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5 Places you Should Visit to Catch a Pokémon

In recent months, a gaming app took over the world faster than the Star Wars and Die Hard combined. However, if you too are a tech-savvy, you must have the same game in your device. Replicating the anime world from the famous cartoon of 90s, Pokémon Go have been thrashing other gaming apps like Asphalt and more with the idea of living in a parallel virtual world where you stroll around in real world and follow the trace of these animated creatures living in game world, as well as catching them to advance against the opponents during the battle time. Catching a full house of Pokémon is quite easy if you share the hobby of traveling along with Pokémon playing. Plan your next getaway and have the same app along with you for the places we are about to disclose and catch the rare and strong Pokémon’s. Following are the 5 places you should visit to catch a Pokémon:

1. Museum of Liverpool, Liverpool, United Kingdom:

Museum of Liverpool

If you are planning to travel in the European cities, the chances to get higher category Pokémons is way more. Say for an instant, travelers visiting United Kingdom are reportedly getting the finest quality of Pokémon without breaking a sweat. Stroll around the boulevards of Liverpool near the Museum of Liverpool and you will get the chance of catching charmander, Golbat and Beedrill. Besides, the obstacle available in the city will give you better opportunities to train your Pokémon collection for further advancements and battles.

2. Central Park, New York City, United States:

Central Park, New York City

The city of Big Apple have always been the hub of everything. Even the makers of Pokémon have understood as well as implemented the same in the game. Hence taking cheap flights to New York City for some great exploration will offer you an impeccable chance of catching the star Pokémons of all time like Pikachu and Haunter. Stroll around the giant Central Park in the middle of the city and you will find the traces of myriad best and average Pokémons that are great to keep on increasing your collection and catching the level of a full house.

3. Circular Quay, Sydney, Australia:

Circular Quay, Sydney

Many critics have mentioned that the Pokémon Go have been a hit in the western region of the globe. However, professional travelers who are constantly playing Pokémon Go have found out that the success rate in catching rare Pokémons have been better otherwise. Traveling to the Australian region especially near Circular Quay, Sydney have given the players better chances to catch some of the finest Pokémons. So, if you have booked cheap flights to Sydney by any chance and looking forward to play the game there too, you should try some prone areas to find best Pokémons in the Harbor City.

4. The Colosseum, Rome, Italy:

Colosseum, Rome

A place once used to be the fighting arena for the knights and gladiators of the Roman history have now become one of the hot spots among the Pokémon players. A trending place where you can find not only the rarest but the finest quality of Pokémon, Colosseum have its rank in the chart of the best places to catch and stimulate your Pokémon. The Italian capital receives millions of tourists throughout the year and in recent months, the count of the visitors have been higher due to the Pokémon addiction that have been drawing travelers from across the globe. It may sound a bit odd, but a few things are true. Tons of tourists are found to be catching some of the greatest Pokémons in and around the area of Colosseum.

5. Disneyland, Anaheim, California:

Disneyland, Anaheim

What could be better to catch a Pokémon than the home of all major cartoons? And if you are in California, taking cheap flights to Disneyland and witnessing some of the most memorable as well as successful trails of catching Pokémons will be the most memorable moments of your gaming life. Stroll around the Disneyland and get your hands on some of the awesome Pokémons of all time. No matter whether you are searching into the woods, nearby the rides or at the food stalls, you will surely find something valuable there and all you need to do is approach the area and throw the poke ball at them.

Although, it may sound a bit odd to travel across the world to only catch a mare Pokémon, yet if you are a true player and have a zeal to travel around the world, it may seem normal to you. So, next time whenever you plan a trip while having your batteries charged, all you need to do is keep your location on and find for some of the greatest Pokémons of all time. To give you an edge against other players, we present a number of family travel deals that will allow you to approach new places and get the favorite Pokémon of your own.

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