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Archive for October, 2017

Top 5 European Destinations to Visit in November

Friday, October 27th, 2017

European continent has always been a pleasant experience for everyone to enjoy an opulent, culturally rich and historically diverse delights with loads of impeccable essences to found elsewhere. People who have been traveling often desire or even plan their vacations in the Europe love to visit here whenever they get an opportunity. In case, you too have been thinking to visit the European continent this November and seeking the best cities to start with, we have a list of some of the most outstanding destinations that are enjoyable and splendid for everyone regardless of age, gender, preferences and more. So, here following, you can find our list of top 5 European destinations to visit in November:

  1. Rome


The Italian capital known for its rich past and outstanding cultural beauty, Rome is truly a mesmerizing place to enjoy a fabulous and engaging trip to Europe. With its massive collection of attractions including Colosseum, Roman Forum, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, St. Peter’s Basilica, Piazza Navona, Castel Sant’Angelo, Spanish Steps, Sistine Chapel, Capitoline Hill, Galleria Borghese and many more, you can have a spellbinding trip to this astonishing Italian treasure that have stored the essence of its heritage and culture till date and giving people loads of information related to its past and present. Besides, the amazing weather conditions are simply superb to enjoy a vacation in Italy and give you many delights including affordable stays and cheap flight deals.

  1. Prague


The Czech capital Prague is one of the most beautiful, romantic and enthralling getaway destinations in the Europe and is visited by millions of tourists every year, seeking some beautiful sights of the cityscape, marvelous romantic landscapes and much more. The Old Town Square, Astronomical Clock, Gothic architectures, spellbinding churches, catholic statues and much more are the overview of this detailed, historically rich and captivating destination. Although, people who have been visiting Prague find the city quite expensive during the peak season, but if you plan your trip to Prague during the month of November, you will find the conurbation quite welcoming and affordable in terms of hotel stays and flight tickets.

  1. Paris


The French capital Paris require no introduction to everyone except the fact that Paris too can be easy to afford and can give you a magnificent experience. The spellbinding range of captivating sites, superlative landscapes, breathtaking atmosphere, delicious eateries, fantastic culture and much more can easily be witnessed if you plan the trip to Paris in the month of November. Experiencing its shoulder season before the big celebration of New Year, Paris enjoy the shoulder season and give everyone the reason to enjoy equally with its affordable stays, discounted flight tickets and so much more. So, if you are ready to witness it all with your love and planning a trip to Europe in November, Paris could be your next stop.

  1. Istanbul


Arguably one of the most famous Turkish cities, Istanbul is one of the most spellbinding and engaging cities of the region with a massive cultural diversity which can easily be seen. With places that are existing since the sixth-century, the city is a massive treasure of culture, natural beauty and heritage. Hence, people who love to enjoy the culture and history that combines Europe and Asia are found taking flights to Istanbul more frequently and visiting the most prominent attractions including Hagia Sophia, Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Bosphorus, Grand Bazaar, Basilica Cistern, Spice Bazaar, Hippodrome of Constantinople, Maiden’s Tower, Suleymaniye Mosque, Golden Horn, Taksim Square, Chora Church and many more.

  1. London


The British Capital is among the most spellbinding and desired cities in the entire Europe for traveling lovers and if you are planning your next getaway anytime soon in the month of November, then you will find London as amazing as ever with the bonus of being affordable and less crowded. Right before the Christmas and New Year when thousands of travelers flock the streets of London, November is the time when you can enjoy the best of the city whilst paying less. Not only the discounted flight deals will give you the delight, but also the cheap hotel stays and remarkable experiences with fewer crowds will be an add-on on your trip to the British capital. Be it Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, British Museum, Tower Bridge or any other attraction, you can have the best experience of all time in London.

European continent is featured with many big names that can immediately strike your mind with some amazing pictures you might have seen on the internet or even in the movies. So, if you are allured by the charm and beauty of the Europe and looking forward for an amazing and joyful vacation in this upcoming month of November, then all you need now is to pick one destination for you and book your flights to Europe with SmartFares to avail our special offers on international flights designed for your convenience and budget.

Best Destinations to enjoy Thanksgiving this year

Thursday, October 26th, 2017

By each passing second, Thanksgiving is getting closer and closer and whether you have planned for it or not, you all must be hoping to have a great time where you can enjoy a quality day with loads of memories and experiences to cherish till the next big fiesta arrives. In case, you have been thinking too much, yet haven’t reached to a conclusion to plan your perfect vacation place for Thanksgiving, here we are with a captivating and enthralling list of cities that can be the perfect host for you this Thanksgiving and offer you its versatility whilst enjoying the best spirit of Thanksgiving. So, check out our list below to get an idea how well you can organize your Thanksgiving whilst savoring on the impeccable delight this festival brings:

Thanksgiving Deals

  1. New York City

New York City have always been among the most bewitching and loved cities to visit on the occasion of Thanksgiving. With its gigantic scale of celebration and versatility in the activities and attributes added during the festivities, the city have been mesmerizing its visitors and giving ample of reasons to visit here on the Thanksgiving. The charming amount of elements in the parade that includes but are not limited to the bands, blimps, huge presentations, parades by various celebrities and much more, New York City have been hosting the larger than the life event for a number of decades now. Besides, the variety of food available at the vendors, stalls and restaurants around the parade area is suffice to feed your stomach and soul with its delicious flavors.

  1. Las Vegas

A city that have been giving tourists a magnificent experience every time they step on the soil, Las Vegas is truly a heaven for voyagers on the occasion of Thanksgiving. Not only the shoulder season give you the great chance to enjoy the luxurious stays at the dazzling hotels at an affordable price, the wide range of celebrity chefs residing here will give you a lip-smacking delight of being in one of the most tremendously gorgeous and enthralling destinations of all time in the USA. Besides, the Thanksgiving spirit gets scattered all over the plateau of the Las Vegas which includes but doesn’t limit to the hotels, restaurants, bars, pubs, casinos, boulevards and many more places all over the city.

  1. Orlando

Although, Orlando may not sound as a place where you wish to witness your Thanksgiving this year, but if you have toddlers in your family and you are planning to give them a surprise this festive season, then it is really hard to find a place that can beat the beauty and charm of Orlando. Despite being struck by the Hurricane Irma, the city have been serving as good as before and offering its visitors a heavenly delight. Needless to say, the shoulder season before the New Year and Christmas, you can save huge on airfares and hotel stays whilst savoring on the opulent delights of Orlando.

  1. San Diego

If you don’t wish to be a part of the flocking tourists and looking forward for a destination that can offer you a heavenly delight of Thanksgiving whilst spending less, then you should plan your vacation for San Diego. A small metropolitan city with a close proximity from the dazzling conurbation of Los Angeles, San Diego have been among the most picturesque and peaceful place to enjoy a laid-back getaway on the Thanksgiving. The affordable hotel accommodations and discounted prices due to Thanksgiving travel deals, you can save huge on your travel expenses whilst can have a great array of memories by being a spectator of the remarkable parade as well as wonderful variety of events organized by the natives.

  1. Boston

Last, but definitely not the least, the charming city of the Massachusetts, Boston is among the most peaceful, impeccable and delightful vacation spots in the state, ideally known for its high spirits towards festivities and simplicity in the lifestyle. If the refreshing atmosphere, affordable hotel prices, discounted airfares are not enough for you to enjoy a vacation in Boston, then you should probably think of an incredible experience at Plimoth Plantation where it all started in here. Be a part of this glorious and huge feast at a pilgrim site and witness the entire proceeding of Thanksgiving going in the traditional way.

Though, you may find a hundred of other combinations and options online that can be best and enjoyable for a happening and joyful Thanksgiving, but if you are looking for having a perfect Thanksgiving whilst saving a good fortune on travel expenses, then you can always try the destinations we have suggested as they are probably among the best and arguably help you to save huge on airfares and accommodations. So, whatever city you pick for your next Thanksgiving, do not forget to book your flights from SmartFares to get the advantage of our wonderful Thanksgiving travel deals.

Best jobs to travel around the world

Monday, October 16th, 2017

For those who enjoy exploring the different cities and landscapes throughout their lives, it is a bonus if they get paid for doing the same and if you think that it can only be happening in dreams, then you haven’t been through the whole story. People who have been dreaming to travel throughout their lives whilst earing a good fortune, there are a number of jobs that can give them what they want along with some great exposure, monetary support and reputation. Through this blog, we are guiding you to find the best suitable jobs for you to enjoy a captivating life with loads of success and joy of traveling. Just check out the jobs below that will surely give you a life you want with a deserving exposure and you can thank us later:

  1. Flight Attendant

Flight Attendant

Working as a flight attendant is something that will give you a good reason of travel and let you to the most amazing, fabulous and enthralling destinations around the globe. Though, it isn’t easy to get access to the worldwide destinations on your call, but once you have the sufficient experience to join a world-class airline as a crew member, you can have the world your way. Not only the job is quite satisfactory and respectful, but it also give you the opportunity to interact with people from different culture, ethnicity, lifestyle, perspective and personality. Needless to say, your flight and hotel expenses will be majorly bared by the airline itself and you will be getting a hefty remuneration against your services to the passengers.

  1. Language Teacher

Language Teacher

In the modern world where everyone is trying to get to know the other cultures in detail, requirements for language teachers have spiked to the new level of heights. Languages that are globally used such as English itself is a great job these days and many countries and organizations are looking for the people who can help them to get the English language to the new level of fame and reputation. Teaching somebody is a noble cause itself and when you get paid in hefty amount with an awesome privilege of exploring new and fascinating destinations, there is probably any other job that can beat the charisma of an English teacher. These days, teachers are getting paid on hourly basis and get much more than just money and respect. Thus, if you are trying to get into the teaching profession to travel the world, you better be good.

  1. Government Embassy Jobs

Government Embassy Jobs

Every nation’s government have their own embassy in different countries to work smoothly and effectively whilst catering their fellow countrymen that are working, living or spending holidays in an unknown country. For those people who wish to be working with their own locals whilst traveling the world, getting a job in the government embassy or country branches in other part of the world is something that is really an amazing opportunity. Not only you get the opportunity to live an opulent life which has all expenses paid by the government, you get some great reputation and often chances to shift to other countries for a long period and learn a lot about the culture, heritage and other attributes. However, this kind of jobs require some special set of skills along with great education qualification with experience.

  1. Adventure Sports Instructor

Adventure Sports Instructor

Adventure is now becoming a bread and butter for travelers and there are many people who love to bring their own instructor while visiting an unknown city or country. For those who are expert in adventure sports like skiing, surfing, sailing, diving, skydiving and base jumping, the opportunity is limitless as you can easily be hired by the adventure sport organizing companies that not only give you the chance to live your passion towards adventure sports, but also give you the esteemed opportunity to share your skills with others whilst getting paid in full and getting the chance to explore the world on all-expenses-paid conditions. Though, these jobs require high level of skills and expertise in the field of adventure sports. Thus, if you are have what it takes, then you are all good to go and enjoy your life with adventure, fun and loads of traveling.

  1. Travel Photographer

Travel Photographer

People who love to travel are always connected with many esteemed travel photographers to witness the eternal beauty of culture, nature, cityscape, beautiful lifestyle, enthralling hues of the nature and a lot more. So, if you think you have got that creative eye or the skill to bring out the best perspective out of a simple activity and capturing the impeccable moments, then all you have to do is brush-up your skills and do some investment to become a travel photographer. Many people don’t really know that you can sell your best photographs online and can earn hefty amount without breaking a sweat. And once you are a well-established name in the industry of photography, you will be paid to go out there and shoot the best moments and capture them all in your camera.

Though, there are many more jobs such as au pair, travel agent, creative designer, bar tendering, yoga instructor, cruise staff and many more, but if you wish to live your life freely without any interruption or time-boundations, you have the best options we have enlisted above. These jobs are great options to enjoy the life and discovering the new and different perspectives of the world whilst giving you the great offers and perks including expenses covered for flights, hotel stays, shopping, extra savings and much more. Although, we are not certain about which job will suit your skills, but what we know, is that you can get some great deals on flights by considering the services of SmartFares and you are all set for a fascinating getaway experience with loads of savings and massive offers for a hassle-free trip.

Top 5 American destinations for Fall Foliage

Thursday, October 12th, 2017

Traveling in the season of fall is beneficial for many reasons. Not only you get some quality time for yourself with kids going back to school and elders getting back in their own business, the weather conditions itself call for some extremely gorgeous getaway experience. United States is quite known for being the home of some of the finest fall foliage and you probably looking to have one for your own. Luckily, SmartFares have dug up some detailed insight and have brought among you top 5 American cities for fall foliage. So, have a look at the list we have prepared just for you to get inspired and step out of the house and break the monotony of life whilst discovering the beautiful hues of the nature at the same time saving more on your travel budget:

  1. Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara

Often noted as the famous American Riviera for being rich in the French influenced culture, Santa Barbara is among the most exquisite destinations in the southern part of the state of the California. As the season of fall hit the grounds of Santa Barbara, an extensive number of travelers begin to visit here and enjoy the cozy days and breezy nights on the coasts of the Pacific. With the plummet hotel prices and discounted airfares, travelers can enjoy the best time with an exquisite hospitality, marvelous natural beauty and remarkable French culture which have been the reason of increasing popularity of this stunning, gorgeous and lesser known destination. The season of fall is also quite admirable here as you can get indulged in many events and festivals from various cultures and ethnicities.

  1. New York City

New York City

One of the most tranquilizing and enthralling getaway destinations of all time, New York City can never be left behind especially when you speak of the magical and majestic season of fall. The charming beauty of the Central Park, wide availability of magnificent museums, fewer crowd at the picturesque attractions and vast range of captivating sites in one cityscape is sufficient to draw the attention of worldwide tourists. Needless to say, the time when most of the voyagers plan their vacations at the beach, the city of New York becomes widely available for tourists and offers some amazing offers on stays and hefty discounts on fall flight deals.

  1. Washington D.C.

Washington D.C.

At the time when many of people are heading towards north or at the coastal areas, Washington D.C. becomes a wide open destination for those who don’t like to get lost in the crowd and prefer to enjoy their vacations among limited number of people. The charming capital of the United States become much more enjoyable and indulging during the season of fall because of fewer travelers and discounted rates of hotels. Obvious to understand too, that you will find lesser number of people flocking the magnificent monuments, historical sites, exquisite museums, art galleries and more which eventually give you a much more detailed and engaging experience.

  1. San Diego

San Diego

If you love to stroll around the beaches and boulevards in the beautiful and captivating season of fall, then you should plan heading towards the state of California and book your flights to San Diego for a seamless and engaging experience. A spellbinding city that sports an incredible variety of superlative attractions and magnificent history, San Diego is a complete package for tourists who wish to be exploring the culture, nature, heritage and lifestyle, all at the same time. Take a stroll or pack a picnic for Balboa Park or head to the soothing and enthralling beaches to witness the magical sunset on the Pacific shores whilst savoring on the delightful heritage that was influenced from the colonial era and have given the city an outlook of Spanish culture.

  1. Yellowstone


A list of best fall foliage destinations in the United States is incomplete without mentioning Yellowstone National Park. A superlative destination visited by solo, couple and family travelers for a refreshing getaway with loads of fun, adventure and natural exploration, Yellowstone is a hot favorite place for tourists from around the world who wish to witness an eternal beauty crafted as a painting on blank canvas by the Mother Nature. With attributes like hot water geysers, oldest trees, tall flora, wide range of fauna and marvelous natural landscapes, Yellowstone is really an incredible place to visit. The cost of visiting here is really affordable and you can easily lay your hands on some discounted hotel deals for a budget vacation during the season of fall.

Though, you may find many places on the Eastern Coast unavailable due to the devastation and renovation work caused by Hurricane Irma this year and find fewer places as an option for your next fall foliage, yet there are many more places like the Grand Canyon, Los Angeles, Lake Tahoe, Hawaiian Islands, Jackson Hole and many more cities that are really remarkable for a vacation to enjoy the fall foliage. Though these places may come expensive on your pocket to plan a trip due to huge popularity and excessive bookings in advance. So, if you are looking forward to have a magnificent vacation in the season of fall whilst spending less and enjoying more, just get in touch with SmartFares to get some great fall travel deals for an affordable as well as happening fall vacation to some of the finest places in the United States of America.

Top 5 places to celebrate Halloween

Tuesday, October 10th, 2017

Halloween is among the most awaited festivals of all time in the culture and lifestyle of the America that is observed every year with great pomp and show. Each year, millions of people travel to their home and loved ones to enjoy this captivating festival which gives them the perfect opportunity to get dressed in the spookiest outfits and have a splendid time with their loved ones whilst distributing the candies with local kids and partying all night on this wonderful event. However, there are a people from different mindset that take every opportunity to make a perfect getaway and explore the most exquisite destinations of the world. Similarly, Halloween gives these people a chance to witness the best of the best. In case, you too wish to adopt this habit and looking for some perfect places to enjoy this Halloween, we have come up with a list of top 5 places to celebrate Halloween:


  1. New York City

New York City have always been a charming place that have been celebrating each and every festival with great pomp and show and when you think about the Halloween celebration in the Big Apple, the striking city has a lot more to offer than you can possibly imagine. With its extravagant range of fabulous events, parades and gatherings, you can surely enjoy the best time with spellbinding events and carnivals. Halloween is also a perfect time when you can experience one of the most extravagant and liveliest cities of the world whilst saving a lot more on airfares and hotel deals as you can get your hands on some mind-blowing Halloween travel deals for pocket-friendly getaway experience in the NYC.

  1. Las Vegas

The Sin City, Las Vegas have always been a remarkable place for events and festivals such as Halloween. A perfect place where you can wear spookiest outfits and be yourself at the same time whilst enjoying some of the wildest and zealous parties of the year. Each year, many pool parties and marvelous events take place in the magnificent oasis of the Nevada State where thousands of voyagers get together and enjoy the spellbinding events, concerts, galas, parties and parades that are organized by various people and organizations and glitter the skyline as well as the plateau of the city with different hues, ideas and adaptations. Though finding a suitable accommodation can cost you tad a bit extra, but if you get your hands on discounted Halloween travel deals, you can cover the extra expenditure by saving on airfares.

  1. Orlando

The theme park capital of the world, Orlando is the perfect landscape for a thriving and engaging Halloween experience where you can not only enjoy as solo or couple, but you can also bring your toddlers from home to enjoy magnificent delights the city has to offer. With its spellbinding range of exquisite theme parks that remain on their toes to become the perfect host of Halloween parties, you can have a blast with the arrangements whilst enjoying some magnificent parties and galas that are suitable for all age groups. Needless to say, the Disney parks, adventure parks and other theme parks will be giving some of the finest and most creative experiences to its visitors whilst offering hefty discounts on entry fee.

  1. Los Angeles

Los Angeles have always been a dramatic city and when you are planning on celebrating a festival such as Halloween, you always expect something grand and enjoyable. With West Hollywood in neighborhood and many more astonishing towns in the surroundings, you can chose from a wide range of parties, events and parades that have been giving worldwide voyagers to take flights to Los Angeles and have a blissful trip with many exquisite events. Though some of the events and theme parties may sound a bit obscene for kids, but if you are traveling with young groups, you have nothing to worry about. Besides, the theme parties and events have been giving ample of options of accommodation and hotels provide some great discounts on the name of Halloween travel deals.

  1. Miami

The charming city of Florida, Miami is truly a mesmerizing city and despite being struck by the Hurricane Irma, the city have been showcasing its zealous culture and the spirit of keep on going regardless of the past. This year too, the city will be hosting ample of beach parties and showcasing its talent of bringing out the best of the best experiences of all time on the occasion of Halloween whilst offering some magnificent attributes to share with its visitors. Visiting Miami is quite amazing and pocket-friendly too as you can easily lay your hands on some mind-blowing range of Halloween travel deals and get some hefty discounts on hotel stays to make your travel cheaper and more enjoyable.

Though, there are dozens of cities that are really amazing to witness the extravaganza of Halloween such as Boston, Washington, San Francisco, San Diego, Denver, Seattle, Denver, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia and many more, yet if you are looking for the best experiences, then all you have to do is start with the best ones and to do the same in budget, you have to reach out to SmartFares that gives some of the most amazing Halloween travel deals and marvelous offers on airfares. So, stop waiting anymore and book your Halloween travel deals with us before it gets too late to find some perfect deals and offers for flight and you can’t find hotels for a happening stay.

Best European Cities for Family Holidays

Friday, October 6th, 2017

European continent is full of surprises and whether you believe it or not, there are an abundant number of cities that are absolutely perfect for family travel. Yes! You read it right. The continent which is perceived to be as a heaven for couples and romantic travelers have plenty of destinations that are great to enjoy as a family. Despite being famous for solo, adventure and couple traveling, Europe is quite a famous continent for family voyagers especially for those who got their toddlers tagging along on the trip. With this blog, we are giving you some great ideas about the best European cities for family holidays that are really blissful to enjoy and have plenty of attributes to cater visitors from all age group. So, hold on tight and get ready to book your flights to Europe after reading the family-friendly destinations that will surely amaze you:

  1. London


Believe it or not, London is a getaway destination for everyone. Regardless of whether you are traveling solo, as a couple, friend’s group or family, London will never cease to amaze you. With its marvelous culture, enthralling lifestyle, eternal history and magnificent array of picturesque places, London will always woo your heart. Hence, many lifestyle magazines and travel portals have noted London as one of the best getaway options in the entire European Continent. The British Capital is consist of myriad attractions and activities including the Tower of London, Big Ben, London Eye, Change of Guards at Buckingham Palace, Zoos, Aquariums, nightlife and more. Hence, you won’t be able to get bored any moment soon after landing in the capital city of the England.

  1. Paris


Paris has always been a decisive getaway option and have been making people belief that it is the most expensive getaway destination which is only suitable for couples. However, in recent studies, it is proven by many expert travelers that Paris is neither the most expensive destination, nor the place only suitable for couples. The city has its own charm and based on your own itinerary, the cost of being in Paris can be determined. As far as the attribute of being family-friendly is concerned, there are a wide range of picturesque places and attractions like Jardin Luxembourg, Eiffle Tower, Musee Cluny and much more. Taste some of the most amazing dishes from the French Gourmet which is really superb in taste if tried in Paris. Similarly, the parks and other attractions of Paris are really extraordinary and are capable to keep you all on your toes throughout the journey to France.

  1. Amsterdam


The Dutch Capital Amsterdam is majorly visited by youngsters and people in their college as a part of lifestyle exploration and some fun with adults. However, recently the city have witnessed a surge in family traveling to the Amsterdam and enjoying the amazing attractions, canals, bicycle tracks, historical attractions, old monuments and many more museums. Though the lifestyle of Amsterdam used to be a concern for family travelers as they didn’t wish to expose their children with view of junkies enjoying their pots at parts of the city. Recently, the sights of such incidents have been quite low and if you know the city even for a bit, you can easily lead your family towards family-friendly neighborhoods and areas that are filled with refreshing attributes. Amsterdam is also quite an affordable destination to visit as a family and you will find a whole lot of fun while traveling with your family.

  1. Rome


Rome is one of the most historically rich cities of the Europe and have a lot to offer for every age group. People who love adventure, historical sites, modern lifestyle and modern culture have found Rome a perfect place to visit. The delicious range of dishes in the gastronomy of Italy have been leading people to take flights to Rome and enjoy the pleasant range of extraordinary combination of flavors. Not only the city of Rome itself, the nearby towns have always been a plus for kids to excel in their academic future and giving them a detailed insight related with the Roman history that too in an interesting way. Also, when you plan a vacation in Rome, you can easily lay your hands on some marvelous deals and offers for stays as well as flights.

  1. Reykjavik


Icelandic capital Reykjavik have always been a mesmerizing place and not for kids only, but for adults as well. With its unique feature of Aurora Borealis and incredible culture, people have found Reykjavik quite an astonishing and indulging place. With a wide range of natural phenomenon such as Northern Lights, Hot Water Geysers and unique geographical situations, you can teach your kids a lot whilst having a quality time with your love admiring the beauty and exquisite culture of Iceland. Also, the city of Reykjavik is quite safe and secure for family travelers as you can find kids in their young age strolling around the bustling streets of Reykjavik without any worry.

European continent is full of surprises and brilliant attributes and regardless of what you think or have an image in your mind, there is much more to explore based on your own interests. Though there are many more cities like Copenhagen, Salzburg, Munich, Barcelona, Madrid, Milan, Dublin, Berlin, Athens and more that may make a great host for your family getaway, however if you are looking for the best experience, you can always find the destinations mentioned above as perfect option for your next vacation. So, stop giving excuses to your family and quickly book your flights to Europe with SmartFares to enjoy a mesmerizing getaway experience whilst saving a good fortune on your airfares by using our wide range of deals and offers available online.

Tips to keep your gadget safe while traveling

Wednesday, October 4th, 2017

In the era of modernization and high-end technology, people have begun to explore the world whilst keeping their gadgets and tech-toys around them which have both minimize the thrill of traveling whilst have kept things easy for some. Either way, traveling with gadgets is a big responsibility due to higher cost of these devices and low level of durability which have been the reason why you need some expert tips to keep your gadgets safe while traveling. With this blog, we have come up with some great tips that will help you to keep your devices safe and secured while traveling. Based on the advices of expert travelers and from those who have been the victim personally of gadget loss, we have brought to you this amazing list of top 5 ways to secure your devices while traveling to your dream destination:

Travel Gadget

  1. Know what to pack

Knowing what to pack is the key to every problem related with traveling. Everyone believe that they may require everything during their trip i.e. their camera, laptop, iPad, airpod and other accessories in order to capture the best memories, exploring the best places and stashing the memories whilst keeping themselves entertained. However, this entire packing kills nearly half the fun of the trip as you probably stay indulged with your devices rather than admiring the beauty and charm of your destination. Needless to say, the more things you pack, the more responsibilities you are carrying with you on your voyage which will obstruct a free and soothing exploration.

  1. Downgrade the packaging

Flashy bags of laptops, iPads and phones are the welcome signs for thieves who can go to any extent to get close to the target and fetch the valuables. It is highly recommended to downgrade the packaging of your gadgets in order to keep people under the doubt whether you have something valuable in your bag or something that doesn’t worth an effort. The best way to downgrade or uglify your bags is to carry light and small laptop bags and put them in an ugly carry bag along which can misguide the thieves and keep you away from them throughout your journey. Needless to say, you should not be using your expensive gadgets in public area to avoid any exposure of your valuables to unknown and suspicious people.

  1. Invest in better travel bags

Many of us have been the victim of damaged gadgets due to bad quality of packing or rough usage while traveling especially during the airport check-in, using the public transport and lodging at the hotel room. It is highly recommended to invest in a good quality bag for your valuables that can offer better padding, safety from jerks, water damage and exposure from extreme temperatures. You should always pack your gadgets in their respective bags and avoid putting them randomly in anything at any given time. This way, you will be securing your devices from any accident that may occur throughout your trip. Buying authentic backpacks, rucksacks and quality bags is the key to keep your devices safe. You can put the ugly padding on the bags later on to downgrade the outlook of your bags.

  1. Travel insurance

Travel insurance is the closest assurance you can get while traveling and saving yourself from any accident that may occur during your trip. There are an abundant number of travel insurance plans that secure your valuable electronic devices and gadgets from any given threat and even if you get the device damaged, a nominal fee can cover the cost of repair or replacement. One must always read through all the terms and conditions while purchasing a travel insurance to stay confirmed about which devices are covered, what the exceptional circumstances are, which cities are covered in the insurance and about the entire cost of the insurance before proceeding as per your budget and smartness.

  1. Other important facts

Keeping the backup of your data is the key element of securing all your important details and information stored in your mobile, tablets, phablets and laptops. Usage of cloud storage and other digital drop box is a plus when you are traveling. One must also stay away from unsecured Wi-Fi connections especially in the public area which can be a threat to your data security. Installing applications to locate your devices, secure the login of your devices and adding some extra security is a plus. Carrying electricity converter adapters and power banks while traveling to unknown lands would be a great advantage for those who stay tech-savvy during their entire trip. Packing important accessories like data cable, power banks, hands-free sorted in different packaging will save a lot of space and time in your packing process.

There are many reasons why you should be carrying your devices while traveling abroad, and on the other hand, you will find plenty of people you know who will give you reasons why you should leave them home. Either way, you must always know that these devices are your friends and you must take a good care of them while traveling to capture the great moments, keep the memories logged and kill some time at the airport and other long waiting queues. So, if you find the points which we have suggested worthy to implement, just keep these points in mind for next time you travel to your favorite place and don’t forget to take the services of SmartFares to avail some great deals and offers on cheap airfares we have for you.

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