid, being the capital, has a big number of museums and galleries, preserving many eras in many parts of the nation. Barcelona on the other hand, has been significantly preserving Gaudi. With the Catalonian architecture and picturesque heritage sites, the city has been giving a particular type of insight in the history. Whereas Madrid has been saving the relics from many eras, Barcelona has been preserving the contemporary art in many spellbinding art galleries spread across the city. So, if you are up to explore the culture, you must have start scratching your head.

2. The Food

Spanish food have been one of the widely used and modified gourmet across the world. Madrid has been the capital of the nation, hence has been receiving a big number of gourmet explorers and have developed many different and contemporary styles of cooking as well as blending. On the other side, Barcelona has been a city of vibrant people, hence people have been experimenting their gourmet on their personal level, making it quite refined in cultural culinary. So, if you are looking for some traditional cooking, you must visit Barcelona and get astounded by the modification done whilst keeping the roots as same as it used to be. On the other hand, if you like to have a blended sort of dining experience, Madrid will be the perfect choice to get mix and match your own sort of cooking style or stumble up on some fantastic dishes that are revamped after adopting cooking from other cultures.

3. The Nightlife

The nightlife have been one of the biggest point in the debate when it comes to select between Barcelona and Madrid as both cities have different opinions and lifestyle followed by the people. Where in Barcelona, you will find people enjoying personal pubs with separate enjoyment options and specific days to enjoy the nightlife, the capital Madrid has the open party culture majorly enjoyed every day of the week. So, if you like partying occasionally with some privacy and equal amount of enjoyment, Barcelona is the place for you. Yet if you like the traditional way of partying with anonymous crowd around you every day of the week, Madrid is a perfect place to be in Spain.

4. The Nature

When it comes to natural bliss, Barcelona has always been taken the edge due to its picturesque beaches and close proximity to the scenic ocean boardwalks. Being in the middle of the nation, Madrid is quite away from this leverage, yet there are plenty of parks, gardens, lake sides, fountains and more within the city, giving a pleasant and elegant view to the capital whilst a broad reach from any part of the city. So, if you are more into beaches, Barcelona is a perfect place for your getaway for sure, yet if you are done with the sand, sun and the sea, and looking for some refreshment, Madrid is a hands down winner.

5. The Shopping

The biggest factor that makes any beautiful destination full of crap for the majority of travelers is if they are traveling with their wife or love. To those, traveling is full of shopping and a better way to feast craving of shopaholics. However, if you are traveling to Spain and confused between two tourism giants, Barcelona and Spain have some fantastic amount of delights to offer. Being the capital, Madrid has many showrooms, malls and big markets spread across the city, giving travelers a fantastic delight for shopping. However if you have bought Barcelona flight deals, you will find the city full of flea markets, shops in various parts and some huge malls scattered in various parts. Also, there are plenty of shops to buy from at the beach boardwalk, giving some fantastic offers during shoulder season.

If you are planning a trip to Europe and have a desire to visit Spain for the first time, it is quite easy to decide whether you should get Barcelona flight deals or plan a trip to Madrid. However, everything is dependent on what sort of interest you share and how you like your travel should turn up. So, whether you are up for Barcelona or Madrid, book cheap flights to Spain from SmartFares and get some spectacular discounted deals available with us.

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