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Bali from the eyes of a romantic couple

Indonesian destinations are proven to be the perfect place to enjoy a healthy and laid-back getaway and there are a number of getaway options available in the country that provides infinite range of picturesque views, fabulous attractions and divine experiences and among them all, Bali have outshined in recent years. The island of God, Bali is majorly perceived as a destination for peace and spirituality which is to a major extent is true. However, if you think, that Bali can never be visited as a romantic destination, we are here to burst the bubble of the myth and give you the exact picture of Bali from the eyes of a romantic couple. So, here are the dreamiest things that can interest you if you are taking flights to Bali as a couple:

Bali from the eyes of a romantic couple

  1. Romantic One Day Cruise

Cruising may sound costlier when all you can find is a 10-day or more package with the similar sort of experiences. However, if you are on a romantic trip to Bali, you can easily get your hands on the luxury, comfort and romantic settings for a day whilst excursing through the clean waters at neighboring islands of Nusa Lembongan, Ceningan and Penida. With a reputed cruise line offering some great deals throughout the year for a romantic cruise experience, you can have the picture perfect cruising experience along with many magnificent delights including beach parties, snorkeling, cocktails, romantic dinner and much more.

  1. Sunset View from Mount Batur

Being a city that is really close to the nature, every delight that revolves around the natural attributes is picturesque and memorable in Bali. Many couples visiting Bali on their honeymoon or a romantic getaway take a hiking tour to the tip of the Mount Batur to experience the magical sunset from the top of the volcanic mountain. A time where the entire horizon bathes in the golden lights and sun settles down for the day on the axis, you can hold the hands of your love and enjoy the spellbinding view of the sunset along with the ocean and city from here. Being a lesser known attribute, you can easily enjoy the sunset without being worried about the huge crowd that can easily be found in other parts of Bali.

  1. Couple Cooking Classes

You must have heard people who like cooking or have a keen interest in Asian gourmet taking special flights to Bali to learn more about the Indonesian culinary and if you are a foodie couple who enjoy every bite with great taste and authentic cooking style, you will enjoy taking couple cooking classes available in myriad parts of Bali. Try out different dishes using the authentic gastronomy techniques and styles taught in the cooking classes available in Bali and return home as a mind-blowing chefs who are specialized in the traditional Indonesian gourmet. Needless to say, you will be making other couples jealous with the new mutual interest found in your romantic life that is really romantic if you think of as a perspective of housewives.

  1. Romantic Stroll at the Plains of Ubud

The monkey forests of Ubud have been alluring global tourists taking flights to Bali by their serene green landscapes and incredible range of religious temple complexes that are standing here for centuries. If you think that visiting Ubud and its temples might not be as romantic as you require, then think again as there are a number of other things that will give you the experience you need on your couple getaway to Bali. Ubud is the home to many magnificent restaurants and cafes that are excellent in giving the best bite of your life and it is obvious to mention that the herbs and ingredients used in the restaurants of Ubud are really fresh and great in taste. So, if you still think that all you can find in Ubud is temples and long stretch of forests and countless monkeys, then think again!

  1. Jewelry Making Workshops in Uluwatu

Indonesian handicraft may not be as popular as other parts of the world, but once you are in Bali, you will love to stash as much artificial jewelry as possible which is unfortunately not possible to some extent due to heavy price and limited baggage allowance. However, if you still think that the traditional artificial jewelry will blend perfectly with your wardrobe, then you must consider taking jewelry making workshops available in Uluwatu. There are a few traditional schools that provides jewelry making workshops to the tourists to give a boost and recognition to the culture of Indonesia on international platform. The jewelry making workshops are quite budget-friendly and will take moderate time from your trip to Bali which will be worth a try.

Bali is one of the finest and most visited getaway destinations of the Southeast Asia these days and arguably a perfect place to visit as a couple to enjoy the peace, nature, culture, heritage and much more whilst savoring on the luxury and comfort at the same time. No matter whether you are a newlywed couple or enjoying an eternal bond for years, there are an abundant number of things that will intrigue you as a perfect place for romance in its own way. So, if you feel like experiencing the charm of Bali with the twist of romance and dreamy attributes, just consider booking cheap flights to Bali from SmartFares and avail some great offers and deals available with us for a prosperous and pocket-friendly getaway experience.

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