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Archive for December, 2016

10 Hottest Destinations to Visit in 2017

Friday, December 30th, 2016

Everyone has their own New Year’s resolution. Some find this time to promise themselves to lose weight whereas some make the resolution of giving up their bad habits. There are certain people who like to travel and every year, make a list of places they wish to travel in that particular year. If you have been following these people and looking forward to make it a perfect opportunity of making a travel resolution in 2017, we are here to help you in deciding and preparing a list of 10 hottest destinations to visit in 2017. So, please go through the options we have and enjoy the coming year with loads of happiness, traveling and fun:

New Year Travel

  1. Havana, Cuba

The Cuban capital have always been one of the most astonishing destinations to visit in the South America. With its vintage look, simple lifestyle and Cuban beaches, you can never take your eyes off from anything that is going around. Travelers from around the globe tend to take cheap flight deals to Havana across the year to enjoy the bewitching outdoors comprising beaches, heritage sites, simple yet dynamic lifestyle, astonishing food scene and more whilst soaking up some decent sun that remains almost similar throughout the year. So, if you have the zeal to live life in a vintage style for a few days, all you need is to get Havana airfare deals and you are all set for the most remarkable experience of your life.

  1. Berlin, Germany

German capital Berlin has been into travel buzz for over a couple of decades and have been giving the glimpse of a precise eccentric and elegant lifestyle Europeans live. With its extremely harsh yet dramatic history, the city has been preserving ample of heritage sites and tales that will chill your very spine. Besides all the heritage, the lifestyle of Germans are exquisitely admirable and easy to witness in Germany. In case, you are a foodie and love to learn some new gourmet styles, Berlin is the best place to get to know the German culture and traditions. A city that has been existing for over 8 decades, Berlin surely is a modern conurbation with loads of amenities and facilities for locals as well as tourists.

  1. Perth, Australia

The city that has been serving as the capital of Western Australia and known for its tranquilizing sandy beaches, a lifestyle to look upon and captivating culture, Perth is among the most desired destinations to visit among every traveler. Featuring ample of natural landscapes, fantastic museums, art galleries, breweries, opera houses, fantastic marketplaces and resorts, Perth sure knows how to greet people with a fantastic impression. An awesome destination, perfect for surfing, diving and more, Perth has been drawing the attention of travelers from across the world. Hence, you will find travelers taking cheap flight deals to Perth and flocking the planes to explore and experience such a fantastic destination of Western Australia.

  1. Hanoi, Vietnam

Vietnamese capital, best known for its soothing landscapes, thriving culture and diversity, Hanoi makes a perfect place with many spellbinding attributes. With the culture and heritage dated back to centuries, Hanoi is among the most desired destinations for those who like to explore and experience different cultures with huge relevance across the region. Although, the downtown is quite bustling and people may find themselves among huge crowd every now and then, yet if you have a great map and have been planning your trip for sufficient time, you will find the true beauty of Vietnamese capital at just a swing away.

  1. Abu Dhabi, UAE

Nestled on the shores of Persian Gulf, the sprawling and thriving capital of UAE, Abu Dhabi have been the tourism magnet for decades and has been deriving both business and leisure travelers from across the world to showcase and offer them the opportunity to broaden their business with the most astonishing brands existing in Arabic capital. Featuring many marvels of architecture and ample of astonishing sites such as Ferrari World, Emirates Palace, Yas Marina Circuit, Yas Water world, Yas Mall and more, Abu Dhabi makes a perfect getaway destination for people from different interests.

  1. Zanzibar, Tanzania

Off the coasts of the Tanzanian archipelago, one of the naturally rich and pure destinations existing in African continent, Zanzibar have been a thriving and less populated destinations in the world. Featuring ample of landscapes, marine life and coral reefs, Zanzibar makes an ideal place to calm yourself down and enjoy the soothing beauty with nothing but purity and freshness. Besides all the lovely natural life, travelers can enjoy the opulent as well as budget-friendly hospitality delivered by the resorts scattered at the shores of the city. If you like to have some scrumptious dishes or looking forward for a shopping session, the city will not let you down as despite being a lesser known destination, Zanzibar have developed a lot and offer people all the luxury and comfort they need.

  1. Bern, Switzerland

Acclaimed as one of the most livable cities on earth, the Swiss capital Bern have been one of the most refreshing, thriving and captivating destinations of the nation as well as continent. Nestled amidst Aare River, the sprawling city was originated in 12th century and has been growing itself to become much more fantastic and nourishing for natives as well as tourists. Featuring ample of attractions such as historical sites, bewitching architecture, natural landscapes, green fields and relics from medieval era, Bern have been giving its guests a fabulous experience with a vivid and wide scene of gourmet, shopping and nightlife. So, if you wish to see a destination that has been acclaimed to be the most livable, Bern is the perfect choice for you.

  1. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Needless to say, the Dutch capital have been among the most desired, visited and sprawling destinations in the Europe, best known for its heritage, Gothic architecture, art, culture and traditions. With bewitching canals, bridges and ambiance to please everyone, Amsterdam makes not only a destination to explore the Dutch culture and heritage, but also to cherish some romantic moments with your love. The most interesting and indulging factor that makes most of the travelers to fall in love with this city is the prime way of commuting around the city which is as healthier as it gets. Go cycling around the streets and explore the everlasting range of attractions scattered across the city. Whether you like refreshing boulevards, historical sites or lively nightlife, Amsterdam is an absolutely gorgeous place to be in 2017.

  1. Miami, Florida

There is no better option to begin your New Year’s travel resolution than visiting Miami and enjoying the warmth of this beach destination known for its zealous lifestyle and enthralling culture. A divine conurbation nestled on the eastern tip of Florida, Miami makes an ideal place to make an escape with family, friends or alone. Enjoy the everlasting night parties at the resorts, pubs and bars around the city whilst spending your days at the beach getting some tanning or soaking up some freshness of the North Atlantic Ocean. You can also go ahead and enjoy the markets and other heritage sites that are equally interesting and indulging for travelers visiting occasionally or frequently to Miami.

  1. Las Vegas, Nevada

A year is incomplete without visiting the most enchanting, dazzling and sizzling destination of the America. The Sin City Las Vegas have been a dream destination among most of the traveler where they go and enjoy the most opulent hospitality along with a few session of casinos, enjoying Broadway shows, fine dining experiences and loads of parties in every part of the town. The wonderful fountain of Bellagio is one of the most splendid highlights along with Caesars Palace, Stratosphere, Mob Museum and hundreds of other spectacular sites. So, if you like to ditch your routine and wish to enjoy some awesome glamor with a lot of other sorts of entertainment, you must visit to Las Vegas at least once.

There are tons of other destinations such as Wellington, Bali, Bangkok, Honolulu, Seychelles, Goa, Vancouver, Ottawa, San Francisco, Palm Beach, Dubai and more that offers the most astonishing experience and only require a common interest between you and them. So, if you have made a rough sketch of your New Year’s travel resolution and wish to make it happen, all you need is to get some budget airfare deals available with SmartFares and get going on your journeys for a dream-come-true life.

5 Most Adventurous Places to Travel

Wednesday, December 28th, 2016

For some people who play daredevil among others or have an image of thrill hunter, adventure traveling has been an inevitable part for them. Most of us find some sort of adventure near to our home, yet some are ready to go a bit beyond and explore myriad natural and cultural adventures scattered across the world. If you have been conquering your fears for a very long time and find taking new challenges interesting enough, visiting some of the most thrilling places will be the most delighting experience of their lives. So, if you have what it takes and ready to face the extreme challenges existing, we have brought to you 5 most adventurous places to travel around the world and offering a fantastic experience for life:

Adventure Travel

  1. White water river rafting at Alsek River, Alaska, United States

White-water river rafting have emerged as one of the most trending sports in last a few years and people from around the world have found many astonishing places across the world to enjoy the fantastic rafting experience whilst defying death and riding on dangerous yet extremely thrilling waves on slant slopes. To find the best among all, you can visit to Alsek River in Alaska that has been one of the most amazing and most adventurous accessible rafting spot existing on planet. Crossing through the wilderness and rapids containing glaciers, make your way through the wild and spine-chilling (literally) white water and enjoy the most exquisitely dangerous yet adventurous experience of your life.

  1. Hot air balloon ride, Melbourne, Australia

Depending on with whom you are trying this activity, Hot Air Balloon ride in Melbourne often considered as both adventurous and romantic. Travelers from across the earth gather in Melbourne in the early months of every year and get delighted by the spellbinding experience where all you have is a giant balloon filled with hot air produced by the geyser and controlled by you with a strong thrust of wind waves at such a high altitude. Experience the beauty of this splendid city from a distinct height and soak up the most striking, thrilling and beautiful moments of your life whilst being alone or with a couple of people and navigating your way through the landing point with the help of wind.

  1. Mount Everest expedition, Nepal

One of the deadliest and extremely dangerous expedition existing on earth, climbing on Mount Everest is the dream come true opportunity for travelers who like to touch the tip of the highest altitude existing on the planet. With extreme weather conditions and blood freezing chills, explore the true beauty and rawness of the nature whilst witnessing some of the most awe-inspiring, extremely thrilling and narrow routes taking to the new heights existing on our planet. Requiring a lot of stamina, fearlessness, precise skills of climbing and sheer luck, Mount Everest expedition is the most astonishing and renowned adventure trip existing on the planet.

  1. Mountain biking, Moab, Utah

Biking around the rocks and mountains has been a spellbinding adventure for years. And if you like getting indulge in such a delightful adventure, the best place you may come across to access through your bike would be Moab Utah. With fantastic range of canyons and thrilling slopes, wheel your way through these extremely gorgeous and wild slants whilst following the trails decided as per the difficulty and experience level. Often claimed as the best and biggest mountain biking spot existing on planet, you can go from 2 miles to nearly 10 miles as per your capacity. So, if you like to be on the wheels to enjoy some adventure, Moab is the place for you.

  1. Wave surfing, Playa Grande, Costa Rica

Home on the lands to the leatherback turtles, Playa Grande is among the most naturally rich places on earth, offering a wonderful range of marine fauna and flora whilst offering the surfers a spectacular range of waves to surf on. With sandy beaches and tranquilizing resorts, the city makes an ideal place for leisure getaway whilst giving the opportunity to ride on one of the safest and thrilling waves. Travelers especially surfers tend to visit here throughout the year to experience the high-tide and discover their talent and test their skills whilst riding on the most extraordinary and exquisite range of tides hitting on both sandy and rocky beaches.

Although there are plenty of other options such as visiting Angel Falls, Scandinavian dog sled riding, Horseback wildlife safari in Kenya, Desert Safari in UAE and more, yet if you are looking for adventures that are one of its own kind, then you can chose from a list above. To prepare yourself for an evergreen experience of your life and visit those incredibly beautiful destinations, you can take holiday travel deals from SmartFares and avail some extraordinary discounts on airfares available online.

5 Best cities in America

Friday, December 23rd, 2016

United States is quite broad and diverse when it comes to tourism and when people start to think about exploring its attributes, most of the times they get stuck at the charming culture and lifestyle only. However, if you look at the broad picture of the United States of America, you will find flora, fauna, wildlife sanctuaries, national parks, waterfalls, deserts, metropolises, rivers, ocean shores, islands and more. So, if you still think you have seen it all in the America, and have nothing new to explore in the United States that consist of 50 states together, here we have a list of 5 best cities in America that you should visit at least once to get a refreshing experiences:

  1. New York City, New York

New York City

Considered among the most fantastic and awe-inspiring destinations of the world, New York City has been one of the prominent choices for travelers voyaging across the United States. With pleasant attractions like Metropolitan Museum of Arts, Central Park, Statue of Liberty, Rockefeller Street, Times Square and more than a thousand attractions Big Apple have been catering as a fabulous vacation destination for travelers. Hence, every year, millions of travelers tend to take New York flight deals and enjoy the mesmerizing lifestyle that has been the reason behind making it the fashion capital of the world.

  1. San Francisco, California

San Francisco

Say hello to San Francisco. A city that has been notorious for its dense fog and has been serving as the home of Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco is one of the most successful and diverse conurbations of the California nestled on the shores of North Pacific Ocean and possesses ample of fascinating natural landscapes. Home to plenty of museums, art galleries, shopping complexes and heritage sites, San Francisco have been serving as a paramount getaway option to enjoy with family and friends for decades. Hence, the city receives millions of travelers taking San Francisco flight deals from across the world.

  1. New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans

Wedged between Lake Pontchartrain and Lake Borgne, and nestled on the Mississippi River, the sprawling city of New Orleans have always been such a refreshing getaway where you can enjoy the natural freshness and thriving cultural harmony of French, African, Spanish and more living together. Featuring great dining scene, artistic beauty and bewitching heritage, New Orleans have made a compact city where you can find something for everyone. The city become more extravagant during the festive season when people from across the world visit here and experience the rich culture and over-the-top zeal of celebrating the big festivals of the region.

  1. Honolulu, Hawaii


On the coasts of the North Pacific Ocean, the wonderful and naturally bliss capital of Hawaii, Honolulu have been a fantastic and desired destination for travelers for decades and showcases a pleasant getaway experience to holidaymakers. With an everlasting fan following, the city makes an ideal place to ooze out all sorts of stress and enjoy a family, couple or stag vacation far away from home in the depth of nature. With an adequate availability of Honolulu flight deals, travelers can have a budget-friendly getaway whilst soaking up some sun and exploring the everlasting natural beauty of this superlatively astonishing conurbation on the North Pacific Ocean.

  1. Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas

Often considered beyond the reach, Las Vegas is the star city of the deserts of Nevada and seems like an oasis in the middle of nowhere with thousands of attractions, pleasant and budget-friendly accommodation options as well as plenty of things to do. The glittering city of Nevada, Las Vegas have been a dream come true destination for over a couple of decades and is gradually developing itself to become a destination of international standards. Thus, people often find it pleasure giving to get Las Vegas flight deals and enjoy some quality time at the opulent and budget-friendly hotels comprising myriad features to make a simple trip to Las Vegas into the most promising getaway of their lives.

There are plenty of other towns, villages and metropolitan cities across the United States that make the nation a perfect and seamless tourist attraction. With options like Miami, Washington D.C., Yellowstone, Maui, Yosemite, San Diego, Charleston, Denver, Tampa, Orlando and dozens other, all you need is cheap flight deals available at SmartFares and you are good to go and enjoy a great escape with the people you love or become a stag traveler.

5 Places to Feel Warm This Winter

Wednesday, December 21st, 2016

Winter is the season that brings new life among all of us and offer the most scenic beauty of all time. The time when the entire planet blooms with natural bliss and offer the most captivating experiences, winter becomes the reason why people tend to travel around the world. For those who find the winters a bit hard to face in the northern states as well as myriad cities of North America, it is quite an easy thing to ditch those chilling nights and escape for some warmer place on earth. To give you a perfect reason to get off from your couch and get going to witness the eternal beauty of the nature, we have brought to you 5 places to feel warm this winter that will allow you to get your sporty spirit back and enjoy some sun with warmth of air around you. So, here we are with the most coziest and warmer destinations in the world to travel this winter:

  1. Miami, Florida


The tempting coastal city of Florida, Miami is a perfect savior for the people living in the northern states of the United States and seek out some place nice to travel where they can soak up some heat of the sun and enjoy a tranquilizing getaway with the people they love. With promising culture and fantastic array of attractions as well as things to indulge with, Miami makes a great getaway for tourists from all age group. Either go on the picturesque sandy beaches and enjoy the warm water and get soaked in the refreshing beauty of the nature or head towards the downtown to find the pleasant dining and party scene that goes on forever.

  1. Barcelona, Spain


One of the sportiest cities of the Europe, Barcelona has been the prominent choice for travelers seeking some warmth during the winter season and becomes a tourist hub during the chilling season. A city that has it all including culture, lifestyle, heritage, architecture, beaches, fantastic nightlife and remarkable things to do, Barcelona is a fine choice to witness the elegance of Europe with a sporty spirit. Besides, the warm weather conditions will support you to explore the outskirts and witness some of the most awesome attractions spread across the city. So, if you are planning to get off from the continent and looking for a stylish and lavishing getaway, Barcelona is the right choice for you.

  1. San Juan, Puerto Rico

San Juan

Known for its tropical climate conditions with almost similar temperature throughout the year, San Juan is the most promising warm getaway on the shores of the Caribbean Sea. With its enthralling beauty of beaches, coral reefs and volcanic landscapes, travelers can enjoy the best winters ever and keep their wallets as well as body warm during the spine chilling winters. Among the most thriving Caribbean destinations, San Juan has become one of the most prominent choice for the travelers seeking a budget-friendly getaway in the winters for warm season experience. Hence, winter travel deals are always remain short to cope up with the demand. So, stay alarmed to get your hands on the cheaper travel deals if you are up for a Caribbean getaway and looking forward a budget getaway.

  1. Brisbane, Australia


The stylish city known as the jack of all trades in the Oceania, Brisbane has been a top-notch destination to visit throughout the year. But, what makes the city even more special is its opposite weather conditions that brings summer during western winter season. Hence, you can enjoy ample of sun and can even get all the tanning you need whilst soaking up yourself in the vividness of this dynamic capital of Queensland. Featuring many attributes including heritage sites, museums, art galleries, exhilarating beaches, resorts and dining, Brisbane makes the finest choice for those seeking a long-haul vacation away from their homes.

  1. Cancun, Mexico


If you feel home sick soon as you step out of your house and still wish to have a vacation out of the state, Cancun will be the best option for you. A fantastic conurbation located on the coasts of the Caribbean Sea with the spirit and dining scene of Mexico, Cancun has become one of the most exquisite options for travelers seeking warmth in winters. With its tempting beaches, hospitable resorts and awe-inspiring nightlife, the city has brought a charm among traveler’s lives. Hence people often search for winter travel deals and plan their trip to Cancun during the winter season every year.

There are tons of other places that brings joy among those who find it hard to face the chilling nights in their cities and people often find it better to take off and get going to witness the refreshing beauty of the nature while soaking up some sun. With ample of destinations like San Francisco, Cape Verde, Wellington, Cape Town, San Diego, Honolulu and more, you can chose your favorite destination and lay your hands at winter travel deals available with SmartFares for a fantastic journey whilst keeping your body and pocket warm. So, the choice is all yours about where you would like to head this winter season.

Exploring Florida The Sunshine State

Friday, December 16th, 2016

Florida, the captivating state nestled on the western region of the United States of America have always been in the buzz among travelers for its thriving lifestyle, magnificent diversity in culture and sprawling natural bliss scattered all over the coastal areas as well as the mainland region. Hence, every year, thousands of travelers tend to take Florida flight deals and explore the fantastic range of destinations compiling and making a state full of fun, adventure and excitement. So, if you are planning a trip for Exploring Florida, “The Sunshine State”, here we have brought among you all with a fantastic array of the most blissful destinations across the state that are well known among tourists and offer a spellbinding voyaging experience in the Americas:

  1. Orlando


The theme park capital of the world, often considered as the finest for kids and adults as well, Orlando has been one of the most significant and striking destinations of the Florida. Featuring ample of theme parks, amusement parks, golf courses, theaters, museums and more, Orlando has something for everyone. Hence, you will find voyagers frequently taking Orlando flight deals and discovering the beautiful culture, striking arts, magnificent heritage and a lot more whilst strolling around the city and having a fantastic gourmet experience at the food joints and restaurants scattered across the conurbation.

  1. Miami


The glamorous coastal city of Miami have always been a great hotspot for teenagers and college students primarily. Nestled on the shores of North Atlantic Ocean, this sprawling city makes a perfect getaway for couples as well as kids who tend to find the beaches as the best place to hang out and enjoy the fascinating weather conditions across the year. The everlasting parties and striking resorts increase the charm of Miami tenfold and offer the voyagers a spectacular experience of their lives. Beside the beaches and resorts, Miami is boasted with a thriving gourmet and nightlife scene which has been a contributing factor of why voyagers from across the world tend to take flights to Miami every now and then. So, if you like beaches on the edge of a metropolis, Miami is the city just for you.

  1. Key West

Key west

The promising beach resort destination of Florida, Key West is among the most sprawling and captivating destination, best known for a summer getaway with family and friends. With its thriving lifestyle and everlasting party culture, travelers can enjoy the most exquisite time of their lives whilst soaking up some sun, sand and sea at the beaches and tranquilizing islands around the city. Besides all the beach extravaganza, travelers can also explore the rich heritage by visiting the traces available in and around the city. So, if you are planning a couple vacation or a family getaway to the southern shores of Florida, Key West makes the nicest choice for you.

  1. Tampa


Once considered as the business hub of the Florida, Tampa has transformed itself into the jack of all trades. A sprawling city lush with huge skyscrapers, fine blend of culture and Europe alike boulevards, Tampa is a prominent choice for travelers looking for a stylish and flashy getaway. Each year, the city receives thousands of travelers taking Tampa flight deals and enjoying a breathtaking getaway with the person they love the most whilst savoring on the magnificent lifestyle and exhilarating culture that makes the city a special place to visit. The contemporary architecture, flora, fauna and aquariums have been a plus for the city and have kept the tourists on their toes throughout their vacation.

  1. Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale

Nestled on the southeastern coasts of the Florida amidst Pompano Beach, Sunrise and North Atlantic Ocean, the promising beach resort destination of Fort Lauderdale is a tempting getaway option, offering a huge array of attractions, beaches, and boating canals. Often referred as the Venice of Florida, Fort Lauderdale has attributes that are rare to find anywhere else in the world. A city that has fascinating architectural marvels, bewitching beaches, remarkable heritage sites and a culture to look upon, Fort Lauderdale has been emerging as a perfect getaway option for traveler of all age groups.

There are a big number of other destinations compiling towns, villages, cities and metropolises that are equally thriving and indulging. So, if you are planning a trip to the magnificent lands of Florida and have destinations like Jacksonville, Palm Beach, Niceville, Parkland, Hollywood, St. Petersburg and more in your mind, all you need to do is make your plans certain and book your flights to Florida with SmartFares to avail amazing offers and choose from a wide range of budget travel deals available online.

Top 5 Destinations to visit this January

Wednesday, December 14th, 2016

January is the month when the Mother Nature brings on its best game and offer a tranquilizing experience with loads of attributes including festivals, weather conditions, amazing offers and more. Hence, you will find people around you taking a family vacation or planning a trip with their loved ones to the most exotic locations across the world. So, if you feel like having a vacation for your own this January, we have brought you an astounding range of places that will bring new happiness and charm to your life and give you an experience to cherish for the rest of the eternity.

  1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The sprawling city of Rio de Janeiro have always been one of the most spellbinding destinations across the Americas, offering tourists a zealous lifestyle, thriving culture, exquisite range of natural sites, floras, faunas and many other remarkable attributes. Yet the most interesting thing that makes Rio de Janeiro much more desired during the month of January is its spectacular festivities and nearly perfect conditions. When the peak season has passed on and the beauty of nature still available to cherish, you can actually have the most splendid getaway experience with the people you love the most.

  1. Wellington, New Zealand

Wellington, New Zealand

When the entire western world is facing the spine-chilling winters, Wellington enjoys the summer climate conditions. Hence the city becomes quite desired for those who can’t face the wrath of cold and people from across the world tend to take cheap flights to Wellington to witness such a wonderful conurbation featuring many bewitching attributes including museums, floras, faunas, heritage sites, landscapes, train rides and more. Travelers seeking a romantic getaway with warm days can head towards the New Zealand’s capital and enjoy a superlative getaway experience of all time.

  1. Nassau, Bahamas

Nassau, Bahamas

The capital city of Bahamas known for its tropical climate conditions that makes it an ideal place to enjoy not so far away with a distinct proximity. With average temperature floating around 70 degree Fahrenheit, travelers can get a cozy dip at the crystal clear Caribbean shores and get their tanning whilst laying at the sandy beaches. Besides, the season is optimum and travelers always look for Nassau airfare deals for that season. So, stay alarmed and search for some great deals available online to have a dash getaway to the pleasant lands of Nassau.

  1. Key West, Florida

Key West, Florida

Key West is one of the most pleasant and closest destinations for all Americans to enjoy a pleasant vacation with the people they love during the month of January. With its remarkable beaches, stunning lifestyle and wide variety of gourmet and festive zeal throughout the year, you can have the most astonishing getaway experience in the beginning of the year. Also, travelers often find the city more enticing during the month of January as locals tend to organize some of the most renowned food tasting and wine tasting festivals in the month and offer foodies a perfect destination with loads of dining, fun, adventure and joy.

  1. Whistler, Canada

Whistler, Canada

A skier’s heaven in the month of January in North America, Whistler is one of the most visited Alpine resorts in the region, best known for its slopes, snow-capped mountains and thousands of acres of landscape giving some of the most fascinating experiences of all time. Explore the famous Blackcomb Mountain and discover your skiing skills whilst indulging yourself in some learning of how you can perform some of the most adventurous snow sports in the world and polish your skills whilst savoring on the generous hospitality of the resorts available there. All you need is to book cheap flights to Whistler and get going on an exhilarating getaway with the people you love the most.

There are tons of other places in the world that can make a perfect getaway for your escape in the month of January, as the season brings new spirit, life and natural bliss to the horizon. All you need is sorting your preferences and you are good to go to your dream destination. So, if you are impressed from what you read above and looking forward for a vacation for yourself, then wait no further and quickly book your travel plans with SmartFares and get your hands on the most affordable airfare deals available online.

5 Alternative UK City Breaks

Friday, December 2nd, 2016

There are times when we all get so exhausted that we require some break from everything we do in regular life and get out of home to relax our body, mind and soul and there is no better place on earth than Europe where you can spend some city breaks and get reenergized. In recent days, taking cheap flights to England has become a trend in order to get some soothing time and enjoy the beauty of the United Kingdom up close. However, most of the trending destinations remain flocked throughout the year and may not give you the experience you expect. To give your vacation an edge without getting a bustling experience of London, Edinburgh and Manchester, we have brought to you a list of 5 alternative UK city breaks for a spellbinding getaway with loads of enjoyment.

1) Ashford, England


Located 2 hours’ drive away at the southeast of London, the beautiful town of Kent County in England, Ashford is one of the most picturesque city break destinations in the UK. Boasted with ample of pleasant attractions and bewitching culture, this town makes a spellbinding getaway for family vacation in the England. Renowned for its happening lifestyle and simple culture, the city has been visited by an extensive category of voyagers and draws thousands of tourists throughout the year. Enjoy the calm environment and captivating lifestyle of this calm and soothing getaway destination with an astounding variety of attributes to keep you indulged along with heavenly hospitality.

2) Stirling, Scotland

Stirling, Scotland

Known as one of the smallest cities of the United Kingdom, Stirling is one of the most pleasant highland destinations in the Scotland, best identified for its castles, cobblestone streets boulevards, clear weather conditions and a close proximity to the Edinburgh. Nestled around 36 miles northwest from the Scottish capital Edinburgh, Stirling has been a great getaway destination for family travelers, seeking out a calm, soothing and enjoyable getaway. Besides all the sightseeing, travelers can have a spectacular hospitality and thriving culture that will make you feel like visiting here every once in a while as a stress antidote.

3) Belfast, Northern Ireland


The capital city of Northern Ireland, known as one of the finest port cities of the United Kingdom, Belfast makes one of the most bewitching off-beat city break destinations in UK. Despite its huge reputation and marvelous heritage, the city draws a significant amount of tourists each year, making it a less chaotic and bustling city when compared to Dublin and other parts of the UK. With great attractions such as Titanic Museum, Great Victoria, Doegall Streets, exquisite markets and Mourne Mountains, the city makes a perfect place to spend a couple of days filled with joy, pleasure and utmost fun.

4) Canterbury, England


With a couple of hours of proximity from the capital London, Canterbury is one of the most visited city break destinations in the UK. Best known for its gardens, hundreds of years of history, exquisite nightlife and spellbinding culture, Canterbury is something that everyone should witness at least once in the life to know how to live a simple life. Enjoy visiting Hewlett’s Wild Animal Park, St. Augustine’s Abbey, Canterbury Cathedral, Canterbury Roman Museum, Westgate Towers and many other relics from the history to enjoy a spellbinding getaway experience with family and friends. The efficient local transportation and spectacular array of attractions will give you the most amazing city breaks in the United Kingdom.

5) St. Davids, Wales

St Davids, Wales

An opulent city break destination in the United Kingdom for an elegant vacation with family and friends, St Davids is one of the most spectacular places you must visit in the nation. On the banks of Saint Brides Bay, this astounding city makes a perfect getaway with the refreshing exploration of nature, culture, history and astounding nightlife. The smallest city of the United Kingdom when calculated with size and population, St Davids makes a great place to ooze out your stress and have a laid-back getaway experience at the south-western edge of the United Kingdom. Featuring ample of cathedrals, bars, galleries, landscapes and many more attributes, the city becomes an artistic inspiration for travelers taking cheap flights to UK from around the world and offer an amazingly beautiful vacation.

United Kingdom is quite huge when it comes to a city break and all most of the city remain bustling throughout the year by tourists and locals. So, if you have a keen desire of discovering this stunning nation with loads of beautiful phenomenon, then quickly pack your bags now and book cheap flights to UK with SmartFares to enjoy a splendid city break at the most astonishing getaway destinations in the region.

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