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Adventures in Costa Rica

The spellbinding nation of Central America, known for its captivating varieties of natural attributes and landscapes, Costa Rica is among the most prominent and naturally rich nations in the Americas, ideally famous for its thriving beaches and captivating lifestyle. However, if you are done with all these luxurious and laid-back attributes and seeking out something more thrilling to make your getaway to Costa Rica more memorable, then here we are with some of the most amazing adventures in Costa Rica that will definitely give you the most outstanding delights if you like death-defying adventures in your life. So, following are the adventurous activities you can indulge yourself in and have a superlative getaway experience at Costa Rica:

Costa Rica

  1. White Water Rafting

If quick rapids and gravity with loads of thrill interest you the most, then Costa Rica is a great place for you to experience the adventure in your veins as the rivers like Sarapiqui and Corobici are considered to be perfect to enjoy the splashing rapids on your face and experiencing the blend of gravity and speeding white water. No matter whether you are a skilled rafter or having these experiences for the first time, there are a number of options to choose from as per your level of expertise. So, hop into the flights to Costa Rica and experience such an outstanding experience at one of the most amazing white-water rapids on earth.

  1. Hot Spring Bath

Once you are done with the chilling and splashing white-water rapids, it’s time for you to have some hot bath and there is no better place in the Costa Rica than the hot springs available in the rainforests of the Costa Rica. Settled on the foothills of the active volcanos, these hot springs are visited by tons of tourists every month who enjoy exploring these amazing natural phenomenon and have a blissful time having a dip into steaming hot water in such an ideal conditions especially after riding the splendid rapids at Sarapique and Corobici. The water that is fused with minerals and other natural elements at a temperature between 80 degree and 100 degree average is considered to be great for skin and many diseases.

  1. Rainforest Wildlife Safari

Once you have soaked yourself in the magical waters of the Hot Springs, it’s time for you to explore the divine and dense rainforests of the Costa Rica that have been appealing nature lovers for decades and providing them the most outstanding voyaging experience through myriad wildlife safaris available in the region. Go for a safari for days and nights and enjoy the freshness and detailed beauty of nature in your surroundings, spread miles in every direction and offering the most spellbinding experience of being in a natural heaven. The flora and fauna of the rainforests in Costa Rica is simply superb and you can enjoy many amazing landscapes including waterfalls, water streams, springs and more.

  1. Zip-Lining over the Forest

If you are afraid of being lost at these dense forests and wish to have a detailed look at the rainforests anyway, then there are plenty of options to do the same as well and one of them would be having a zip-lining over the rainforests that stretched for miles and offering a superb aerial view of the forest with a detailed look of waterfalls, waterbodies and many more attractive landscapes that are rare to be found when you gaze upon these forests from the outside. Have an up close view of these wonderful rainforests while flying across the valleys, forests, mountains, waterfalls and more with the help of a thick and well-harnessed equipment, guided by professional people.

  1. Exploring the Notorious Volcanos

The nourishing side of Costa Rica is amazing to explore and may give you all the adventure you need, but if you wish to go one step ahead and looking for something more dramatic and thrilling, then you can always go to the notorious volcanos of Costa Rica that have been among the most astounding active volcanos in the world. Climb on foot, take a horse or drive your way to the get close to these world famous volcanos from Pacific Ring of Fire Group to experience the heat of adventure and witness one of the most deadly weapons of nature hibernating. Although, it is prohibited to get close to the mouth of these active volcanos, but you can have a gaze of these by having a well-guided tour comprising hot-spring exploring, dining and view of these volcanos from a safe distance.

Costa Rica is a beautiful nation, featuring a wide stretch of beaches and incredible landscapes, but if you overlook the beautiful aspects and seeking much more than just a sweet selfie-friendly attractions, then you should probably start exploring deep and indulge yourself in something more adventurous. No matter whether you like to enjoy the Latin American lifestyle, beaches or adventure, but there is one thing that is definitely delightful and that would be cheap flights to Costa Rica available with SmartFares and ensuring amazing savings on your getaways with hassle-free and quick bookings. So, hurry up and prepare yourself for an adventurous getaway at the bewitching and illusive Costa Rica.

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