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5 Most Expensive Destinations in the Europe

Europe is globally renowned for its class and high standards of living and we all know to avail a quality class, one must pay the justified price. In case you have ever planned or have the desire of experiencing such a wonderful lifestyle and elegance environment, you shall have thought about Europe only. A continent that has proven itself in past as well for being a high-maintenance region, Europe possesses some of the most expensive destinations in the world. So, if you are planning to experience such a delight with flashy decor and amazing culture, we have jot down a list of the most expensive destinations in the Europe:

1. London, England:


The British capital is often considered as one of the most expensive and flashy destinations of the Europe. With its amazing range of attractions and spectacular lifestyle, the city is also boasted with myriad types of accommodation options and other features that have been the contributing factors of making London an expensive destination to visit. Whether you try to find a decent accommodation with great features and facilities or have an interest in trying some of the attractions and attributes, the city may compel you to spend some extra pounds in order to show its full colors. So, next time you plan a trip to British capital start saving some dollars by taking cheap flights to London from SmartFares

2. Paris, France


Often acknowledged as one of the costliest destinations yet visited by couples more frequently, French capital and the romantic capital of the world, Paris makes a great getaway destination with huge cost. Each year, thousands of couples take romantic travel deals and visit this astounding and inspiring destinations whilst discovering many flavors and colors spread across the city. The expense majorly imposed while visiting the capital city of France comes after booking cheap flights to Paris. When you find a decent hotel accommodation with higher price and try some quality wines and other dishes at the restaurants in prominent tourist areas. Word of advice, try to have meals and other portions at local areas away from the main landmarks of the city to avoid extra money.

3. Oslo, Norway

Oslo, Norway

The Norwegian capital has topped in the list of the most expensive holiday destinations of the Europe in past and have been a great place for tourists from across the world who seek a peaceful getaway with cultural exploration. The sizzling capital of Norway have always been an eye candy for tourists despite being an expensive getaway destination with an average hotel price of nearly $170 per person per night. So, if you are planning your visit to Oslo in near future, book cheap flights to Oslo with us and start saving extra dollars to face the higher expenses by using our marvelous travel deals and offers.

4. Zurich, Switzerland


The finance and banking capital of the world and one of the most livable cities of the globe, Zurich makes a perfect place for some romantic getaway whilst experiencing the freshness and charm of Swiss lifestyle. Although the city is often listed as one of the most expensive destinations to travel with an average accommodation of around $220 per person per night. Yet, every year, thousands of travelers from the United States travel all the way to Switzerland after taking cheap flights to Zurich and beginning their savings with budget flight deals.

5. Copenhagen, Denmark


The capital city of Denmark and one of the most prosperous, peaceful and picturesque destinations of the Europe, Copenhagen is one perfect place to go. However, if you have even a slightest concern of budget, the city may seem a bit far as there are plenty of things that can shake your budget heavily. The average accommodation in Copenhagen is marked around $170 last year and you might face some issues when it comes to dining and other activities to stroll around the city. Piece of advice, if you are planning a trip to Danish capital, find cheap flights to Copenhagen and trim your expensive in the beginning.

There are tons of other destinations spread across the Europe as well as across the world, based on what sort of fun and adventure you are looking for. However, some of the destinations are actually costly when it comes to make a getaway and find a reasonable accommodation. So, next time you plan a trip to one of the expensive destinations of the Europe or any other parts of the world, book your budget flights with SmartFares and start saving big with our spellbinding range of airfares and offers available online.

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