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Archive for July, 2017

Top 5 Islands of Maldives You Should Visit

Friday, July 28th, 2017

The scenic beaches, magnificent marine life and indescribable hospitality is the closest possible way to describe the astonishing nation of Maldives. A combination of over 1000 coral islands that combines and create more than 25 atolls in total, Maldives is a prosperous nation, widely known for its magnificent shores, exquisite laid-back sandy beaches, tranquilizing natural bliss, fascinating hospitality, unique styles of resorts and much more. Exploring the entire nation of Maldives can be a big thing to achieve, hence we are here to give you a list of the best among best islands of Maldives that are not just gorgeous and enjoyable, but also have their own significance to treat its visitors:


  1. Villingili Island for Adventure Lovers

Maldivian islands are much more than just a fairytale place where you can witness sandy beaches and miles stretch of ocean, giving a soothing view. If you have this zeal towards the adventure and seeking some sort of adventure in Maldives, then you should plan your visit to the Villingili Island which is among the most diverse islands in the archipelago of Maldives. Featuring an abundant number of activities available in and around the coasts including water sports, snorkeling, diving and much more, Villingili Island is a perfect place to enjoy an adventure and thrilling getaway in Maldives.

  1. Vaadhoo Island for Extraordinary Natural Bliss

Have you ever seen a beach that illuminates in the night without any electricity? If not, then you should visit to the Vaadhoo Island which is a unique place that has been gathering its fame rapidly in recent years. Featuring the beach where the sand glows in the dark hours and give the most picturesque view of all the time. People from across the globe have been visiting this uncommon place frequently to both enjoy the sight of this superlative attraction as well as reading their vows of wedding in such a beautiful and heavenly setting. Taking pictures, admiring the coasts with sky full of stars and sparkling water beneath your feet is an experience you will never forget for the rest of your life.

  1. Thoddoo Island for Maldivian Culture

Culture and lifestyle lovers can enjoy exploring the island of Thoddoo which is one of the most spellbinding and a highly inhabited island of the Maldives where you can come across the spectacular Maldivian culture and get to know the lifestyle and heritage of the natives whilst enjoying the awesome beaches and tranquilizing hotel accommodation by the generous locals. Apart from the culture and lifestyle, the island of Thoddoo has this amazing collection of fruits that give you a refreshing experience when you are high on your appetite along with a splurging flavor of watermelons.

  1. Dhidhdhoo Island for Romantic Honeymoon

Maldives is proven to be one of the best and most desired honeymoon getaway destinations in the world and people who have this keen desire of enjoying their first vacation as a couple can visit to the Dhidhdhoo Island which is one of the most perfect and heavenly places in the entire Maldivian archipelago, featuring a fantastic array of natural landscapes, incredible variety of resorts, hotels and accommodations and bewitching settings to set your mood by the dreamy surroundings. Being one of the largest islands of the nation of Maldives, there are an abundant number of activities available to indulge including fishing, sailing, diving, swimming and much more.

  1. Maafushi Island for Beach Extravaganza

People with the desire of sheer beach fun and adventure shall not be disappointed by the romantic sights and exquisite pampering as the Maafushi Island is always there for you to give you the most outstanding fun and excitement experience in the Maldives. A picture perfect tropical island with magnificent stretch of sandy beaches, palm trees on boardwalk, budget-friendly accommodation options and everlasting beach fun just a fraction of the fun available in Maafushi. People visiting Maafushi often enjoy island excursion, beach sports, snorkeling, swimming, picnic and much more on this island to make sure a happening experience with loads of sun, sand and sea.

As told before, Maldives is the home of more than 1000 islands where every island has its own significance and delights to give tourists a pleasant and delighting experience regardless of their preferences. So, if you are feeling this urge of exploring the Maldivian islands too, then all you have to do now is to start planning your trip and consider the services of SmartFares to enjoy some great deals and offers on flights to Maldives and ensure a hassle-free and enjoyable getaway experience at an affordable price.

Finest Coral Reefs near You

Wednesday, July 26th, 2017

Our planet is extremely diverse and gorgeous and no matter how well you are in exploring the world and have visited numerous destinations, you cannot possibly be exploring it all. Things that are visible on the surface of the earth are not the entire treasure you can find, but what’s beneath it is the real treasure. To give you a glimpse of what is hidden inside, we have come up with the most fantastic range of coral reefs near you. A complete world beneath the water surface, coral reefs are the wildlife of marine and have been intriguing tourists from across the world to take a dip inside the clear, refreshing and unknown water to explore the true beauty that lies right beneath the surface of the oceans. So, check out the most outstanding coral reefs around you that will surely give you some inspiration to travel around and know the world better:

  1. Florida Keys, USA

Florida Keys, USA

In case you desire to have a vacation in the United States that can give you the most stunning exposure of giant coral barrier reef, then you should plan your trip to the state of Florida where the Florida Keys offers a superlative experience of underwater world and splendid delights of getting to know more about the marine life of the Atlantic Ocean. Covering an area of more than 200 miles, this awesome barrier reef stretches alongside to the Southeastern coasts of the Florida and gives an indescribable delight to its visitors. There are several tour companies that offer some snorkeling tours near the reef and offer a heavenly delight of getting closer to one of the largest coral reefs of the world.

  1. Mesoamerican Reef, West Indies

Mesoamerican Reef, West Indies

The Caribbean basin is a superlative combination of archipelagos, small islands, big land masses and extraordinary marine life and when you have the aim to explore the marine life in the Caribbean region, then you shall consider visiting the Mesoamerican Reef in West Indies. Stretched from the Yucatan Peninsula to the Islands of Honduras, this awesome reef covers a space of more than 700 miles and has been inhabiting over 600 types of flora and fauna fo the Atlantic Ocean, making it one of the largest reef systems of the world. Access to the Mesoamerican Reef is possible from Cancun where you can find abundant number of tour companies offering great experiences around Mesoamerican Reef.

  1. Belize Barrier Reef, Belize

Belize Barrier Reef, Belize

Famous for the giant hole underneath the Caribbean Sea and crystal clear shallow turquoise water, Belize Barrier Reef is itself a tourist attraction in the archipelago of Belize. A combination of a number of reefs combining into one giant reef system stretching to nearly 200 miles area, Belize Barrier Reef is the most happening coral reef system you can come across in the Caribbean region. It is often suggested that the entire ecosystem of the reef is yet to be discovered, but currently the system has more than 600 species of identified flora and fauna in the marine life. Travelers from around the world visit here to have an aerial view of the hole whereas many experienced and professional divers and snorkelers have found diving in the hole, an experience for lifetime.

  1. Andros Barrier Reef, Bahamas

Andros Barrier Reef, Bahamas

One of the most uncommon barrier reefs in the world, Andros Barrier Reef in Bahamas have been the most delighting experience one can have around the Americas where the entire reef system stands vertically and goes deep down to more than 6000 feet. Instead of lying down on the surface of the ocean like a flat land, Andros Barrier reef is a system that stretches in nearly 150 miles of area and possesses some of the rarest and unseen species to the mankind. Appearing like a tongue going downwards, Andros Barrier Reef is alto entitled with the name of Tongue of the Ocean that is accessible from both Nassau and the mainland of the Bahamas.

  1. Palancar Reef, Mexico

Palancar Reef, Mexico

The Pacific region of the Americas is as diverse and beautiful as the Caribbean and the Atlantic region and is boasted with one of the most picturesque and diverse coral reef ecosystem known as Palancar Reef. Located in the southwestern region of Mexico with an easy access from the island of Cozumel, Palancar Reef is one of the most visited and delightful reef ecosystems in the world where divers can easily access to the coral reefs and discover the beautiful and colorful range of flora and fauna living in their natural environment and giving an eye-pleasing sight to the divers. People can easily get their diving tours to the Palancar Reef except for the month of March and mid-August when the tourism remains at the peak and flocks people near the reef system.

Reefs are not so common on earth and there are only a few certain places where you can witness such a gorgeous view under the ocean where colorful fishes colonize their world and offer us all the most spellbinding experience of exploring the underwater world at one place. So, if you are excited by knowing the diversity of marine life living around you and looking forward to explore it all in near future, then quickly book your cheap flights from SmartFares and get some awesome deals on airfares to ensure your travel much more thriving and pocket-friendly.

Things not to miss on an international vacation

Friday, July 21st, 2017

Going on an international trip requires loads of preperations including booking international flights, getting the currency converted, making hotel reservations, renting a car and much more. However, by the time we reach to the destination, all we can think of is to how to visit most of the attractions in such a short time and often forget many magnificent things that may make your international voyage a memory of lifetime. Here below, we have mentioned a list of things that you shouldn’t miss on an international vacation in order to catch the best essence whilst enjoying the most outstanding vacation of your life far away from home. So, have a look at the list below and make sure you do as much as possible from these things in order to become a traveler that can share the tales of his voyage with people and become a star traveler:

Things not to miss on an international vacation

  1. Taking a city tour

Almost every international destination has their own tourism organizations that are always there to give the best experience to its visitors, whilst taking those tourists to the most popular and significant attractions of the respective cities. There are ample of private as well as government organized city tours available in the market for almost every reputed and most visited destination that are carried out by walking, using the buses, shuttle services and more. So, if you have been thinking to explore as much grounds as possible on your international voyage try to opt for these city tours to make sure you get the most outstanding experience hosted by these well-known and legit organizations.

  1. Learning cultural arts

Understanding a culture doesn’t mean that you read a few books on their heritage or listen to some fancy and famous stories from your guide. If you seriously require to have a first-hand exploration of a city or country’s culture, the best way to learn about is by going to learn the cultural arts. No matter whether you find cooking, handicraft, painting, riding, surfing, sailing or any other activity, as long as you are zealous to get to the expert level during your vacation, the chances of learning a big amount of information on the native culture are really high. So, next time whenever you visit to the destinations of Asia, Europe, Middle-East, Oceania, Africa, Americas or any other part of the world, just try and learn something that belongs to the city’s culture.

  1. Try local food

The best part of any international trip is that you get to taste some of the most awesome food which might seem bizarre or weird at first place due to unfamiliar name or cooking styles that are not as acquainted to you as other styles. Many tourists who are traveling with their family often go for reputed restaurant chains or luxury hotels and restaurants to have their meal and often overlook the real essence of local culture on the name of hygiene and convenience. At the time of traveling, all you need to think of is if the place is tidy and hygienic enough to serve non-contaminated food and give you the best taste possible. The best way to do that would be by asking your hotel staff or a local to guide you towards the best food joint in the local area and you are good to go.

  1. Visit the local flea market

Understanding local culture, lifestyle and behavior is not a rocket-science if you are traveling to a destination far away from home. All you need is the right place and right time to know how people behave in normal life and know the culture and their tendency while they are in their comfort zone and the best place to experience the same would be a flea market. Almost every major city in the world has its flea market where you can buy almost everything required in daily life whilst collecting some souvenirs to bring back home. Flea markets are not only best place to learn about the natives and their culture, but it is best to go shopping too. With local shopkeepers and outlets selling traditional stuffs, you can get your hands on something that may worth a lot to you once you bring it back to home.

  1. Enjoy the nightlife

In order to witness an uncloaked lifestyle and culture, everyone should witness the nightlife of their travel destination regardless the place or country you are in. The real identity of every culture is visible when you enter in the bars, pubs, restaurants and clubs of the native city and witness people enjoying their heart out without thinking of their surroundings and drop the mask of sophisticated lifestyle to expose you with the true colors of the culture. There are abundant places in most of the destinations worldwide where you can be a part of the exotic nightlife without getting into danger of odd hours and security. However, one must take safety precautions before going out in the late hours to get a couple of beers or your favorite drink.

Although, there are several other things such as visiting the local zoo, exploring the outskirts, getting to know the language, attending a religious or cultural festival and much more that will give you an incredible amount of delights of visiting a foreign land, but if you are willing to catch the basics first, you will be able to take your voyage to the next level. So, next time, whenever you plan a vacation on an international destination, make sure you do as many things as possible mentioned in the list above and book your international flight deals from SmartFares to get the best options on airfares and savor on our wide array of offers available online.

Things to Do in Los Angeles

Wednesday, July 19th, 2017

Los Angeles, a city that has been the home to many stars and artists that are known as the shining stars in the industry as of now, have been among the most diverse and incredible getaway option for voyagers. A city that has been giving people with special talent a platform to test their luck and expertise in the respective field have been much more than just a place to find bread and butter. In the era of traveling and wanderlust, people have begun to explore different places with much more than just natural landscapes and beaches as now traveling has been more about understanding the culture and discovering the heritage and lifestyle of a particular destination. Following we have the best things to do in Los Angeles that will help you to understand this spectacular city better whilst tasting the real flavors the city has to offer:

  1. Griffith Park

Griffith Park

Located close to the Mount Hollywood, this picturesque place is among the most reputed and visited attractions of all time in the West Coast region, ideally renowned for its observatory and magnificent stretch of photogenic natural landscape. With its pocket-friendly entry fee and marvelous collection of natural landscapes including parks, sculptures, lagoons, waterfalls, hiking and biking trails and much more, you can practically spend a whole day admiring the beauty of this spellbinding place that is still isolated from the honking streets and bustling markets of the Los Angeles.

  1. Santa Monica Beach

Santa Monica Beach

Visiting the California and not exploring the beaches is like eating a pastry without icing on the top and there is no better place that can beat the stardom and charm of Santa Monica Beach. Located on the western outskirts of the Los Angeles, this spellbinding beach is one of the most reputed and popular beaches of the West Coast, featuring an abundant range of attractions to enjoy the days and the nights. Featuring a marvelous shoreline that stretches to more than 3 miles, fabulous bars and pubs, magnificent activities to participate and spellbinding scene of the horizon, Santa Monica Beach is the place for everyone where you can go and get blend in the utter beauty of culture, nature and lifestyle combined.

  1. Los Angeles County Museum of Arts

Los Angeles County Museum of Arts

A popular place on the plateau of the Los Angeles that can inspire any artist to bring out the best they have, Los Angeles County Museum of Arts is something that you must visit for at least once in your life. Often abbreviated as LACMA, LA County Museum of Arts is a stretch of more than 20 acres and features a magnificent treasure of artistry and masterpieces. With a collection of art works spanning for centuries in the ancient era till now, LACMA has been witnessing millions of visitors each year and giving away the most awe-inspiring experience of their lives. Besides all the galleries and exhibitions, LACMA has been holding many concerts and film screenings in the arena to give art lovers a platform to enjoy the new talents whilst being surrounded by the wisdom of ancient art.

  1. Runyon Canyon Park

Runyon Canyon Park

Even when you are in the concrete jungle of Los Angeles, the city will never let you stay away from the natural bliss and green lands and the best example to experience the same will be Runyon Canyon Park. With its close proximity from the Hollywood Boulevard, Runyon Canyon Park is a less popular place against all other attractions you may know in Los Angeles for its obvious reasons. With its exquisite hiking trails, sight to the San Fernando Valley, North Pacific Shores and parks to have a laid-back day, Runyon Canyon Park gives you the perfect opportunity to process the entire experience of stardom in Los Angeles with a chance to witness the celebrities working out in natural surroundings, isolated from the crowd and paparazzi.

  1. Sunset Boulevard

Sunset Boulevard

A picturesque and iconic boulevard that stretches from Figueroa Street to the Pacific Coasts, covering more than 22 miles in length, Sunset Boulevard is one of the most prominent attractions of all time even being remain bustling throughout the day due to heavy traffic. Once a place used to portray the charming and charismatic lifestyle of the Los Angeles and the Hollywood, adults and elders will find the driveway quite familiar due to its frequent scenes in legendary Hollywood movies. People these days have found driving early in the morning or in the dark hours a peaceful and exciting experience to feel like a star in their own imaginary movie.

Although, when it comes to Los Angeles, everything revolves around stardom these days and people prefer visiting studios and shooting sets instead of exploring something that is related with the culture of California and the nature of the West Coast. So, if you feel like exploring the real Los Angeles in upcoming holiday season, then all you can do as of now is to book your flights to Los Angeles with SmartFares and avail some great discounts and deals to save more and spend on things that you desire to do or experience whilst spending a quality vacation in Los Angeles.

Bali from the eyes of a romantic couple

Thursday, July 13th, 2017

Indonesian destinations are proven to be the perfect place to enjoy a healthy and laid-back getaway and there are a number of getaway options available in the country that provides infinite range of picturesque views, fabulous attractions and divine experiences and among them all, Bali have outshined in recent years. The island of God, Bali is majorly perceived as a destination for peace and spirituality which is to a major extent is true. However, if you think, that Bali can never be visited as a romantic destination, we are here to burst the bubble of the myth and give you the exact picture of Bali from the eyes of a romantic couple. So, here are the dreamiest things that can interest you if you are taking flights to Bali as a couple:

Bali from the eyes of a romantic couple

  1. Romantic One Day Cruise

Cruising may sound costlier when all you can find is a 10-day or more package with the similar sort of experiences. However, if you are on a romantic trip to Bali, you can easily get your hands on the luxury, comfort and romantic settings for a day whilst excursing through the clean waters at neighboring islands of Nusa Lembongan, Ceningan and Penida. With a reputed cruise line offering some great deals throughout the year for a romantic cruise experience, you can have the picture perfect cruising experience along with many magnificent delights including beach parties, snorkeling, cocktails, romantic dinner and much more.

  1. Sunset View from Mount Batur

Being a city that is really close to the nature, every delight that revolves around the natural attributes is picturesque and memorable in Bali. Many couples visiting Bali on their honeymoon or a romantic getaway take a hiking tour to the tip of the Mount Batur to experience the magical sunset from the top of the volcanic mountain. A time where the entire horizon bathes in the golden lights and sun settles down for the day on the axis, you can hold the hands of your love and enjoy the spellbinding view of the sunset along with the ocean and city from here. Being a lesser known attribute, you can easily enjoy the sunset without being worried about the huge crowd that can easily be found in other parts of Bali.

  1. Couple Cooking Classes

You must have heard people who like cooking or have a keen interest in Asian gourmet taking special flights to Bali to learn more about the Indonesian culinary and if you are a foodie couple who enjoy every bite with great taste and authentic cooking style, you will enjoy taking couple cooking classes available in myriad parts of Bali. Try out different dishes using the authentic gastronomy techniques and styles taught in the cooking classes available in Bali and return home as a mind-blowing chefs who are specialized in the traditional Indonesian gourmet. Needless to say, you will be making other couples jealous with the new mutual interest found in your romantic life that is really romantic if you think of as a perspective of housewives.

  1. Romantic Stroll at the Plains of Ubud

The monkey forests of Ubud have been alluring global tourists taking flights to Bali by their serene green landscapes and incredible range of religious temple complexes that are standing here for centuries. If you think that visiting Ubud and its temples might not be as romantic as you require, then think again as there are a number of other things that will give you the experience you need on your couple getaway to Bali. Ubud is the home to many magnificent restaurants and cafes that are excellent in giving the best bite of your life and it is obvious to mention that the herbs and ingredients used in the restaurants of Ubud are really fresh and great in taste. So, if you still think that all you can find in Ubud is temples and long stretch of forests and countless monkeys, then think again!

  1. Jewelry Making Workshops in Uluwatu

Indonesian handicraft may not be as popular as other parts of the world, but once you are in Bali, you will love to stash as much artificial jewelry as possible which is unfortunately not possible to some extent due to heavy price and limited baggage allowance. However, if you still think that the traditional artificial jewelry will blend perfectly with your wardrobe, then you must consider taking jewelry making workshops available in Uluwatu. There are a few traditional schools that provides jewelry making workshops to the tourists to give a boost and recognition to the culture of Indonesia on international platform. The jewelry making workshops are quite budget-friendly and will take moderate time from your trip to Bali which will be worth a try.

Bali is one of the finest and most visited getaway destinations of the Southeast Asia these days and arguably a perfect place to visit as a couple to enjoy the peace, nature, culture, heritage and much more whilst savoring on the luxury and comfort at the same time. No matter whether you are a newlywed couple or enjoying an eternal bond for years, there are an abundant number of things that will intrigue you as a perfect place for romance in its own way. So, if you feel like experiencing the charm of Bali with the twist of romance and dreamy attributes, just consider booking cheap flights to Bali from SmartFares and avail some great offers and deals available with us for a prosperous and pocket-friendly getaway experience.

5 Budget Holiday Destinations for August

Tuesday, July 11th, 2017

If anyone will ask you which time of the year you crave the most for traveling, the probable answer that can come from anyone’s mouth would be the month of August. A time when sitting home like a duck crosses all your limits of calmness and the discounted air travel deals will allure you to pack your bags and kick-start a journey, August is among the most perfect times to start exploring new and different dimensions of the world. Despite the shining skies, sunny weather and loads of heat, people tend to enjoy the month of summer while traveling and exploring destinations that are smartly selected while keeping the attributes and weather conditions in mind. In case, you too have been thinking to make an escape this August and looking for a perfectly suitable place for your voyage, you have landed to the right place as following, we have summed-up a list of places that are perfect to visit in the month of August:

  1. Zanzibar, Tanzania

Zanzibar, Tanzania

Tanzania is the home of many mesmerizing and vast wildlife game stretches and if you to explore and experience the nature up-close, then you should probably consider visiting Zanzibar in Tanzania. An off-coast beach destination that is yet to be discovered by the global voyagers Zanzibar is the home of a wonderful culture, magnificent marine life, exquisite beaches, tranquilizing resorts that shares a close proximity to the most outstanding wildlife games of the country. All you need is to take flights to Zanzibar and get going on a close encounter with the nature where you can witness many unseen and unknown colors of the Mother Nature in the real action.

  1. Key West, Florida

Key West, Florida

Domestic travelers are always fond of a place that is not too far and have everything and often end-up staying at the bustling beaches of Miami whilst all they need to look a little south on the map and they will find this spellbinding city of Key West. A trending beach getaway among youngsters these days, Key West is one of the most superlatively astonishing and engaging getaway options you can find in the United States with budget accommodation and cheap airfares and when you are looking to travel in the month of August, finding discounted flights to Key West won’t be a hassle. All you need is to book online for the best deals for Key West and you are good to go.

  1. Amsterdam, Then Netherlands

Amsterdam, Then Netherlands

The Dutch capital Amsterdam is truly a place which can easily squeeze into any list of top 10 or top 5 destinations because of its versatility and remarkable attributes. Similarly, when we speak about visiting a perfect place in the Europe during the month of August, you will definitely find Amsterdam trending on the mouth of everyone. With its shining bright days, splendid events and engaging attractions, you will never be able to say no to Amsterdam especially when you will come across some of the most budget-friendly flights to Amsterdam available online and calling you out to have the best experience of your life.

  1. Bali, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia

Visiting a number Southeast Asian destinations in the season of summer will land you into rain and humid season, but if you still need to explore the Asian culture and natural beauty, then visiting Bali will be an experience of your life. In the month of August, Bali becomes dry and sunny and you can enjoy your heart out exploring the outdoors and nearby beaches whilst visiting the temples and pagodas will be an experience you will never forget. Bali have been becoming a great tourist spot these days in the Southeast Asia and August is the best time when you can not only enjoy the picturesque beauty of this splendid destination, but also save a good fortune on your flights to Bali as well as accommodation in the Island of God.

  1. Galapagos Island, Ecuador

Galapagos Island, Ecuador

Galapagos Islands in Ecuador have always been one of the most splendid and delightful getaway options in the South America continent where you can enjoy both the mountains and the oceans on the same plateau whilst admiring and adoring the spellbinding plains and extravagant weather conditions especially in the month of August when the heat of summer cools down and give a magnificent experience to either take a dip in the ocean or to go for an adventurous hiking. Besides, Galapagos Islands has this awe-inspiring range of captivating attractions and attributes that have been pulling out thousands of tourists to take flights to Galapagos Islands from many parts of the world.

August is the perfect time when you can voyage while saving and there are countless of options that will offer you a dry weather condition along with many activities or attractions to explore. All, you need is some zeal to pack your bags and begin your journey of discovering the world. So, if you feel like becoming a nomad recently and have been facing the wanderlust, then all you need now is to find the place suitable as per your taste and book summer flight deals available with SmartFares to ensure the best of the traveling experience at extremely affordable prices.

Places to Travel Solo around the World

Friday, July 7th, 2017

There was a time when people weren’t as courageous as now to step out of the house and visit an unknown city with new people, culture and comfort level. However, the time has changed and people are now begun to accept the fact that you can’t put your life on hold while others are not around and have begun solo traveling without waiting for anyone to accompany on the voyage. In recent years, many people have come across myriad experiences that were way better in solo traveling than the group, couple or family vacation. By compiling those experiences and analyzing destinations on the basis of safety, indulgence and accessibility, we have come across 5 best places to travel solo around the world. So, here is the list of these places that are just perfect for solo voyage to give you a boost towards the right direction of making your plans for your first or next solo trip:

  1. Seoul, South Korea

Seoul, South Korea

The capital city of one of the largest economies in the world, Seoul is a buzzing and bustling city, ideally famous for its incredible range of captivating sites and exquisite nightlife. Both leisure and business travelers take flights to Seoul from every part of the globe to enjoy the exquisite attractions the city has to offer or to do their jobs on the corporate front. Seoul is quite famous in the region for its remarkable culture and nightlife which can be experienced in myriad parts of the city. So, if you are a solo traveler and looking something that diverse and delightful in the East Asian region, visit Seoul.

  1. Brisbane, Australia

Brisbane, Australia

Brisbane is the third-largest city of the Australia as well as the capital city of Queensland which makes it a prominent beacon in the country for travelers. The safe surroundings, buzzing nightlife and incredible culture have been a prominent reason behind flocking flights to Brisbane from each region of the world. With a close proximity to the Australian wilderness as well as prominent beaches that are great to explore in the Queensland, Brisbane have been an exquisite melting-pot for explorers to discover the eternal Australian culture and striking natural bliss of the region. Solo travelers have found the city quite indulging and secure to stroll around even in late hours in safer and prominent zones of the city. So, if you like to visit Australia as a solo voyager, visit Brisbane.

  1. Dubai, UAE

Dubai, UAE

The magnificent and dazzling city of Dubai is often perceived as a modern and sparkling conurbation of the UAE, but on the other hand, the city has preserved its culture and heritage which makes it quite a safe place for solo travelers without any physical threat. The tempting skyline and marvelous range of malls, sights and skyscrapers makes Dubai a fantastic place that won’t let you get bored or miss your home and buddies which is the prominent reason behind people avoid traveling solo. Also, the tranquilizing beaches that remain lush with the international tourists, you can find some quality company which can be equally indulging and adventurous for you to have a perfect vacation experience in Dubai.

  1. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic

The Czech capital Prague have been among the travel bucket list for most of traveling lovers around the world, yet most of the voyagers find Prague a destination for couples only. The safe surroundings, wide range of vibrant places, eternal culture and fascinating attractions makes the city quite an indulging place for solo travelers. The frequent and flawless transport system and close proximity in most of the attractions will never let you miss your buddies in any circumstance and will keep you on your toes throughout your voyage. With loads of ground to cover and ample of attractions, you may need some flexibility to have the best of experience in Prague which demands to be flexible and fast which can only be possible if you are traveling as a solo.

  1. Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Tamarindo, Costa Rica

The magnificent beaches of Costa Rica are among the most delightful experiences you can ever come across and finding a person to accompany you on the delight of laying down on the sandy beaches of Tamarindo can’t be easy for anyone. A picturesque city has it all from nature to culture, heritage, lifestyle, nightlife and shopping experiences, Tamarindo has everything to keep your mind and body indulged and prevent you to think for once about your friends and family. Also, the vibrant lifestyle and exquisite culture of Tamarindo demands some flexibility to experience the fullest which is majorly be experienced if you are traveling alone.

Although, many regions around the world are just as perfect as the list mentioned above and you can find many lists online that are suggesting cities in Southeast Asia, Australia, Europe, Latin America, Caribbean Sea and other parts of the world are safe to travel. However, our approach was to find places that are not so frequently visited as solo traveler, but to appeal the voyagers to enjoy their voyage without a partner and get indulge in myriad attributes these places have to offer. So, if you like the places we mentioned above and have made your plan to start solo trips, then all you need now is to sort your travel dates, destinations and consider SmartFares as your preferred travel partner to avail some amazing discounts on flight tickets available with us.

Why we love adventure travel during our 20s

Wednesday, July 5th, 2017

Traveling is a fun activity throughout the life and if you have the sense of exploring things whilst prioritizing places as per your preferences, you might wonder that you had this indescribable crave of adventure travel during your 20s. At that point of time, you must have considered yourself as a perfect climber, a great rafter, a professional diver, a fantastic surfer and so on and regardless of your knowledge towards that adventure, you must have tried most of it. By the time we cross that age or at the time when we enter into parenthood especially when our children are about to cross their teenage, you might have wondered, why traveling is always about an adventure trip for kids in their 20s? To answer this tricky question, here are a few points which were actually taken from the horse’s mouth and by having a conversation with passionate travelers in their 20s and the answer might clear the picture of why we love adventure travel during our 20s:


  1. Adventure is all about trying new things

Speak to a kid and ask him why one wishes to try these death-defying things so much and travel the world just to put their lives in danger and the prominent answer that has been becoming a cliché these days would be that they wish to experience the adventure as they love to try new things and seek to experience everything that is apart from a regular boring life. The thought may sound weird at first place as you might think that one cannot follow the same path forever, but once you consider this as a one-time experience to make your life worth explaining, you can get easily connect with their thought with some disagreement of course to going through so much danger just for a few minutes of adventure.

  1. Understanding the basic fundamental of hurdles

Some people have answered the question of why people in their 20s like adventure into the form that they love facing challenges and they have found it quite interesting as well as addictive to come across new hurdles every new day and going through ordeals that are not common among their society. Finding a vertical wall to climb, going through white water rapids, getting a close-up to the shark and witnessing the boiling volcano aren’t easy as they sound, but once you consider the preparations and understanding these people go through to do that, you might understand why they find it interesting as it makes them understand the fundamental of conquering the hurdles.

  1. Conquering the fear

Most of the people have their own phobias that they can’t share with anybody for the sake of avoiding any shame. However, many people have found conquering their fear is by going through the extreme of it. For some people who have fear of heights, doing a skydiving or bungee jumping have been helpful to conquer their acrophobia. For those who find water bodies terrifying, diving, snorkeling, swimming, rafting and surfing have been beneficial to face their fears and overcoming the embarrassing situations. Many elders have found these reasons as a big excuse to get going and follow the trend, but if you think it close, many proverbs have proven the point that you can conquer the fear only by facing it.

  1. Going differently

At the time when everyone get bored by following the same pattern, people in their 20s have found doing things differently even if it is about traveling. Where, for most of the people, traveling is an opportunity to witness new cultures, natural landscapes, religious beliefs, trying new gourmet, going for shopping and relaxing in different atmospheres, kids in their 20s have found traveling for adventure as a perfect path to do these thing differently. Hence, a big number of hike have been witnessed in group travel bookings for some of the most prominent getaway destinations catering adventure like New Zealand, Japan, Southeast Asia, the Caribbean, Australia and other parts of the world.

  1. The real truth

By going through with most of the reasons given by people in their 20s, the analysis as per us have concluded that people love adventure travel to follow their own dreams and fulfil their deepest desires in the time when their mind and body can handle the pressure. At the time when our daily life put a big toll on our health only to provide the basic bread and butter, people in their 20s have understood the practicality of the situation and have considered checking their travel bucket list of adventure travel in early and legal age. Also, this is the perfect time when they can get the company they want to enjoy the adventure even more and explore something different and awesome.

No matter whether you had the chance of exploring the world in your 20s, you must have come across your cousins, nephew/nieces or even your own children deciding for an adventurous trip that includes activities like, skydiving, snorkeling, hiking, mountain climbing, rafting, skiing, surfing, sailing, canoeing and so on and you must have thought them crazy for going through so much danger for a few minutes of thrill and adventure. So, if you too feel the same way and often wonder why kids like adventure so much, you got your answer now. So, next time whenever a kid of your friend, a student in the college, a colleague in your office or a neighbor ask your opinion about adventure travel, you can share your thoughts with wise answer whilst you can share your feedback by suggesting group travel deals by SmartFares that are not just hassle-free to book, but also are quite affordable to save a bit extra and teach them the important lesson of saving.

101 Travel Guide for Bora Bora

Monday, July 3rd, 2017

Located in the middle of the picturesque South Pacific Ocean, ideally renowned for its natural landscapes and enthralling climate conditions, the French Polynesian archipelago of Bora Bora is a perfect example of nature’s artistry that have been giving tourists a reason of keep on believing in the nature. With attributes that can make you fall in love at first sight, Bora Bora consist of a wide array of splendid mountains, impeccable shores, sandy beaches, striking coral reefs, fascinating landscapes on the mainland and a culture that is appealing enough. Each year, thousands of tourists take cheap flights to Bora Bora in order to explore the enchanting range of captivating attractions the city has. So, if you too like to have a first-hand experience of this indulging getaway option in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean, then you shall have a look at the following attributes that will help you judge Bora Bora better:

Bora Bora

  1. Transportation

The city has small yet efficient transport system that majorly connects with all the prominent sites a voyager can possibly visit. However, due to low infrastructure on the mainland and limited number of visitors and locals, the city has its limits. The bus service is quite frequent in day time but have low frequency in the nights. You can also get a taxi or hire a cab but the roads aren’t that wide or smooth to drive around. You can also rent a cycle to stroll around and enjoy the off-road attractions without being worried about a smooth parking space. As most of the resorts are located at the connecting islands and small lands, you can easily get the ferry and boat ride if you ask from your hotel for the same.

  1. Attractions

Despite being a highlight of the South Pacific Ocean, the island of Bora Bora is quite low when you speak on the number of renowned attractions as every inch of the island has its own beauty and charm. The most prominent attractions Musée de marine Bora bora, WWII Guns Faanui, Plage Matira, Monte Otemanu, Matira Point, Monte Pahia, Amanahune and Playa Matira that are the most known and reputed places to name and search on the island. Although, there are tons of other landscapes and sunset/sunrise points that will indulge you by its beauty, yet if you seek a place to laid-back and enjoy the beauty and freshness of the nature, you can walk towards any direction and you will find a place that will worth all your efforts.

  1. Activities

Being surrounded by the South Pacific Ocean and made of the volcanic activities for hundreds of years, Bora Bora has an amazing array of attributes that are enjoyed by going through myriad activities like marine safari, snorkeling, surfing, sailing, diving, walking tours, Jet Ski tours, kiteboarding, trekking tours, beach sports, parties and much more. If you enjoying the nights the most and have your partner with you, then you can always ask for the hotel property to give you the best ideas of the places that are holding parties and nightlife experiences at that particular time and you can experience plethora of activities with native culture and lifestyle.

  1. Food

As a beach destination surrounded with nothing but miles stretch of turquoise blue shallow water, this French Polynesian island is reputed for its cultural seafood culinary and you will find all the major dishes on the island of Bora Bora connected with the fishes and other seafood. The dishes served in the major restaurants in on the island are freshly caught and served with great flavors and traditional methods of cooking. Places like La Villa Mahana, Kaina Hut, Fare Manuia, Jean-Georges, Le Matira Beach Restaurant Yacht Club, Bloody Mary’s Restaurant and many more are the perfect places to taste some of the freshest seafood with exquisite taste and lip-smacking flavors.

  1. Shopping

Being a less-developed island as compared to other island cities on the Caribbean, Southeast Asia and the Indian Ocean, Bora Bora has a limited number of markets and shops which are majorly located on the mainland and consist of the traditional and cultural handicraft and souvenir shops apart from groceries and daily usable goods. Deep Sea Pearls Mall is the biggest shopping hub on the isle of Bora Bora that has almost everything you need during your vacation on this French Polynesian island. You can also come across myriad galleries that sell the fine quality of art works in the form of pottery, sculptures, painting, handicraft goods and more to bring back as a souvenir of visiting this awesome getaway destination.

Bora Bora is among the most spellbinding and naturally rich islands in the world and no matter whether you like nature, adventure, serenity or just a laid-back getaway, this island will offer you one of the finest experiences you can ever have on the face of the earth. So, if you find yourself intrigued by the spectacular beauty and charm of this superlative French Polynesian region, then all you need now is to consider the services of SmartFares to get the best deals on cheap flights to Bora Bora and enjoy a captivating and memorable getaway experience on the exquisite volcanic island on the South Pacific Ocean.

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