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Archive for April, 2018

Best Places to Enjoy Spring Season in May

Friday, April 27th, 2018

All these years, we all have been reading the write-ups stating the beauty of the world can be best explored when you travel in the season of summer and winter, but if you really are seeking the best of natural bliss, then you must plan your getaways in the season of spring. The time when the cold and grey days are long gone and days with high mercury levels will not be bothering you any time soon, spring is truly a time you will enjoy the most. Since all we have the month of May before the heat of summer will keep you rendering in the indoors or places with high altitude, how about exploring the places you can? So, without any further ado, here we are with the best places to enjoy spring season in May that can be your next destination for holidays:

Spring Travel Deals

  1. US Virgin Islands

US Virgin Islands or commonly stated as USVI is the region nestled up north in the Caribbean Sea. A combination of a handful of scenic islands, this place is a dream destination for many of us. However, the high occupancy of flights and expensive hotel prices in the peak season of winters let us only dream about this place. Hence, those who don’t leave chasing their dreams have found US Virgin Islands perfectly explorable in the month of May. The time when the weather is just right and people are heading towards more cold places, this could be your chance of witnessing the utter beauty of this Caribbean region. The flawless coastline and astonishing range of colorful places will give you the most captivating getaway experience of all time.

  1. New Orleans

For the people who don’t feel like going on a long vacation whilst love enjoying a small spring getaway in the month of May, New Orleans come out as a life saver. The stunning and gorgeous conurbation of the state of Louisiana, New Orleans is a wonderful combination of cultural activities, picture-perfect weather conditions and awe-inspiring range of natural bliss. In recent years, the popularity of New Orleans has reached to a whole new level and people have begun to fly their way to Louisiana for the sheer pleasure. The month of May is considered to be ideal as the tourists are low in number and you can easily get your hotels and flights booked whilst saving a good fortune and experience the same beauty and charm with a twist of a few cultural activities and events.

  1. Marrakesh

The Moroccan city of Marrakech is among the most prestigious and thriving places in the entire European continent and is in the travel bucket list of thousands of tourists around the world. However, since the best time to visit here is considered to be winters only, people flock this city like a beehive. Hence, to give you a taste of heaven in Morocco, we have brought to you the ideal time of witnessing the utter beauty of this city. Right before the summer take over the entire plateau and bring the heat of desert in surrounding to the city, May month becomes the best time to explore the outdoors and colorful heritage of Marrakech. The nights in Marrakech are really wonderful as the warm weather let you go out and party or enjoy strolling around in the glittering marketplaces.

  1. Malta

The blissful island country in the Europe, Malta is one of the most thriving and extravagant places you may ever come across. Widely popular for its zealous lifestyle, extraordinary beaches and tranquilizing weather conditions, Malta is an extremely desired place by tons of travelers out there. Since the fame of Malta has taken over the world by storm, the island remains flocked by the tourists throughout the year except for the spring season when most of the people head towards cooler places. Thus, the island becomes wide open for tourists and give away a magnificent experience. The thriving landscapes apart from the beaches become wide open and easy to access and you can easily enjoy every bit of the island.

  1. Chengdu

Spring season in China is extremely wonderful as well as popular among the tourists from distinct parts of the world. The promising province of Sichuan is among the most picturesque places in China when it comes to the spring season bliss and among all the places you can find in the province, Chengdu will outshine against others. The thriving cityscape that has ample of green plains in and around the city is truly a remarkable experience. Additionally, small lakes scattered in and around the city will give you the most soothing experience of all time to you. The weather in May month is just perfect in Chengdu and you can easily stroll around the streets and nearby areas without feeling any humidity or warmness in the weather.

Spring season is all about best experiences and treasuring loads of happening memories and if you enjoy exploring the places at their best, then you will definitely adore this season most among all. The above-mentioned places are known to be best for exploration in the month of May, based on the occupancy by the fellow travelers, weather conditions and range of nature spread in and around. However, there are plenty of other places that you can find as per your budget and preferences. So, don’t let this month go without any amazing trip and add new experiences in your life by booking spring travel deals from SmartFares and save huge on airfares.

Best First Class Lounges Around The World

Wednesday, April 25th, 2018

Many people state that the comfort of a luxurious journey begins by the time you board the flight, but for many of us who enjoy traveling with luxury and comfort, seek the same sort of pampering and luxurious experiences since the time we reach to the airport. At times, when the flight is halted for some reasons, we reach to the airport early or have long stopovers, we need something more comforting at the ground. Hence, the airport lounges come in and offer us nothing but the best experiences of all time. Although, most of the first class airport lounges are perfect to enjoy the pampering, but there are a few that can be considered as a bit better based on people’s experiences. So, following are the first class airport lounges the airlines offer to give you the most stunning experiences of all time:

First Class Lounges

  1. Air France at Paris Airport

Many travel magazines and experts have stated about the success of Air France and its services and it is obvious to find this stunning air carrier to be mentioned in this list all thanks to its wonderful and extraordinary first class lounge at the Paris International Airport. The first class lounge open to the first class travelers flying from or through the Paris Airport is an amazing experience that everyone should have at least once in the lifetime. The wonderful variety of gastronomy, a special car for you to take from your carrier to the lounge (in case of connecting flights), spacious sitting area, marvelous presentation and amenities that can make a five-star hotel jealous, this is truly a masterpiece of an airline providing a magical hospitality.

  1. Lufthansa at Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt Airport is known to be among the busiest and crowded airports in the entire European continent and if you happen to fly from the Frankfurt Airport or have a connecting flight from here, you will surely enjoy the hospitality of this gorgeous place as it has brought the services to the very next level. Where all the airports in the world have the first class lounge located within the main premises, the Frankfurt Airport has made its own First Class terminal where you can avoid all the crowd of economy, premium class and more and get ahead with the check-in. Additionally, there are plenty of perks and amenities available within the Frankfurt first class lounge that will make you feel special on your getaway.

  1. Cathay Pacific at Hong Kong Airport

Hong Kong Airport is globally famous for its state of the art interior and when we speak of the first class lounge, it is bound to be something unique and special. Many first class travelers have stated that the Cathay Pacific Hong Kong Airport first class lounge appeals like an opulent hotel property instead of an international airport. With awesome interior, astonishing hospitality, wonderful services, range of drinks, fine variety of menu, great restaurant and awesome serving, there is nothing you feel remain left in here. Additionally, the roomy space available here will give you a breather especially when you cross the main lobby of the bustling Hong Kong Airport.

  1. Qatar Airways at Doha Airport

Arabic carrier Qatar Airways has made its name in the global tourism world with a massive pace and when you speak of leaving a signature impression in the mind of its patrons, the experience is superlative. The Al Safwa Lounge at Doha Airport is truly one of its own kind and have become one of the most stylish and enthralling lounge to be enjoyed by the first class travelers. The personifying beauty of artifacts, cozy furnishing, finishing in the interior, mind-blowing range of drinks and gastronomy and so much more is just a glimpse of what you can find in here. Additionally, for the first class travelers having long stopover at the Doha Airport, they can enjoy the luxury of an opulent hotel room by enjoying the private bedrooms available inside the lounge.

  1. Qantas at Sydney Airport

Sydney Airports’ Qantas First Class Lounge is something that is simply beyond explanation in words. Featuring a massive collection of books to read, world-class interior, spacious seats, gorgeous surroundings and delightful array of dozens of amenities, Sydney Airport offers its guests something that they can’t find elsewhere. The unique structure of the entire lounge is impeccable and will leave a mild smile on your face. The wide variety of dishes in the menu, drinks available and fantastic services by the ground staff is absolutely flattering. Once you are done with the dining and adoring the interiors, you can go and have a spa treatment for 20 minutes covering a wide variety of massages (if available).

Although, spending time isn’t the joyous thing anyone desire to have while traveling, but when you have the access to such wonderful first class lounges, the waiting time for your flight becomes a pleasure and add new experiences in your journey. In addition, the above-mentioned lounges are enlisted here based on the various reviews of customers and travel experts. So, next time you plan a leisure trip to any of the airports or have flights with layover at the respective airports, try to enjoy the comfort and luxury provided and add new delights in your journey. As far as flight ticket booking is concerned, SmartFares is at your service to offer some amazing and discounted airfares for first class travel.

Best Mothers Day International Destinations

Friday, April 20th, 2018

Taking your mom or the mother in your life to some place nice and giving her the Mother’s Day surprise is not as unusual as you think and if you have this keen desire to make her happy and give her something to remember for the rest of her life, then you must take a few notches up. Traveling to the places for a weekend is an old thing as everyone, even your mom has the desires of going overseas and exploring the places that are not so close but are existing in her travel bucket list for all these years. So, without any further ado, we are giving you the most astonishing and beautiful places that can be the perfect Mother’s Day host for the mother in your family and give everyone some cheerful and mesmerizing moments to remember for the rest of the life:

  1. Vienna


Vienna in the month of May is extremely gorgeous and can give you the most amazing time to spend with your mom. With cozy weather conditions and an awe-inspiring range of events and concerts organized around Mother’s Day, the city becomes a pleasant experience for everyone. For the moms who enjoy artistry, history and European culture the most, Vienna will be a perfect gift for her. So, if your mom or the mother in the family enjoy such surroundings, this place will come in handy the most. Additionally, the accommodation options here will come quite pocket-friendly and with ample of affordable sightseeing with fewer crowd, you can explore the best of the city whilst spending less.

  1. London


Moms love exploring the beautiful and romantic European cities and if you have the mom in the family, then she will definitely love visiting the British Capital London. The enthralling conurbation that is furnished with world-class attractions, attractive landmarks, fascinating history and captivating culture, London is truly a place where everyone wishes to go at least once in the lifetime. Month of May is also perfect for some quality vacations over here where you can easily stroll around and explore the outdoor attractions without being worried about the heat or cold. Additionally, since this time is known for beach exploration, you will find fewer crowd of tourists as well as locals flocking the landmarks.

  1. Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro

The moms who enjoy more parties and exquisite beaches will find going down the south in the charming city of Brazil and exploring the enthralling and zealous conurbation of Rio de Janeiro. The world-class destination that is quite famous for its endless parties, carnivals, sandy beaches and magnificent nightlife, Rio is truly a perfect suitable place for party-loving mothers. No matter what age the mom in your family is from, there will always be plenty of things to explore in this part of the South America and give your mom a fantastic Mother’s Day getaway. Rio is also really affordable when it comes to family vacations and have enough options to choose from and make it a wonderful getaway.

  1. Singapore


Asian region is the home to serenity and spirituality and every year, thousands of people fly all the way to Southeast Asia for the sake of tranquility and peace in the life. If your mom too has the belief in spirituality and enjoy being in natural surroundings with loads of enigmatic and spiritually rich places, then she will definitely love visiting the exquisite island state of Singapore. The fantastic look, marvelous array of natural attractions and ample of serene sites will give the perfect experience of spirituality and peace in the life. Additionally, since Southeast Asia is quite affordable as compared to other western nations, it will be easy to spend a quality and luxurious time in Singapore.

  1. Kyoto


There are moms especially the one like mine who love the Japanese culture more than anything and have been following the same for a very long time. I personally have witnessed the bonsai tree next to the fish bowl at the desk which was the favorite thing in our house and gave my mom all the happiness in the world. So, if your mom too love visiting the Japanese gardens and have a soft spot towards the Japanese flora and nature, then she will surely adore visiting Kyoto. The sprawling conurbation which is refreshing enough to take away all the stress in your life, Kyoto is an underrated gem of Japan and has plenty of features to give your mom a refreshing and captivating Mother’s Day.

Although, when you ask your mom, she will always ask your time and happiness as her gift, but to give her modesty a credit and offer her something beyond a ring, a dress or some fancy gifts, make her feel special by taking her to the places she has been dreaming all these years and dreaming about visiting here with you and the family. Interestingly, we have some great deals that will give you not just easy escape to the places you have planned and even if you can’t find a place suitable for your mom’s gift, then need not to worry. SmartFares is bringing to you Mother’s Day special flight deals that will make your plans even more affordable and enjoyable.

Top 5 Domestic Getaways for May

Wednesday, April 18th, 2018

The month of May brings new happiness and charm to our lives as the dark days of winters are long gone and scorching heat of summers are not even close to cover the plateau, leaving us with the beautiful and serene weather of spring. Spring season is wonderful and pleasant to explore the world and discover the exquisite diversity of the nature and attractive places. Since the month is not so far away and calling you out to have a quality time with your near and dear ones, then you must plan your next trip wisely. Luckily, we have come up with a superb number of destinations across the America that will prove to be perfect to explore in the month of May:


  1. Oakland

The Californian city known for its enigmatic art and bewitching culture, Oakland is a blissful combination of fabulous architecture and diverse culture. The month of May is considered to be perfect to visit here as the foggy winters are long gone and summers are yet to hit the surface with the warm temperature. Featuring a wide range of museums, art galleries, restaurants, nightlife and theaters, Oakland makes a nice place to go and enjoy a few days filled with thriving experiences. Additionally, the being overlooked because of the charisma of neighboring city San Francisco, this place will come easy to access and affordable to enjoy. So, if you are planning to explore the West Coast with budget in May, Oakland can be a wise choice for you.

  1. Ocean City

The small and reputed resort town of the East Coast, known for its fabulous nightlife, glittering cityscape and tranquilizing culture, Ocean City is truly a hidden gem in the state of Maryland. With a number of famous theme parks, fantastic coastline and awesome nightlife, this place has become a hot favorite place to explore. Thanks to all of these features, the city remains flocked throughout the year by tourists and people love traveling here every now and then. However, since the winters are no longer troubling and the peak season of summer is about to hit, the month of May is wide open for Ocean City and you can easily get your stays and flights without spending a good fortune, provided you book well in advance.

  1. Asheville

A promising conurbation of the North Carolina, ideally famous for its mountain backdrops, wonderful art, thriving culture and fascinating historic architecture, Asheville is truly a gem that you will love exploring. The wonderful and perfect weather conditions will give you the ample day light and soothing situation to explore the diversity of this scenic city and offer you much more than just quality memories. The downtown of the city is really vibrant and featured with ample of galleries and museums that will prove to be perfect for your next getaway. Additionally, being a less popular destination during this time of the year, Asheville will come handy for you and give away a budget getaway experience.

  1. Yellowstone

If you are looking for a perfect destination to explore in the month of May, then there is no chance you can miss taking the beautiful Yellowstone into consideration. The engaging natural beauty that is spanned in hundreds of acres, Yellowstone is truly a majestic place to explore. With its divine variety of landscapes covering from mountains to geysers, waterfalls, plains, dense wilderness, natural trails and so much more, this place can be the best May getaway destination you may ever come across in the region. Though, the fame of Yellowstone may give you a hard time to get your bookings done, but if you are zealous enough and try booking your itinerary well in advance, you can easily save a good fortune on your next getaway to Yellowstone.

  1. Washington D.C.

Last but certainly not the least, the national capital Washington is among the most promising places in the entire United States if you are considering something besides the weather conditions. The spectacular variety of museums, galleries and wonderful pieces of architecture will be sufficient to keep you on your toes. However, if you are looking for a bit more, then you will find the parks and boulevards really refreshing and engaging. Needless to say, the federal holidays, events and festivals in the month of May will be the best reason to choose the national capital for your next getaway.

USA is the home to a massive number of places that are just amazing to explore based on the time, your interest and events going around. The above-mentioned list is just a glimpse of what you can explore if you step out of the house and become a traveler and what are you missing if you don’t. So, stop sitting home this May and become a traveler to discover the utmost beauty of the spring season whilst making your upcoming days more enjoyable and easy to face. Needless to say, SmartFares is always at your service with its awesome range of affordable domestic flight deals that cover the most promising and enchanting destinations across the USA.

Best Memorial Getaways in 2018

Thursday, April 12th, 2018

Often dubbed as the Decoration Day, Memorial Day is arguably one of the most prestigious federal holidays in the entire United States observed to remember the sacrifices made by the people in the military services of the United States. Every year, people from across the United States observe this federal holiday with proud and enjoy the long weekend which is also a hint of the beginning of the summer season. Since Memorial Day is not so far away from now, you must be wondering of what your plans will be to make this long weekend special. If you love to travel and enjoy exploring different places with great features, then you will find our list of best Memorial Day getaways in 2018 that will give you the inspiration of stepping out of the house and make this weekend special:

Memorial Day Flights

  1. Washington D.C.

Washington DC is arguably the best place to witness the celebration of Memorial Day and if you enjoy exploring the museums and historical sites during your voyage, then you will surely adore this city more than anything. Not only the cultural activities and the museums will be great for your voyage, the exquisite natural bliss of the spring season will give you the most promising experience of your life. Though, in entire America, the Memorial Day is the symbol of the beginning of the summer season, but in Washington, the traces of spring can still be found and you can have the quality time exploring the freshness and divine beauty of the boulevards of the city. Needless to say, the patriotic spirit found in here will be the best for some quality Memorial Day experience.

  1. Miami

Beach lovers have always found the Memorial Day as the best time to explore the beaches as the mild weather and long weekend gives them an open end to explore the best of it. And there is hardly any place better at the entire East Coast that can beat the beauty and charm of the mesmerizing conurbation of Miami. The sprawling city that is widely popular for its sandy beaches, happening lifestyle, exquisite culture and thriving nightlife, Miami is a perfect place to enjoy a long weekend in the form of Memorial Day. Every year, hundreds of tourists flock the beaches of Miami and enjoy the best time of the year in this splendid beach city of the state of Florida.

  1. Las Vegas

Right before the steamy hot season of summer takes over the plateau of Nevada, Memorial Day is the best to enjoy some quality days in the fascinating city of Las Vegas. The Sin City is widely popular for some thriving vacations and if you enjoy the mesmerizing landmarks and extravagant nightlife of Las Vegas, then you will surely love spending the Memorial Day weekend in here. Not only the fabulous casinos, wide variety of attractions and wonderful resorts give you the best experience of your life, but the theme parties, restaurant menus and loads of celebrations of Memorial Day in Las Vegas will keep you in the festive spirits. Needless to say, the tourists will be less as compared to the peak season as many people prefer to head towards the beach rather than driving or flying across the deserts of Nevada.

  1. New Orleans

Take any federal holiday and go to the splendid conurbation of New Orleans and you will definitely have the best time of your life. The enthralling city of Louisiana that is widely known for its patriotism and wonderful celebrations, New Orleans is a wonderful combination of scenic sites and marvelous festivities. Be it the aquarium, historical sites, museums, art galleries, galas, sport events or any other sort of attribute, everything is available here to give you the best time of your life. There is no need to say, the accommodation options available here are really diverse and easy to book at affordable prices. Additionally, the discounted Memorial Day flight deals will make your entire weekend in New Orleans a great experience that can be cherished for a very long time.

  1. New York City

Be it any occasion, flying your way to the New York City will surely be the best decision you can ever make. The stunning Big Apple is globally famous for its lively culture, wonderful lifestyle, flocking markets, bustling boulevards and extravagant skyline which makes it one of the most picturesque, desired and enigmatic places on earth. Memorial Day is quite special in NYC as you can go out and enjoy plenty of barbecue parties arranged by local groups to give some stunning festive delights. Also, the parade till the Cemetery and loads of sales will give you an experience that is hard to find elsewhere. In addition, the stunning beauty of the city and wide variety of museums and galleries will keep you on your toes and probably offer you the best time of your life.

Memorial Day is a perfect time when you can enjoy every bit of the United States and explore the remarkable charm and enthralling beauty that might become hard to find during the hot summer season. So, if you think you need a vacation to the most promising places and can easily take out a few days from your busy schedule on the occasion of Memorial Day, then you can find the places mentioned above perfect for a quality voyage. To make sure you execute your travel plans and enjoy the best of your vacations with more savings, consider the Memorial Day travel deals available at SmartFares to have a fantastic time with your near and dear ones.

Top 5 Last Minute Honeymoon Destinations

Tuesday, April 10th, 2018

A fancy wedding gives the most happening feeling to the people about to tie the eternal knot, but for those who are running short on budget, it is the time when they have to sacrifice for something for the better. The biggest sacrifice one can make on such occasion is to postpone honeymoon or push the dates for a few months to save a bit more and have a luxury honeymoon. In case, you too are thinking for the same and have plans to postpone your honeymoon for a while, you don’t have to anymore as we are here to give you a better way that will not only make your wedding grand, but also help in preparing for the last minute honeymoon. Following are the places that can be considered as a perfect place to enjoy the eternal relation and can be perfect for your first trip as husband and wife:

  1. Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

The stunning and gorgeous conurbation of the Mexico is at the first place of our list for many reasons. First of all, you don’t need a passport to fly your way to the Mexico which is a big thing when you haven’t planned anything till now. Second, the accommodation options available here are really diverse and can easily fit into any budget, based on the luxury you are seeking and depth of pockets. Third, the enchanting city is extremely vibrant and have a massive number of attractions and scenic features that makes it one of the most promising and engaging places in the entire region to go on a honeymoon. So, if you are looking for a fancy honeymoon outside the USA, Puerto Rico can be a wise choice.

  1. Delaware


The second smallest state in the United States is the home to many outstanding and charming beaches which makes it a perfect state to go on a honeymoon. The engaging beaches and sandy shores are the first thing you will notice about it regardless of its size and population. The Atlantic shores are really promising and ideal to enjoy as a newlywed couple. Most importantly, since the state is not so famous as compared to other regions of the East Coast in the United States, Delaware is easy to explore and budget to have a honeymoon. So, if you are really in a need of a pocket-friendly place with great surroundings, Delaware is the right choice for you.

  1. Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

A romantic place which is hardly considered as a honeymoon destination, Niagara Falls is among the most scenic landscapes in the North American region and is featured with loads of hospitable resorts and fine scenery. The dreamy surroundings are perfect for newlyweds and if you are thinking for some extraordinary experiences on your first vacation as a married couple, this place can do wonders. The enthralling variety of resorts, dining areas and fantastic view of the Niagara Falls with awesome lightings, your honeymoon is going to be a big hit. Needless to say, finding flights will not be a trouble around this time of the year as many tourists are heading down south for some beach fun.

  1. Emerald Isle

Emerald Isle

The small resort town of the North Carolina, Emerald Isle is among the most picturesque and tranquilizing places in the entire coastal area of the North Carolina. The scenic breeze coming from the Atlantic Ocean is perfect to enjoy on the sandy beaches whilst sipping on scrumptious margarita and holding hands together. The dreamy surroundings are ideal for newlyweds and if you are in the search for a budget, low-key and amazing beach destination, this place will end your quest. Apart from the coastal area, the scenic parks, golf courses and wild trails will be something that will surely enhance your pleasure on the honeymoon. As far as the accommodation is concerned, there are a number of options that can be great for you and can suit almost every budget.

  1. Napa Valley

Napa Valley

After a hectic schedule of wedding and loads of preparations, every couple seek something serene where they can connect deeply and give the rest to the body and soul. Hence, places like Napa Valley can be a great option. Although, Napa Valley is not an orthodox honeymoon destination, but if you are really looking for something extravagant, affordable and memorable, this place can be an apt choice for you. The scenic valleys filled with colorful gardens, trees and harvesting, this place is like a colorful heaven on the earth. Additionally, the fine and affordable variety of hotel accommodations available here is simply superb. So, if you think a cozy place with colorful backdrop can be perfect for your first vacation as a wedded couple, Napa Valley can be a great option for you.

The above places are known to be perfect in terms of both budget and great experiences, but certainly are not only places. These are a few examples of places that can give you the most outstanding experiences of all time. So, if you chose to neglect the honeymoon preparations for a while to adjust everything in the budget and now have the craving of going on it, then all you need now is to consider the places that are great for your voyage and can give you budget accommodation with luxurious experiences. As far as the flights are concerned, you can easily fly on your honeymoon by simply considering the last minute flight deals by SmartFares and make your first getaway as a married couple joyful and memorable.

Top 5 Domestic Mothers Day Destinations

Thursday, April 5th, 2018

Mother’s Day is coming close by each passing day and most of the people in your family might be planning to make it special for your mom or the mother in the family. Mothers are often stated to be the best creation by the god and there is nobody in the world who don’t love their mom. Since the day is not so far away from now, how about planning a surprise getaway for her on the Mother’s Day? To give you a helping hand, SmartFares has brought a wonderful list of places that can be perfect for your mother based on her likings and interests. So, check out our list of cities that can be a great host for you and your mom on this Mother’s Day and give her the best time of her life:

  1. San Diego

San Diego

The beautiful city of San Diego is not just a famous place for some beach fun, but also has plenty of attributes that will give your mom some quality delights of enjoying the Mother’s Day. The engaging city is the home to wonderful beaches, sunny weather conditions and myriad festivals that can be witnessed throughout the year. The spellbinding range of restaurants, resorts and marketplaces in and around the San Diego will give you the best experience of your life. Additionally, if you enjoy giving your mom some luxurious experiences, then you can easily arrange some yacht parties and cruise rides from the coasts of the San Diego to give your mom a few days of luxury and pampering. Needless to say, this time is perfect to enjoy the season’s best delights with fewer crowd and more joy.

  1. Washington


The stunning capital of the United States, Washington D.C. is truly a gem for the moms who enjoy exploring the history and are deeply attached with the heritage and past of the United States. The gorgeous national capital will also be a treat for those moms who wish to have a tour of White House and enjoy exploring the museums and galleries of the United States. Washington D.C. observes its shoulder tourism season around Mother’s Day and if you are looking for something budget as well as luxurious and spellbinding, then this place can be a great host with loads of things to do and amazing range of activities to enjoy. In addition, there are a number of family-friendly activities that will keep you indulged and give your mom the best gift of all time, your presence.

  1. Las Vegas

Las Vegas

To the moms who enjoy the sight of bars, gambling machines and wonderful skyline, Las Vegas can be the best option as the city is widely popular for all these attributes. The stunning sin city is quite a fantastic place to enjoy the Mother’s Day and despite being an off-beat getaway destination can give your mom much more than just the sightseeing. Around the weekend of Mother’s Day, there are a number of festivals, celebrations and public gatherings arranged by the locals and you can have the best time attending these concerts. Since Las Vegas is the home of plenty of world-class chefs, foodie moms will have the best time of their lives savoring on the delicious flavors and loads of pampering whilst spending the Mother’s Day in Las Vegas.

  1. Orlando


If your mom enjoys the adventure more than anything than how about taking her to the theme park capital in the world? The stunning conurbation of the State of Florida, Orlando is among the most prestigious places for the theme parks and has been giving some great memories to moms from all age groups. With its fantastic range of theme parks, golf courses, markets, restaurants and more, this city has given people some great time to everyone. The stunning sights and extravagant theme parks will be the best gift for your mom to remember those childhood days of yours and hers whilst exploring the fantastic beauty of this gorgeous city.

  1. Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park

Nature loving moms will find the Yellowstone National Park as the best place to enjoy the Mother’s Day. Imagine a weekend you and her in the beautiful natural settings where you can remember all those old golden days and cherish those wonderful memories that made your life worth living. Yellowstone National Park is truly a blissful place to explore especially if your mom enjoys discovering new natural beauties in the scenic surroundings. The month of May is also a great time to explore the outdoors and have fun whilst following the fantastic trails and soaking into the pleasant freshness this entire region has to offer.

Although, the interest can be different for every person and there are chances that you don’t find the best place for your mom to enjoy the Mother’s Day in the list above, but if you are really looking forward for the best escape with your mom, then all you have to do is match the features of the destinations across the USA with the interests and likings of your mom and you will easily come across a handful of options to choose from. Then, all you need is to consider the services of SmartFares and take the advantage of Mother’s Day special flight deals to save big on airfares whilst booking the travel with ease and convenience.

First Timer Guide to Chicago

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018

There are plenty of cities and towns across the USA that are known for giving the best experience to the travelers. However, only a few of them are capable to take the excitement of traveling to the next level and among them all, Chicago is truly a masterpiece. The fantastic conurbation of the state of Illinois, Chicago has been the fantastic getaway option for years and is continuously giving everyone a fabulous vacation delight. In recent years, tons of people are found planning their Chicago trip and many of them were the first timers and enjoyed the city very much. So, if you too are looking to have a spectacular experience of exploring one of the most charming and spellbinding cities in the entire USA and think you can have your first visit to Chicago, then here we are with the first timer’s guide to Chicago that will give you a direction for a thriving getaway:


  1. Most Visited Attractions

First thing first! Whenever you visit to a new destination, the biggest excitement you hold in your heart is visiting the most promising and prominent attractions that are majorly highlighted on the cover page of the travel guides. These are the places that will give you the first satisfaction of visiting a place you love. So, when you are in Chicago, start your voyage by visiting Willis Tower which is the most iconic landmark in the skyline of Chicago. Then pay your visit to the Cloud Gate followed by the Millennium Park, Shedd Aquarium, 875 North Michigan Avenue, Navy Pier, Lincoln Park Zoo, Magnificent Mile and conclude your first day by visiting the Field Museum of Natural History.

  1. Important Places You Shouldn’t Miss

On your following days of visiting Chicago, you will be enjoying places that can give you more pleasure and will start exploring less popular attractions than the biggest landmarks. So, once you are done with the topmost attractions, go to the Museum of Science and Industry, Adler Planetarium, Chicago Cultural Center, Burnham Park, Children’s Museum, Brookfield Zoo, Robie House, Driehaus Museum, City History Museum, McCormick Bridgehouse, Museum of Contemporary Photography (MoCP), Hull House, Buckingham Fountain and Grant Park that are treasuring the key essence of the city and offer the most astounding experience to you when you explore the city that is really diverse.

  1. Things You Must Try

The city of Chicago is the jack of all trades and is definitely featured with tons of things you can try whilst visiting this place for the first time. Start your free time by visiting the beaches of the Great Lakes that are known to be the most astonishing highlight of the entire city and nearby areas. Spend some quality time here and soak yourself into the freshness this bustling city has to offer. If you love sports, you can head towards various stadiums of the city that will offer you some of the most electrifying matches of basketball. If you are lucky on your first trip, you will get the chance to see the giants of Chicago Bulls practicing in the arenas. The city of Chicago is also widely famous for its arts especially the theaters that are spanned across the city and give away the most picturesque and promising performances you may ever see.

  1. The Delicious Gastronomy

When it comes to food, Chicago has the true potential to stand against any gastronomical city in the world and if you love to try delicious food without being worried about the calorie count, you will find this place as a heaven. When you are in Chicago, don’t forget to try the barbecue ribs, Cemita Atomica Sandwiches, pan pizzas, jibarito sandwich, Sassy Chicken Wings, French Fries with Ice Cream and many more dishes that are known to be the biggest pleasure for foodies living in the Chicago and the tourists who enjoy visiting here over and over again for some lip-smacking bites of heaven. The city of Chicago is filled with a massive number of restaurants covering the entire plateau and offer the most spellbinding flavors that you will remember for the rest of your lives.

  1. Everything Else

Once you are done with exploring the city at its best, then you must start seeking some time to collect some memories and shopping is known to be the ideal way to collect some gifts as the souvenirs of beautiful getaways. the Magnificent Mile is the perfect place to go and shop till you stop feeling your legs. The wide stretch of road from Michigan Avenue to the Oak Street Beach, this stretch is filled with a massive number of outlets from world-class brands and local shops. Here, you can easily get everything you need and can explore the massive collection of fashion, food, accessories, gadgets and even beyond. While you are here, try and visit the famous Chicago Water Tower which is an iconic structure standing in the middle of the hive of shops that survived the Great Chicago Fire in 1871.

Chicago is a blissful combination of rich history, modern cityscape and captivating culture and if you think you will love all three, then you will surely adore this city more than anything. First timers who visit Chicago will find this lovely conurbation of Illinois really wonderful and engaging and the deeper you will start exploring this place, you will start loving it even more. So, don’t hold your horses and get going to this charming city of the Illinois with cheap domestic flight deals available with SmartFares and begin some astonishing savings on airfares whilst visiting here alone or with the people you love.

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