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5 Most Romantic Getaways in the US

We travel for peace, adventure, natural exploration, and cultural enlighten and for many other reasons and sometimes all we miss is the love and fling we had in early years with the better half or the person we love the most. For those who have been missing one of the most important thing in life, Love, must start giving the importance sometimes or another. To give you a hint how you can rejuvenate all those memories and feelings back, we now present you most romantic getaways in the US that will allow you woo your partner back and have the most amazing time of your life whilst fulfilling the passion of traveling and discovering the delights of the world. Following are the 5 most romantic getaway destinations in the US that are really budget-friendly as well as great places to live those magical moments back:

1. Charleston, South Carolina:

Charleston, South Carolina

The charm of Charleston has always worked to woo your woman and give her the most enchanting and dreamy moments of her life. The cobblestone streets, big alleys, horse carriages, and plenty of historical sites will give a perfect setting to enjoy the first evening followed by a romantic stroll at the waterfront and gorgeous dining experience. You can easily find some cheap airfare deals for your romantic getaway to Charleston online to save some more and buy a precious and romantic gift for your love. However, the biggest charm of the city is its sunset that blooms the skyline and offer a picturesque effect to enjoy wonderful getaway with the person you love.

2. San Francisco, California:

San Francisco, California

San Francisco has often stroked people as a place for adventure and excitement. However, if you are looking for some romantic getaway, the city will offer you the side you could never possibly imagine. With an exciting range of picturesque attractions and scenic backdrops, you can stroll around holding hands and rejuvenate the old memories. Visit the Golden Gate Park and witness surfers riding the wild waves of the bay with beautiful backdrops. Besides, there are tons of amazing eateries and parks that will give you a perfect place and opportunity to express your heartiest feelings in front of your love. All you need is some inspiration and board cheap flights to California and San Francisco will do the rest.

3. Honolulu, Hawaii:

Honolulu, Hawaii

A beach escape is the finest thing when you are planning a romantic getaway. Strolling around the boardwalk and soaking up some sun will set a good mood to follow in the evening and have a pleasure of the charming evenings at the North Pacific Ocean. Go for a splendid sunset at myriad sunset points spread across this volcanic island whilst having a great time admiring the natural beauty of the city and your love. Besides, many opulent and budget resorts will give you an accommodation just perfect to rejuvenate those golden moments and offer a pampering atmosphere.

4. Las Vegas, Nevada:

Las Vegas, Nevada

We often consider Las Vegas as a place for parties and celebrate the bachelorhood. However, if you see the picture of Las Vegas from a different angle, you will find this beautiful oasis a completely perfect destination for a romantic escape. With great fountain shows in front of Bellagio hotel and loads of party places and dining options, you can spend a few days easily just to getting back what you left behind. Also, the blooming nightlife and inspiring settings will leave you two lovebirds stroll around and have the coziest conversation inspired by the happy and crazy surroundings.

5. Savannah, Georgia:

Savannah, Georgia

A tucked away beach destination of Georgia is a great getaway destination, ideal for all moods. However, if your travel plans are strictly to enjoy a romantic trip with your sweetheart, you will find this destination a lot romantic than usual. With wide-spread beach shores and astonishing backdrops, you can literally fall in love with your better half again. The marvelous ocean in front of you with nothing but serenity will leave you two dwell in the past memories and offer you a thriving getaway like no other. So, if you are looking for a peaceful destination where you can explore yourself and the person you love, Savannah is the best option. Besides, most of the times, cheap airfare deals for Savannah are available in the market for your escape.

Even though, love doesn’t require a perfect setting or something special, yet if you share a unique sort of feelings with someone and looking forward for some memorable moments, it has to be somewhere you can cherish for the rest of your life. So, don’t wait any more and lay your hands on cheap airfare deals after considering SmartFares as your preferred travel partner to have the most magical moments of your life whilst saving a bit extra on budget.

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