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Archive for November, 2017

Top 5 American Destinations to Enjoy Winters

Tuesday, November 28th, 2017

Winter season is not so far away from you and whether you believe it or not, the season is wonderful to plan way ahead of time for a vacation with friends and family and enjoy some quality time away from busy and chaotic daily life. There are several American destinations that are proven to be some of the best cities to enjoy the winter vacations and it will give you the immense pleasure that these destinations are not so experience to witness the winter sun with fun. So, here we are with a captivating list of winter-friendly and affordable cities for your next seasonal vacations:

  1. Park City, Utah

Park City, Utah

Utah is among the most prominent and most anticipated getaway states in the USA for winter sun and if you too have been thinking to be a part of this cliché yet extremely gorgeous destination this winter season, you shall consider yourself lucky, as Park City is always here for your convenience. The charming conurbation of Park City is truly a mesmerizing place for a vacation in the winter season and is featured with loads of picturesque attributes. Park City is quite renowned for some skiing and enjoying many more outstanding winter sports available in the city. So, if you are ready to spend some extra on the adventures, then Park City is the best option for you.

  1. Miami, Florida

Miami, Florida

For those who like to soak up some sun this winter season and looking for a much delightful and enjoyable destination on the coastal area, then what could be more delightful than the magnificent Miami? The enthralling beach destination of the Florida, Miami is a complete package of fun, laid-back and adventurous vacations at a budget price. The seamless range of attractions and features such as sandy beaches, beach sports, adventurous activities and so on are just the glimpse of what you can enjoy during a winter vacation in Miami. The thriving sandy beaches of Miami are the key essence for everyone looking for something a little bit extra than just a sunny day and warm weather.

  1. Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada

There is no doubt that when it comes to Las Vegas, everything is exquisite and enjoyable. However, many people think that no matter when you plan your holiday for Las Vegas, it will cost you a good fortune. However, those who are unaware of the fact that the city is quite enjoyable post New Year celebration shall think and check their facts again as you can save huge on hotel stays and other activities once the festive season and New Year celebration has passed. Not only the beautiful sunny days of Las Vegas will be joyful for you, but the exquisite variety of spellbinding activities available afterwards is the real essence for a beautiful and perfect vacation.

  1. Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is probably one of the selected places in the entire United States that can be visited anytime of the year and can give you much cheaper, enjoyable and captivating getaway experience. The enthralling variety of natural landscapes and marvelous range of spellbinding attributes such as geysers, hot water springs, snowcapped areas and more are the essence of a happening trip in Yellowstone. Besides, when most of the people are heading towards south, visiting here in the winter season will be a treat for everyone with less people and affordable prices.

  1. Honolulu


For those who like to have their winter vacations quite luxurious as well as affordable can find their way to Honolulu a superlative delight. The enthralling capital of Hawaii is among the most desired and visited destinations in the entire United States and is featured with much more than gorgeous resorts, outstanding natural bliss and lots of spellbinding attributes. Go for sailing, swimming, surfing, fishing or any other activity at the calm and beautiful ocean during the winter season and feel the freshness of the winters with cold breeze brushing against your cheeks at your sail.

American region is filled with many places that are stunning and enjoyable for everyone when it comes to the winter season. Most of us think that planning a trip during the winter season will cost you a fortune, but if you have been planning smartly and picking up the right dates, you can lay your hands on some of the most affordable deals of all time. All you need is to pick up your travel dates, chose a destination wisely and book domestic flight tickets from SmartFares at the earliest to enjoy some amazing deals and offers available online for a happening and affordable trip.

Best Thanksgiving Getaways for Kids

Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

There are only a few weeks to go before the big celebration of Thanksgiving will take over the entire USA. People around your home, gym, work and other places must have begun to start planning their perfect ways of celebrating the Thanksgiving and if you haven’t prepared anything concrete till date, then the toddlers in your family might have started to ask questions. People living with family are the one who have to prepare the best plans for Thanksgiving as it is the festival that is enjoyed with great pomp and show throughout the USA. So, if you love traveling and haven’t figure out your place for vacation this Thanksgiving, then here we are to help you out and give you fabulous options of how you can celebrate your Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Travel Deals

  1. Keystone

Since the festival of Thanksgiving comes with a relief from the scorching heat of the summer season and bring some cool days in your life, how about spending the festival on the mountains in the surroundings of some snow? Keystone is probably among the most amazing options you can find for an affordable and joyful vacation with kids. With its simple yet beautiful slopes that get covered with powdery snow around Thanksgiving, you can bring your kids to the Keystone Resorts and enjoy a fabulous vacation here whilst enjoying some quality skiing. Also, the flight fares and hotel stays will be quite affordable around Thanksgiving, so you can easily save huge on your travel budget.

  1. New York City

New York City is arguably the best place to enjoy the Thanksgiving with family and kids and if you are looking for some budget options the city will cater you well. Though the crowd seen on tele may give you an impression of New York City being expensive around Thanksgiving, but if you get your hands on some good Thanksgiving travel deals, you can save more on your airfares as well as hotel stays. The world-famous parade with quality snacks served in the route is the perfect way to give your kids a delight they have been seeking all this time. Besides, there are ample of events going on the day of the Thanksgiving and if you can tuck your kids to bed in time, you can be a part of these vibrant events and have some pleasure for yourself.

  1. Plymouth

Massachusetts barely observe flocking streets and chaotic markets during the season of Thanksgiving and if your kids love to spend their vacations by the beaches, then Plymouth can be a place for you. A city that was initially settled in the route of pilgrimage, Plymouth is one of the most tempting and dazzling places for a budget family getaway. With its outstanding range of museums and historical sites, you can have a wonderful time with your kids whilst giving them some knowledge about the heritage and culture of the country. Needless to say, the prices of stay in Plymouth will be quite affordable as compared to other beach destinations and if you are lucky enough, you can easily save more by using some Thanksgiving flight deals.

  1. Washington D.C.

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to enjoy a vacation in the capital city of the USA as the hotel prices become quite reasonable you get the chance to catch the world-famous parade of the capital. There are a number of concerts, events and galas organized on one of the biggest festivals of the country and your kids will love to witness such a giant scale celebration of this amazing festival. Not only the museums and art galleries will be wide available for everyone, the fantastic variety of gastronomy served in and around the city will be really amazing for food lovers. Also, the hotel accommodations and flight deals become really reasonable if you catch some good Thanksgiving travel deals.

  1. Chicago

If all you want is a big parade, loads of food, affordable hotel stays, discounted flight deals and quality time with your family, then Chicago can be a perfect place for you and your family. With its astonishing and not-so-famous McDonald’s Parade, you can give your kids a wide exposure of this huge parade which is less famous as compared to other celebrations across the USA, but have equal attributes to cheer them up. Besides, the wonderful zoo and delicious dishes served at the food stalls as well as in the themed restaurants will be the biggest treat for your kids to pack some extra calories in their tummy.

USA is boasted with tons of places that will surely give you a pleasure of traveling on the occasion of Thanksgiving, but if you are looking for destinations that can be suitable for kids as well, then you need to find best of the best. With a number of places like Miami, Orlando, San Francisco, Yellowstone, Denver, Colorado and more, it is hard to find places with affordable accommodations and discounted flights. So, if you are done finalizing places for your Thanksgiving getaways and are ready to make things happen, then consider SmartFares as your preferred travel partner and save more on Thanksgiving family travel deals to enjoy great savings on airfares.

How to Score First Class Travel in Budget

Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

Everyone wants to travel with luxury and experience tad a bit more delights than the usual during each vacation. However, the luxury always come with its cost and spending extra dollars on the luxuries put a whole lot of toll on our budgets. Hence, it is not easy for all of us to experience the same and have to satisfy from what we have in our hand whilst sacrificing the desires we hold up so dearly. Though, if you are really looking forward to witness a few, we have come up with some amazing and famous tips that will help you to score first class flights in budget. Just have a look below the tips that will get you close to the possibilities of spending less as compared to the luxury and comfort you savor on:

First Class Travel

  1. Airline Loyalty Programs

Airline loyalty programs are the one that give you the best benefits any airline has to offer. By being loyal with one airline on your every air travel, you get scored at a very wonderful pace. The points given by the airline on each time you travel with them, can be used to upgrade your travel and enjoy some great savings without spending a good fortune. All you need is to pick your airline carefully and plan your travel arrangements while keeping this factor in mind. Additionally, these points come with the expiration date and you must keep an eye on when these points are going to expire. Although, the airline keeps informing you about the expiration and appeal you to use them for not just free upgrades, but for other options as well. So, use these points wisely and if you find yourself eligible for a free upgrade in exchange of these points, just go for it.

  1. Use of Credit Cards

There are dozens of types of credit cards available these days that are dedicated for significant purpose along with the basic usage protocol. Opting for an elite card or airline credit card is always a great option to ensure you take the advantages of the perks and offers given by the airline whilst booking your air travel with these cards. With opportunities like free class upgrade, access to the airport lounge, meals and more, these cards are always great for one purpose or the other. Additionally, the points collected after the use of these cards are also helpful to get the upgrade or the coupons to make your travel cheaper. So, next time whenever you apply for a card, just keep the category of elite cards and airline specific credit cards.

  1. Choosing the Right Time

Many people are unaware of the fact that business class and first-class travel remain less occupied on the weekends as compared to the weekdays. Because of the fewer bookings in the elite class, the coach class travelers get the opportunity to get the bump-up into elite class by spending a small fortune at the airport and can savor on the exact same perks as other have whilst spending more. Weekends are observed to be the time for leisure traveling and business travelers often remain home or spend less on the weekend which leads to the fewer bookings of the front seats. Additionally, you can also save a good fortune on bargain last minute first class and business class flight tickets.

  1. Hope for a free upgrade by the airline

On special occasions such as wedding anniversary, birthdays, honeymoon trips and more, the airline give away passengers the upgrade of the flight ticket without any charge or at a very nominal fee in case they witness a last-minute cancellation of flight ticket. Instead of flying with empty seats, the airline gives the passengers to enjoy such opportunities and give away free upgrades to the deserving one. Once you casually inform the representatives of the airlines at the time of check-in the executive will probably do something for it. Though, pressing the luck on the opportunity is not a wise option, but if you are trying to test your fate on saving great deal of money in exchange of luxurious experiences, then this can be a great option.

  1. Check-In Upgrades

Many airlines offer the facility of purchasing the upgrade at the time of check-in. In case, you don’t want to rely on the luck and want to grab the better opportunity, then you can always ask for the upgrade at the check-in counter. At times, the first class flight tickets get cancelled at the last moment and leave the seats vacant for potential buyers. Right before the departure of the flight, the airline executives tend to open the upgrades for cabin class passengers and give away many budget upgrade deals that can cost way less than the actual price of the first class ticket. So, if you are planning on getting a first class ticket at low prices, this could be the best bet to try.

Booking first class flight ticket isn’t ease because of limited number of seats and expensive airfares. But if you are thinking of making your next travel a ravishing and enjoyable one, you can always try the tricks mentioned above to ensure saving huge on airfares. Although, if you are looking to save a good amount on booking first class flight tickets, you can always come to SmartFares and get some great discounted first class flight deals available with us for the most happening and joyful destinations worldwide.

Top 5 Places to celebrate Christmas in the Europe

Tuesday, November 14th, 2017

Christmas is probably the best time of the year when festivities give us the chance to get reconnected with the people we love, and the awesome weather conditions offer some quality experiences. However, this time is also quite a perfect time when you can plan a vacation with your near and dear ones and travel to the most fantastic and desired destinations. since, most of the American destinations are probably ticked-off from your travel bucket list, it’s time that we give you something beyond it. Hence, we have come up with a list of European destinations that will make your Christmas vacations more thriving and enjoyable. Hence, following are the top 5 places to celebrate Christmas in the Europe:

  1. Krakow


Krakow is among the most exquisite and diverse destinations of the Poland and is known for its magnificent lifestyle. Famous for its giant festive celebrations and the zealous culture which makes everything grand, Krakow is a great spot to explore during the Christmas season. The traditional customs along with bizarre rituals makes the Christmas celebration a thriving experience for everyone. Cherish the days in Krakow during the festival of Christmas whilst savoring on some delicious cuisines, magnificent shopping and outstanding galas organized throughout the city and make your vacations in the Poland a thriving experience.

  1. Copenhagen


Many people don’t think of Danish capital while planning for a Christmas vacation in the Europe. However, the charming conurbation of Copenhagen is a thriving delight for everyone to enjoy. The magnificent range of events, galas, celebrations and festivities have been keeping the natives and nearby travelers occupied for many years and those who have witnessed the astonishing delights this city has to offer around the Christmas have been visiting here repeatedly. The traditional feasts along with cultural rituals and spellbinding celebrations have been keeping Copenhagen in the charts of best places to enjoy Christmas at affordable prices in the Europe.

  1. Amsterdam


The Dutch capital always remain in demand for tourists regardless of which season it is. Amsterdam is arguably one of the most bewitching and diverse destinations in the entire Europe with a simple lifestyle and exquisite culture. Every year, if not millions, then thousands of tourists head their way to Amsterdam and witness the magnificent Christmas celebrations that include but isn’t limited to light festivals, galas, classical music shows, performances and much more that last the whole night of Christmas and give both the natives as well as tourists a happening delight to cherish for a very long time. Additionally, the fabulous weather conditions leave the tourists open to discover the mind-blowing range of attractions that are really stunning to explore around the festivities of Christmas.

  1. Salzburg


The Austrian city of Salzburg is among the most happening places in the entire Europe especially around the Christmas season when the Christmas markets draw the attention of global tourists and give a picturesque delight to everyone. The magnificent city of Salzburg is a culturally rich place that follow the orthodox traditions of Christmas and offer everyone a thriving experience. The Christmas markets here are the biggest highlight for tourists that love to shop a lot and offer much more than just souvenirs. People who love to have a traditional feast while traveling to the cities worldwide will find the markets of Salzburg quite useful to bring back some quality food with great flavors and traditional touch back to their hotel room.

  1. Moscow


It is really hard to find a place that can replace the charm and diverse beauty of the Moscow in the European region especially around the Christmas. The charming Russian capital is among the most happening place on earth around the festivities of the Christmas and celebrate the Christmas with great pomp and show. Followed by the Russian Winter Festivals and many more cultural events, Christmas is a wonderful time to spend in Moscow when the snow covers everything and leave people in the wonderful mood of bonfire and have a nostalgic time to remember with the near and dear ones.

European continent is the home of many exquisite and thriving destinations in the world and no matter what you desire on your vacations, these places will prove to be the best experiences of your life. However, finding a place around the festive season that can also come within your budget is the real task. Hence, we have come up with the list of places that are not only perfect for exploration, but also have the quality to come within your budget. So, if you are thinking to go abroad and make your Christmas a wonderful experience, then all you need now is to consider the services of SmartFares and savor on some amazing discounts by using our Christmas special travel deals to save a good fortune on airfares.

Top 5 Cyber Monday Getaways

Thursday, November 9th, 2017

There are many times when you can plan and execute your dreams and desires, but there are only a few moments you can come across when you can make everything happen without breaking a sweat. Every year, the entire commerce world of the USA give people to shop their heart out and enjoy every hobby they have whilst saving huge. With great Cyber Monday coming, you too can live your dreams and enjoy the best getaway experiences whilst savoring on the most amazing discounts and offers to save huge. In case, you love to shop and explore the world, here we have the best options for you that will give you a mesmerizing shopping experience whilst giving you the opportunity to save huge while shopping. So, check out the list of cities that can be proven as among the finest to explore the culture and lifestyle whilst giving you the best shopping experience of all time:

Cyber Monday

  1. New York City

The charming conurbation of New York City is quite known around the world for its captivating markets and exquisite range of bewitching landmarks that have been alluring voyagers from around the world. With the markets and shops covering the entire plateau of the city and capable to compete against the markets of Milan, Paris, Dubai and more, New York City makes one of the most superlative getaway options in the entire USA on the occasion of Cyber Monday. With the great offers and discounts going around, you can not only save huge on shopping, but also take the advantage of affordable flights and hotel deals.

  1. Chicago

The enthralling city of Chicago is truly among the most desired getaway destinations of the United States when it comes to people who love to shop. With its world-class marketplaces and outstanding culture, you can easily spend the entire weekend of Cyber Monday without breaking a lot of your budget and have a shopping experience that can’t be compared with anywhere else. The captivating offers on flights and hotels available with us will give you a spectacular getaway experience whilst offering you an exposure of thriving markets that are not just great for ordinary souvenir shopping, but also for a great Christmas gift purchases.

  1. Las Vegas

People who have been thinking for a very long time to witness the dazzling lifestyle and nightlife of Las Vegas can find the city quite alluring especially on the day of Cyber Monday as the city becomes a great sale itself on this big day. The malls and markets of Las Vegas are great to shop around and buy stuff from world famous brands at a reasonable price due to hefty discounts on Cyber Monday. Not only the Cyber Monday discounts give the great experience of Las Vegas, but the shoulder season of the city makes the people to have an affordable getaway experience at this enthralling city.

  1. Miami

Beach lovers who enjoy soaking up some sun at the day time and love to shop around the city after the sunset will love having a Cyber Monday getaway in Miami as the city is the combination of both beaches and markets. The exquisite sandy beaches that become even more amazing and joyful around the Cyber Monday are great to enjoy during the day time whereas the nightlife and shopping can be enjoyed after the evening. The affordable hotel deals and discounted prices on stuff in the market will give you the most splendid experience in the city of Miami and make your vacation much more enjoyable and memorable.

  1. Vienna

For people who love to go across the oceans and thinking to have a transatlantic getaway experience will love to visit the capital city of Austria, Vienna as the city is quite famous around the season of Cyber Monday because of its Christmas Markets. The market that is prominently dedicated to give people the opportunity of gathering gifts for their near and dear ones, Christmas Market of Vienna is a great place to shop even without the Cyber Monday sale. The market commences from the November 17 and last till the New Year, giving people ample of opportunity of shopping their heart out at reasonable prices.

There are a number of other cities like Minneapolis, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington, Paris and more that are known for their marketplaces and have been a great option to enjoy a delightful Cyber Monday experience, but if you like to experience much more than just the sightseeing and small markets, then you can follow our list this year and have the best time of your life on Cyber Monday. Don’t forget to take the advantage of our superlative range of Cyber Monday special deals to book your getaway on discounted airfares and begin some awesome savings.

Best New Year Celebrations in the Europe

Tuesday, November 7th, 2017

New Year celebration is probably the most hyped event of the year and that too for a deserving reason. The charming celebration of New Year is observed across the globe and people from almost every culture and religion enjoy this moment with great pomp and show. Since the countdown will begin in a few more weeks, you all must be wondering about where you are going to witness the huge celebration. Though, there are tons of places that can be a great option, but if you like to see the ball drop in the European region, you have to be pickier. Hence, we have come up with a list of some awesome destinations that can be considered as your next destination to celebrate the New Year’s Eve:

New Year Travel

  1. Amsterdam

The Dutch capital is known for its simple, enjoyable and enthralling lifestyle and whether you believe it or not, this attitude complements the celebration of the New Year the most. Among the most stylish and desired destinations of the Europe, Amsterdam makes a fabulous place to enjoy the New Year’s Eve. With people and communities occupying every available public space to organize a party and some exquisite fireworks across the city, your options of making a perfect night on the New Year’s Eve are quite fine. Not only the booze, great food and grooving music, but the zealous spirits of the natives will keep you on your toes throughout the night and make it one of the best moments of your life.

  1. Vienna

The Austrian capital Vienna is globally known for the most amazing and elegant celebration of the New Year. With thousands of people taking flights to Vienna and preparing themselves for an awesome New Year’s Eve, you too can be a part of the marvelous and extraordinary celebration. Be it the Grand Ball at Hofburg Palace, City Centre or any other place you have chosen, the glamorous New Year Celebration will be an amazing experience for you. Not only the New Year’s Eve will be a treat for you, if you love shopping the Christmas Markets are the best options to spend some quality time and welcome 2018 with a smile on your face. Enjoy some quality spirits, wonderful fireworks and variety of concerts and make your New Year’s Eve special.

  1. Edinburgh

For people who can’t get enough of New Year’s celebration can enjoy their celebrations of welcoming 2018 in Edinburgh when the entire city gets drenched in the festivities and celebrations for over three consecutive days. Beginning from the December 30th with some quality processions and variety of events to begin the celebration, you can head towards the New Year with a bang when tons of fireworks are lightened by the organizers over the Edinburgh Castle and decorate the skies with nothing but colorful lights and happiness on the people’s face. The variety of parties and events organized in different parts of the city will keep you occupied and give you an experience for the rest of your life.

  1. Berlin

The German capital Berlin is known across the world for being the biggest party hub in the entire Europe and when the occasion is New Year’s celebration, the city makes no exception. With some of the most exquisite concerts and parties organized each year, the city welcomes tons of tourists and offer a spectacular experience. With some magnificent attributes including the Party Mile, firework show, parties, concerts and more, you can actually be in a destination that turns into a big party venue. Additionally, the delicious gastronomy will give you the much-needed energy to keep on grooving all the night even till dawn. So, if your motive to be a part of a giant party with some extravagant celebrations, Berlin is the place just for you.

  1. London

Imagine your New Year celebration when the ball drops with the last bang from the Big Ben and the colorful fireworks covering the entire sky. Everything you can picture in your mind can be witnessed if you have plans to welcome 2018 in London. The British Capital has its traditional ways of welcoming the New Year and make the New Year’s Eve even more delightful. With loads of parties, events, galas and concerts going on around the city and the London Eye giving the most picturesque view of the town, you can make your New Year’s Eve even more delightful than ever. Additionally, the parade, floats, blimps and cosplay will give you the happiness you won’t forget.

Though, the entire region of the Europe is filled with tons of places that are really stunning and have a great reputation around the world to entertain the tourists with the charisma. But, if you are looking for places that can give you an absolute delight, then you can consider the options we have given above. The celebration of New Year comes only once every year and if you are planning to enjoy the festivities at its best, then all you need now is to confirm your travel plans and book your travel with SmartFares to take the advantage of our mind-blowing New Year flight offers that are really pocket-friendly and perfect for a picturesque getaway.

Best Family Weekend Cities for November

Friday, November 3rd, 2017

The holiday season is just around the corner and there are many reasons why you should take a weekend off from your daily life and enjoy some quality time with friends and family. Your loved ones are looking forward for your love and affection and there is no better way to show that by giving them a family vacation. We all know that family vacations can be expensive as you are preparing for everyone and bulk bookings may cost a good fortune. However, if you plan smartly and figure out ways that can reduce your budget, then there is no harm in planning a weekend trip with family. So, here we are with a list of best family weekend cities for November that will surely give you an experience to cherish for the rest of the life:

  1. Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore, Maryland

People seeking a low-budget, unique and less crowded weekend getaway in the month of November can find the most amazing and delightful family getaway in the magnificent city of Baltimore. The charming conurbation of the Maryland that is often considered as a gateway to the Washington D.C., Baltimore is among the most splendid and delightful getaway destinations, featured with a wonderful and amazing range of attributes including the National Aquarium, Fort McHenry, Maryland Zoo, Walters Art Museum, Port Discovery, American Visionary Art Museum, Maryland Science Center and many more places that are really amazing and enjoyable to visit with friends and family. If you have kids tagging along with you and you are looking for an engaging place for them at affordable prices, Baltimore can be a perfect option for you.

  1. Poughkeepsie, New York

Poughkeepsie, New York

For families who enjoy less their way to destination can find the mesmerizing city of Poughkeepsie as one of the most amazing getaway options in the state of New York where they can connect with the American farmer roots and explore the splendid delight of being surrounded by nothing but refreshing farms. If you find your kids enjoying the surrounding of poultry and farming areas and they get excited with the sight of cattle’s and cows, then Poughkeepsie can be the finest option for you to enjoy a great laid-back getaway. Learn the entire cheese making process at the educational farms of the Duchess County that are some of the finest to learn the culture of poultry and farming.

  1. Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C.

People who enjoy exploring the museums and love to be in the patriotic surroundings will enjoy a wonderful weekend in the Washington D.C. where they get the chance to explore some of the most wonderful and famous museums of all time in the United States with fewer crowd and more fun. The magnificent weather conditions in the month of November are really stunning to explore the entire plateau of the Washington whereas the shoulder season of the tourism will help you save a good fortune on airfares and hotel stays. Besides, the kids will enjoy visiting those famous monuments, White House, National Mall, US Capitol, Lincoln Memorial, National Zoo, National Museum of Natural History, National Air and Space Museum and many more superlative sites that are shown in television all the time.

  1. Long Island, New York

Long Island, New York

Beach lovers can head their way to the spectacular Long Island of New York State which is proven to be one of the most vibrant, enjoyable and laid-back getaway destinations of the NY state. The charming sunny days and captivating coasts of the Long Island are enough to give you a wonderful and relaxing trip on weekend whilst your loved ones can get the amazing delight of shopping at the marketplaces of the NY. The happening lifestyle and affordable hotel stays at the Long Island in the month of November are amazing for kids, adults and elders to enjoy some freshness away from the bustling cities of the United States. Additionally, places like Jones Beach State Park, Montauk Point Lighthouse, Queens County Farm Museum, Camp Hero State Park and many more places will keep you on toes throughout your trip.

  1. Orlando, Florida

Orlando, Florida

If you are planning a weekend trip with kids, then there is no possible place on earth that can beat the charm and engaging elements of the theme park capital Orlando. The spellbinding conurbation of Florida, Orlando is one of the most well-hyped, enjoyable, desired and engaging city on the East Coast for kids. With its awesome range of theme parks and extraordinary adventure parks, you and your family can have the best time in Florida on a wonderful weekend. Though November can be considered half peak season for the city, but if you are planning well in advance and have booked your hotel and flights to Orlando in advance, you can easily save a good fortune on your travel budget which can further be used on some beautiful and refreshing golfing at the famous golf courses of the Orlando.

Though the West Coast is featured with many magnificent cities and the rest of the America is featured with an abundant number of destinations, if you are looking for a refreshing and less hectic vacation this holiday season whilst spending less on your budget, then you should consider the options we have given you above and you will surely enjoy the divine beauty these options are offering. Additionally, the picturesque attributes and captivating options in between your trip are sufficient for your toddlers and loved ones to stay engaged whilst you can have a laid-back vacation to ooze out your stress. So, if you are done finalizing your next family weekend destination, then now the only thing that is left is to book your weekend travel deals with SmartFares to avail some awesome deals and offers available with us.

Places to go with Black Friday Travel Sale

Wednesday, November 1st, 2017

Traveling this Black Friday is so much fun for those who have been thinking that they can’t simply afford to travel to their dream destinations or can’t stash sufficient funds to make their dream of travel come true. Well! If you too have been living with the misconception that the traveling is all about luxury and money, then we are here to burst your myth and give you some of the most awesome deals and ideas to plan a perfect vacation with your near and dear ones. Here with the help of numerous editors and comparing the market conditions, we have come up with a list of top 5 destinations that are quite easy and affordable places to go with Black Friday travel sale:

Black Friday

  1. Orlando

People who have been thinking for a very long time to bring their kids to some place nice where they can enjoy their heart out can now plan their family vacations to one of the most kid-friendly destinations in the United States. Plan a voyage with your toddlers to the Orlando whilst taking the advantage of discounted flights to Orlando on Black Friday and get drenched in the impeccable range of experiences, adventure and delights while exploring an everlasting range of theme parks, golf courses, exquisite hotel accommodations and much more. The shoulder season for traveling to Orlando will give you an easy access to the best places whilst vacant hotels and flight seats will be sufficient enough to bring your travel expenses into a reasonable budget.

  1. New York City

Those people who have been dreaming to have a fun and exciting vacation in the Big Apple, New York City can now easily plan their trip to the most astonishing, reputed and fabulous city of the country whilst booking Black Friday flight deals for New York City and enjoy a fascinating trip to one of the most amazing and diverse cities of the nation. Explore the bewitching boulevards, marvelous museums, tranquilizing parks, extraordinary marketplaces and much more whilst saving a good fortune on airfares and hotel stays. In addition, you can enjoy a great shopping experience in the most spellbinding and diverse markets of the city which have been proven to be one of the bests in the whole wide world.

  1. Los Angeles

The action-packed city of stardom, Los Angeles is among the most fascinating and delighting places on the plateau of the United States for those who wish to witness the most dramatic yet shining life of the Tele. With its superlative markets that have been catering the stars and celebrities, you can enjoy a massive delight of witnessing the wonderful and charming conurbation of California whilst shopping around at discounted prices while saving huge on airfares with our Black Friday flight deals. Additionally, you can enjoy some wonderful sightseeing in the magnificent city of Las Vegas that have been serving as the home of world famous Hollywood.

  1. Las Vegas

If you have been dreaming your whole life for a spellbinding visit to Las Vegas and haven’t been confident enough to check even the prices of your vacation, then Black Friday can be a great time to get some quotes and even book your flights to Las Vegas as at SmartFares, you can get some of the most competitive and affordable travel deals for Las Vegas that will help you live your dream and be a part of superlative delights the city of Las Vegas has to serve. The shoulder season will also bring down the prices of hotel stays which will eventually lead to a much cheaper vacation in the Sin City.

  1. St. Paul, Minneapolis

Minneapolis have been among the most desired getaway destination for shopping lovers for being the home of one of the largest and most delightfully versatile shopping areas of the entire United States. Plan your visit to St. Paul and have the double dose of Black Friday by enjoying a great deal of offers and discounts from us with our Black Friday special Minneapolis flights whilst getting delighted by the spellbinding offers and discounts the markets of St. Paul will offer you. The cheap accommodation and reasonable rates of airfares will help you to shop till you drop and offer a much delighting experience in the charming city of Minneapolis.

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