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5 Places to Visit in Iceland

Nestled on the Arctic Circle, known to be one of the most volcanically active areas of the world, the nation of Iceland have always been the biggest catch for voyagers from across the world. No matter whether you like cultural diversity, bewitching natural beauty or stunning landscapes with eerie phenomenon, the nation will please you like no other. Although the size of the entire nation may stun you with small proximity, yet there are ample of places to visit in Iceland. Following are the finest attractions you can explore after taking flights to Iceland:

1. Aurora Borealis in Reykjavik:

Aurora Borealis in Reykjavik

The biggest and fascinating attraction of the Iceland is Aurora Borealis which is commonly known as the Northern lights or polar lights. Being situated nearest to the Arctic Circle, the city is blessed with the year-round beauty of Aurora blooms days and nights throughout the year. Take flights to Reykjavik and discover the fascinating view of dancing green lights in the black/blue sky when clear and enjoy the show like no other. Although the lights are more enjoyable in the remote areas, away from the metropolises. Drive out the city in the deserted landscapes and witness the show of ultimate solar activities causing green lights dancing in the sky.

2. Whale Watching near Icelandic Capital:

Whale Watching near Iceland

The capital city of Iceland have been quite a renowned city among marine life lovers. Visit Reykjavik and enjoy the rare sight of whales on your tours off the coasts of the North Atlantic Ocean. Take the pictures of the gentle marine giant splashing around you and showcasing the real acrobats while swirling around your boat/cruise. As it is quite common of hunting Whales in the Iceland, you can not only enjoy the sight of whales, but can also order some of the most scrumptious dishes at the restaurant near your residency in Reykjavik.

3. Skaftafell Park and Ice Caves:

Skaftafell Park and Ice Caves

One of the rarest and uncanny phenomenon available in the Iceland, Skaftafell Park is truly a blissful place to visit. With quite weird yet unique formation made from volcanic eruption surrounded by the waterfalls, Skaftafell Park is a place you must visit on not only a trip to Iceland, but also around the world. Right next to the waterfall and this landscape beauty, you can explore a whole new world of Skaftafell ice caves that are the most stunning and adventurous experience anyone can have. The cozy views under the glaciers and ice caves will stun you and offer the most outstanding shots to take from your camera. Don’t forget to bring something to capture those memorable moments and showcase your achievements to others after this beautiful experience.

4. Steam Shooting Geysers, Strokkur:

Steam Shooting Geysers

Strokkur, a place that has been one of the most visited attractions in the Iceland has the most unusual and beautiful natural attribute. With the volcanic activities constantly going on underneath the surface, geysers around the area have been actively shooting steam shots, making it a surreal experience to witness. Enjoy having a dip and exploring the vast stretch area, full of thermal pools, geysers and springs while covering the detailed natural landscape at a proximity of 2-hour drive east from Reykjavik.

5. Rhyolite Mountains of Landmannalaugar:

Rhyolite Mountains of Landmannalauga

Have you ever thought how it will feel being another planet with rock solid surface? If no, then you are in luck while being in Iceland as the Landmannalaugar is world renowned for being the home of Rhyolite mountains that not only offer a pleasant view of the skis, but also an experience of being at another planet with myriad hues of natural beauty. Nestled next to Fjallabak Nature Reserve with a proximity of 3-hour drive east from the Icelandic capital. Go for hiking, horseback riding or follow some picturesque trails around the region to explore the vividness of nature and exquisite earthly bliss in Iceland. The ideal time to visit Landmannalaugar is considered during the summers when the weather conditions are optimum to follow myriad trails and witness the beautiful view of the land as well as the sky.

Although, there are plenty of other places to explore in the Iceland like Hallagrim Skirja, Gullafoss Waterfall, Asbyrgi Canyon, Hornstrandir Mature Reserve, The Blue Lagoon, Reynisfjara Beach and more, yet if you are on a short trip to Iceland, you better explore these iconic places to be in the race and not feel left out among fellow Iceland travelers. So, next time when you book your flights to Iceland, don’t forget to consider SmartFares as your travel partner to get your hands on some handsome deals on flights to Reykjavik and other parts of the country.

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