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Archive for September, 2017

Travel 101 for Ohrid

Wednesday, September 27th, 2017

There are an abundant number of cities in the Europe that are capable to woo your heart by the natural bliss, though only a few of them are known for many more reasons apart from the natural beauty and among them all Ohrid is one of them. A spellbinding city of the Macedonia, ideally famous for its superlative natural bliss and tranquilizing landscapes along with the magnificent heritage which have given the city the title of a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the year 1980. For those who have been intrigued by the exquisite diversity of this beautiful city of Macedonia, and have desires to visit this city at least once, we have come up with a 101 guide for Ohrid. Have a look at the information we have to share with you and it is highly likely that you won’t be able to resist yourself from being here:

Travel 101 for Ohrid

  1. Climate and Best Time to Visit

Located on the southwestern part of the country of Macedonia, Ohrid is a land-locked city and enjoys the subtropical climate conditions which makes the city quite hot and humid especially during the summers. However, the open space and wide stretch of natural plains and mountains give some relief to explore the natural sites and outskirts. Frequent travelers who are taking flights to Ohrid from various parts of the world have found the city best enjoyable during the winters i.e. from the fall of November till the late February when the weather conditions remain enjoyable and leave the outskirts open to explore. However, if you are planning to visit Ohrid on budget and like to have some quality time, the months of September, October, March and April are good to go.

  1. Getting Around and Facilities

Ohrid is a small and compact city with a small city center and limited number of districts which makes the city quite easy to access. However, being a heritage site and with fewer facilities, you will not be able to find a frequent and flawless transportation medium. Though if you like to explore the outskirts and don’t hesitate to walk a few miles in a day, walking around the city will be the best option. One can also use the local taxis that are easy to find, but should remain cautious as some taxi drivers are claimed to be hacking the fare meter and may charge you a fortune if find you a tourist. The city center is a well-developed region and you can enjoy all the facilities you expect in the remote areas of the Macedonia.

  1. Best Attractions of Ohrid

Ohrid is a small city with a massive history that goes from the ancient age to medieval era to modern history. Hence, you will find a big number of historical, cultural and natural sites covering the entire plateau of the city. Though many people love to enjoy the nature and history of Ohrid, yet if you are a first-timer, you will find the churces and cathedrals of Ohrid quite enthralling and enjoyable. Places like Church of St. John, Samuel’s Fortress, Robevi Family House, Church of St. Sophia, Ancient Theater of Ohrid, Church of St. Clement and Panteleimon, Upper Gate, Holy Mary Perybleptos, Varosh Old Town, Beach Potpesh, Struga Dam, A. Den Doolaard Museum, Struga Pier, Grigor Prlichev House, Dutch Park, Metropol, Dr. Nikola Nezlobinski Museum, The House of Urania, Aquarius Beach and many more places are the biggest attractions you can come across this stunning city of Ohrid.

  1. Must Try Things in Ohrid

Ohrid is a complete package of nature, modern lifestyle and ancient history and you can easily come across all the attributes without strolling too much in the boulevards of the city. There are many excavation sites across the city and in the outskirts that are available to be visited by tourists from a significant distance along with many extraordinary natural landscapes and colorful places to give you a refreshing experience. Besides all the nature and heritage, you will find the city quite modern and can enjoy the nightlife by visiting the magnificent regional casinos and bars available for everyone to enjoy some quality time in Macedonia and learn a lot about the current trend and culture of Ohrid.

  1. Essential Information to Know

Ohrid has recently become a hyped destination for archaeologists and there are a lot of happening in the city and its surroundings. With Lake Ohrid and mesmerizing mountains in the surrounding, you can find ample of places to enjoy a refreshing and laid-back getaway in Ohrid. Though the accommodation options are comparatively limited, yet you can easily find some quality stay if you begin to search for your hotel early enough. The taxi drivers are notorious for overcharging and making language barrier an excuse of misunderstanding, so it is advised to follow the precautions while using the taxis. There are many artifacts and souvenirs that are faked by the locals to sell at higher price. So, if you can’t differentiate between the original and fake, it is advised to stay away from such purchases.

Ohrid is a spellbinding city nestled on the banks of the Lake Ohrid and surrounded by the beautiful mountains which have been giving the city an outlook of a superlative getaway destination. Besides all the natural beauty, Ohrid is also boasted with a marvelous heritage and ancient sites that are recently dug-up and have brought the attention of history lovers worldwide. So, if you are ready to enjoy a fascinating journey to this part of the Macedonia, then all you have to do is to get connected with SmartFares and get some amazing deals and offers on Flights and be amazed by the astonishing beauty of Macedonia whilst saving a good fortune on your traveling expenses.

Top 5 Places for Holidays in October

Monday, September 25th, 2017

Traveling is never always about packing your bags and visiting a random place without thinking twice. It is a journey that requires a quality planning that begins from selecting the right place in the right time of the year. If you have been craving enough to step out of your house and explore the beauty of traveling, then you should probably have started to search for the finest place that can be both beautiful to visit as well as affordable to come under your budget. Finding both qualities in one destination in single go is really hard. Hence, we are here to give you the most amazing traveling experience this October with a list of the top 5 places for holidays in October that are good to go as well as easy to reach with highly affordable and cheap flights:

  1. Rhodes, Greece

Rhodes, Greece

The Greek islands are quite renowned around the world for being a desired and dazzling and when it comes to the season of fall, then you will find these islands quite exhilarating. No matter which island you chose, the fabulous natural bliss and enthralling view of the sunset will surely stun you. To find the best traveling experience at an affordable price, one shall consider visiting the Rhodes Island. A captivating place, ideally known for its exquisite hospitality, wide range of attractions, bewitching culture and marvelous stretch of historical sites, Rhodes is truly a perfect choice for a vacation in the month of October.

  1. Mauritius


Indian Ocean is a lot famous across the world for being the home of the blissful nature and extraordinary hospitality. Thus, people enjoy voyaging across this part of the world more often and keep the keen desire of visiting places that are rich in terms of places that are great to explore especially during the peak and affordable season. Mauritius have always been a great place in the Indian Ocean to visit in the month of October and whether you believe it or not, visiting the cities and islands of Mauritius during the month of October is really affordable too. Due to the New Year and other festivities lined-up in the coming months, people often reduce visiting Mauritius in October, hence you can easily find cheap flights for Mauritius and get some affordable accommodation as well.

  1. San Francisco

San Francisco

Right before the misty and notorious foggy season, San Francisco becomes more joyful and enjoyable and people love spending their fall vacations here in San Francisco to witness the beautiful outskirts and blossoming natural landscapes. As a result, a surge in people searching cheap flights for San Francisco have been witnessed over the years. Along with the beautiful season of fall, people can also enjoy the various events and festivals going on in West Coast and find San Francisco as a perfect place to begin or keep the center of accommodation in the region. Also, the budget accommodations and quick access to the most prominent attractions gives ample of opportunity to witness the best vacations in the state of California.

  1. Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park

When it comes to the Yellowstone National Park, there is no bad time to visit. The magnificent collection of landscapes that stretches over hundreds of acres, Yellowstone National Park gives a blissful delight to voyagers who enjoy visiting the nature in the splendid and refreshing season of fall. Ideal for not only solo or couples, Yellowstone National Park becomes a much dreamier destination for couples too when it comes to the season of fall and with people heading towards beach destinations and places of higher altitude, Yellowstone National Park become much easy to access on low budget. With cheap flight tickets and reasonable accommodation options, you can spend the best vacations in October whilst visiting to Yellowstone.

  1. Vancouver


If you wish to go on an international travel whilst saving a lot of time in traveling, then visiting Vancouver is the best option you can find in the month of October. With the fantastic season of fall that leaves the city of Vancouver in the dreamy and heavenly outlook, you can spend a lot of time shopping, exploring the highlights of the city and being the part of various regional festivals that have been a major attraction for worldwide voyagers. Take a stroll down the boulevards of the city or visit the famous parks like Stanley Park to witness the autumn leaves giving the alleys and walkways a blissful view.

Although, the season of fall in the month of October is really adorable and you can find plenty of reasons along with places to go and enjoy the beauty of the nature and freshness of the surroundings. Yet there are a few things that have always been pushing you back to step out of the house and among them all, finding cheap flights have been on top of the list. So, if you are done waiting at home for affordable airfares and seeking something much more interesting and indulging this season, then all you need is to consider the services of SmartFares to get your hands on some of the finest and affordable range of cheap flights available with us for your pleasure and exquisite traveling experience.

Witnessing the best of marine life

Friday, September 22nd, 2017

The world is eternally beautiful and no matter how hard we try, we can barely scratch the surface of the diversity our planet is possessed with. The mainland are prominently covered by many of us who have the passion of exploring the nature and diversity of the world, yet we miss the 70 percent of the area which is covered by the oceans where the primary vividness of life lives. Though, there are many travelers across the world who have considered to explore the underwater world and enjoy witnessing the utmost beautiful, surreal yet picturesque diversity of living beings under the surface of the water, yet many of us are still unaware. With this blog, we are offering you a glimpse of the places for witnessing the best of marine life existing on the blue planet. So, come with us below and learn what it feels like when you go beyond your imagination:

  1. Sea Lions, Galápagos islands, Ecuador

Sea Lions, Galapagos islands, Ecuador

Witnessing the sea lions is itself an experience that cannot be defined in words. Imagine you hit the shallow waters of the Galapagos Islands as a person who wishes to witness the marine life and end-up becoming the showstopper itself where dozens of sea lions are smirking towards you and giving you the look of being a clown in the middle of crowd. Galapagos Islands are the home to some of the rare species of Sea Lions and if you are wishing to witness these giant mammals enjoying their lives in a group under the sea and witnessing the spectators diving in the shallow blue waters to experience the presence of these heavy and gigantic creatures in action.

  1. Humpback whales, Tonga

Humpback whales, Tonga

South Pacific is proven to be the home to many astonishing creatures that are majorly unseen by majority of the population of the earth. Yet many expeditioners have ran an extra mile to explore the new and different species in their natural habitat in this part of the world and have successfully dived into the home of the humpback whales. One of the largest mammals existing on the planet, Humpback whales are quite common to have a sight in the South Pacific especially in the nearby coastal areas of Tonga. These huge in size and harmless creatures are really rare to be found elsewhere and you can enjoy the sight of them splashing gallons of waters in one dive is simply beyond imagination. We all must have witnessed the same on science related television shows and it is really exquisite if you can witness the same in person.

  1. Green turtles, Barbados

Green turtles, Barbados

The warm Caribbean waters are the home of some of the most beautiful yet endangered species of marine life and if you are ready to take a step forward from the cozy and tranquilizing laid-back vacation in the Barbados, then you can get the good fortune of witnessing the green turtles of Barbados. The beautiful creatures of Caribbean marine world, these green turtles are really adorable and can easily be witnessed if your guide know the place to find them. There are many sightseeing areas available off-the-coasts of the Barbados where you can go on a boat ride with your scuba gears and enjoy swimming around these beautiful and harmless creatures that live in the shell under the surface of the Caribbean Sea. It is always advised to avoid chasing them as green turtles are endangered species and can get in stress from any foreign interference.

  1. Manta rays, Maldives

Manta rays, Maldives

Maldives is known for its tranquilizing resorts, exquisite hospitality and laid-back weather conditions, but many of us haven’t seen beyond obvious where you can witness the exquisite sight of manta rays. Manta Rays are really beautiful creatures that are commonly found in the shallow waters near the coastal areas and feed themselves with small fishes that are the great appetite for both of us. Many marine life lovers are found to be taking frequent flights to Maldives throughout the year to witness and stroll around these creatures in their natural habitat. Giant in size and harmless to the humans unless provoked, these creatures are really beautiful and calm to witness and can easily be found in clear waters.

  1. Whale sharks, Western Australia

Whale sharks, Western Australia

Almost everyone on the planet have witnessed the wrath of sharks in many of the movies from the Hollywood and if you are planning on witnessing one giant whale shark in person, then you should probably start planning a trip to the Western Australian region which is known to be the perfect place to witness a giant group of sharks in various locations. Giant in size and lethal if provoked, these huge species of the marine life is really splendid to witness and you can have the incredible glimpse of the hundred-tooth jaw without having a bite of course. It is highly advised to not to intervene during the regular affairs of these whale sharks to avoid any sort of fatal accident and if you insist on swimming close to them, you must understand the technique of hanging in the water like a jellyfish which can reduce their interest in you at some point.

The marine life holds much more diversity in both nature and number of species than we can imagine and no matter how hard you try to witness them all, it is nearly impossible to witness them all due to extreme weather conditions, limited reach beneath the water surface and of course the lack of oxygen under the water. Hence, there are many places which can give you the small trailer of what we have on our planet and how gorgeous and at the same time wild the other species can be. So, if you are ready to witness such a fantastic discoveries in person and looking forward for a journey filled with adventure and death-defying thrills, then quickly start planning your next trip and book your flights with SmartFares today to avail some great deals and outstanding offers available with us.

Top 5 European Cities to Travel Alone

Wednesday, September 20th, 2017

For many people, traveling itself is a rewarding delight and have been giving an experience which can’t be gained from reading tons of books. You might have come across about the ideal destinations to visit as a couple, family, friends group or even corporate trips, but there are certainly a few destinations that can be visited when you can’t find anyone especially when you are eagerly craving for some break and peace. There are an abundant number of picturesque destinations across the world that are really amazing as well as safe to travel as a solo voyager and here in this blog, we have come up with a list of the best European destinations that are perfect to visit as a solo traveler. So, if you have been thinking for a European getaway and can’t find anyone to tag along, then you should probably have a look at these options before finalizing your next getaway:

  1. Dublin


The Irish capital is majorly known to be a jolly destination, featuring the iconic history of the United Kingdom along with a zealous culture and spellbinding lifestyle. With a number of spectacular cathedrals and mind-blowing castles, Dublin have been giving away a superlative delight for the history and culture explores. As the capital of the country, Dublin has a safe and sound culture which makes the city even safer and secured place for solo travelers that too include solo female travelers who enjoy exploring new dimensions of culture and wonderful range of history. So, if you are seeking a getaway in the Ireland, Dublin is the city just for you.

  1. Amsterdam


Amsterdam is noted as one of the safest cities in the world many times despite being following a massive culture of cannabis. The thriving canals, wonderful bicycle ways and awe-inspiring range of culture and architectural sites have been making Amsterdam a place that everyone wishes to visit once at least once in their lifetime. The superlative delights of historical sites, whacky museums and captivating festivals and culture have been making the Dutch capital a desired place, thus solo travelers are found to be exploring this part of the Netherlands the most without feeling insecure or hesitant in stepping out of their accommodation after the sunset. The lifestyle and friendly environment of the Amsterdam is indeed made for solo travelers.

  1. Paris


The French capital Paris is among the most astonishing destinations one can ever come across in not only the Europe, but also in the rest of the world. Although, it is hard to imagine to visit Paris alone, but even if you are running out of options and can’t find anyone who can explore the aromatic restaurants, the giant Eiffel Tower and many more picturesque landmarks of the city of Love, then you can always visit Paris alone and enjoy your heart out without being worried even a bit about any safety concern. Although it is always advised to keep your route in mind and avoid stranded places in dark hours just to be on safe side, but if you are following the basic precautions in Paris, you are good to go as a solo voyager in France.

  1. Reykjavik


Reykjavik, the Icelandic capital is known to be the home of some of the rarest and uncanny attributes that are really hard to be found anywhere else in the world. The hot water geysers, aurora borealis, miles stretch of nothing but snow plains and an awe-inspiring cityscape, Reykjavik is the city for you. Not only have the Northern lights been quite amazing in the Reykjavik to experience, but the thriving culture and supportive natives are the real reason why this Icelandic capital has made its way into this list of top 5 places of solo travelers. The seamless local transportation, well designed infrastructure and tremendous range of captivating sites are the reason behind the success and safety of Reykjavik among solo travelers.

  1. London


There is no way a list of destinations safe for solo travelers can be complete without mentioning the British capital London. Among the most visited, desired and versatile getaway destinations on the surface of the earth, London has been among the safest getaway options you can ever come across in the European continent. The striking range of attractions, landmarks and picturesque sites that are really just a swing away from each other makes London a concise city and when you are on your way to explore the best of London, you can easily find the local transportation that is equally safe and frequent in the designated hours. Needless to say, the safety of solo travelers is really good in London and you can find many solo female travelers strolling around the most popular attractions even in the dark hours, which proves that London is a destination meant for solo voyagers.

Europe is really vast and there are a big number of cities that are really safe when it comes to solo traveler regardless of gender and age. However, if you are looking for the best of the best experiences, then you should consider exploring the list mentioned above before heading to anywhere else bluntly. So, stop looking for people and compelling them to explore cities and cultures with you and become your own partner in the global voyage by opting out for flights to Europe as a solo traveler with SmartFares and ensure a getaway with loads of happiness, new discoveries and delightful experiences whilst saving a huge amount of money on your flights to Europe.

Best Columbus Day Family Getaway Destinations

Friday, September 15th, 2017

Columbus Day is among the most important day in the history of the United States and is observed around the world in order to celebrate the anniversary of the arrival of Christopher Columbus on the very soil of the United States. Every year, thousands of patriots and history lovers gather across the various parts of the United States to celebrate this amazing day that give a reason to enjoy even more for bringing an extender weekend. This year, make the Columbus Day a perfect occasion to feed your hunger for traveling by exploring your dream destinations and tick-off your favorite places from your travel bucket list. To encourage you with the best of experiences, we have come up with a list of best Columbus Day family getaway destinations that are extremely gorgeous to visit and have plenty of attributes to enjoy a thriving vacation on this amazing occasion:

  1. Orlando


Orlando is among the most visited as well as desired getaway destinations especially for families with toddlers. A city that has been giving everyone their fair share of delights and pleasure, Orlando is quite known around the world as a major hub of adventure and theme parks. Needless to say, kids love visiting here and when you speak of the extended weekend of Columbus Day, you will find your kids enjoying their heart out at their favorite theme park. No matter whether you are old, young, with your wife or parents, there will always be a lot to enjoy in Orlando and you can thoroughly enjoy every second you spend in this charming city. On the occasion of Columbus Day, you will find ample of celebrations going on and can even be a part of something special scheduled for the day of Columbus Day.

  1. San Francisco

San Francisco

Right before the notorious misty and foggy season hit the lands of San Francisco, the city hypnotize everyone with its fabulous charm and charisma that increases tenfold because of the picturesque fall season. The beaches by the bay, extraordinary landscapes in the outskirts and fascinating parks of the city will surely be able to woo your heart and give you an incredible delight which is nearly impossible to describe in words. Besides, the accommodation options and discounted flight deals will definitely give your morals a boost to step out of the house with friends and family and have a best vacation experience in San Francisco.

  1. Boston


Boston is a lovely city that is connected with the heritage and culture from its very roots. Every year, the magnificent celebration of Columbus Day gives tourists many valid reasons to take cheap Columbus Day flight deals and get going on a magnificent trip with friends and family. All you need to do is hop in the flight you booked for Boston and enjoy the outstanding parades, exquisite events organized throughout the city and many more extraordinary events that will be the best experience to you in order to witness the incredible celebration of Columbus Day. With an outstanding fiesta going on for three consecutive days, you can have ample of fun, adventure and pleasure on your trip to Boston.

  1. Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park

The extended weekend of Columbus Day and charming season of fall combined together is sufficient reason to pack your bags and plan a family trip to Yellowstone National Park. Arguably one of the most reputed, fantastic and enthralling national parks of the North America, Yellowstone National Park is a complete package for your family members to enjoy a refreshing getaway in the arms of nature. With miles of stretch of nothing but pure nature, you can leave your kids away from the gizmos and gadgets and make them understand the value of nature whilst getting freshen-up with the sight of picturesque views of natural landscapes and enthralling variety of exquisite phenomenon including geysers, old trees, valleys, waterways and much more.

  1. New York City

New York City

Like every other occasion, Columbus Day too have been giving tourists a blissful experience of visiting and exploring one of the most reputed, visited and diverse cities of the world, New York City. In the season of fall, when you get the chance to enjoy a wonderful time with friends and family, there can never be a place as good as New York City if you like to be surrounded by the amazed people and a plethora of diverse attractions covering the entire plateau of the Big Apple. With its magnificent array of historical sites, museums, art galleries, alleys, marketplaces, parks and more, you will never realize where your entire weekend went as there are an abundant number of places that will keep you on your toes throughout your vacation. Besides, the tempting range of sites are sufficient to keep everyone busy and happy regardless of age, taste or preferences.

Although, you will find plenty of places that can suit you when planning a vacation with friends and family, yet if you are getting puzzled by not being able to find a place suitable for your family, then you should consider the list above in order to have the best experience to cherish for years to come. All you need is to get in touch with SmartFares and gain the access to the discounted deals and special offers on cheap Columbus Day deals and you are good to go and enjoy your heart out while celebrating the splendid day of Columbus Day.

Best fall travel destinations for couples

Thursday, September 14th, 2017

Fall season is the time when everything that is out of a mere human’s hand becomes more appealing and enjoyable. Whether it’s the weather conditions or the airfares, everything becomes more pleasant than ever and give people a chance to explore the world without any hassle. A time when kids have to get back to their schools and youngsters get indulged into their daily activities is the perfect time when you can easily lay your hands on some of the best and affordable romantic travel deals. Besides, the perfect weather conditions that makes it easily accessible to explore the outskirts and enjoy the natural beauty at its best, the season of fall is the best time you can find to go on a romantic getaway with the love of your life. So, here we are with a small list of the best romantic fall travel destinations for couples to enjoy their fall foliage:

  1. Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole

Though it may sound a bit odd to plan a romantic trip at Jackson Hole, but if you are among those couples who like to do things in unconventional way, Jackson Hole will make a perfect getaway destination for you to enjoy the fall foliage. Have a pleasant getaway experience whilst exploring the rugged mountains, incredibly gorgeous valley, and marvelous hospitality in the cottages and delightful bushwalking experiences in the state of Wyoming. The variety of restaurants with typical American gourmet and spellbinding natural bliss with uncanny attributes is all you may seek to make it a perfect, surreal but extremely memorable and romantic getaway whilst exploring such a splendid region of Jackson Hole in fall season.

  1. Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park

Visiting Yellowstone National Park during the season of fall is something that cannot be described in words. A spellbinding national park that features an abundant variety of natural attributes including giant trees, dense forests, and vast collection of floras, variety of faunas, superlative diversity of natural landscapes and more is all you may seek for a romantic getaway that is set-up by the nature. The season of fall makes it even more exciting and enjoyable as you can explore more outdoors than ever in the less humid season with more bewitching landscape views and natural beauties coming forth from the dense forests and valleys. Needless to say, the fewer crowd and more options to explore will be an experience that can rare to be found during any other time in the year.

  1. Charleston


Imagine a getaway where you get to explore the beautiful historical mansions, exquisite Spanish boardwalk and thriving cultural sites whilst enjoying the wonderful and breezy season of fall. This all can be possible if you plan your fall vacations in Charleston. A spellbinding conurbation in the state of South Carolina, Charleston is a beautiful and modern getaway destination with loads of historical and cultural attractions that makes it even more beautiful and dreamy place to enjoy a couple getaway. No matter whether you are a newlywed couple or have been cherishing your romantic life for a very long time, Charleston has it all to please you and give you a superlative getaway experience with loads of fantastic attractions.

  1. Orlando


Orlando have never ceased to amaze people especially when it comes to a romantic getaway. The enthralling theme park capital of the world, Orlando is boasted with a vast collection of marvelous theme parks that are sufficient to set a mood towards fun and adventure. Although, it may sound a bit odd if you think of a romantic getaway at a theme park, but if you have been fantasizing your love life to be like Disney and have this amazing dream of being a part of the magical world of Disney fairytale, then you should probably consider visiting Orlando. Not only the theme parks, but the accommodation options and wide range of markets and other picturesque sites will leave you speechless and give you the experience you cannot forget.

  1. Paris


If you are done traveling domestic and looking forward for much more than just a small escape, then you should plan to book transatlantic flights and visit to the French capital Paris. The symbol of love and one of the most romantic getaway destinations of the world, Paris has everything you need to transform your fall foliage into a romantic dream come true vacation. Not only the settings are marvelous to leave you stumped and enjoy the best experiences of all time, but the season of fall will offer you the experiences with fewer crowd and affordable accommodation options to enjoy way more than usual in the French capital whilst savoring on the delicious delicacies and visiting the most iconic collection of landmarks available in Paris.

The list can grow as long as you want when it comes to enlisting the destinations suitable for couples during the season of fall, but if you insist on the best ones, then you should probably go through the list mentioned above as these places have their significance to enjoy and give a treat to the yes and soul with all the elements they like in the life. So, if you are ready to get delighted by the awesome beauty of the season of fall, then you should probably start looking for some great fall travel deals or book your romantic flight deals with SmartFares to ensure the best traveling experience with lower airfares.

Best Food Scene of Thailand

Friday, September 8th, 2017

Asian continent is known for its different hues that have been pleasing every sense of voyagers from around the world. From spiritual enlightenment to historical exploration, natural treasures, extraordinary phenomenon and awe-inspiring delights, Asia have been a treasure itself to give everyone a delight for their own senses. There is a big number of foodies who enjoy taking flights to Thailand from every part of the world to not just taste some of the most splendid dishes from the Thai gastronomy, but also to learn a lot about the ancient cooking methods, splendid blend of raw spices and herbs as well as superlative recipes that have been passed on from one generation to other. To give you a glimpse of Thai culture, here we are with just a fraction of best food scene of Thailand:

  1. Moo Grob in Bangkok

Moo Grob in Bangkok

The bustling city of Bangkok have been among the most famous Asian destinations and that too for a reason. The marvelous markets, enthralling variety of landscapes, picturesque atmosphere, electrifying culture and thriving settings to please the guests in Bangkok have brought this city into the travel bucket list of millions of voyagers worldwide. If you have been thinking to experience the best gourmet scene in Bangkok, then you should probably visit to the local market called Chatuchak Market where you can find the food stalls and vendors offering the finest quality of Moo Grob which is a crispy pork served with rice. The aromatic experience with loads of Thai herbs and spices will make your day and give you an experience to awestruck your mind.

  1. Khao Soi in Chiang Mai

Khao Soi in Chiang Mai

Khao Soi, also known as the Egg Noodle Curry is one of the biggest specialties of the Chiang Mai and a typical Thai dish that came from the native culture. A rich in flavors and taste curry noodle soup that includes onions, cabbages, lime, egg and much more, the egg noodle curry is a delicious dish to savor while traveling in Chiang Mai. The marvelous blend of flavors, herbs and spices with lip-smacking texture have made this astonishing dish a favorite culinary to savor for every tourist. The variations are also available where you can replace your egg with pork, beef or even chicken to enjoy more nutrition and get the taste of various other flavors in your mouth.

  1. Tom Yum Goong in Pattaya

Tom Yum Goong in Pattaya

The spicy shrimp soup locally known as the Tom Yum Goong is a typical Thai dish, ideally famous to have as an appetizer where you can set your tongue to the strong and aromatic taste of Thai spices and herbs. The awesome yellow and red texture along with bewitching taste have made this dish a perfect food to begin your meal with and savor on the delicious gastronomy style of the natives. Pattaya have been quite a famous resort destination and people who are flying to Pattaya have enjoyed this dish the most whilst most of them have tried to learn much more about variations and cooking methods which is quite simple yet traditional to follow. Available across almost every Thai restaurant in Pattaya, Tom Yum Goong is truly a delicious experience that everyone must have.

  1. Massaman Curry in Phuket

Massaman Curry in Phuket

Many people have suggested that Massaman Curry is an interpretation of the Persian dish and is originally from some other culture. However, those who have been practicing the Thai gastronomy for a very long time have shown their difference of opinion in this statement. The delicious curry, best known to be a popular mild-flavored Thai dish, Massaman Curry is among the most spectacular dishes of all time in Thai culture where the chef prepares a combination of herbs, spices, raw spices, flavor enhancers, potato, beef (variation of chicken is also available), star anise and many more ingredients and prepare this superlative dish which is quite common and easy to find in the Thai restaurants of Phuket and nearby places.

  1. Steamed Sea Bass in Krabi

Steamed Sea Bass in Krabi

Steamed Sea Bass is one of the most amazing and refreshing dishes in the Thai culture, prominently prepared and served in the regions near to Krabi. A spectacular dish that comprises the cooking method of bamboo steamer and preparation of Sea Bass with basic herbs, special Thai spices and awesome technique to mildly cook the fish to keep its essence alive whilst serving the dish well prepared and sufficiently cooked. Although, Sea Bass is served in many other parts of the world, but if you are seeking the best taste of the fish along with the mild and soothing flavors of Thai culture, then you should try Steamed Sea Bass at least once in Krabi.

Thailand is known for many reasons and among them all, the food have been a thriving reason. Despite being lush with an abundant variety of beaches, islands and many natural beauties, Thailand have been stealing the heart away of voyagers who even seek a small bite of traditional Thai culinary. So, if you are planning to visit an Asian destination where you can savor on the most delicious combination of recipes whilst feeling a piece of heaven in your mouth, then you should probably consider to book your flights to Thailand with SmartFares to ensure a magnificent getaway experience, filled with an enormous amount of great delights and fascinating experiences whilst spending way too low than usual on your travel expenses.

Ways to get the best photos for your Instagram while traveling

Wednesday, September 6th, 2017

There are loads of people who enjoy traveling whilst capturing the golden moments of their voyage using the camera or even the latest smartphones. It is a joy for many of us to share these pictures on Instagram to share our happiness with the people close to us as well as other Instagrammers who are interested in our routine posts. However, getting the best photos for Instagram while traveling isn’t as easy as it appears to be on professional traveler’s Instagram and online social media pages. Hence, to give you an edge by going through the secrets of professional travelers and travel photographers, we have come up with the most amazing list of ways to get the best photos for your Instagram while traveling:


  1. Timing is the key

The most basic rule of photography is based on timing. If you have been witnessing the best moments of your life or with the object you have been staring for a very long time and can’t time perfectly to capture the unique properties of that moment, then you are missing the whole point of photography. Finding the perfect time is the key and when it comes to travel, many travel photographers have said many times that sunrises and sunsets are the best friends of photographers as they offer long shadows, soothing light conditions and fewer crowd do disturb your frame. Needless to say, the beauty of the sunrise and sunset is itself quite inspiring and will give you the refreshed spirit to get into the mood of clicking the best travel photos for your Instagram.

  1. Don’t Forget the Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds is arguably one of the most used and discussed rules of all time in the photography world. Many of us think that these rules of photography can only be used when you are doing a professional photoshoot or have high-end cameras to execute them. However, in recent devices and even the mobile phones, software have begun to give the grid to use in the rule of thirds that give your object the perfect highlight whilst adjusting the surroundings of both foreground and background as a perfect decoration to your object. As much as rule of thirds is important in photography, it is also quite useful when you are traveling and capturing the best moments for your Instagram.

  1. Keeping things natural is all you need

Putting so many filters, expressions and frames are quite common these days and whether you believe it or not, these additions in the photographs are the biggest filter to find out the difference between a professional and an amateur photographer. What we see through our eyes are the biggest inspiration and is the originality of nature, culture and lifestyle. Thus, keeping things in their original form is the biggest key to keep your Instagram feed filled with perfect and inspiring posts. Many travel photographers have been using some basic tactics and tricks to keep their pictures sharp and presentable which will lead us to our point number 4.

  1. Ratio of Editing Images

During our research, we came across many statements of professional photographers as well as Instagrammers that even if you need to edit your pictures to reduce the noise, add more clarity and sharpness into your photographs, you must do whatever you feel like and then reduce the adjustments to half. Many software available in the market give the user an edge to adjust the edits made in the image on the ratio required. It is often found that during our image editing process, we go way beyond ahead from what it actually requires and leave us with an image that is neither original nor presentable. Hence, once you are done with all your editing, just bring down your entire adjustment to 50 percent and you are good to go and post your pictures on your Instagram.

  1. Basic Elements to Get Perfect Shots

One simply cannot get all the perfect shots in one go and you should keep in mind that taking more photos give you the liberty to filter out the best and worse from the collection. Also, while you are taking pictures, understanding the lights, motion of objects and usage of surrounding to make the images impactful is important. Understanding your device is the key to know what and how are you going to capture your perfect moment. Selfies are not in fashion anymore and you should start taking pictures with other humans to give the viewer an idea of the size of objects presented in your pictures. Keeping your lens clean and screen smudge-free is essential to get clear photos and perfect idea of what you have captured.

Traveling is an experience that cannot be described in words, hence people have begun to capture those moments that have inspired them and brought to the people they know or follow using the social media. Instagram frenzies are among those who have been in the top charts of inspiring people by giving not just great shots, but also description to give others the inspiration to travel the world and witness all the beauty existing on the face of the earth in person. So, if you are thinking to bring your Instagram account on top when it comes to travel photos, then you should probably start finding some great camera and applications whilst booking your next travel with SmartFares to ensure great savings by using our variety of cheap flights and offers on air tickets.

Top 5 Experiences of Merida

Monday, September 4th, 2017

Merida, a spellbinding city nestled on the Yucatan Peninsula, ideally known for its breathtaking Mexican culture and fascinating history related with the Mayan civilization is also the capital city of the Yucatan Province, making it a beacon of culture, art and history in the region. With its easy access to some of the most awesome attractions in the province, Merida have been visited by a big number of tourists taking flights to Merida despite being an underrated tourist destination. The thriving cityscape with posh boulevards, historical sites, religious landmarks and awe-inspiring gourmet delights, Merida have been making a great place to visit for a weekend or more to enjoy some peaceful getaway experience in the Mexican region. Following are the top 5 experiences you can have whilst spending a spectacular vacation in Merida:

Top 5 Experiences of Merida

  1. Vaqueria Celebration

Monday evenings are the most favorite time for locals as well as international tourists where they can gather around the Plaza Grande, which is the biggest and most prominent square of Merida and enjoy the superlative show of dance and music named as Vaqueria. This is a place where locals gather around in traditional attires and enjoy the cultural art and traditional ethics whilst celebrating their lives every week. Each Monday, people gather around here and make their evenings even more charming by witnessing the demonstration of traditional dance and cultural music performed by the professional locals of the Merida. The Plaza Grande is located in the prominent location of the city and has a close proximity from all the major accommodation areas of the city.

  1. Shopping and Art Scene

Despite being an underrated getaway destination, locals have evolved themselves and are bringing the best game among the tourists. The markets and art galleries here are the most stunning places where you can gather the best experience of being in a city of Mexico with fewer crowd and more majestic experience. Visit Fundacion de Artistas which is among the most famous art galleries of the province and feature the artistry of locals along with the marvelous creation by the world renowned Mexican artists. With is close proximity from the city center, you can easily walk your way through the shabby streets and visit this historical site. As far as the shopping is concerned, you can enjoy visiting local markets and specialty shops that are quite famous for their scents and soaps with great aroma and unique fragrance.

  1. Walking Tours to the Neighborhoods

Merida is a small yet beautiful city and you can spend most of your time enjoying the stroll across the shabby and narrow streets of various neighborhoods whilst absorbing the essence of local lifestyle and observing the culture of natives. Having a walk across the historic center is a true delight where you can experience the drastic dimensions of architectural diversity with houses that are dated back to the 19th century. The streets and houses of the city are the real treat to the eyes and you can feel like being in a city of Cuba whilst still feeling the fragrance of Mexican soil. The remarkable beauty of the surrounding streets are the real gem which can’t be found in any travel guide and can only be feel once you be here in person.

  1. Beach Extravaganza

With its close proximity to the Yucatan Peninsula, Merida gives the perfect pleasure of enjoying the beaches and give tourists the most spectacular delight of dips and enjoying a laid-back time with their loved ones at the sandy shores of the Gulf of Mexico. The thriving beaches are the best thing you can find in the outskirts when it comes to the nature’s delight and the ideal weather conditions of Merida compliments the soothing waters and child breeze coming from the ocean. Enjoy spending a complete day at the spellbinding beaches of the Mexico and get delighted by the amazing view of sunrise or sunset from distinct beaches that will leave you stumped by their charm.

  1. Ruins Exploration

This part of Mexico is also equally relevant among history lovers as any other region as Yucatan Province have been the home of Mayan civilization and you can find ample of ruins scattered within the city as well as in the outskirt region of Merida. The rich history spanning from Mayan civilization till the colonial era have been giving Merida a vintage look and giving tourists taking flights to Merida from around the world in order to explore the heritage a spectacular experience. There are ample of religious places covering the plateau of the Merida that are made on the base of the Mayan civilization and are boasted with the relics found during the digging of the region that belongs to the era of Mayan civilization.

Merida is among the most superlative and versatile getaway destinations of the Mexico and features many attributes covering the plateau of the city as well as a vast stretch of land in the outskirts. The striking beauty of this charming city have been the reason why people are choosing Merida as a perfect getaway place now days. In case, you too seek a destination for some laid-back hospitality and awesome delights of Mexican culture, then you should probably consider planning a vacation at the capital city of Yucatan province and book your flights to Mexico with SmartFares to ensure a magnificent getaway whilst saving massive on your travel expenses.

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