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Archive for February, 2017

Places to Explore Natural Bliss during Spring Season

Thursday, February 23rd, 2017

Spring season is the time when you can come across many marvels that nature creates around us and offer the heavenly sights of some of the purest and cleanest hues created by the combination of two or more elements. Hence, this season is often considered the best to enjoy family escapes and people across the North America feel the bliss of nature whilst stepping out of the house. So, if you too have been thinking a lot lately to plan an escape with the people you love to experience and capture some of the most awesome sights of nature’s magic, here we are with some astonishing places to explore natural bliss during the spring season:

  1. Grand Canyon, Arizona

Grand Canyon, Arizona

Exploring regions that are full of waterbodies, huge rocks, spectacular view of sunsets, interesting variety of flora and fauna is something that is not so easy to be found. Hence, Grand Canyon becomes a place to experience the same with a lot more than said above. A striking spring getaway option, nestled in the natural lands of the Arizona is something that is quite a serene experience to have on a vacation with family and friends whilst getting delighted by endless of other adventures and activities. Go for hiking, biking, camping or enjoy a stay at not in a five star, but under billion stars whilst admiring the freshness and purity of the Mother Nature.

  1. Maui, Hawaii

Maui Hawaii

Hawaii have always been a thriving delight to enjoy with the people you love whilst getting drenched in the freshness and purity of Mother Nature, surrounded by a vast stretch of volcanic islands, wide variety of waterfalls, beaches, rocks, mountains, forests, flora, fauna and more. Visiting Maui during the spring season gives you a lot of different experiences comprising fewer crowd, more majestic views of the ocean and the skies, fascinating freshness in the natural areas, remarkable range of spring travel deals and more to enjoy a fabulous and pocket-friendly getaway with the people you love to the blissful lands of Maui.

  1. Palm Springs, California

Palm Springs

A city located in between the picturesque lands of the Southern California, the oasis of Sonoran Desert, Palm Springs makes one of the finest places to enjoy the spring vacations with family and friends whilst featuring an abundant variety of astonishing landscapes, palm trees around the boulevards, striking mountains in the surroundings, remarkable accommodation options and natural freshness that can be experienced only a certain number of places. Visiting Palm Springs during the spring season will help you to avoid the huge crowd of winters as well as give your body to adjust against forthcoming summer season with some mild climate conditions and exquisite pampering.

  1. Yosemite National Park, California

Yosemite National Park

Planning a vacation in Yosemite National Park, California have been one of the finest experiences you can ever come across whilst enjoying spring breaks with family and friends. One of the finest and most visited National parks of the United States, Yosemite National Park shares a heavy amount of diversity of natural elements comprising high-lands, plains, waterbodies, clear skies, flora, fauna, landscape views and more that have been a prominent reason of travelers taking spring travel deals to Yosemite with their family and friends and admiring the thriving beauty of the Mother Nature.

  1. Lake Placid, New York

Lake Placid

If you have been through all the cliché destinations so far and looking to enjoy a little more chills of winters, you should start preparing yourself to enjoy some awesome Alpine vacations, filled with a whole different level of natural bliss and an astonishing variety of adventures. To give you such a fantastic experience, Lake Placid is here to make your spring breaks much more cheerful and enjoyable. Featuring a fabulous range of slopes, Alps, resorts, snowcaps, frozen lakes and more, Lake Placid is one of the finest options to enjoy spring breaks in a different manner. No matter whether you like dwelling alone in the feet-deep snow or have a tendency to witness the strength of gravity, Lake Placid will  not only offer you all the wonderful and desired experiences, but also offer a wonderful range of spring travel deals before the Alps get closed due to upcoming summer season.

Although, there are thousands of other places that are globally renowned for being full of natural bliss and purity that hasn’t been explored by thousands of travelers and you can come across plenty of better options if you have sorted your preferences and budget as per your requirements. Hence, if you have been thinking to make a refreshing escapes to the depth of natural bliss during this spring season, all you need now is to consider SmartFares as your preferred travel partner and you can access our wide variety of offers on spring travel deals.

Festivals Not to Miss in 2017

Tuesday, February 21st, 2017

It is often said by many travelers that if you like to understand the culture and lifestyle of a particular destination, you must join their festivals. Festivals are the greatest way to understand not only the culture, but the local lifestyle, behavior and hospitality of the natives. Hence, it is often considered equally important to explore the city during the perfect weather conditions as well as when a festival is coming up. In case, you have been planning to explore the finest destinations of the world, here are the best festivals you should not miss in 2017 whilst planning your trip to either of the destination:

  1. Carnival of Venice

Carnival of Venice

Renowned by many names like Venice Carnival, Carnevale di Venezia and Carnival of Venice, this festival is one of the most exquisitely amazing and popular European festival, organized every year between February 11 and 28. A day when people across the city stroll around wearing the attire which used to be worn by natives in 18th century as well as masks that have been a highlight over the internet for past a few years. Join this incredible festival of Italy to have a trip to the history of the city whilst joining people in the celebration and enjoying wide variety of dishes and potations served in myriad feasts and parties. Also, you can have a pleasant view of the decorated city and local areas that are far away from the major highlights.

  1. Holi


One of the biggest festivals of the broad nation of India, Holi is the symbol of happiness showed into dynamic colors. A day when the entire nation soak itself into vibrant colors, water splashes and more, you can’t differentiate people from their attire. A day that has recently become a symbol of religious harmony and celebrated by all religions with equal zeal, you can have a striking getaway experience whilst mixing with others and enjoying the festival without any partition of color, gender, society, religion, wealth or nationality. Widely celebrated in metro cities as well as remote regions including Delhi, Mumbai, Amritsar, Kolkata, Chennai and more, you can be a part of this festival wherever you are in India.

  1. Snowbombing


An exquisitely amazing cultural festival that initially recognized as a snow adventure sport gathering in Austria, has now become one of the finest music and sport events in the European continent. Celebrated every year between April 3 and 8, this exquisite festival is organized in Mayrhofen and comprises wonderful snow sport events in the day time and getting delighted by the electrifying music in the night. Every year, if not millions, thousands of snow sports lovers and experts take flights to Innsbruck, which is the nearest airport from this ski resort, in order to enjoy the bewitching acts and jaw-dropping performances.

  1. Tomorrowland


Probably one of the most desired festivals in the Europe, celebrated for 10 days between July 21 and 30 every year in Belgium, Tomorrowland is a combination of music and arts where musicians and artists from around the world gather here in Boom, Berlin and enjoy a packed schedule of performances and exhibitions prepared by worldwide artists that have been renowned in their region as well as the rest of the world. Finding flights to Belgium especially Boom during this season is really a tough job and those who like to attend such event with different genres of music shall book their flights well in advance.

  1. Oktoberfest


Take flights to Munich Germany between September 16 and October 3 if you have been over all the galas and performances and looking for some high-spirited celebration filled with booze, cakes, waffles and more. A fantasy for all beer lovers in the world, Oktoberfest is one of the finest cultural festival that gives an exciting opportunity to be a part of a community during such a shoulder period of the year where all you have to do is eat, drink and enjoy the music. A festival that has brought the existence of Munich in world map a few decades ago, Oktoberfest is something that everyone should experience for once in their life.

There hundreds if not thousands of festivals celebrated every year throughout the world and those who have been exploring the culture, lifestyle, heritage, ancient values, religious harmony and much more on their journeys, shall explore these fantastic events to broaden their way of thinking. So, if you too would like to attend these festivals some day in future, then all you need now is plan your trip and book your flights with SmartFares to avail some handsome discounts over discounted tickets.

How to Save Money While Shopping Abroad

Friday, February 17th, 2017

While traveling, we come across many experiences. Some of them are worth remembering whilst others haunt us for a very long time due to our decisions that could have been better. One of the reasons that makes a happening trip into a tragic experience is traveling while shopping abroad. There are tons of destinations around the world that are extremely gorgeous in sightseeing and furnished with abundant variety of markets and malls. These kind of destinations are often visited by people who like shopping and buy a lot of stuff as a remembrance for their vacation in the respective destination. To save you from the trouble and give a universal question of “how to save money while shopping abroad”, we have come up with a few simple tips that will allow you to keep your budget on and stop you from spending a lot:

shutterstock_274223285 (1)

  1. Prepare a list

Always prepare a list before you step out of your home or hotel in abroad. It is essential to keep your preferences sorted and help you to reach your destination without wasting a lot of precious time. This way, you can not only keep the essential buys in mind and check before leaving your destination, but also keep a track on your spending by making a list and having an estimated expenditure which allows to keep your budget toned while you are in a city or island away from home. This way, you can also resist yourself in buying things that look fabulous and appealing while shopping but have no relevance at all to keep for a long time. Also, you can keep up with your budget and save a little extra while keeping your requirements in mind and not to checking out things that are not in priority list of your shopping.

  1. Learn how to bargain

There are an abundant number of destinations such as India, Morocco, Thailand and Egypt that are furnished with a fine variety of markets and shops that allows you to bargain. Bargaining is often considered to be the right of a customer in many countries and customer can always check at other shops before buying the stuff finally while comparing the difference and asking some extra concession against student ID and tourist discounts. Also, learning about the conversion cost of currency and knowing the price in local currency helps to bargain a bit extra to waive off the extra imposed currency conversion charges that are often remain hidden from the seller. A quick research in the market and knowing the estimated price of what you are about to purchase from a friend or known person also helps to determine the cost of the good and bargain against the shopkeeper.

  1. Shop away from the prominent attractions

Shops and marketplaces nearby a prominent attraction of a respective destination are considered a big NO among professional travelers who like to collect souvenirs and go for shopping. These marketplaces are often works on a fundamental of keeping customers in an illusion of high-quality stuff at an attractive price. However, if you travel down to the local marketplaces and malls of the city, you will find the prices way cheaper than the shops selling the same thing nearby an attraction or landmark. These shopkeepers tend to keep the price tags higher than the original cost and use cheesy language to sell their goods on hefty profit. In case, you are at a destination where there is no other place to shop a particular thing than nearby markets, then always check the price from different shops before heading towards the final purchase. Also, try to bargain to know the nearby value of the thing and anticipate the situation. If you still feel like not buying the thing, you can always walk-out from the shop/outlet.

  1. Know when to stop

The best way to keep a tab on anything you do is knowing when to stop. There are times when you either exceed your regular traveling budget while shopping something much more interesting and end-up having nothing reserve in pocket for emergency situation. Also, monitoring the weight of the stuff you are buying and type of thing as per the airline’s parameters will help you to stop paying excess baggage fee or leaving the thing at the airport during the security check. In case, you find something will cost you way more than your budget allows you, it is best to keep the thing on hold for a while and look for alternatives such as another trip or finding stuff that you will no longer need in your luggage before leaving for home.

  1. Discount Cash Cards

There are plenty of destinations such as Dublin where tourists can get discount cash card that allows them to avail discounts on purchases from authentic shops. These cash cards also allows you to keep a monitor on your purchases and help you to stop whenever you go beyond your limit. Buying such cards will only cost you a nominal fee (starting from $10) and help you to recharge your card using your credit or debit cards. These kind of cards also help to save a lot on currency exchange fees as all the transactions and conversions go through the bank and the valid conversion fee is imposed during your recharge.

There are tons of other ways through which you can keep your budget in limit even before leaving your living room such as booking cheap flights and finding affordable accommodations. Also, shopping from duty-free zones and buying locally produced items that can cost you way less than the usual, things that can attract custom duty fee and more. So, if you like exploring new places and have a hobby to shop wherever you go, all you must be worried about is saving some good amount on your travel expenses. And to help you saving more, SmartFares is at your service to give you access to some amazingly discounted travel deals and offers available on our website.

Top 5 Historical Sites in Greece

Wednesday, February 15th, 2017

Greece, the ancient world with a hue of urbanization, is one of the most spectacularly amazing and splendid regions of the world, nestled on the shores of the Aegean Sea and Ionian Sea, is the home of one of the oldest civilization on the planet. Often considered as the earthly home of god Zeus, Greece is one of the most exquisitely beautiful and historically rich countries, featuring many relics from the ancient world. Hence, visiting here and exploring these pleasant sites is a delight that can never be described in words. So, here we are with some wonderful and extremely relevant places in the ancient country of Greece that you must visit once you get off from the flights to Greece:

  1. Acropolis, Athens

Acropolis, Athens

Nestled on the rocky elevated region of the city of Athens, this striking ancient site is a complex, built in the surroundings of an ancient citadel, giving a hint of spectacular architecture, creativity and historical relevance of this region. With an anticipated date of building in 440BC, this remarkable architecture is something that you must not miss to visit. Featuring open-air market areas, complex full of gates, giant chunks of stones, pillars and carvings that shows the artistry of the architectures back then. Now a part of ancient face of Greece, Acropolis is probably the most visited site in the country and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, holding much more than just beautiful views of surrounding.

  1. Olympia Stadion, Olympia

Olympia Stadion, Olympia

One of the most incredible places to find the ancient ruins in the magnificent nation of Greece, Olympia is one of the legendary sites existing on earth. As depicted by the name, Olympia is the birth place of Olympics as we know in today’s world where as per the legends the first and finest Olympic tournaments took place in these very grounds under the surveillance of Zeus and Hera in 8th century BC. At present, the site is an Archaeological Museum site and featured with abundant variety of remarkable places including practice arenas, seating areas, temple of Zeus and more that have been giving the basic idea of legendary sports took place in that era.

  1. Ancient City of Corinth

Ancient City of Corinth

Less than 50 miles away from the capital Athens, the fantastic and amazing ancient city of Corinth is one of the most beautiful, preserved and picturesque attractions of the country, once used to the home of genius people who were the solution of all the issues faced by the locals and pioneers of sea trade in the country. Occupying both spiritual and religious significance in the heritage of Greece, this site is full of ruins and preserved areas as well as museums that are rich in its exhibitions and feature many untold stories in the books we read about the ancient Greece. Visiting the bewitching temple of Octavia, Temple of Aphrodite and Archaeological Museum of Ancient Corinth will unveil many stories that are existing among locals as well as expert travelers for years.

  1. Cave of the Apocalypse

Cave of the Apocalypse

Located on the bewitching mountains of Aegean Island, the enthralling site of the Cave of the Apocalypse is something that is beyond anyone’s imagination. Featuring abundant variety of ruins, leftovers, relics from ancient history and a cave system that has been here existing for millenniums is site that is hard to describe in words. A remembrance of the incident when St. John of Patmos got his vision as recorded in the “Book of Revelation” is a significant site in the historical books describing the legends of Greece. At present, the cave is a UNESCO World Heritage Site combining a museum as well as the Monastery of Saint John the Theologian.

  1. Delphi


One of the top 3 famous historical sites of the Greece, Delphi is a renowned ancient sanctuary that was once considered as the “navel” or the center of the earth as per the Greek legends. Once the seat of the Oracle is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is a complete compound that is featuring many ruin traces of a Greek City with large chunks of rocks, architectures and more. Being located in the surroundings of mountains and valleys, the place gives a pleasant view from the grounds as well as peaks. There have been many claims of finding relics from the ancient world including the temple of Apollo, chains, treasures and more that have fainted from the existence as time passed by.

There are several other historical sites within the capital Athens as well in myriad parts of the mainland and islands that may take a lot of time to explore and hard to visit in just one trip. So, if you have been frequent in taking flights to Greece and planning to visit here over and over again to understand the ancient past of the country as well as soak into the natural delight of the nation, then all you need now is to consider SmartFares as your preferred travel partner and you can save huge on your travel expenses by using our variety of travel deals and offers available online.

Best Photogenic Destinations in March

Thursday, February 9th, 2017

When the passion for photography mixes with the zeal towards traveling, the output will always come out something that can make people say “WOW!” and bow before you to show them a fascinating view of interpretation. Hence, every year, thousands of travelers explore vivid parts of the world in search of something new, different, exciting and inspirational. In case, you too like traveling and capturing some quality moments in your camera, we are here to provide you not only cheap flights, but also, some ideas that will help you to hunt down your next location with some outstanding results. So, here are the finest and best photogenic destinations that are fabulous to visit and polish your photography skills in the month of March:

  1. Glacier National Park, Montana

Glacier National Park, Montana

A combination of mountains, valleys, waterbodies and picturesque plains is a perfect thing to capture almost everything nature have inherited to us. Hence, Glacier National Park in Montana is something that is considered beyond awesome by worldwide photographers. Often considered as the southern extension of Canadian Rockies, this spectacular Glacier area is something that is not perfect to capture some of the magnificent pictures, but also gives a keen eye to find something different and inspiration in the depth of nature. With its variety of landscapes, the variety of flora and fauna comes automatically. Catch grizzly bears in action at the wilderness of the national park or have a cute picture of goats around the scooped lakes.

  1. Baja California Sur, Mexico

Baja California Sur, Mexico

Baja California is the home of many attributes that are rare to be found together anywhere else in the world. Featuring many spectacular ruins of colonial towns as well as underwater fauna off the coasts, you can enjoy every bit staying in Baja California Sur whilst capturing some of the finest moments of people admiring and exploring the tremendous architectural marvels and ruins that have been there existing for decades. Head your way to the coastal area and hop on to a boat to enjoy some of the most dazzling and indescribable moments whilst keeping your click timing perfect and capturing the biggest mammals on the planet in action. The shores of Baja California Sur are featured with whales and sharks that often leave people stunned by their huge size and acrobats of popping out of the ocean.

  1. Yosemite Valley, California

Yosemite Valley, California

Nestled in the northern California at the west of Sierra Nevada Mountains, the exquisitely amazing glacier valley of Yosemite is something that is beyond expression. With clear skies, fascinating mountains, exhilarating plains, waterbodies, myriad flora, abundant fauna and refreshing air, you will stop thinking about any stress of your life and begin to imagine your world filled with happiness. Capture some of the finest moments including special shaped clouds over the mountain, hues of sunrise and sunset on the horizon, sun rays coming from between mountains and more whilst feeling a lot of refreshed and happy strolling around the plains and exploring more beauty of nature in Yosemite Valley.

  1. San Juan Mountains, Colorado

San Juan Mountains, Colorado

With a small gaze of San Juan Mountains, you will not believe that you are in Colorado. A small mountain valley that is often considered as the Switzerland of America, San Juan Mountain valley is one of the most visited, captured and refreshing getaway options in the American region, known for its spectacularly amazing natural bliss and outstanding array of landscapes. Comprising lakes, falls, mountains, rocks, plains and more, this region is something that is beyond any word or expression. Hence, many marvelous and international nature photographers have found their masterpieces here and have outshined others in their era with a keen eye of beauty and exquisite luck.

  1. Sunset Beach, Hawaii

Sunset Beach, Hawaii

If you are done traveling the mountains and valleys and looking for something more sandy and wet, you must head towards the Sunset beach of Hawaii. One of the biggest attractions of the state of Hawaii, Sunset beach is among a few finest sunset points in the world, known for being a romantic getaway option for couples taking flights to Hawaii and enjoying its outstanding accommodation. However, those who have held cameras in their neck and have a keen eye of creativity considered visiting this beach otherwise. Featuring a horizon that gives the most spectacular and magical moments almost daily where the refreshing breeze touches your skin and give shivers, strong waves clashing against the rock and sun leaving the sky in different colors during the dawn is the ideal time to capture the artistry of the nature and get some quality moments on canvas that depicts how genius magician Mother Nature is.

There are tons of other places that are proven to be the heaven for photographers, depending on their taste, genre, forte and other factors. So, if you have been planning to step out of your comfort zone and capture some of the masterpieces of your own collection, then here is a chance for you to get the opportunity whilst keeping your pocket safe as SmartFares offer some outstanding travel deals and offers on cheap flights to make you achieve your dreams.

Worldwide Destinations to Explore with Family this President Day

Monday, February 6th, 2017

Presidents Day, an auspicious day when the entire United States enjoys the birthday of first Presidents of the country George Washington and have a blast celebrating an extended weekend in many ways is one of the greatest opportunities to enjoy traveling and explore a fine variety of destinations across the world. In case, you have been thinking to do something different this year and instead of sitting at home like a duck, like to explore new destinations on the earth’s plateau, you should stop thinking and begin to select a perfect place for a family vacation away from home. Following are the best options that are great to explore this year on Presidents Day and explore different attributes of the most famous and exquisite destinations around the world:

  1. Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

Exploring a national park on the weekend of Presidents Day is something that is really affordable on your pocket as well as offer a spellbinding experience due to the extraordinary weather conditions and the fact that most of the national parks open free entry on the President’s Day weekend. This year, experience the pleasure of refreshing landscapes, astounding flora, tremendous variety of fauna and a lot more whilst strolling around the rocks and exploring some of the finest trails across the canyon, designed naturally and giving various difficulty levels as per your expertise.

  1. Zermatt, Switzerland

Zermatt, Switzerland

Located at the southern part of the Switzerland, the striking and alluring ski destination of the country, Zermatt is ideal to visit on the Presidents Day with family. It has become a tradition these days that a Presidents Day without skiing trip is incomplete. So, enjoy the spellbinding valleys, slopes and Alps of Switzerland whilst exploring new heights of adventure and natural beauty whilst testing your skiing skills as well as getting indulged in myriad ice and snow sports. The accommodation options here are really astonishing as well as budget-friendly. Due to high season around Presidents Day, you must book well in advance to enjoy the best of your skiing holidays in Switzerland.

  1. Washington D.C.

Washington D.C.

What could be a better place to enjoy the birthday of the first presidents of the United States than the home of President itself? Washington becomes a beacon for travelers on the day of Presidents Day where you can not only participate in myriad events, but also go to the Presidency Exhibition at American History Museum as well as visit some of the finest galleries spread across the capital. Attend the remarkable parade of George Washington as well have a delight of being a part of Abraham Lincoln’s birthday celebration. Stroll across the capitol and be a part of various galas organized by private organizations to ensure a wonderful experience for locals as well as global tourists taking cheap President’s Day flight deals.

  1. Panama City, Panama

Panama City, Panama

If you are done with all the winters and looking for some warm options where you can ooze out your daily stress as well as party hard, you should consider visiting Panama City. A spectacular city nestled on the Gulf of Panama that offers a spectacular variety of attributes to give you a thriving and captivating getaway with a variety of budget as well as opulent accommodation options. Explore the capital of the Latin American city on the Presidents Day with the people you love and get some extra tanning to show off at work next day. Visiting Panama will also cost you a little as well as save a lot of time that can be utilized partying at the beaches and exploring the rawness of nature in the capital of Panama.

  1. Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada

If you like to stop doing what every third person will be doing on the Presidents Day and looking towards something extraordinary, then all you should do is search for Presidents Day flight deals for Las Vegas. The sin city that have been a magnificent place to explore round-the-year with unpredictable events and galas in the prominent locations of the Oasis is the place just for you if all you need to do is pamper yourself and family with some classy accommodation options, gourmet delights, parties, events and more. Las Vegas is one of the finest options considering the weather conditions that makes it even more spectacular to explore around Presidents Day.

There are dozens of other places around the world that are considered to be a great option to visit on Presidents Day. So, if you have been doing your research for quite some time and haven’t found any great deal to make your dream escape this long weekend, just consider SmartFares as your preferred travel partner and you are all set to save a fortune with our spellbinding cheap President’s Day flight deals.

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