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Archive for January, 2017

Top 5 European Destinations for Food Lovers

Tuesday, January 31st, 2017

Europe is a vast continent and have been featured with myriad cultural, natural and social attributes, which have been making this part of the world quite astounding and versatile. With attractions comprising historical sites, coral reefs, flora, fauna, wilderness, architecture, art, culture and more, finding your interest in the Europe won’t be a big hassle. In case, you like to savor your taste buds instead of eyes and soul, you are basically a foodie and love to explore more destinations that serve a breathtaking variety of gourmet rather than history and other earthly beauties. In case, you have been discovering places around the world and exploring their culture by its gourmet, here we are with the top 5 European destinations for food lovers that will give you the most memorable and enjoyable getaway of your life:

  1. Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark

The Danish capital have always been perceived as a place for romance, medieval architecture and gothic constructions. However, those who have been exploring the roots of Europe to find better tastes and flavors have perceived it otherwise. Featuring abundant variety of gourmet and cultural dishes, Copenhagen makes an ideal place to enjoy in the Europe if you tend to try different flavors and tastes. While you are in Copenhagen, do not forget to try Smorrebrod, Hotdogs, Grod, Raspberry Bars, Brod, Danish Coffee, Smoked Creamcheese, Wild Asparagus, Seared Scallops, Steak and chips and many more dishes, giving the hint of artistic innovation of flavors and fantastic use of different gourmets to bring forth a magnificent gourmet delicacy.

  1. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic

The Czech capital and one of the most romantic getaways on earth, Prague is not only perfect to explore the remarkable waterways and Gothic architectures, when you are a foodie, you will explore the city otherwise. Respecting the cultural ways of cooking and usage of spices, Prague’s food itself is gothic and enjoyable. In recent years, after witnessing huge tourism, the restaurants have come forth to provide and serve with many magnificent gourmet delicacies and have been serving with many remarkable and innovative dishes rooted from the culture, yet have world-class fan following. When you are in Prague, don’t forget to taste Palacinky, Grilovane Klobasy, Knedliky, Smazeny Syr, Gulas, Chlebicky, Trdelnik and more that have been giving the beauty of Czech Republic with the flavors to match world class gourmet styles.

  1. Paris, France

Paris, France

One of the most famous and visited destinations of the Europe where tourists tend to enjoy Bed and Breakfast before anything else, Paris is among the most splendid and versatile destinations in the continent when it comes to food. If you are a true foodie, all you need to do is follow your nose (metaphorically) and get going to hunt some of the most exotic restaurants and food joints all over the city. The spectacular use of flavors and aroma are the specialty of French culinary and you will find tasting Steak frites, Lemon tart, Chocolate and pistachio escargot, Falafel, Eclairs, Roasted chicken and fries, Financier, Bloody Mary and many more dishes that have been giving couples a heavenly experience whilst being in the love capital of the world.

  1. Florence, Italy

Florence, Italy

The capital of Tuscany Region of Italy, Florence have been emerging as one of the most prominent gourmet hubs of the Europe. With gastronomy based on fresh food and grilling techniques, you can have the most pounding courses of your life whilst savoring on a nutritious and protein prone dishes. With a variety of breads, bean-based soups, grilled meats, fresh juices and more, you can have the most thriving food traveling experience in the region. Home to Renaissance Art and culture, Florence has been giving a fantastic experience to foodies. While you are in Florence, you must try Schiacciata, Cantucci, Zuppa di fagioli, Panzanella, Gelato, Ribollita Pappardelle, Bistecca alla Fiorentina, Lampredotto and many more dishes that have been prepared in traditional manner and offering a spellbinding variety of flavors and aromas to savor your taste buds.

  1. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain

Last but not the least, the cultural capital of the Spain, Barcelona have been renowned for many reasons. Offering a wide variety of attractions along with zealous lifestyle and gracious hospitality, Barcelona is also a fantastic gourmet hub in the country. Each year, thousands of travelers take flights to Barcelona from around the world to explore myriad scenes of the city especially the sightseeing, nightlife and gourmet. With a combination of protein, Sea Food, beans, herbs and more, Spanish food is really delightful when tasted at Barcelona. When you are in Barcelona, do not forget to try Tapas, Tortilla Espanola, Paella, Gazpacho, Crema Catalana, Gambas Ajillo, Queso Manchego, Allioli, Jamon Iberico and a few more dishes that have been a spectacular experience for many food lovers visiting Barcelona.

Exploring Europe with an eye of a foodie will be one of the most splendid and unique experiences you may ever have whilst savoring on the most spellbinding and world renowned gourmet styles. So, if you have been planning a voyage with your family and friends to the most exotic locations of the Europe to taste some of the finest dishes, then book cheap flights from Smartfares right now and save great amount of money with our wide variety of travel deals and offers available online.

How Traveling Improves One Personality

Friday, January 27th, 2017

Many thinkers who have been giving us the enlightenment from the beginning of our birth have been exploring the world and learning new lessons from the incidents happened with them while traveling. Often mentioned by the Buddhist monks that the fate of a traveler is always higher than an emperor is somehow true as the emperor can never learn something beyond his reach whereas traveler has no limits. If you have been planning for a very long time to get going and exploring the world, there are certain things that will help you motivate yourself to become a traveler and moreover to be a wiser person than before. Following are a few points that will clear the question about how traveling improves one’s personality:

  1. Traveling teaches you to be humble


In our daily life, when we all remain surrounded with same old people with similar behavior throughout the life makes us sometimes agitated or on the edge that may end-up making you short-tempered. However, once you start traveling, you will come across many occasion where you will observe by yourself that you have increased your patience level and have been taking things in sporting way which eventually helps to make you more humble to the people in your surroundings. Traveling across various destinations offers many significant lessons that can only be learnt by having a practical experience. Hence, when you begin to travel, you will understand the relevance of being humble to everyone.

  1. Traveling broadens your mind and thinking process


As we visit to destinations that follow different cultures, rituals or have different landscapes, it will help you realize the actions and decisions taken in the past and offer you a wisdom to tackle the things in different way. Traveling also helps to become more creative by witnessing new things and processing the rituals and cultures by their relevance which eventually helps to increase the understandability and give an eye to see thing differently. A broaden mind is the key to wisdom and that can only be achieved when you get as much experience as you can by exploring different landscapes, aspects and cultures across the world.

  1. Traveling shows you the value of life


The life we live these days are meant to be only to earn bread and butter and remain stuck at one place for the rest of our lives. However, the world is immensely big and those who are not exploring it may not understand about the different hues this blue planet possess. By understanding about the ups and downs faced by other people in different parts of the world, you can connect more deeply with the people around you and learn some more valuable lessons that are not possible to understand while sitting at your office or in front of your television. Visit the tribes of various parts of the world to learn about not only their lifestyle, but also the purity of cultures that can give you many valuable lessons of tackling difficulties in life.

  1. Traveling teaches you to conquer your fears


A very important and trending feature of traveling is to conquer your fears. People from around the world tend to explore new exciting adventures in various parts of the world. From snorkeling to skydiving, bungee jumping, river rafting, hiking, climbing and more, the activities will help you to break out from the elements you fear the most and face the challenge. This way, you can not only discover different dimensions of adventure and excitement, but also learn new ways to understand how to face a situation when all the odds are against you. As per many studies, when you are in the company of people specialized in some activity, it becomes easy to tackle your problem and come up with the ways that help you stay strong and face the situation head-on.

  1. Traveling teaches you the ways to solve your problems


There are times when you are traveling alone or with people who are dependent on you and face some issues that need to be resolved at earliest. During those period when you have no way to chicken out of the issue, you will learn new and effective ways to tackle the situations and come up with the plan that will help you improvise on the spot and practice many groundbreaking thought process. As per many studies, students who have traveled a lot are found more effective in facing new and complicated problems than the people who have been studying the same subject for a very long time. A different perspective developed from traveling have helped students to solve the complex issues in their studies as well as in life to become a much better and wiser person.

Traveling is one of those experiences that can never be earned whilst staying put at the study room or in the library while reading on other’s experiences and learning new lessons. Hence, traveling have become a new trending options for students across the world to become a much wiser and improved person in life to reach out and become a creative and successful person in profession as well as personal life. So, if you have deferred the travel plans for some reasons till now and have found traveling inspirational enough to give it a go, book your cheap flight deals from SmartFares this moment and enjoy exploring the world and yourself by learning new lessons every moment of your life.

Last Minute Romantic Getaway Destinations

Wednesday, January 25th, 2017

Valentine’s Day is only around a couple of weeks away from now and you might be wondering about your travel plans with your girlfriend, wife or fiancé. In case, you have missed booking your travel deals till now, no need to sweat in fear or stress as we are here to help you out with the most fantastic and exquisite variety of romantic getaway destinations that are still accessible if you make a tad rush and book our romantic travel deals. Following are the best options that are not only available on the last moment, but are also pocket-friendly and have the dreamiest essence that are essential for a Valentine’s Day Romantic getaway:

  1. Hawaii


We often hear that Hawaii is one of the most expensive getaway destinations to enjoy with your love and most of the time the fact is true. However, if you are a smart traveler with abundant amount of luck in your hands, you can make your way to Hawaii without losing a good fortune while planning a couple vacation. Due to last minute cancellations in hotels and flights, there are possibilities that you may lay your hands on the most spellbinding romantic travel deals and offers available for the special and romantic season of Valentine’s Day. Discover the superb volcanic islands with a marvelous range of landscapes and views of horizon to give a dreamy and magical getaway experience at the volcanic archipelago of Hawaii.

  1. Miami


Miami, a wonderful and dynamic getaway destination at the coastal region of Florida is something that may not pop-up into your head while planning a couple vacation. Often misperceived as a destination to be enjoyed with friends and groups, Miami makes a great value-for-money vacation spot for couples. Enjoy having a nice dining experience at the romantic bars and restaurants on the boardwalk or head your way to downtown for a flashy, delicious and fresh meal with dynamic settings. Get delighted by the resort suits that offer great romantic travel deals during the season of Valentine’s Day for couples and offer an incredible hospitality experience with loads of theme essence.

  1. New York City

New York City

When the entire gentry is heading their way to the dreamy lands of Paris, Milan, Las Vegas and more, the city of New York remain stranded and you can easily lay your hands on the most spellbinding suits and hotel deals along with cheap flight deals to New York without breaking a sweat. Explore a variety of over a thousand attractions whilst discovering the romance and love in your life by strolling around the central park and witnessing the bewitching sunrise from the boardwalk of New York City. Taste some of the most amazing gourmets from around the world at budget as well as delicious eateries of the New York available at just a swing away in every part of the city or discover the history, art and culture of the world by exploring many museums and galleries in Big Apple.

  1. Bar Harbor

Bar Harbor

Nestled on the shores of Hancock County of Maine State, the archipelago town of Bar Harbor is something that is most of the people are still unaware. Featuring many private islands that remain open during the season of Valentine’s Day for an anticipated visit by the couples, these islands are really affordable as well as available on the last minute due to less popularity and limited connectivity from the mainland. With a variety of bars, hotels, resorts and more, Bar Harbor can become a great option for you to make a last minute getaway on Valentine’s Day. All you need is to get some romantic travel deals to head your way to Hancock County and you are all set for a dreamy and quite vacation with your love.

  1. Palm Springs

Palm Springs

A celebrity destination next to Los Angeles in California, Palm Spring have been a popular choice with tad higher budget as compared to other destinations mentioned above. Yet, if you have been waiting too long or missed the opportunity to book budget travel deals for Valentine’s Day Getaway, you might require to pay a little extra just for the sake of your love. However, even if you feel like paying extra at first place, you will love the hospitality and décor of this superlative Californian city that has so much to offer. With opulent options of accommodation, proximity to green plains and Salton Lake, you can enjoy not only the weekend, but an entire vacation planned with your love. Savor on some of the most awesome Mediterranean dishes and enjoy the settings that will make you fall in love with each other once again.

There are tons of other places that can be your destination during the romantic season of Valentine’s Day. However, if you haven’t booked your travel plans till now and looking for some options to make a last minute getaway, all you need to do is fix on a destination that can be available at the last hours and consider SmartFares as your preferred travel partner to get some of the budget-friendly romantic travel deals available online for an affordable couple vacation.

Best Asian Destinations for Vacations in February

Friday, January 20th, 2017

February is the month when we all try to ditch the chilling weather and either stay at home or head to the south whilst ignoring the fact that there are many other regions around the world that offers a spellbinding and enjoyable weather conditions for a joyful family getaway. If you have been looking for places alike, you must try heading towards Asian continent that is featured with many impeccable beach destinations, landlocked cities, cultural getaways and more. So, here we are, giving you a fabulous range of destinations that are not only cheerful to visit, but also are available to reach through cheap flights:

  1. Siem Reap, Cambodia

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Home of one of the biggest ancient complexes of the world Angkor Wat, Siem Reap is one of the finest and most visited destinations of Southeast Asia. Nestled on the shores of Tonle Sap Lake, this city was the seat of Khmer Dynasty between 9th and 15th century and has become one of the hot favorite places on earth after being featured in Angelina Jolie’s Tomb Raider. With many relics from the past like Angkor Wat, you can enjoy the outskirts of the city and stroll around the cultural capital of Cambodia whilst admiring the picturesque weather conditions and astounding cultural diversity living together with harmony in Cambodia.

  1. Pattaya, Thailand

Pattaya, Thailand

A promising resort destination of Thailand located at the eastern Gulf coasts of the country, Pattaya is a great getaway destination, best known for its year-round pleasant weather conditions and world-class hospitality. Often misperceived as an expensive getaway in the Asian continent, Pattaya has been receiving thousands of travelers every month from around the world and offering them a wide variety of attractions along with opulent hospitality. Once used to be a fishing village, the city has transformed into a world-class destination in recent years and now has become a favorite place to add in travel bucket list of worldwide travelers, Pattaya sure knows how to woo people visiting here and offer them not only a fabulous beach extravaganza, but a wide variety of cultural essence in the form of art, culinary, markets and more.

  1. Singapore


When we speak of Asian tourism and not including Singapore, the list will always remain incomplete. The Asian Island country, best known for being jack of all trades, Singapore have been one of the most thriving getaway options in the region, offering great views of oceans, hiking trails, city extravaganza, nightlife, cultural aspects and a lot more. With year-round moderate climate conditions floating around 80 degree Fahrenheit, this city makes a great escape to enjoy with family, friends or even solo. The tourism of the country island is quite advance and you can go for some decent dips in the clear water or get tanning laying at the sandy beaches during the day whilst enjoying the parties at the clubs and pubs at both boardwalk and downtown for a complete range of fun.

  1. Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi, Vietnam

Visiting Vietnamese capital Hanoi during the month of February comes with many delights and leverages. Where at one point, you can enjoy the shining bright sun and refreshing natural outskirts, the city enjoys Chinese New Year and you can gather around with the locals to enjoy the festivities and savor on some great dishes from the Vietnamese culture influenced from the Chinese and French culture. Home of many historical sites dated centuries back from the French colonial era and Chinese influence, Hanoi have been possessed with an impeccable and infinite range of beauties and charm. Being the capital of the country, you can easily find a decent accommodation at budget price if you know how to bargain.

  1. Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

The second best city of Malaysia, best known for its dynamics of natural and cultural sites, Kota Kinabalu is second most visited destination in the country, following the capital Kuala Lumpur. With a wide variety of natural landscapes including beaches, hiking trails, water bodies, green plains and more, you can have a refreshing getaway whilst soaking up some sun in the pleasant month of February. Apart from all the natural bliss, the city has been furnished with a variety of historical and UNESCO sites that have been one of the most prominent attractions for voyagers taking flights to Kota Kinabalu from around the world.

There are several other places in Asian region such as Goa, Kerala, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Taipei, Bali, Bangkok and more that can also be a great host for your February getaway in Asian continent, but if you have been looking for some great fun and excitement with shining days and more, all you need is follow your instinct and book cheap flights to Asia with SmartFares to avail some great deals and offers currently available online for a budget family getaway.

Budget Valentines Day Destinations

Thursday, January 19th, 2017

2017 have brought many new options and opportunities among us all and it’s high time to upgrade your love life from an ordinary chocolate box, a teddy bear and a flower bouquet and doing something special to show your love and respect towards the person you love the most. This Valentine’s Day, make the day special for your love and enjoy a dreamy getaway with loads of happiness and joy whilst keeping your budget under control. So, to give you sufficient support and by understanding the increasing expenses, we have come up with some excellent options for budget Valentine’s Day destinations to make your love life more enjoyable and bring back the love and affection between both of you.

  1. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Myrtle Beach

Nestled on the coasts of the North Atlantic Ocean, the sprawling beach resort destination, Myrtle Beach is one of a few spellbinding budget getaway destinations in the country. With a wide range of attractions and pleasant weather conditions to enjoy during the chilling winters, couples can enjoy having a few dips at the clean shores whilst enjoying the restaurants and bars at the boardwalk and a hospitable environment provided by the resorts and hotels. With accommodation prices slashed down and available from US$150, you can have a decent stay with many opulent services and facilities with their love and have a delightful getaway with fancy dining options and a lot more.

  1. New Paltz, New York

New Paltz

On the foothills of Hudson Valley at 90 miles north from New York City, this sprawling town is not an ideal place to ditch the winters in February, but when you are traveling in a couple, romantic getaway should have something dreamy to look forward. Home of many astounding artistic communities such as writers, poets, painters, actors, musicians and more, New Paltz makes a perfect place to set mood on romantic tracks and bring forth a romantic experience of your life. Go enjoy skiing, hiking, ice-skating and many more ice games or have a cozy dining experience sipping on hot chocolates and more whilst spending some quality time with your love in upstate New York.

  1. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


What would be better than spending your Valentine’s Day at a city that has been hosting the culture, art, history and more under its bounds? The Pennsylvanian cultural hub Philadelphia is one of the most sprawling and bustling cities when it comes to voyaging. However, during the month of February, finding a budget accommodation and slashed airfares is an easy thing and you can easily find Valentine’s Day travel deals available online to visit Philadelphia. Besides, hotels and resorts of Philadelphia have been maintaining romantic themes in their accommodation properties for the occasion of Valentine’s Day throughout the month and offer some great deals and discounts to couples visiting to celebrate and cherish their Valentine’s Day in Philadelphia.

  1. San Juan, Puerto Rico

San Juan

In case, you are a couple who tend to enjoy parties, lodging and strolling around a dynamic city, San Juan makes one of the most ideal destinations to visit during Valentine’s Day. Being a part of United States Territory, you don’t require any passport or visa to visit San Juan and you can easily enjoy a vacation in this astounding city by taking Valentine’s Day travel deals and hopping on the flights available from many domestic and international airports of the United States. The island city is full of surprises and have been featuring a great value of bars, pubs, historical sites, natural attractions, cafes, lounges, resorts, museums, art galleries and more, making it a great destination to enjoy more than Valentine’s Day.

  1. Denver, Colorado


For people who tend to keep their vacations low profile and do not enjoy much of crowd, sound or dynamics, Denver offers them a great opportunity to enjoy an elegant and stylish Valentine’s Day getaway. Featuring many historical sites, elegant towns and fantastic variety of accommodations with budget tariffs and luxurious services, Denver makes an ideal place for an affordable Valentine’s Day getaway with the person you love. With a close proximity to ski resorts, couples can have a blissful time admiring the horizon and getting indulge in many adventurous games if required to take their affection and enjoyment to the next level.

The world is really big and if you are willing to step out, there are tons of places that can become a budget-friendly as well as dreamy getaway for Valentine’s Day celebration. All you need is sort your priorities and book Valentine’s Day travel deals from SmartFares to enjoy a couple getaway to the most romantic, pocket-friendly and opulent destinations across the globe. If you have any specific destination in your mind to know whether it’s a budget place or not or capable to handle your love and affection, do let us know in the comment section below.

Tips to travel like a true foodie

Monday, January 16th, 2017

While traveling to a different country or other parts of the world, it is quite a difficult thing to understand the customs and culture of the respective destination. There are a number of factors that may help you to get close to the people as well as gain more knowledge about the culture and traditions. Those who tend to explore the gourmet and like to try out new things have always performed better than others when it comes to understanding the culture. So, if you too wish to explore like a foodie and love to discover new facts and information about a certain destination, following are a few tips that will help you travel like a true foodie:

  1. Plan ahead for your trip


Planning before doing anything has always proven the best activity and the same thing goes when it comes to traveling. Searching for new places, their delicacies, cultural aspects and more through websites and social media platforms are always helpful. Joining communities on social media websites that have been exploring that particular destination will give you more insight and help to understand the type of culinary you are going to have as well as give you a gist about the food scene at your destination. Also, you can make new friends or can find friends of friends that will help you catch the latest trending dishes as well as places to enjoy some scrumptious portions.

  1. Be Observant


Don’t just see, you must always observe on things as well. For an instant, if you are in flights to Berlin, you will come across some delicacies that belongs from German culture during your meal time and it will help you understand the flavors and aromas to judge after you get off your flights. Most of the national carriers or even airlines providing cheap flights offer some delicious food insights about the respective destinations through their vast menu. Also, when you are in a destination, observing places with huge crowd or people chatting about a particular dishes may help you get more insight to make a keyword over the internet and going through all the necessary details.

  1. Have a meal with a local


Eating like a local doesn’t mean you have to follow every local food joint come in your path. It clearly means that you have to find a dining area that can suit your hygiene level as well as pocket. Locals who have been living in that city for too long are habitual against all health hazards. So, it is better to be like a local whilst keeping your safeguard on. You can also make friends with locals and join them over a dinner at their home to learn some basic customs. For an example, in South India, people often prefer eat the food barehanded and avoid using spoons, knives and forks. These sort of customs can only be understood when you join a local over a main course.

  1. Go for Grocery Shopping


While planning to visit someone’s home abroad for a dinner or meal, try to bring some groceries and reach to the place ahead of time to help them out in cooking as well as understand the combination of spices and flavors used while cooking. Buying groceries will help you understand the effect of climate over the dishes as well as give you a brief about the spices, herbs and key ingredients. So, when you are off for a meal at some local’s home, ask them to allow you bring some groceries for meal to show a gesture of gratitude whilst understanding the relevance of particular herbs or spices in that particular dish.

  1. Join local cooking classes


What’s the use of tasting delicious food when you are not able to try it out on your own after coming back home? Joining cooking classes for a couple of days or week for an hour or two have been becoming a trend these days. Foodies visiting Southeast Asia, Middle-East, Spain, Italy, Germany, France and more tend to join local cooking classes or visit to the chefs of restaurants on frequent bases near their hotels. This helps them to understand the significant insight about the culture and also learn new facts and information about a destination’s traditions. Also, it is quite fun to interact with other locals as well as tourists to blend different cooking methods and bringing out something good and unique.

So, if you have been traveling a lot and enjoy trying different food with different flavors and diverse tastes, then you have become a true foodie traveler in spirit. Now all you need is explore more cities and discover different dimensions of food and cooking that changes in a few miles around the world. So, to enjoy more beautiful explorations and have a spellbinding getaway experience, consider SmartFares as your preferred travel partner and get delighted by awesome and cheap flights for a happening getaway.

Paris 101 – Explore the Capital of Love

Wednesday, January 11th, 2017

Paris, a city that blooms in the day and glitters in the nights and plays as a cupid in the lives of lovers, is among the most blissful and stylish European cities, often acknowledged as the capital of love. Despite many rumors stating as one of the most expensive destinations to visit, Paris has been a great getaway option for couples who recently fell in love or tend to cherish their affection at a dreamy destination. Featuring many marvels from past and architecture, Paris makes a complete destination despite a huge distance from the beaches. Hence, if you have never been to this unbelievable and magical city and tend to explore it for the first time, here we are to give you a gist, designed to orient first timers visiting Paris.

  1. Best Time to Go


Paris is one of those selected destinations in the Europe that remain almost the same throughout the year. Offering shining days and clear nights, Paris makes a great vacation to plan a visit throughout the year. However, just like any other destination, visiting Paris during the peak season may put a toll on your pocket if you don’t follow the professional ways of traveling. Seasons like Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day and more are the peak times when the city receives more tourists than ever. So, if you are intending to visit here during these peak months, we advise you to book your flights to Paris as earliest to avoid long waiting and hefty prices. However, the ideal time for a budget vacation is Paris is considered from July till the fall of November when the weather conditions are great yet, travelers tend to head towards other parts of the Europe.

  1. Local Transportation


Visiting a destination for the intentions of exploring every aspect require some great information about their local transportation. Luckily, when it comes to Paris, you can easily get your local transport such as bus, subways, taxis and rental cars easily without any glitch. Most of the metro stations and bus stands are near to the places where all the budget as well as expensive accommodations are located. So, all you need is take a few steps and you are just a swing away from the local and effective transportation system developed in years after witnessing a huge interest building against Paris.

  1. Top Attractions


When you are in Paris, the most bothering thing would be from where to start. Once you are done visiting Eiffel Tower, then what? Well! To solve this riddle, you can get a tourist map available at the airports as well as downtown Paris that will help you to cover all the biggest attractions in the region. Start from visiting Notre Dame de Paris, Arc de Triomphe, Musee d’Orsay, Champs-Elysees, Montmartre, Sainte-Chapelle, Jardin du Luxembourg, Latin Quarter, Centre Georges Pompidou and around a thousand other places, covering the entire city. Take one side at a day and visit the places comes into your route to cover the best attractions without wasting a lot of precious time in traveling as sometimes, the city gets congested due to heavy traffic of locals as well as tourists.

  1. Must Try Food


Being the French capital, Paris is the gourmet hub of the country and all you can think of food whilst walking at the alleys and boulevards of the city as most of the food joints and restaurants are located near the biggest attractions. Piece of advice, avoid having your meal near the attractions as the food may cost you a fortune as well as may test lesser than usual due to packed tables and huge crowd making an overrated place even more miserable. When you are in Paris, do not forget to taste Caramels, Le Beurre Bordier, Baguette, Pain au Chocolat, Croissant Pastry, chocolate, Jamon, Artichoke Cream, Macaroon, Falafel and many other traditional dishes, giving the aroma and flavors of enthralling French gourmet.

  1. Essential Information


Paris is a world renowned destination, hence there are certain things that need to be take care systematically and preparations are required for a flawless trip. When you are visiting Paris, making your hotel reservations well in advance and checking them before taking a flight is a great option. Also, making your reservations at high-end restaurants and food joints will be a plus to avoid huge queues. Buying tickets for major attractions online will help you to understand the real cost as well as avoid standing in long queues. You can easily get transport passes to use while traveling in bus and metro from the Paris Tourist Authority. An updated and detailed map will come handy at many places. Though Paris is safe, yet safety precautions while strolling around the city during dark hours alone is a must.

The picturesque city of Paris have always been a highlight of France and those who tend to explore new places every time will find this little yet extremely gorgeous destination a photogenic. So, if you have never been to this astonishing and world-class destination, then it’s high time you should take flights to Paris and enjoy the blossoming capital of Paris with SmartFares and avail some great discounted travel deals and offers available online.

How to Enjoy Harbin Ice and Snow Festival to the Fullest

Friday, January 6th, 2017

As the year kicked off, the biggest ice and snow festival has begun in China known as the Harbin Ice and Snow Festival. The 33rd edition of one of the finest and unique festivals of the world, Harbin Ice and Snow festival attracts millions of travelers every year and voyagers tend to enjoy taking flights to China during the period and experience many celebrations while the festival goes off including New Year, Chinese New Year, Lantern Festival, Spring Festival and more. Hence going for Harbin Ice and Snow Festival comes with many perks for travelers while voyaging across the Chinese nation. In case, you too are planning to be a part of this huge celebration, here we have brought some pretty ways which may help you to enjoy Harbin Ice and Snow festival to the fullest:

Harbin Ice and Snow Festival

  1. History

Before you jump the gun and head towards the most prominent galas, here is some basic information you need to know about the festival to learn about its relevance and find the prominent essence. The festival was first observed during the Qing Dynasty era when Ice lanterns were traditional in the Northeastern China during winters. Eventually the event has got its fame over the period of time and travelers from around the world shown their interest in basic rituals. Taking the art and culture to the next level, the locals began to showcase their talents by making giant sized sculptures and architectures from Ice and decorating them with colorful lights. As a result, the world famous Harbin Ice and Snow festival became a big sensation in the travel world.

  1. Major Events

Traditionally Harbin ice and snow festival kicks off in the month of December when the chills are enough to take the mercury down to minus 40 degrees. However, if you are planning a visit here, you must know the main events of the festival beginning from snow sculpture festival followed by group Wedding ceremonies, dance competitions, New Year gala, snow sculpture dual meeting, grand party and Opening Ceremony for tourists, ice hockey competition, badminton tournaments, Tae Kuwon Do competition and skiing championship respectively. If you have been planning a visit to Harbin Ice and Snow festival, don’t forget to check the fixture to get the information about the ongoing and upcoming events.

  1. Biggest Attractions

Although the entire city of Harbin observe the Harbin Ice and Snow festival and get into the colorful mood of enjoying the celebration with great pomp and show. Yet, if you wish to experience the real fun and seek some best places to get your hands on, you can go to Sun Island, Ice and Snow World and Zhaolin Park that have been the biggest places to experience the real beauty and artistic vibrancy of Harbin. Please note, being highly visited attractions, these places will require an admission fee to pay and are far away from the city center. So, you must need to keep a tab on the local transportation and gather more information to get the place as per their opening timings. Do not forget to carry currency in small dominations to avoid any hassle in the remote yet highly advanced areas.

  1. Besides Ice and Snow

Harbin is comparatively small yet extremely gorgeous and versatile destination with much more than the Ice and Snow festival. During fall of February when weather conditions get warm and most of the sculptures get damaged due to sun’s heat, you might require to find some other places to enjoy the utter beauty of Harbin. To give you a perfect opportunity, there are Harbin Daoli Qu Area, Church of St. Sophia, Siberian Tiger Park, Yabuli Ski Resort, Jile Temple, Exhibition Hall of Art and Craft, Long Ta, Architectural Gallery, Wudalianchi Global Geopark, Unit 731 Museum, Sidalin Park and many more places that will offer you a great experience.

  1. Essential tips to safeguard and avoid mishaps

Being harsh climate conditions during the winters, there are several things that may give you a hard time to enjoy the Harbin ice and snow festival. Please keep in mind that reduced temperature can put a toll on the battery back-ups of phone, cameras and other gadgets. Also, bringing warmer clothes and snow shoes will be a plus for you. Carrying plastic bags to safeguard your gadgets will be an advantage. Also, taking taxis from authorized stands such as airport and terminals will help you save a fortune. Keep in mind that late hours may impose some extra charges while taking a taxi at random places and you may require to wait for even an hour in chilling weather during the night if you haven’t prepared for your transit options.

There are tons of attractions that may give you a picturesque delight of Harbin Ice and Snow festival and you will be exposed against a fantastic experience which can be remembered for the rest of the eternity. So, if you have planned your next getaway and chose to be a part of Harbin Ice and Snow festival, then all you need to do is pack your warm clothes and book your flights to China with SmartFares to enjoy one of the finest and rarest festivals of all time in China. Do let us know how much the article helped you and share your feedback in the comment section below.

How to Celebrate Chinese New Year in Chinese Style

Wednesday, January 4th, 2017

Chinese New Year is one of the most widely observed festival, celebrated between the fall of January and fall of February based on the position of moon. A festival that has been observed around the world and named differently such as CNY, Chinese New Year, Spring Festival, Lunar Year and more, Chinese New Year have been a great way to rejoice the festivities and bring good fortune in your life. In case, you feel like celebrating Chinese New Year in traditional ways whilst following the rituals and other activities, here we are to help you out with the ways that will bring forth the traditional ways of enjoying this festival:

Chinese New Year

  1. Confirm the dates and start shopping early

Since the dates of festival are not fixed, it is always a question of debate which day would be considered as the Chinese New Year as the festival can fall from 21st of January till 21st February. In year 2017, the Chinese New Year will be observed on January 28 worldwide and be celebrated with great pomp and show. Since the festival requires a lot of preparations for different rituals on different days, you might require to do some serious shopping days before the festival as many ornaments and important goods get sold out as early as they appear in the shop. Go to local Chinese markets and stalls to find decorative stuff, food ingredients and more for the big day celebration.

  1. Prepare for the big feast

The big feast is one of the most important part of the festival where family and friends are invited to celebrate the festival and share the fortune with traditional delicacies. Traditionally, if you are inviting another family, they must help you in preparing the food to show the good gesture and offer their helping hand to the hosts. With dishes like dumplings, steamed rice, stews, fish and more, you can enjoy some spellbinding dishes with the people you love whilst having the joyful celebration of such a fantastic festival and sharing the wisdom of this astounding event held every year.

  1. The Rituals

As we all know, the festivities of Chinese New Year begin from a week before the main day and last for a few more days after the Chinese New Year day, you must understand the rituals that comes between the celebrations. Beginning from cleaning to decoration of house with ornaments, lanterns, paper-cuts, Fu, Chinese Knots and more this may take a few days and leave you with the Chinese New Year Eve where you can call up the people you love and share the feast with them by beginning with the dumplings, Stews and more while keeping up late till the dawn and having fun conversation or playing enjoyable games with them. Sharing Red envelopes with money among kids in family is an important part of the celebration along with visiting to the friends and family in following days.

  1. The Fireworks and Midnight celebrations

The midnight celebration is the biggest highlight when all the skies around the world glitters with fireworks and people come out to the streets to enjoy and cherish the golden moments of the year with the people in the community as well as tourists who happened to be enjoying alongside with equal zeal. Go out and witness the parades, dancing dragons, lions, people and more whilst being covered in confetti and tasting some of the most awesome Chinese dishes at the food stalls and joints scattered across the streets near the Chinese areas.

  1. Visit Chinatowns or a destinations

The best way to celebrate all of it is by visiting a Chinatown in your city or going on a vacation with family and friends to some place nice where you can get indulge into the celebration and enjoy all of the rituals as well as galas in person with purity. In case, you don’t find any Chinatown or region where you can find a celebration going on near you, thanks to Chinese New Year travel deals, you can witness the same by going to a Chinatown in neighboring cities or head towards the East and enjoy the traditional festivities in original way.

There are tons of ways using which, you can actually savor on the magical essence of a gigantically observed and celebrated festival known as Chinese New Year. In case, you feel like missing the thrill or originality, you can always go to the destinations that are perfect to enjoy the Chinese New Year such as London, New York, Paris, Mexico, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur and more by using Chinese New Year travel deals available with SmartFares and begin huge savings with our hot favorite deals designed for your pleasure.

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