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5 Most Haunted Hotels You Should Visit This Halloween

As the bewitching festival of Halloween is getting closer, we all are starting to prepare ourselves for trick or treat. In case you have plans to travel some place nice this Halloween, and you don’t want to skip the essence of the festivities, you can visit to some of the scariest and haunted hotels that are not only opulent to stay, but also have legends and spooky tales related with it. To give you an immense and surreal chance of enjoying horror in different way, following are the top 5 scariest and haunted hotels for Halloween travel located centrally in the city and have great services for their guests:

1. Hotel Roosevelt, Hollywood, Los Angeles

Hotel Roosevelt, Hollywood, Los Angeles

A celebrity hotel located at Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, Hotel Roosevelt is among the most renowned and notorious accommodations in the region, best known for being the home of Marilyn Monroe for two years. It is often claimed by the guests of observing something unnatural such as cold spots, spooky phone calls, photographic glitches, shadow of Marilyn Monroe in the mirror and more. Although, nothing have happened so far and both the celebrities and the tourists tend to visit here till now and enjoy the luxurious services and facilities provided by the hotel, ideal for a Halloween getaway with family and friends.

2. Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, Colorado

Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, Colorado

Built in 1909, this ravishing property is located close to the Rocky Mountain National Park of Estes Park, Colorado. The shining architecture, spellbinding backdrops and alluring services have made the property as one of the most renowned places to visit in Colorado, yet there have some claiming of ghost sighting and adventures. Recently, the place has become an eye of attraction for paranormal activity lovers and the hotel have started to provide the “Ghost Tours” to the guests requested for the same. Also, Stanley Hotel have been the set of many paranormal investigation shows which has gradually given it the fame of different kind.

3. Hotel Chelsea, Chelsea, New York City

Hotel Chelsea, Chelsea, New York City

A prominent accommodation option in Chelsea, New York, Hotel Chelsea is truly a marvelous place for the budget travelers taking flights to New York this Halloween. A notorious hotel built in 1883 has been renowned for its heritage, services, architecture and the spooky and haunting tales. People have claimed to experience some paranormal activities such as a ghost of Dylan Thomas (died during a stay in 1953) and Sid Vivious (his girlfriend was stabbed to death in 1978). Although, the hotel property is closed for guests due to renovation, yet you can witness some of the activities by being around and hear the tales from the workers of the hotel.

4. Emily Morgan Hotel, San Antonio

Emily Morgan Hotel, San Antonio

A historical hotel property built in 1924, Emily Morgan Hotel is proclaimed as one of the scariest and haunted accommodations in the world. Originally used as a medical facility that have seen many deaths in the era and people have seen many shadows of a girl wearing white robes at the 12th and 14th floor where the surgery area was located. Besides all these phenomenon, the hotel property is located next to the Alamo which is a gravesite of soldiers which is also claimed sometimes to be equally haunted. Besides, the hotel property is quite ravishing and featured with ample of services and facilities.

5. The Hay-Adams, Washington D.C.

Among the most renowned hotel properties of the capital and located 16th street northwest in Washington, D.C., Jay-Adams Hotel is among the most finest and visited accommodations in the region. Acclaimed for its opulent facilities and flashy architecture, the property is quite notorious in the Washington for being a haunted place by the beloved wife of Henry Adams Mariana Hooper Adams. It is said that the Clover (Marian Hooper Adams) committed suicide in 1885 on the same spot where the hotel is located. Till date, people claim of experiencing her spirit dwelling on the floors with the traces of Almond aroma and many other stuff.

The world is too big and have plenty of phenomenon that are still unable to quantify and explained by our technology. To those who have been into such interesting aspects of the world would love to enjoy their Halloween at some of the notorious places with people they like to enjoy with the most. So, if you are planning a getaway this Halloween, get your hands on Halloween travel deals offered by SmartFares to assure some hefty savings this festive season.

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