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Archive for June, 2017

Top 5 Luxurious Hotels in Dubai

Wednesday, June 21st, 2017

Dubai have always been a highlight for luxury travelers and those who seek some special treatment regardless the cost of it and if you are planning on visiting one of the most splendid, successful and striking getaway destination in the world, you shall consider enjoying the most amazing hospitality the city has to offer. Featuring an abundant variety of skyscrapers, exquisite malls, remarkable infrastructure and awesome culture, Dubai is the home of some of the most luxurious hotel properties in the world. So, if you are ready to enjoy the luxurious treatment and opulent staying experience in the Dubai, then you shall consider booking your accommodation from the following hotels:

Burj Al Arab Jumeirah

  1. Burj Al Arab Jumeirah

Renowned for being one of the tallest hotel buildings in the world, designed as the sail of a ship, Burj Al Arab Jumeirah is one of the most successful, opulent and exquisite hotel properties in the entire Dubai, highlighted for its ideal location and paramount structure that can be seen from any part of the city. The striking exterior and magnificent array of attributes in the interior are just the glimpse of the amenities and services provided by the hotel property. With over 200 hotel suits that are perfectly designed to provide comfort, luxurious experience and splendid hospitality, Burj Al Arab Jumeirah is one of the most desired hotel properties in the world to make a stay.

  1. Four Seasons Resort Dubai, Jumeirah Beach

Located on the Jumeirah Beach, Four Seasons Resort Dubai is among the most reputed and luxurious hotel properties in the city, ideally famous for its proximity from the beaches, Burj Khalifa and the downtown. With its authentic Arabic interior and fantastic royal exterior, the hotel property have been an appealing place for royalties as well as celebrities to have a stay. With nearly 240 guest rooms featured with the world-class amenities, services and facilities, you can enjoy the finest quality of stay while dining at 10 different restaurants, enjoying the cozy atmosphere and witnessing the finest view of the Persian Gulf as well as Dubai skyline from just one place.

  1. One & Only the Palm

A striking hotel property located on the western curve of the Palm Island, One&Only The Palm is a thriving place for enjoying the incredible hospitality along with access to the private beaches, serene view of the Persian Gulf and remarkable attributes that makes it not only one of the most luxurious hotel properties in the world, but also an expensive place to stay. Featuring a wide array of amenities including spas, a number of restaurants, pools, beaches, private pools, beachfront villas and more, One&Only The Palm gives the most mystical experience of being in the dynamic and dazzling city of Dubai. With nearly 100 guest rooms, you can chose from a variety of suits as per your preference and enjoy the luxury, pampering, comfort and style of One&Only the Palm.

  1. The St. Regis Dubai

A low-rise building, featured with an exquisite array of fascinating, indulging and captivating amenities, The St. Regis Dubai has been a popular choice for travelers visiting Dubai for a luxurious experience and to have a personal delight of exploring the hospitality and comfort of Dubai. With its close proximity from the most prominent attractions of the city as well as the exotic beaches, The St. Regis Dubai has been visited by dozens of couples, families and solo travelers each day and provide the most outstanding experience of staying in the marvelous city of Dubai.

  1. Atlantis the Palm

An attraction itself with an unparalleled range of services, amenities and luxurious experiences, Atlantis the Palm have been among the most ravishing, expensive and desired hotel stays in the entire city as well as the rest of the world. Featuring some of the most stylish, unique and incredibly gorgeous suits including submerged hotel rooms, Atlantis the Palm have been making a great place to experience the zeal, hospitality and culture of Dubai. Featuring a number of suits both on and underneath the surface, Atlantis the Palm has its own style and unique range of amenities that has been appealing not just the royalties of the world, but also celebrities from every part of the globe.

Dubai has been acknowledged for its exquisite hospitality that ranges from two-digits to five digits per night and if you are capable to afford the thriving hospitality and comfort the city has to offer, then you should consider hotels mentioned above. No matter which hotel property you chose for your next stay in Dubai, but if you like to have the seamless traveling experience to the Oasis on the shores of the Persian Gulf, then you shall consider the services of SmartFares that has the array of economy, business and first class flights to Dubai at reasonable prices that are easy to book on just a call or in a few clicks. So, next time you visit this splendid city, make a stay that worth every minute and penny you spend.

Best Independence Day Celebrations across the US

Thursday, June 15th, 2017

4th of July hold a great relevance in the history and culture of the United States and no matter whether you are a student, a retired person or a working adult, there is always a part of you that will be pumped up when the big day arrives. This year, channel your energy towards doing something different and plan out an escape to the most astonishing cities that are not just great to explore, but also have the finest Independence Day celebration. So, if you are ready to have a voyage this 4th of July and confused to find a suitable place with pocket-friendly attributes, then all you need is to go through the following places that are not just great to explore the scenic beauty of nature, culture and lifestyle, but also celebrate the 4th of July with a zeal multiple-times strong than the Christmas and New Year combined. So, here we are with the best Independence Day celebrations across the US that will make you make an escape right away:

Independence Day

  1. New York City

Almost every event in the United States is celebrated in the New York City which makes it one of the leading cultural capitals of the world and when it comes to celebrate the US Independence Day, the city becomes a crazy hotspot with loads of celebrations, parades, floating blimps, exquisite fireworks, variety of parties, galas, concerts and much more. So, if you are planning on having a superlative experience this 4th of July and looking forward to have a splendid time with a big museum exploration to set your mood, then New York City can be the most amazing experience you can ever get.

  1. Washington D.C.

The capital city of the United States, Washington D.C. is among the most prestigious places in the entire nation, known for its large-scale celebrations of the Independence Day. Featuring a day full of ceremonies, parades, galas, events, parties, concerts and more, Washington is known to enjoy the independence spirit the most. Enjoy the parade starting from the National Mall and followed by the performance by the National Symphony Orchestra as well as firework display to make sure you catch-up with one of the finest Independence Day celebrations of the entire nation.

  1. Boston

Boston is known to be one of the most remarkable hosts of the 4th of July every year with its spellbinding arrangements of making the day much more delightful and enjoyable with a contrast and diversity of activities and events planned for the entire time of Independence Day. Featuring a huge firework show from the Charles River, outstanding music concerts, art galas, events and musical parties, Boston is probably one of the most amazing cities in the entire United States who knows how to make the celebration much more delightful and enjoyable which it should be from the first time.

  1. Honolulu

If you are done exploring the landlocked cities and looking forward for something different like visiting a beach destination whilst keeping up with the spirits of patriotism, then you shall consider booking Independence Day flight deals for Honolulu. The capital city of the State of Hawaii, Honolulu has one of the finest conditions to enjoy the 4th of July in the middle of the warm summer days. Begin your day by visiting the beaches and get refreshed by the awesome beach vibes and sunny days in the Honolulu to witness an outstanding view of fireworks and galas organized by the natives every year to make the day even more beautiful and enjoyable.

  1. St. Louis

Those people who wish to stretch the celebration of the Independence Day to a few more weeks from the big day of 4th of July and looking to have a place that can give the same vibes with more options to enjoy the anniversary of the United States Independence can visit to one of the most popular and energetic cities of Missouri. A small town nestled on the banks of the Mississippi River, St. Louis is quite famous among tourists for making the celebration of 4th of July an event for weeks. Where every part of the country settle down after the big celebration on 4th of July, St. Louis takes a step forward to make sure the visitors enjoy the anniversary celebration with more zeal by organizing shows, concerts, galas, adventure events and much more to stretch the spirit of Independence for a few more weeks. So, if you consider yourself a party and adventure frenzy, St. Louis can be your destination for this Independence Day.

United States of America enjoy the day of Independence in the most interesting way and regardless where you plan on going, the one thing similar you will find is incredible experience, striking activities as well as much more unusual and indulging delights. So, if you are ready to take a vacation now and planning on making 4th of July a day to have the finest traveling experiences of your life, then consider the services of SmartFares right now to book your Independence Day flight deals with us and save a good fortune on your travel expenses whilst getting your tickets booked in just a few clicks or on a short and simple call.

Snorkeling Trips – Exploring a Whole New World

Tuesday, June 13th, 2017

Immersing yourself to the nature is the best idea when you are done visiting all the historical monuments, walked through those museums and dropped whilst shopping across the markets of destinations and there is no better way in the world that can beat the charisma and delights of heading underwater. Swimming, surfing and diving are quite the common and canny ways of oozing out the stress in your body and soul, but when you are an intrepid traveler, you always strive for more. Hence, to give you a direction towards greater good, here we are with some of the finest snorkeling destinations across the globe that will offer you not only some adventure to have after boring spell of walking and strolling down the cities, but also a striking experience to explore the marine life up close. So, following are the best snorkeling trips that will give you a gateway to explore a whole new and different world:

  1. Big Island, Hawaii

Big Island, Hawaii

Hawaii have always appealed tourists by its volcanic islands, spellbinding natural beauty, thriving beaches, splendid hospitality and exotic lifestyle, but many people haven’t scratched the surface and went beneath to witness a whole different world that is waiting to amaze you. The marine around Big Island, Hawaii have been among the most desired and delightful experiences to have among adventure lovers and tourists from various parts of the globe tend to take flights to Hawaii in order to discover a whole lot of these magnificent, rare and bewitching flora and faunas available across the island and its surroundings. Ideal for tourists from almost every age group, the snorkeling points of Big Island have been the most amazing delight you haven’t experienced yet.

  1. Galapagos Island, Ecuador

Galapagos Island, Ecuador

Among the most striking beach destinations of the South America, Galapagos Island is one of the most reputed and fascinating snorkeling destination in the world, giving away the most splendid experience of witnessing the sea turtles, penguins, fur seals, dolphins, whales, orcas and many more faunas of marine life in the South America. An island made of 19 small volcanic islands may seem spellbinding and diverse from the outside, but when you dive into the depth of the surface, you will witness an entirely different world, submerged and isolated from any interference from the outer world. The snorkeling spots around Galapagos Island are world’s finest, and ideal for children, adults and people from older age.

  1. Palau, Micronesia

Palau, Micronesia

A small archipelago country of Micronesian region, Palau is among the most isolated and tranquilizing getaway destinations on the Pacific Ocean, ideally famous for its laid-back naturally rich beaches and thriving culture. However, those who are in adventure water sports look at this country otherwise. Take flights to Palau and visit Eil Malk Island that has been considered as among the most prominent snorkeling destinations of the world, featuring an abundant variety of fishes, jellyfishes, turtles, hippos and many unknown marine species that will stun you with their outstanding variety. If you are afraid of stings of jellyfish while snorkeling, rest assured as natives have the belief that the lack of human interference have made the jellyfishes non-poisonous. Besides, the corals reefs of Palau are the world’s finest to enjoy the underwater world with loads of colors and varieties.

  1. The Coral Triangle, Asia Pacific

The Coral Triangle, Asia Pacific

If you have been hunting your entire life for some marine adventures and looking to broaden your area, then you will find more luck exploring the marines of the Coral Triangle in Asia Pacific region. A wide ocean region between Philippines, Solomon Islands, Indonesia and more, this region is best known for its underwater world and have a large area isolated from any human interference. Famous as the center of world’s marine biodiversity, Coral Triangle is a place for nature lovers who tend to admire the diversity of flora and faunas and have a keen interest in saving the endangered species as well as protecting them from any intrusion. The best part of the Coral Triangle is the friendly surroundings for marine creatures have kept them near the surface and you are not required to go deep to witness the giant array of these faunas.

  1. Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

When we speak of snorkeling, there is no way a discussion can be completed without discussing about the Great Barrier Reef. One of the most popular reefs of the world, known for its giant size, incredible variety and tranquilizing surroundings, Great Barrier Reefs have become a the top choice for anyone seeking some delightful exploration of marine world. An area stretched in nearly 2,500 kilometers and covering a sum of over 2000 individual coral reefs, Great Barrier Reef is considered to be the paradise for snorkelers and have everything you desire to experience on world’s finest snorkeling experience. The perfect environment to flourish the corals and faunas of the ocean have been the reason behind its huge popularity and fan following.

It is quite easy to find a beach getaway destination and lay down, doing nothing and witnessing the beautiful horizon, but if you are destined for something greater, you will always feel that hunger of discovering more and pushing your limits. Hence, the ideal way for the same would be trying something different and enjoyable. Explore these fantastic snorkeling destinations or more whilst booking cheap flights with SmartFares and you can have the most ravishing getaway experience with loads of adventure and memorable experience whilst saving a lot on airfares by using our wide range of airfares and offers on flights available online.

Adventures in Costa Rica

Thursday, June 1st, 2017

The spellbinding nation of Central America, known for its captivating varieties of natural attributes and landscapes, Costa Rica is among the most prominent and naturally rich nations in the Americas, ideally famous for its thriving beaches and captivating lifestyle. However, if you are done with all these luxurious and laid-back attributes and seeking out something more thrilling to make your getaway to Costa Rica more memorable, then here we are with some of the most amazing adventures in Costa Rica that will definitely give you the most outstanding delights if you like death-defying adventures in your life. So, following are the adventurous activities you can indulge yourself in and have a superlative getaway experience at Costa Rica:

Costa Rica

  1. White Water Rafting

If quick rapids and gravity with loads of thrill interest you the most, then Costa Rica is a great place for you to experience the adventure in your veins as the rivers like Sarapiqui and Corobici are considered to be perfect to enjoy the splashing rapids on your face and experiencing the blend of gravity and speeding white water. No matter whether you are a skilled rafter or having these experiences for the first time, there are a number of options to choose from as per your level of expertise. So, hop into the flights to Costa Rica and experience such an outstanding experience at one of the most amazing white-water rapids on earth.

  1. Hot Spring Bath

Once you are done with the chilling and splashing white-water rapids, it’s time for you to have some hot bath and there is no better place in the Costa Rica than the hot springs available in the rainforests of the Costa Rica. Settled on the foothills of the active volcanos, these hot springs are visited by tons of tourists every month who enjoy exploring these amazing natural phenomenon and have a blissful time having a dip into steaming hot water in such an ideal conditions especially after riding the splendid rapids at Sarapique and Corobici. The water that is fused with minerals and other natural elements at a temperature between 80 degree and 100 degree average is considered to be great for skin and many diseases.

  1. Rainforest Wildlife Safari

Once you have soaked yourself in the magical waters of the Hot Springs, it’s time for you to explore the divine and dense rainforests of the Costa Rica that have been appealing nature lovers for decades and providing them the most outstanding voyaging experience through myriad wildlife safaris available in the region. Go for a safari for days and nights and enjoy the freshness and detailed beauty of nature in your surroundings, spread miles in every direction and offering the most spellbinding experience of being in a natural heaven. The flora and fauna of the rainforests in Costa Rica is simply superb and you can enjoy many amazing landscapes including waterfalls, water streams, springs and more.

  1. Zip-Lining over the Forest

If you are afraid of being lost at these dense forests and wish to have a detailed look at the rainforests anyway, then there are plenty of options to do the same as well and one of them would be having a zip-lining over the rainforests that stretched for miles and offering a superb aerial view of the forest with a detailed look of waterfalls, waterbodies and many more attractive landscapes that are rare to be found when you gaze upon these forests from the outside. Have an up close view of these wonderful rainforests while flying across the valleys, forests, mountains, waterfalls and more with the help of a thick and well-harnessed equipment, guided by professional people.

  1. Exploring the Notorious Volcanos

The nourishing side of Costa Rica is amazing to explore and may give you all the adventure you need, but if you wish to go one step ahead and looking for something more dramatic and thrilling, then you can always go to the notorious volcanos of Costa Rica that have been among the most astounding active volcanos in the world. Climb on foot, take a horse or drive your way to the get close to these world famous volcanos from Pacific Ring of Fire Group to experience the heat of adventure and witness one of the most deadly weapons of nature hibernating. Although, it is prohibited to get close to the mouth of these active volcanos, but you can have a gaze of these by having a well-guided tour comprising hot-spring exploring, dining and view of these volcanos from a safe distance.

Costa Rica is a beautiful nation, featuring a wide stretch of beaches and incredible landscapes, but if you overlook the beautiful aspects and seeking much more than just a sweet selfie-friendly attractions, then you should probably start exploring deep and indulge yourself in something more adventurous. No matter whether you like to enjoy the Latin American lifestyle, beaches or adventure, but there is one thing that is definitely delightful and that would be cheap flights to Costa Rica available with SmartFares and ensuring amazing savings on your getaways with hassle-free and quick bookings. So, hurry up and prepare yourself for an adventurous getaway at the bewitching and illusive Costa Rica.

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