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Archive for March, 2017

Lesser Known Islands in the World

Friday, March 31st, 2017

Island hopping have been emerging as a prominent trend these day among travelers and those who like to enjoy beach fun with some gorgeous resort hospitality and tranquilizing natural bliss always remain in the hunt of finding islands that are perfect for their getaway whilst still accessible through major transport means. Hence, it is quite noticeable these days that people have begun to expand the horizon and started to visit the islands that were once deserted and gaining popularity gradually. To keep you up with the pace and offer you a bewitching experience of exploring some of the places, SmartFares has brought a list of lesser known islands in the world that will give you an idea to prepare yourself for a voyage in near future:


  1. Quilalea, Mozambique

On the shores of the picturesque Indian Ocean, the private island of Madagascar, Quilalea is one of the most seamless and lesser known islands in the region, ideal to enjoy a cozy honeymoon or a couple trip with loads of leverages and facilities. Once used to nest sea turtles eggs, this superlative island have now become a prominent choice for high-profile voyagers who don’t like any sort of interruption in their getaways and have a desire to witness the purity of nature up close. Hence, recently, people have begun to take flights to Mozambique to have an entirely different experience with almost everything similar but less crowd as compared to the cliché island destinations.

  1. Guana Island, British Virgin Islands

Featuring a bunch of tiny resorts and a superlative natural scene, Guana Island is one of the most intriguing islands in the Atlantic region, known for being underrated and exposed among fewer people. Despite its lesser name as compared to other British Virgin Islands, this place have been witnessing a big number of voyagers who like to have a peaceful and enjoyable vacation without any hassle made of giant wave of tourists. If you wish to have a weekend with your girlfriend or the love of your life, then this place is absolutely perfect. All you need is to make your reservations and book flights to British Virgin Islands, and you are good to go and have a tempting vacation whilst getting pleasure of clean water and pure nature.

  1. Sovaly Island, Turkey

Notorious in the middle-ages for being the base of solders turned into pirates and later became a picturesque vacation spot, Sovaly Island is among the most enchanting and captivating Middle-Eastern island destinations, ideal to have a family or couple getaway. With recent increase in the tourism and exposure of tourists, this island has been considered as a perfect place to have a destination wedding. As a result, if not thousands, then hundreds of travelers take flights to Turkey and visit this thriving destination that will soon becoming a sensation in the world of travel.

  1. Jeju Island, South Korea

A year-round island destination as well as a domestically popular place to have a weekend getaway, Jeju Island is probably one of the most underrated destinations in the Asian continent despite being a tropical island that has mild weather conditions and you can go for swimming without any wet suit almost anytime. A place that is the home of the longest lava tube discovered in the world till date, is something that is really amazing experience to have. Not only the lava tubes and giant mountains have been the prominent attractions of Jeju Island, but also, there are certain other natural aspects that have been making tourists to begin taking flights to South Korea and enjoy a lovely vacation with friends and family.

  1. The Whitsunday Islands, Australia

The Whitsunday Islands is a prominent archipelago of the Australian country that is quite popular and have hundreds of islands that will leave you speechless for being awesome enough and make you fall in love instantly. Although, most of the biggest islands in the Whitsunday Islands are exposed to the global tourists, but if you have a keen eye and zeal to explore more, you will come across a bunch of islands that are yet to get interfered by the global tourist population. So, if you have the curiosity of visiting lesser known islands and care to travel all the way to Australia, then you should start searching for the best deals on flights to Whitsunday Islands.

Despite the increasing interest of tourists in the most opulent and high-profile destinations, there are a big number of people who like to have things otherwise. Whereas most of the people are preparing themselves to visit the most prominent destinations across the continents, there is a big number of people who tend to visit places that are low in limelight and expects fewer people to keep the charm and adventure alive in their voyage whilst toning the budget with the help of cheap flights and pocket-friendly accommodation. So, if too share the same interest and seeking a lesser known island ideal for your next voyage, all you need now is to fix your travel plans and consider the services of SmartFares to increase your pleasure with our fabulous range of airfares and discount offers available online.

Best Snorkeling Places around the World

Wednesday, March 29th, 2017

Traveling is all about gathering new experiences and filling the life with joy and delights. Hence, most of the people find their happiness whilst traveling to the historical places, artistic sites, natural landscapes, dazzling cityscapes and more. Once you are done with all of it and find nothing else on the surface of the planet, it is time to think beyond and start discovering the underwater world. An intriguing experience for intrepid travelers, who have been doing ample of ordeals ever since have found the new love whilst snorkeling and discovering a whole different world beneath the blue ocean surface. If you too seek something different than jumping, surfing, sailing and trekking, here we are with the most promising range of best snorkeling places around the world that will give you a fascinating exposure of an infinite range of flora and fauna existing on our planet, off the shores of the popular cities and landmass:


  1. Kailua County, Honolulu

Renowned across the archipelago of Hawaii State for its cityscape and thriving lifestyle, the fascinating county of Kailua is quite a popular destination for people who have a keen interest in the marine life. Hence, in recent years, the destination have become a hot favorite place for those who like to have a little extra than others and wish to dive beneath the surface to explore a whole different world that is still intact and giving tourists taking flights to Kailua from around the world in order to please their mind and soul with an utmost beautiful sight of corals, fishes and many more creatures rare to be seen in an aquarium.

  1. Ilha Grande, Brazil

Visited by thousands of tourists every year who take flights to Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo and head their way to the other cities, Ilha Grande makes a perfect stopover for a couple of days to admire a little more than the beach extravaganza and splendid lifestyle of Brazil. Home of an abundant number of marine creatures and coral floras in the South Atlantic Ocean, this superlative site is ideal to enjoy a deep sea dive and discovering an incredible and utterly picturesque site of marine life. Besides all the natural bliss, travelers can also explore the tragic treasure of shipwrecks surrounded by colorful fishes and seahorses.

  1. Western Blue Cut, Bermuda

As we speak of shipwrecks, there are a big number of adventure lovers who tend to enjoy exploring a little ahead of an ordinary sight of corals and marine faunas, and take flights to Bermuda to explore an extraordinary area filled with an abundant number of shipwrecks of pirates and more on the shores of the Caribbean Sea. The mild weather conditions makes the Western Blue Cut a perfect place to dive in the crystal clear water and get going to explore what is left from the wreckage of ships that were sunk in history. There are a number of tours as well that can give you a thorough insight as well as an experience if you are new in the adventure love and haven’t gain a professional experience in diving.

  1. Great Barrier Reef, Australia

When someone speak of marine life at its best, the list can never be complete without mentioning the Great Barrier Reef. One of the most prominent reasons why people are fond of Australia, Great Barrier Reef is the home of a giant area filled with loads of sea plants, corals, flora, fauna and more. With its exquisite beauty that is nearly impossible to describe in words, this region have been greet tourists taking flights to Cairns and other parts of the Queensland with pleasure. An area covering hundreds of nautical miles in total, Great Barrier Reef is one of the most promising spots for deep sea diving, snorkeling and other underwater adventure activities in the world.

  1. The Maldives

The Mecca of snorkelers and divers, Maldives is much more than just a dreamy resort archipelago where you can have some margarita and soak up some sun while laying at the sandy beaches. When it comes to snorkeling, Maldives makes one of the finest spots on earth where you can encounter a wide range of unseen sights in the surroundings of myriad atolls of this archipelago nation on the shores of the Indian Ocean. Hence, you will find a big deal of snorkelers taking flights to Maldives every now and then to enjoy the purity of marine world with loads of fun, excitement and pampering available at the resorts in this beautiful island nation.

Although, there are an abundant number of other snorkeling places that will allow you to gain some insight about the marine life existing on the planet along with the picturesque sites of corals, colorful fishes, shipwrecks, creatures and volcanic structures whilst fulfilling the hunger for adventure and excitement need in regular boring life. So, if you have been thinking to have an adventurous getaway in near future with some perks of beaches and natural serenity, then book your flights with SmartFares right now and start saving big with our wide range of travel deals and offers available online.

Visit Austria – From the Eye of a Foodie

Friday, March 24th, 2017

Among the most pleasant and captivating nations of the Central Europe, known for its picturesque verticals of sightseeing and natural attributes, Austria is among the finest and dreamiest destinations of all time in the European continent. Featuring Alpine valleys, plains, villages, cityscapes, exquisite heritage and remarkable culture, Austria sure know its business of how to indulge a voyager with the best of the attributes and fascinating hospitality. Although, the sightseeing of Austria is capable to keep you indulged for weeks, yet if you are a traveler who tend to discover the world for the sake of good taste and diversity of gastronomy, you will find the nation with a whole different image. Hence, we are here to give you a virtual tour to Austria from an eye of a foodie:

  1. Austrian Gourmet History

Austrian Gourmet

Influenced from German, Bohemian and Hungarian culture, Austrian culinary has been flourishing for centuries and have been living in the veins of local like a legend. No matter whether the time have come and gone during the world war or any other incident, the gourmet of Austria have been intact and kept the traditional ways of using cooking methods and ingredients. Witnessing many empires including Habsburg, Adriatic and Russian influence, the region have been adding up new and interesting things over the centuries and making something really special and unique that makes it worth visiting and trying without any hesitation. Hence, you will find a big number of chefs and food lovers taking flights to Austria or using any other method possible ever since the inception.

  1. Cultural Influence in Austrian Culinary

Austrian Culinary

Austrian culinary has a major influence of Habsburg Empire along with cultural mixture of Russia, Hungary and Germany. Hence, people here are often found speaking German as a primary language and using the cooking methods of originated from Russia and Hungary whilst keeping the usage of spices and flavors in a traditional way, making it a unique and breathtaking combination of cooking and bringing forth the best of many civilization in one plate. Not only the Russia and Germany, but many usage of ingredients comes from far away including Italy, Slovenia, Poland, Slovakia, Netherlands and more which gives it a gourmet that unites the entire Central Europe as well as parts of the other continents.

  1. Key Ingredients

Key Ingredients

Austrian gourmet is focused on protein diet along with all the minerals required in a human body to flourish and work as a strong mechanism filled with energy and proper proportion of organs. The key ingredient that is majorly used in the gourmet of Austria is Meat. No matter whether it is beef, goose, turkey, pork or chicken, as long as it is nutritious enough, you will find it in your plate, tasting like a bite of heaven and giving all the necessary mineral supplies to your body. The cooking method includes both boiled and fried meat to keep the nutritious values in the food whilst giving a taste to remember for a very long time. Descended from generations, Austrian gourmet have never lost its touch and never overshadowed by any other western gourmet.

  1. Best Dining Scene

Best Dining Scene

Not only the meat, but the sweets of Austrian culture have been keeping people taking flights to Austria from around the world on their toes. The renowned range of cakes and pastries from the Austrian culture have been giving the dining table a colorful and dazzling view. Usage of jam fillings, apple strudel, layers of toppings and more have been the reason why people often get fond of sweets rather than the main course. Travelers can have the best dining experience whilst traveling to Graz, Klagenfurt, Villach, Bregenz, Vienna, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Sankt Polten, Wels, Hallstatt, Eisenstadt and many more villages covering the outskirts and keeping the traditional ways alive.

  1. Facts about Austrian Food

Facts about Austrian Food

People in Austria tend to enjoy rolls, sausages and coffee in their breakfast and begin their day with full of energy and nutrition. Cheese and pickles, sandwiches, bosna, sausage rolls, wurstsemmel, noodles, dumplings, breads and pastries are the famous snacks eaten by the locals. The most important meal of the day among Austrians is the lunch where people tend to enjoy goulash, strudel, sachertorte, noodles, boiled beef, fruit pastries, cabbage, game, wine and many more things to give their taste buds a treat. On the occasion of New Year, natives follow the ritual of to cook suckling pig to bring great luck in their lives whilst decorating the dining table with small sized pigs made of chocolate and other sweet ingredients.

Austria is a small yet diverse nation of the European continent and visited by a big number of tourists that tend to take flights to Austria randomly and have a pleasant experience of discovering new dimension during their every voyage. So, if you like to explore the food from around the world and hold the courage to try new things, then all you need now is to plan your trip to this part of the Europe today and book your flights to Austria with SmartFares to get some handsome offers on your trip to this beautiful Central European nation, filled with joy and wonders.

Top 5 National Parks around the World

Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017

The natural beauty of our planet is incredibly divers and no matter how much we explore, it is nearly impossible to witness everything existing here. Hence, it is high time when we should stop doing all the meaningless things we have been doing now and start exploring the world to make our life memorable enough to remember in our old days. There are an abundant number of natural marvels that have been giving us a pleasant and serene experiences and if you have been fond of nature and looking for a place where you can see the natural diversity collectively, then we have a list of national parks that will allow you to witness not just natural landscapes, but different kinds of flora and fauna existing on earth that makes it even more beautiful. So, following are the top 5 national parks around the world that will give you the most amazing and thriving experience while you are exploring the world:

  1. Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park

The oldest national park in the North America, encompassing an area of more than 3500 square miles, Yellowstone National Park is a combination of waterfalls, peaks, treks, natural landscapes, plains, waterfalls and much more. With a huge fan following among tourists escaping during the spring breaks, Yellowstone is an awesome place to enjoy a family vacation whilst feeling the closeness with the Mother Nature and discovering the myriad aspects the planet has to offer. From hot springs to waterfalls, green plains, wildlife, flora, fauna and more there are dozens of reasons why you should visit at least once to Yellowstone National Park. So, if you have been thinking to have a refreshing break near the nature, then book your flights to Jackson and have a drive of a couple of hours to enjoy a blissful vacation in Yellowstone.

  1. Galapagos Island National Park

Galapagos Island National Park

Not usually known as a national Park, yet an extremely gorgeous archipelago destination of the Central America, Galapagos Islands is one of the most picturesque and naturally rich destinations to explore as a hunt of National Park. Featuring a wide variety of wilderness, flora, marine life and more, Galapagos National Park is something that will allure you over and over again. With its gigantic array of picturesque sites that are scattered over the islands, you can enjoy a wonderful variety of beaches, rare species and a lot more in these isolated isles. Enjoy the sight of lizards, tortoises, sea lions, penguins, and a lot more whilst having a refreshing break on the sandy beaches of Galapagos Islands.

  1. Banff National Park

Banff National Park

The oldest Canadian National Park, near Calgary, Banff National Park is something that is quite unusual and distinctive than the rest of the national parks in the North America. Got its name and fame in 1885, this picturesque piece of land in the middle of the nation is remarkably diverse and extremely gorgeous to visit. Welcoming thousands of families taking flights to Calgary and driving their way to this region, Banff National Park is indeed a bewitching site to explore and witness the Swiss alike alpine mountains that gives of being in a European city with a panorama of pure nature. The wide variety of flora, fauna, landscapes and weather conditions, this place has been one of the finest national parks in the world.

  1. Serengeti National Park

Serengeti National Park

Africa might be renowned for its wildlife safaris, but if you are in Tanzania, you should always visit to Serengeti National Park which is one of the most prominent locations to explore in the country. Featuring an abundant variety of faunas including giant giraffes, Masai Lions, African Leopard, Eastern Black Rhinoceros, Serengeti Wildebeest, Bush Elephant, African Cheetah, Flamingo, Zebra and more, you can enjoy a wonderful experience of both wildlife safari as well as beautiful natural sightseeing in this picturesque national park. So, next time whenever you plan to board flights to Tanzania, do not forget to schedule a visit to Serengeti National Park.

  1. Fiorland National Park

Fiorland National Park

We often believe that New Zealand is good for adventure sports as well as cityscapes, yet we forget how much natural area is still isolated from the human interference. Fiordland National Park is a living example of the diversity that lies beneath the glittering cityscape lifestyle of the New Zealand. A giant area covering nearly 7000 square miles of area, this fascinating national park is beyond words. Close to the South Pacific Ocean, this spectacular place is a perfect natural habitat place for dolphins, parrots, kakapo, kiwi, seals, hare, deer, shrubs, ferns, crown fern and many more flora and faunas existing on the planet.

Although, United States itself is full of national parks and every national park has its own relevance and characteristics. Yet, if you feel like discovering much more than that, then all you need now is to consider SmartFares as your preferred travel partner and get going on an incredibly gorgeous journey to the different parts of the world whilst saving huge with our abundant travel deals and exquisite offers available online for a fantastic natural exploration.

Top 5 Attractions in Portland

Monday, March 20th, 2017

A compact city that has almost everything to stay pleased, the picturesque conurbations as well as the largest city of the state of Oregon, Portland is among the most magnetizing destinations in the northeastern USA where you can find an abundant variety of picturesque landscapes, fascinating historical sites, artistic galleries and architectures and more. Hence, people often find taking flights to Portland quite an amazing experience to get going on a refreshing vacation with the people they love at the foothills of the famous Mount Hood and on the banks of the Columbia River. If you have been planning for a similar sort of vacation, then just quickly book your vacation to Portland and don’t forget to visit the following attractions that are cunning enough to steal your heart straight away:

  1. Portland Japanese Garden

Portland Japanese Garden

A spellbinding garden covering an area of nearly six acres, Portland Japanese Garden is one of the most fascinating experience you can have in this sprawling city. Located on the plains of an old zoo, this garden comprises a wide variety of areas that have their own specialty and give tourists a fabulous experience of sightseeing, natural photography and soothing stroll, away from the honking streets of Portland. The Portland Japanese Garden have been the most successful and renowned attractions of the state and often referred as a major landmark to get directions from. Kindly be noted that the opening and closing time may vary depending on the season as well as the day of your visit. So, make sure to confirm the opening hours before heading to the Portland Japanese Garden.

  1. Portland Art Museum

Portland Art Museum

One of the oldest museums of the United States incepted in the year 1892, Portland Art Museum is a giant combination of creative thinking and artistic work. A collection of more than 42,000 exhibitions in more than 2 acres of area, this fabulous museum comprises the work of Asian Art, photography, graphic art, abstracts, artifacts and an abundant number of notable art works made by renowned artists. For those who share the creative eye and have a zeal to learn more about the global art will find the Portland Art Museum as one of the most fantastic places of the state of Oregon. The average entry fee till date have been of USD 15 for an adult and USD 12 for children.

  1. Oregon Zoo

Oregon Zoo

Earned its fame after initiating the Asian elephant breeding program, one of the most prominent conservation zoos of the United States, Oregon Zoo is something that will give you a detailed glimpse of global wilderness. A spectacular area featuring more than 2000 species inhabited in Portland from around the world, Oregon Zoo is something that will give you the most exhilarating experience of your life whilst showcasing an abundant variety of faunas including zebra, rodent, elephant, hippos, tigers and a lot more in their natural alike surroundings. The admission fee of Oregon Zoo depends on the age of the visitor and require a valid ID to determine the age.

  1. The Washington Park

The Washington Park

Covering a vast land and neighboring a few of the finest attractions of the city, Washington Garden is probably one of the biggest landmarks of the city since the inception in the year 1871. Home to a number of picturesque attractions within its boundaries including Portland Children’s Museum, Hoyt Arboretum, archery ranges, tennis courts and ample of plain area to enjoy a family picnic in natural surroundings. If you have been thinking to visit this gigantic park, then you should take a whole day out of your schedule in order to experience the prominent delights Washington Park has to offer.

  1. International Rose Test Garden

International Rose Test Garden

Founded in the year 1917, the International Rose Test Garden of Portland is one of the finest and oldest continuously operating rose test gardens of the nation, specialized in miniaturizing and developing the new varieties of roses in a habitable environment. A part of the renowned Washington Park, the International Rose Test Garden is something that will leave you stumped with its eternal beauty of scenic and scented plains that will make you to fall in love with this place instantly. Besides all the roses, you can find an abundant number of floras that are discovered during the research in this area.

Although, the Oregon itself is quite a fabulous region to explore in the United States and have many other cities like capital Salem, Eugene, Corvallis, Medford, Oregon City, Lake Oswego, Gresham, Grant Pass, Ashland and more, yet if you have been seeking a vacation that is picture perfect and can give you a memorable getaway experience of your life, then all you need is to plan your trip right now and consider SmartFares to book your flights to Portland at an affordable price.

Most Artistic Hotels in the USA

Friday, March 17th, 2017

Most of the times, we see hotels as a place where we can put our luggage, have a good night sleep and have some pampering while traveling. However, there is a segment of travelers who find traveling amazing only to enjoy a stay in a boutique/artistic hotel. Hence, the hospitality market have begun to focus on the interior, theme and exteriors to please these kinds of special guests and prepare the accommodations in order to give them maximum satisfaction to bring them back over and over again. For those who have found staying in an artistic hotel quite an amazing experience and have plans to catch flights to USA in near future, can find these most artistic hotels in the USA that are proven to be the best experiences to enjoy while staying in one of the most delightful nations in the world:

  1. Camden Harbour Inn, Camden, Maine

One of the most gorgeous and elegant accommodation options of Camden, Maine, Camden Harbour Inn is a spectacular boutique hotel designed in Dutch style whilst overlooking the Camden Harbour. The incredible view from the outside is sufficient to amaze you by its extremely gorgeous hospitality. With a private access to the Harbour and amazing contemporary facilities, you can have a splendid vacation time whilst exploring the situated port areas that are famous to enjoy some quality fishing time in the Maine. Begin your day while admiring the beautiful sunrise from the balcony while sipping your favorite coffee and taking pleasure of delightful breakfast to kick-start a happening day in Camden.

  1. Wentworth Mansion, Charleston, South Carolina

Featured with nearly 20 suites, Wentworth Mansion of Charleston is one of the busiest and stylish hotel properties, nestled in the middle of the city and offering a great view of cityscape as well as delight of hospitality in South Carolina. Often considered as a landmark in the historic district of Charleston, Wentworth Mansion offers a dreamy and imperial accommodation delight at a reasonable price where you can enjoy the typical European style interior, decorating the huge suites and offering guests a splendid and heavenly experience of staying in a castle like hotel. Get cozy by the gas fireplaces, taste some awesome dishes in the complimentary breakfast and get going on a historic district walk in just a swing.

  1. The Inn at Little Washington, Washington, Virginia

Constructed over the garage place of a founder in the year 1978, this spectacular hotel may not seem to be appealing in first glance, but once you enter in this beautiful hotel property, you will understand the fuss behind the fame of Inn at Little Washington. The typical American style interior with a touch of bureaucrat finishing, this accommodation property have been into the limelight among all the critics and award-distributors for its outstanding hospitality given to the guests since the inception. Featuring a wide range of menu comprising quality wines, appetizers, drinks, main courses and more, Inn at Little Washington is a quality boutique accommodation that is much more than just some flashy interior designing or outer architecture.

  1. Primland, Meadows of Dan, Virginia

Have you ever thought of staying in a hotel that is surrounded by nothing but the purity of nature and freshness of green plains? If you have been running out of imagination, then quickly board your flights to USA and prepare yourself to visit an awe-inspiring and gigantic accommodation property covering an area of 12,000 acres. Primland is among a few hotel properties in the Virginia that has been giving away its guests with an extremely beautiful and gorgeous experience of staying with loads of space to use in a creative way and a sum of around 26 suits that are spacious enough to get lost while admiring. The backdrops of hills and green plains makes the property much more enjoyable and visitors can have a quality time oozing out the stress from both mind and body.

  1. Triple Creek Inn, Derby, Montana

Triple Creek Inn or commonly known as Triple Creek Ranch is a breathtaking  cottage looking accommodation property in the city of Derby of Montana, known for its orthodox style of exterior and interior that have been appealing tourists to spend a few days as a romantic couple and enjoy the fantastic perks the hotel has to offer. Nestled on the verge of wilderness of Montana, this superlative accommodation has been a big inspiration among many artists and have given a different eye of seeing things around you. Get all the pampering you need in Triple Creek Ranch as the rooms are furnished with all luxurious elements and offer a spacious and cozy staying experience.

United States is known for its versatility and artistic values and those who have been exploring the bewitching cities like the artistic capital of the world New York City, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami and more can second the statement. So, if you have been planning to make a business or leisure escape to this part of the North America and looking forward to get a superlative delight, then all you need now is to book your flights to USA with SmartFares right now and get going to have a luxurious, artistic and enchanting stay in the most spectacular hotels and resorts of the USA.

How to bring spirituality in your life

Thursday, March 9th, 2017

There are times when you feel like done with every earthly thing and seek some enlightenment in your life to pursue something that actually matters or gives you happiness. Some fortunate people often come across such things after getting retired from their jobs and at the age where they have sufficient time to think over issues in life and come across every hassle they have been facing. Yet, due to increasing pressure in daily life with so much stress and worries about job security, financial crisis, relationship issues, failures in many steps and more, many people seek some guidance to make their lives easier and happier once again. To give those people a direction to take and get the best future, here we are with some answers of how to bring spirituality in your life:

  1. Facing the issues head on

Face Issue

Most of the tremors we face in our lives are because of not facing your fears or issues that have been bothering you for a very long time. People these days have been occupied with so many things that sometimes it makes them to put issues on hold that have been haunting or bothering over and over again. Hence, the wiser idea is to face your issues and get over with it for good. Keeping problems piled-up have never brought good to anyone. There are times when you will regret to find the solution that could have been easier if searched a long time ago. Also, keeping things on hold makes it even harder to break-out later which could be a piece of cake if attempted in early stages.

  1. Following your heart

Follow Your heart

Doing things that are against your morals or your spirit weakens your soul and no matter how much you try to accept it, the scars on your memories will never fade away due to neglecting your gut-feeling or your heart when you had the choice. Hence, if you are seriously looking to get some spiritual enlightenment, you should begin to listen to your heart and follow the things that are considered right by you and bring greater good to the society. A happy heart is the key to keep your body, mind and surroundings happy and well-functioning. It is often said by geniuses that if you follow your heart, then the whole world will help you to achieve your goals.

  1. Finding someone to help you sorting issues

Find help

Sharing have been one of the most successful ways of clearing the burden on your soul and heart. People who have been keeping their problems to themselves and not showing the concern to others are the one who takes the biggest toll on their health and spirits. In the present scenario when everyone have been busy for themselves only, it is really important to share your feelings and issues that have been bothering you. That way, not only you lose some steam out of your chest, but also may come across the views that were not clear from your side of thinking. These practices also help to come across many unconventional or unfamiliar ways of solving your issues easily.

  1. Adapting your hobbies to get distraction


If you have been in issues for a very long time and haven’t come across anything to break out from it, you should start trying to indulge yourself in new and interesting hobbies to distract your mind and body. Getting new hobbies are good to learn a lot about different things as well as take some steam off from your head. Whilst pursuing new hobbies like music, art, dance, craft, reading, writing, adventure and more can be a thing to keep you busy, they also broadens your mentality to see things differently and ultimately help a thread of spirituality.

  1. Travel the world for better exposure

Explore world

There are many sayings that the people who travel a lot are the wisest among the lot. Traveling across many destinations and regions gives an exposure that is impossible to have while sitting in front of your laptop, watching television or reading a magazine. There are tons of cultures, lifestyles and heritages living on our planet and exploring a single place in the world will bring so many new ways of looking to your life differently. Traveling also gives some spiritual experiences by exploring nature’s marvels and visiting destinations that have been into the roots of enlightenment for centuries. Places like Nepal, Thailand, Indonesia, India, China, Japan, Korea and more have been quite popular these days among people. So, if you like to get spiritual enlightenment in a traditional way, travel across the world and find the path of your own.

There are a number of other ways that help to get spirituality in life and give some sooth and happiness to your body and soul. In case, you have been thinking over to start traveling and gaining exposures of places, cultures, nature, lifestyles and arts that were never occurred to your mind before, we are here to serve you well as SmartFares has been giving ample of options to travel with our wide range of cheap airfares and offers to make your dream of traveling come true.

Top 5 Places Ideal to Say “I Do”

Friday, March 3rd, 2017

Life gives you ample of opportunities to celebrate myriad events that somewhere down the line requires to be celebrated in some unusual ways. There are a few that are once in a lifetime events and shall be celebrated in such a way, that you can cherish those moments for the rest of your lives with a sweet and peaceful smile on your face. Among these events, the wedding comes on the top when you tie the life knot with someone special and take vows to be a part of their lives in sickness and health, in good and bad and in every scenario that the fate puts in your path. Hence, it shall be celebrated in a manner that not only you two, but people who are attending the ceremony shall remember for a very long time and set your wedding as a benchmark to compare with others. Hence, here we are with a list of top 5 places ideal to say “I Do”:

  1. Belize City, Belize


One of the most promising getaway of the nation of Belize, nestled adjacent to the Caribbean shores, the pleasant city of Belize is something that is not a usual place to get married. However, if you have been through the pleasant shores and tranquilizing beach resorts of the city, you will understand why we have kept this place as a perfect wedding destination in our list. Featuring an abundant variety of settings such as the second largest barrier reef on earth, magnificent boardwalk, fascinating shores and remarkable resorts from all budget ranges, you can hardly think of any other place if you have been planning to get married. The airfare prices are almost similar to any other destination in the region, plus if you accept to live with some non-luxurious accommodation options, you can get some handsome deals to stay and prepare for The Day.

  1. Maui, Hawaii


Featuring volcanic islands, mesmerizing coastline, dazzling sunset and freshness that is hardly felt anywhere else around, Maui has been a popular choice for destination wedding. If you have been saving for a very long time for your wedding and have enough of savings, then Maui can be a heavenly place to speak your vows. The accommodation options may vary as per your budget and the date of your reservation whilst the settings can be dependent as per your requirements as there are plenty of organizers working to make the biggest day for a couple a wonderful experience for everyone in the premises.

  1. Anguilla, British Overseas Territory


Among the most amazingly beautiful, naturally rich and fantastically refreshing islands of the Caribbean region, Anguilla is a small yet pretty island, featuring ample of landscapes around the sandy coasts that makes a perfect place to set the aisle and dress up like a true gentleman/princess. With some of the finest resorts in the region and refreshing settings, you can enjoy your day of wedding with some great settings that are prepared by the wedding organizers in the nearby areas. The spending on the wedding here however can put a lot of toll on your pocket due to its huge demand among people as well as limited accessibility that makes transportation and supply costlier.

  1. Shannon, Ireland


If you are done with all the beaches and sandy floors and looking for a fairytale wedding experience in typical European style where you can dress-up like a princess and walk down the aisle set in a castle, Shannon in Ireland can be a place just for you. Featuring a variety of structures that have been standing here for centuries and have been offering the most opulent look with its vintage style of architecture, you can make your dream come true at a fair price. Wedding planners in Ireland have abundant of abandoned buildings that used to be the castle in early era and are now used as a wedding venue for people that like to make their wedding day the most memorable day of life.

  1. Udaipur, India


Indian may not sound as appealing at first place as other destinations mentioned above, but once you read the entire stuff, you will dream to hold your wedding events in this absolutely gorgeous part of the world. Udaipur, a small town in Rajasthan state of India is featured with abundant forts that are now turned into a hotspot for opulent weddings. Imagine your venue to be as grand as shown in many movies of medieval era with on a fort standing atop of a rocky mountain with loads of decorations and colors making the surroundings even more amazing. With some astounding arrangements and budget travel deals, you can make this happen at a decent price.

There are a number of other places that can also be considered as your option to have a perfect destination wedding with some romantic settings and ample of attributes that can be considered as a shining stars on the most important day of your lives. So, if you have been together for a very long time and have been into romantic travel with your love, here is a chance for you to make the auspicious day to be as grand as you wished it should be by considering SmartFares as your preferred travel partner and availing some amazing travel deals and offers available with us for a budget-friendly and astonishing getaway wedding ceremony.

Top 5 budget destinations to visit in April

Wednesday, March 1st, 2017

Traveling is more than just an activity for most of the people and those who tend to travel a lot, know the April is one of the finest times in the year when you can not only enjoy some panoramic views of nature and culture, but also get delighted by the wonderfully discounted travel deals. This month is ideal to plan a vacation as solo, with family or friends whilst keeping your travel budget within the limits. The month where the breeze of spring refresh you as well as sunny weather opens many opportunities to explore the outdoors whilst giving the opportunity to experience many galas across the world including the globally famous festival of Easter Sunday. Hence, we are here to give you some moral boost as well as ideas with our top 5 budget destinations to visit in April:

  1. New York City, New York

New York City

The star city of the United States as well as one of the most popular destinations of the world, New York is becomes more delightful to explore during the month of April when the central park blooms like heaven and outdoor attractions are easily accessible and enjoyable. Apart from all the outdoors, there are several attractions that becomes more charming and beautiful during this month and offer a completely different exposure. Travelers taking flights to New York City can have a superlative delight where most of the voyagers head towards the national parks and beaches to sooth themselves and the bustling streets of New York become less crowded and hotel reduces its tariffs to allure more tourists.

  1. Las Vegas, Nevada

Las vegas

April is one of the months that brings a different charm in the cityscape life of Las Vegas. Right before the scorching heat makes it difficult to explore this oasis in the middle of the deserts of the Nevada, April month gives a bunch of opportunities to get some amazing accommodation options as well as suitable weather conditions with more sunny hours and pleasant temperature in the outdoors. Visit to the marvelous attractions scattered all over the city or head to the casinos in the evening to feel the charm and charisma of this adorable and dazzling conurbation of the Nevada state. April month is also ideal to get some affordable flights to Las Vegas and enjoy a healthy vacation with the people you love before heading back to stressful life that becomes more miserable because of scorching heat of summers.

  1. New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans

April month is not famous for great weather conditions and shoulder travel season, but also has one of the most reputed and renowned festivals of all time Easter Sunday. And if you fond of parades and like to enjoy the festival in a traditional way, there is no better place in the Louisiana than New Orleans that is globally famous for its Easter Sunday Parades where many music bands and blimps increases the charm of sparkling celebration of Easter. Start your Easter Sunday with a remarkable parade procession from the Historic French Quarter Parade, heading towards Astor Crown Hotel to conclude the giant celebration of Easter. Besides all the parade, there are several galas and feasts organized by local communities to give a fruitful experience to voyagers taking flights to New Orleans from around the world.

  1. Lanzarote, Canary Islands


If you have been looking forward for a pleasant and charming beach vacation since the New Year and haven’t found an international destination within your budget to bring your family or better-half on a dreamy vacation, the taking flights to Lanzarote during April is a wise decision. The time when Canary Island enjoy shoulder tourism season with pleasant weather conditions as well as picturesque views of the North Atlantic Ocean. The year-round mild weather conditions have been giving the island city a heavenly view and people seeking some sand, sun and sea can find visiting Lanzarote a delightful experience and share the memorable moments with the people they love.

  1. Warsaw, Poland


As far as the Easter Sunday is concerned, there is no better place in the European region than Warsaw where you can get the supreme delight like Polish capital. A dazzling cityscape that compliments the festivities, Warsaw is something that itself is a gala to experience. With its decent lifestyle and alluring range of cultural and historic attractions, you can instantly fall in love with this captivating city. Despite the peak festive season, finding cheap flights to Lanzarote is easy in for the month of April as tourists tend to explore destinations that are much more into adventure and have scenic natural bliss instead of cultural cityscape.

The opportunities and options to explore the world are endless and all you require to live your passion is to stop thinking and start making decisions by beginning to finalize your dates and packing your bags. The, all that is left now is to consider the services of SmartFares and booking your flight tickets at discounted airfares to make a well-planned and enjoyable vacation to your dream destination. So, if you are inspired by what you read above or have ideas to share about your vacation plans this April, feel free to drop your views in the comment section below. Till then, happy traveling!

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