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Archive for May, 2017

Best Australian Beach Destinations for Summer Vacations

Tuesday, May 30th, 2017

With every day passing by, the mercury is heading north and people are trying to figure out to find a place for vacation to beat the heat. Fortunately, there are some places in the world that have opposite weather conditions than ours and among them all, Australia is one of the finest options to enjoy a vacation far away from home to beat the scorching heat of summer season. Featuring the finest range of cultural attractions, architectural marvels and striking landscapes, Australia is world famous for its tranquilizing beaches and have ample of destinations that are nestled across the sandy and striking beaches throughout. So, if you are ready to take a long flight to witness the bliss of nature combining with the zealous lifestyle of Australia, then here we are with the best Australian beach destinations for summer vacations you find much more interesting:

  1. Torquay, Victoria

Torquay, Victoria

A small seaside town, nestled on the coasts of Zeally Bay, Torquay is among the most charming and enthralling getaway options you can find offbeat in the Australia. With a close proximity from the provincial capital Melbourne, Torquay have always been a charming getaway option featured with a thriving range of beaches, splendid culture, laid-back surroundings and outstanding hospitality options. With its wide range of beaches and magnificent variety of indulging attractions on the boardwalk, Torquay makes a perfect place to enjoy as a couple, family or solo traveler. Despite its small size, locals who enjoy having some adventure or calm vacations visit here on frequent basis and get delighted by the enthralling beauty and freshness of Torquay.

  1. Mooloolaba, Queensland

Mooloolaba, Queensland

Located a couple of hours drive away from the state capital Brisbane, Mooloolaba is one of the most striking, engaging and bewitching suburbs of the Queensland, ideally famous for its superlative beaches and thriving resorts that have been making this city a perfect place to have a beach vacation with luxury, comfort and style. Recently witnessing a huge boost in tourism, Mooloolaba have become the first preference of locals to enjoy a thriving vacation filled with loads of adventure, excitement and pampering. If you are traveling as a couple and looking for a resort city in Australia for a beach vacation, then Mooloolaba is the best choice you can find.

  1. Phillip Island, Victoria

Phillip Island, Victoria

Often visited by global tourists to witness myriad motorcycle and car racings, Phillip Island is among the most prestigious getaway destinations in the Victoria state, known for its thriving variety of beaches and striking fauna existing across the island. Located off the southern coasts of Australia, Phillip Island is among the most amazing and awesome beach getaway destinations, featuring a wide range of attractions such as white sand beaches, sunset points, penguin parades, seal rocks, fur seals, racing circuits and much more. Besides, the resorts and hotels in this islands are quite astounding when it comes to pampering and luxurious traveling experience.

  1. Noosa, Queensland

Noosa Heads, Queensland, Australia

Another gem from the Sunshine Coasts, Noosa is one of the most visited and prestigious beach getaway destinations in the Australia, ideally famous for its enthralling nightlife and superlative variety of experiences one can get. For newbies, the city appears to be as a dream come true place where for frequent travelers, Noosa is now a part of their lives. With its outstanding range of boutiques, restaurants, enthralling resorts and marvelous markets at the boardwalk, Noosa have been impressing tourists with many more attractions apart from sandy beaches. Spend your days by taking the pleasure of refreshing waves whilst the nights are always there to have other experiences like shopping, drinking, partying, tasting new foods and so on.

  1. Gold Coast, Queensland

Gold Coast, Queensland

Arguably the most adventurous beach getaway destination in the Australia and one of the most outstanding surfing spots in the world, Gold Coast is one of the most admired, desired and visited beach getaway destinations in the Australia, lush with an outstanding variety of beaches and laid-back attractions. With its impeccable variety of engaging attributes, Gold Coast have always stole the heart of its guests and gave them the most memorable and enchanting experience of their lives. Where the beaches have strike most of the youth in the world, the cityscape is no less charismatic and have been alluring people from all age groups to showcase the cultural diversity and richness in Queensland.

Although, you will always find the giant cities with signature stature like Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Darwin, Great Barrier Reef and more equally striking and boasted with beaches, but, if you are planning to ditch the hefty seasonal crowd and seeking a tranquilizing break to enjoy the beauty and calmness of nature, then you can consider visiting the destinations mentioned above. We are not certain which destination you will pick, but we are certain that SmartFares is always here for you to give you the most hassle-free and budget getaway experience through our wide range of beach travel deals available online and to book over the phone.

Traveling Solo vs. Traveling in a Group

Thursday, May 25th, 2017

One of the biggest debates available on the internet in relation to traveling have always been if you should travel solo or as a group. Many people have argued for years to come up something concrete and whether you believe it or not, the debate is indeed a subject that have interested most of the travelers around the world. While planning for a vacation or escape, you always think of whether it is a good idea to travel alone or shall I be with someone else. The answer to that question may differ to each person with their interests and preferences while traveling. So, here we are, helping you to determine which one is good for you, traveling solo or group travel:

  1. The Cost


Admit it, the biggest factor to determine any trip have always been the cost. No matter whether your funds can cross the height of Burj Khalifa or budget made out of months of savings, difference of even a dollar can plays a vital role. Where traveling in a group gives you an advantage of getting special discounts on bulk bookings and getting accommodation of larger suits, solo traveling enables you to make quick and impromptu decisions that can be cost saving as much as group traveling. Group travel also ensures your expenses and keep them in the preset budget, but if you can manage or can search online for some more discounts or affordable deals in real time, you can definitely save some extra bucks and enjoy new and unique experiences.

  1. The Flexibility and Reliability


Many solo travelers have claimed that there is no match of flexibility you get while traveling solo and it is found true on a major extent. However, sometimes when you are on a long vacation flexibility can become overrated due to the baggage carried by you and you require some reliability on someone who can help you during that time. Solo traveling may give you the mobility to make instant plans and open option of the world without thinking of anyone else’s opinion, but you are traveling with a bulk luggage and you urgently get a nature’s call in an unknown city or country, you might require somebody to take care of your luggage. It may sound funny but desperate times require desperate measures.

  1. Fun


The definition of fun and joy can be different from person to person and when we are on a universal debate, the point of fun one can experience on solo and group travel need to be considered. Where solo travelers can enjoy their heart out without being worried about people’s opinion and judgement, group travel gives a whole different lot of fun when you are in a group, especially when the group is of people you love the most. Trips taken to the beaches, mountains, caves and adventurous places alike becomes the test ground to both patterns of traveling. Some solo travelers enjoy making new friends on these adventure trips whereas some people who enjoy a certain company will find group traveling with friends much more fun and enjoyable.

  1. Safety


Safety is one of the prominent contributing factors to decide whether you should travel alone or with a group. Many people have shouted out loud that group traveling is the safest way of traveling where everyone is taking care of everyone. However, a certain group of people have found that traveling solo is the safest and secured way of traveling. While traveling in a different country or state, you should always keep in mind the prospect issues that can threat your safety and ensure to take measures to avoid or counter those situations. If you feel like experienced enough to take care of yourself, solo traveling is fine, but if you have even a hint of being insecure during tough times, group traveling is the best option for you.

  1. New Experiences

New experience

Traveling solo comes with no restrictions, no boundaries, no responsibilities and no fixed plans, whereas when you are traveling as a group, the thinking process consist of the entire party coming along. Solo traveling gives you the opportunity to explore and enjoy everything you desire whereas group traveling feed your traveling joy with new ideas and experiences on the whole. If you are open to experience it all, you will find group traveling way more fun and exciting than traveling solo, but if you like to live your heart out and seek a vacation without anyone else’s interference, you will love traveling solo without any restrictions.

The answer to this question can never be universal and all you need to do now is to evaluate your preferences on the basis mention above and figure out which type of traveling best suits you. With advantages and disadvantages on both ends, it is always you who should be determining whether you like to enjoy your vacations alone or there are chances that being with a group will make it more enjoyable. So, whatever your answer is, there is one thing certain that SmartFares is always there for you to make your vacations and trips well organized by offering quick and hassle-free flight bookings whilst providing chances to save more with group travel deals as well as solo flight tickets. So, consider us next time you plan a trip and require a travel agent to book your flights.

Best Places to Visit with Fathers Only

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017

A getaway with family is special but when the occasion is of Father’s Day, an escape is a must to spend some quality time alone with your father, the person who have been supporting you and giving you strength unconditionally since your birth. As the Father’s Day is coming close and you all might be wondering about how to spend this amazing day that has been observed and dedicated to the strongest pillar in our life since 1910, we are here to give you some best options that will help you decide of where to escape with your dad. So, following are the best places to visit with fathers only and will offer you a magnificent experience along with memories to cherish for the rest of your lives:

  1. Fishing Trip at Michigan

Fishing Trip at Michigan

If your dad have been telling you stories about him and your grandpa going for a fishing trip to some place nice and spending some quality time while being surrounded with nothing but freshness and natural bliss, then you should catch the hint that he too love to spend some quality time at the boat, catching the fishes and admiring the peaceful surroundings of fresh lakes. Consider taking him to Michigan for a fishing trip and spend the most amazing and bonding time with your dad to ensure he feel your presence and admire your thought that you understand him as much as him. A spellbinding trip to Lake Michigan is all that you need is to make sure your dad had a great time on this Father’s Day.

  1. Beer Tours at Portland

Beer Tours at Portland

Admit it, a man to man bonding is incomplete if both of you don’t share some quality time at the bar, sipping on some of the finest boozes available in the country and if your dad like to keep the spirits high and enjoy some quality company while sipping on his favorite beer, then it a perfect signal for you to take him to a mesmerizing beer tour in Portland. Portland is proven to be the home of the finest beer of the United States and whether you find it or not, your dad will love to have you around while sipping on some awesome beer pints and enjoying some hockey or baseball game.

  1. Beach Vacation at Miami

Beach Vacation at Miami

If your childhood was full of beach extravaganza and you can still remember all your beach vacations where your dad took you and gave you the liberty to make your own sand castle, then it is time for a payback by taking him to the finest and amazing beach vacations at Miami. Miami is proven to be one of the most mesmerizing beach destinations in the United States and is full of adventure, excitement and fun you should accompany your dad. Also, the scorching summer will require to have a cooling down vacation and there is no better place on the east coast than the exquisite sandy and tranquilizing beaches of Miami.

  1. Laid-Back Escape at Padre Island

Laid-Back Escape at Padre Island

If all you wish to have is relax with your father at naturally rich and beautiful surroundings, then the best place you can go this Father’s Day is at Padre Island. A beautiful island in Texas, known for its tranquilizing bliss and outstanding hospitality, Padre Island is a combination of fun and peace, depending on your preferences. A white sand island boasted with an abundant variety of flora and fauna comprises some of the finest resorts in the region and offer a blissful sight of the horizon along with tempting activities to indulge if needed. Get your hands on some cheap Father’s Day flight deals and enjoy a spellbinding vacation with your dad only and spend some quality time discussing and learning about the key morals of life.

  1. Foodie Getaway at New Orleans

Foodie Getaway at New Orleans

In case your dad is all about trying out new flavors and has a chef hidden inside him, then taking him for a foodie getaway at New Orleans is the epic getaway experience for you. Featuring an abundant number of restaurants and eateries, serving gourmets from around the world, New Orleans is among the most visited foodie destinations of all time in the United States. On the occasion of Father’s Day, you can also get some amazing deals and offers on cheap Father’s Day flight deals and can have a spellbinding getaway experience with budget accommodations. Besides, who wouldn’t love to have some quality and scrumptious bites with their dad, learning new things about life with every gulp?

There are dozens of places around you that can make a perfect escape to have with your father only and all you need is to figure out the sort of vacation you would like to have as per his hobbies and likings. So, if know your dad as well as he knows you, then you will figure it out eventually and all that is left is to prepare for a trip. Regardless to say, SmartFares is always here at your service to provide you the most outstanding and cheap Father’s Day flight deals with discounted airfares to make this wonderful day even more charismatic and memorable. So, if you have been giving this topic a serious thought, then quickly start preparing and book your flights right now!

Best Beaches To Explore On The Indian Ocean This Summer

Thursday, May 18th, 2017

Indian Ocean, the home of some of the finest coral reefs, hundreds of small and large islands and a sea full of natural bliss and outstanding hospitality is one of the finest regions on the planet that can complement the scotching heat of summer season. Giving tourists from around the world a delight of heaven with its picturesque beauty and thriving hospitality, islands and beach destinations of the Indian Ocean have been the finest options to cherish the summer season. In case, you have been thinking to have a beach vacation far away from home to enjoy magnificent pampering and outstanding adventure, here we are with the best beach destinations on the Indian Ocean to explore this summer:

  1. Mahe, Seychelles

Mahe, Seychelles

Seychelles is a combination of a big number of islands and if you have been thinking to explore this region with loads of adventure, fun and pampering, you should head towards Mahe. One of the most spellbinding beach resort destinations on the Indian Ocean, Mahe have always been a first choice for tourists to visit and explore the infinite range of magnificent beaches, natural landscapes, astounding sights and spellbinding activities to indulge in. Known as the largest island in the archipelago of Seychelles, Mahe is famous for its picturesque white sand beaches, spellbinding resorts and exquisite culture.

  1. Blue-Bay, Mauritius

Blue-Bay, Mauritius

Mauritius has always been one of the most charming getaway options in the world especially among couples who tend to enjoy some luxury, comfort and privacy during their honeymoon or a romantic getaway. However, those who wish to enjoy a ravishing and enthralling beach vacations can also interest to the bewitching city of Blue-Bay that has been among the most prominent beach getaway destinations in the country of Mauritius. Featured with the finest resorts, hotel accommodations and other lodging facilities, Blue-Bay gives a perfect escape filled with loads of nature exploration, scenic views of the Indian Ocean and loads of activities to beat the heat of summer.

  1. Male, Maldives

Male, Maldives

A year-round getaway destination on the Indian Ocean, known for its astounding sandy beaches and tranquilizing lifestyle, Male is one of the most promising getaway destinations of the Maldives, witnessing thousands of tourists every month. A destination featured with a lot more than just natural landscapes and luxurious resorts, Male has a spellbinding skyline and exquisite cityscape that makes the city even more charming and enjoyable. Take flights to Male and enjoy an enthralling getaway where during the days you can enjoy the splendid beaches and tranquilizing water whereas the nights can be enjoyed at the bars, restaurants and other nightlife scenes available in the capital of Maldives.

  1. Zanzibar, Tanzania

Zanzibar, Tanzania

The charming crown jewel of Tanzania, Zanzibar is a perfect combination of nature, culture and history, known for its iconic islands and extraordinary coral reefs. Came into limelight a few years ago, Zanzibar is on its way to become a sensational getaway destination is presently visited by thousands of tourists throughout the year. With its spellbinding weather conditions that makes it a year-round destination, Zanzibar offers a bewitching and laid-back getaway experience on the Indian Ocean and has bag full of surprising elements to ensure an escape with adventure, comfort, luxury, natural freshness and a lot more.

  1. Saint-Denis, Republic Island

Saint-Denis, Republic Island

An exquisite French department surrounded by the Indian Ocean, Reunion Island is one of the most wonderful and extraordinary getaway destinations in the region, made after years of volcanic activities and transformed into a naturally rich island. Saint-Denis have been among the most prestigious and thriving getaway destinations in the country and possesses some of the most awesome beaches as well as resorts on the coastal line of the city. Apart from all the beaches, the city also has a wide range of cultural, historical and lifestyle attractions that makes it a perfect place for summer vacations.

Indian Ocean is the region full of possibilities and delights and if you seek a combination of fun, adventure, luxury and comfort all together on a beach vacation this summer season, then destinations above and many more are the finest places to be as solo, couple, family or group traveler. So, if you enjoy exploring the utmost beauty of the nature with many astounding options to test your mettle, then all you need now is to sort your destination for this summer and get access to the beach travel deals available with SmartFares and you can enjoy not only some of the finest vacations of all time, but also a magnificent delight of saving a fortune on airfares.

Bordeaux – The City of Eternal Historic Beauty

Tuesday, May 16th, 2017

A famous French city known for its fine quality vineyards and dazzling lifestyle, Bordeaux is among the most spellbinding cities of the country. However, if you are ready to overlook the most relevant and famous feature of the city, you will come across many outstanding facts and reasons that will induce you to take flights to Bordeaux and enjoy a breathtaking and refreshing getaway, filled with loads of unique and spellbinding experiences. No matter whether you love nature, culture, heritage, adventure, parties or any other aspect of traveling, Bordeaux has it all and will leave you stumped by its remarkable versatility. So, if you are ready for an exquisite journey, here we are with a summarized tour guide to Bordeaux – the city of eternal historic beauty:


  1. The Gothic Architecture

To those who are very well aware of the history and culture of the France, Bordeaux will appeal to them as a fantastic opportunity to take a dig into the rich heritage of the city and exploring some of a few UNESCO World Heritage sites. The city of Bordeaux is filled with a big number of Gothic architecture and travelers taking flights to Bordeaux can enjoy a marvelous vacation in this city whilst visiting Grand Theater, Pey-Berland Tower, Notre Dame Church, Chateau Saint Ahon, Basilique Saint-Michel, Hotel de Villa, Chateau du Taillan, City Fruges, Porte Dijeaux, Porte de Bourgogne, Eglise Saint Eloi, Monument aux Girondins, La Cite du Vin and many more places that are really spectacular and relevant to discover the eternal history of Bordeaux.

  1. Historical Walk Tours

When it comes to exploring the historical sites and cultural attractions, Bordeaux will always give you a spellbinding experience. However, the places with similar sorts are scattered all over the city and require some special tours that are arranged by myriad vendors. Featuring many historical sites and UNESCO World Heritage places, these tours in Bordeaux are easily available and may take around 3-4 hours to cover a region. Take a stroll down the boulevards of Bordeaux and experience the fantastic and eternal beauty of the heritage of Bordeaux.

  1. Museum and Galleries Hopping

Being a culturally rich and historically diverse city of the France, Bordeaux have been offering a wonderful variety of masterpieces of arts and historical relics that are treasured in the myriad galleries and museums scattered all over  the city. Take flights to Bordeaux and have a spellbinding exploration of the real history of Bordeaux whilst visiting the most prominent museums and galleries of the city including Musee d’Aquitaine, Bernard Magrez Art Institute, Musee des Beaux-Arts, Centre National Jean Moulin, Musee des Arts Decoratifs, CAPC Musee d’Art Contemporain, Musee des Compagnons du Tour de France, FRAC Aquitaine, La Cite du Vin, Wine & Trade Museum, Cap Sciences and dozens of other museums in the conurbation.

  1. Discovering the Natural Bliss in Outskirts

Bordeaux is known for its heritage and vineyards, and in search of all these attributes, people often forget the most splendid attribute of this French city which consist of variety of natural landscapes. When it comes to Bordeaux, you can enjoy many outstanding natural landscapes in the outskirts including beaches, parks, fields and much more. Visit Garonne, Public Garden, Monument aux Girondins, Parc bordelais, Palais Gallien, Jardin botanique de la Bastide, Carcans Plage Beach, Dune du Pilat Beach, Hourtin Lakeside Beach, La Plage Le Porge Oceane Beach, Lacanau Ocean Beach and many more places that will surely give you a hint of the natural diversity scattered around Bordeaux.

  1. The Spellbinding Wine Tours

When you are in Bordeaux, how can you miss the globally famous attribute of the city; the vineyards. People from every part of the world tend to take flights to Bordeaux and enjoy a thorough tour to the exquisite, extraordinary and exceptional vineyards of the city.  Often acknowledged as the wine county, Bordeaux surely has some of the most amazing vineyards and you can easily explore some of them by opting for wine tasting tours and vineyard tours available from any part of the city to enjoy not only the blissful sight of vineyards, but also taste some of the most amazing wines from Bordeaux.

Bordeaux is among those European cities that have been making the entire continent elegant and stylish to explore and whether you believe it or not, the city have always been among the most spectacular and laid-back destinations in the continent. Featuring many more relative aspects to ensure a happening vacation, Bordeaux is also known for its fine dining, exquisite nightlife and spellbinding shopping extravaganza. So, if you like to have a vacation that comprises a whole lot of remarkable experiences, then here is your chance to make it happen by booking your flights to Bordeaux with SmartFares and taking the advantage of discounted flight deals as well as superlative offers available online and on call.

Festivals in June

Wednesday, May 10th, 2017

Nearly half of the year have gone and you all must be wondering of how well you all have been spending this year after making a resolution of giving more time to exploring the world and discovering new aspects of life. In case, you were one of those who felt like enjoying the festivals across the world in 2017 and made a promise to yourself to attend as many festivals as possible in the year, here is a great chance to fulfil your promise as we have come across some of the most awesome festivals falling in the month of June. So, if you still are in the mood of making your wishes and resolutions come true, here are the finest festivals in the June you can attend:


  1. Wuste Vegas, Las Vegas, Nevada

If you are derived by the automobile love and have a keen interest in vintage or super vehicles, then Wuste Vegas will be the best festival for you till date. Featuring a fantastic range of vehicle display from around the globe, Wuste Vegas is a combination of fantastic adventure, incredible knowledge and outstanding fun. This year, the festival is kicking off from 1st June and will last till 4th of June when many vehicles from different eras and different parts of the world will be showcased under one hood and offer a blissful sight full of torques, engine composition, specially customized accessories and a lot more. So, if you are interested in these kind of festivals, now is the high time when you should search for cheap flight deals to Las Vegas and enjoy the fantastic and unique festival of Wuste Vegas.

  1. Magic City Brewfest, Birmingham, Alabama

If you have been thinking to attend a food festival in the United States that can give you loads of exciting experiences, it’s time when you should start packing for Birmingham, Alabama as in the 11th edition of annual Magic City Brewfest, you can enjoy loads of booze and exciting activities along with incredible variety of drink tasting and loads of activities. Free your dates on June 2nd and 3rd to travel all the way to Sloss Furnaces to enjoy one of the most incredibly high spirited events in the city and experience the delight of exploring various flavors of beers and other spirits whilst being surrounded by people who love to enjoy various flavors available around the world.

  1. Bloomsday, Dublin, Ireland

A highly unique festival celebrated in the Ireland, Bloomsday is one of the most amazing literate events that is celebrated in the memory of Irish writer James Joyce. A festival that includes book reading especially Ulysses, pub crawling, fancy dress parade and a lot more, you can actually embrace the real life adaptation of the famous writing of James Joyce with high spirits and new levels of creativity in Dublin. Observed every year on June 16 in Dublin and elsewhere, Bloomsday is a festival that you will never forget and will cherish the memories for the rest of your life.

  1. Festival of Sun, Cuzco, Peru

As we all know, Peru have always been the place that is traditionally and culturally related with the sun and whether you believe it or not, they actually have a festival that makes it even more amazing. The Festival of Sun observed every year on June 24th in Cuzco and includes loads of worships, feasts and sacrifice to the sun by the Inca religion. Observed on the shortest day of the year, the festival have also been considered as the Inca New Year and the beginning of winter solstice. Featuring many music events, delicious feasts and special costume parades, Inca Raymi is one of the most astonishing festivals you can come across in the South America.

  1. Pride Week, New York City, New York

Stepping into its 24th year in 2017, the Pride Fest is one of the most amazing and splendid festivals in the United States in order to celebrate the Gay Right Movement. Featuring a fantastic range of events and activities like community march, rally, dance on the pier and galas, Pride Week in New York is a globally acclaimed festival and have been visited by thousands of tourists from around the world who admire the LGBT movement in the region and get delighted by the outstanding variety of events taking place. This year, the event will kick off on June 25th and begin at Hudson Street and will give a wonderful experience to those who seek such wonderful experiences.

Although there are many festivals going on as you read this blog and there are some that are lined up in the forthcoming days, yet if you are a traveler who enjoy planning as much as traveling, then all you need now is to sort your favorite type of festival and book your flights with SmartFares to ensure some amazing savings with our summer travel deals. After all, June is the month of summer and you might wish to enjoy the beauty of the world in a different style and beat the heat of the summer whilst getting drenched in the zealous festivities in the finest destinations across the planet.

Budget Memorial Day Destinations

Thursday, May 4th, 2017

As the Memorial Day is coming close, people across the United States have begun preparing themselves to celebrate this federal holiday that hints the arrival of summer season. A holiday which is solely dedicated to honor the martyrs of the country, Memorial Day holds a special significance among us all that lights up the patriotism among us and make us to mourn for the people who have given the ultimate sacrifice to protect and honor the country and its citizens. In case, you have been planning to make the celebration of Memorial Day different than usual and have desires to step out of the house and get going on your dream destinations, then you are just at the right place as we are here to inspire you to travel this Memorial Day and give you some awesome options of destinations you can visit for a budget Memorial Day travel:

  1. Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta is among the most picturesque and dazzling cities of the Southern region and often considered as a charming getaway to enjoy. However, if you are planning a Memorial Day getaway and have desires to have a weekend full of amazing experiences along with pocket-friendly deals, Atlanta makes a great escape for travelers. A time when the tourism in Atlanta go south, you can get the Memorial Day travel deals at a very affordable price as well as enjoy many galas and festivals organized across the city. With its outstanding celebration of Atlanta Jazz Festival around the Memorial Day, you can have a lot of fun and excitement on your voyage to Atlanta during the Memorial Day.

  1. Chicago, Illinois

Chicago, Illinois

People know of Chicago as a place to understand the art and architecture of Illinois, but many people have forgotten the diversity of culinary, culture, traditions, celebration and lifestyle this amazing city has. Celebrating all these attributes on the Memorial Day, Chicago makes one of the most surprising and amazing getaway destinations that can be visited at affordable price. A time when people often go to their homes or go up north to enjoy the lower temperature, Chicago becomes a place where accommodation and airfares get low to allure tourists and offer some amazing discounts with Memorial Day travel deals. The Memorial Day of Chicago is also an experience to cherish for lifetime and give away a spellbinding experience to travelers from all age groups.

  1. Washington D.C.

Washington D.C.

What place can replace the relevance of Memorial Day than the capital of the United States? Washington DC have always been one of the most visited and desired getaway destinations for voyagers from across the country to witness not only the picturesque and inspiring parades, but also many feasts, galas, celebrations, concerts and more in the US capital. Surprisingly, if you get your hands on Memorial Day travel deals at the right time, you may find some astonishing deals and offers to make your travel cheaper and convenient. Besides, many events and celebrations of Memorial Day in Washington DC are cheaper to enjoy and requires a nominal entry fee.

  1. Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada

Right before when the summer show its true colors, visiting Las Vegas is the finest option you can get before the arrival of peak season between October-end till the late February. A time when accommodation options become available at a very reasonable price and Memorial Day travel deals makes it affordable to fly all the way to Nevada, Las Vegas is truly a spectacular option you can find. By celebrating in a different way with loads of pool parties, adventure sports and more, Las Vegas have been inviting tourists to board the flights to Nevada and enjoy a sprawling getaway on the Memorial Day.

  1. Miami, Florida

Miami, Florida

If you are done with all the traditional escapes and wish to cool yourself down by hitting the sandy and charming beaches, there is no place that can beat the beauty and adventure of Miami, Florida. Each year, when people tend to hit the Caribbean beaches or northern cities to cool down and enjoy the mountain views and valleys, beaches of Miami becomes the smart choice to enjoy Memorial Day. All you need is to search Memorial Day travel deals for a vacation in Miami before it gets too late and you can get some awesome deals and offers on luxurious accommodations as well as flights to Miami from any part of the United States or around.

A weekend away from home admiring the beauty of nature, culture and lifestyle is all you need to rejuvenate your lives and get going with the positive spirits. So, if you have sorted out your destination to enjoy the Memorial Day and have the desire to make your dream come true, then all you need now is to consider SmartFares to book Memorial Day travel deals and enjoy some awesome savings on your airfares by choosing from a wide range of deals and offers available with us. So, don’t wait any more and start planning now before it’s too late.

Destinations that Inspire Art Lovers

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017

Traveling is inspiring and whether you believe it or not, those who have the soul to inspire others often find their inspiration in the most overlooked aspects of the world. Hence, there are hundreds and thousands of artists who tend to travel around the world to get fit into the mood of creativity and get inspired by things that are usually nothing in our daily lives. In case, you too feel yourself as a creative person or have that artistic soul, then here are the following destinations that inspire art lovers and give a spellbinding experience of seeing the world differently whilst exploring an abundant range of fascinating attributes the world has to offer:

  1. Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Among the most promising getaway destinations of the America as well as an inspiring place for art lovers, the capital of State of New Mexico, Santa Fe is among the most outstanding and bewitching getaway destinations, known for a sum of more than 250 museums and art galleries within the city that have been treasuring the relics from the history of native America. Featuring a number of shops and markets that are run by the Indian Americans and selling handicrafts and other artistic goods, Santa Fe makes a perfect getaway destination to understand the Indian style of culture and traditions along with a blissful sightseeing experience of many outstanding architectural landmarks in the city.

  1. New York City, New York

New York City, New York

A topic of art is incomplete without mentioning New York City which has been globally renowned as the art and culture epicenter of the globe and featuring hundreds of art galleries and museums covering a large area of plateau of New York. With a trio of Metropolitan Museum of Arts, The Museum of Modern Arts and Tenement Museums, the city have been drawing thousands of tourists taking flights to New York every day and discovering an impeccable and infinite range of outstanding masterpieces from the history, culture and art of the United States. Apart from these three museums that have treasured thousands of artifacts within, there are dozens of other museums across the city that will allure you and give you an inspirational experience in relation to the ancient and modern art.

  1. Florence, Italy

Florence, Italy

A city that breaths art and have the most inspirational cityscape in the European continent, Florence is one of the most fascinating subjects for art lovers and is visited by millions of tourists every year. Artists taking flights to Florence often enjoy exploring the bewitching cityscape of this Italian city that includes Galleria dell’Accademia, Uffizi Gallery and Loggia dei Lanzi that have been a treasure of historical, medieval and modern art of Italian as well as global culture. Places like Santa Maria Novella Church, Palazzo Strozzi, Innocenti Museum, Palazzo Vecchio Museum, Pitti Palace, Vasari Corridor and many more are as beautiful and inspiring as the most prominent trio of art galleries in Florence.

  1. Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne, Australia

The cultural capital of Australia, Melbourne is globally famous for its uncanny artistry and have been visited by millions of tourists who are taking flights to Melbourne to enjoy the picturesque beaches but end-up admiring the outstanding collection of masterpieces displayed in the impeccable range of museums and galleries of the city. With places like Melbourne Museum, National Gallery of Victoria, Shrine of Remembrance, ArtVo, National Sports Musuem, Johnston Collection, Gertrude Contemporary, RMIT Gallery and many more places, you can surely get inspired by the liberal thoughts and incredible point of view of natives that have been flourishing the heritage, art and culture of Australia.

  1. Singapore


People from around the world enjoy taking flights to Singapore to have a superlative beach getaway or to pamper themselves by exploring the body treatment centers of the city. However, if you are done with all the pampering and seeking some artistic inspiration, Singapore will surely give you a splendid experience through its array of incredible galleries and museums. Places like Singapore Art Museum, National Gallery of Singapore and Peranakan Museum have been noted for inspiring art lovers and giving them the correct path to explore their own art and put forth the creativity within them.

The world is big enough to inspire each and every human existing on the planet and there are dozens of other cities like Paris, Los Angeles, Toronto, London, Milan, Barcelona, Kuala Lumpur, Auckland, Goa, Delhi, Abu Dhabi and many more that are capable to lit that spark inside you to bring out the talent of art buried under your soul. So, if you like to be inspired and have this zeal to show your art among others, all you need is to give your artistry the wind by getting cheap flights to Asia, Africa, Europe, Americas or any other part of the world from SmartFares and explore the hues of nature, culture, lifestyle, traditions and many more aspects covering the plateau of this incredibly gorgeous planet whilst saving a lot with our wide range of deals and offers available online.

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