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Archive for November, 2016

Barcelona or Madrid – Which should be your first choice

Wednesday, November 30th, 2016

Spain is one of the most pleasant, vibrant and exquisite countries of the Europe, sharing a huge fan following among tourists from across the world. Each year, millions of tourists tend to take cheap flights to Spain in order to witness and savor on the magnificent dynamics of the nation. With a history, cultural diversity and magnificently booming lifestyle, the country has developed many folds over the past a few decades. And as usual, so did the rivalry among the tourists of different opinion. Hence, if you are a first timer to visit Spain and seeking out the best destination, you will stumble up on the question whether to visit Barcelona or Madrid. To share a clear picture to decide your first choice of visit in Spain, we have jot down a comparison of both on different levels.


1. The culture
Barcelona and Madrid both share similar yet absolutely different culture. Where on one hand, Madrid, being the capital, has a big number of museums and galleries, preserving many eras in many parts of the nation. Barcelona on the other hand, has been significantly preserving Gaudi. With the Catalonian architecture and picturesque heritage sites, the city has been giving a particular type of insight in the history. Whereas Madrid has been saving the relics from many eras, Barcelona has been preserving the contemporary art in many spellbinding art galleries spread across the city. So, if you are up to explore the culture, you must have start scratching your head.

2. The Food

Spanish food have been one of the widely used and modified gourmet across the world. Madrid has been the capital of the nation, hence has been receiving a big number of gourmet explorers and have developed many different and contemporary styles of cooking as well as blending. On the other side, Barcelona has been a city of vibrant people, hence people have been experimenting their gourmet on their personal level, making it quite refined in cultural culinary. So, if you are looking for some traditional cooking, you must visit Barcelona and get astounded by the modification done whilst keeping the roots as same as it used to be. On the other hand, if you like to have a blended sort of dining experience, Madrid will be the perfect choice to get mix and match your own sort of cooking style or stumble up on some fantastic dishes that are revamped after adopting cooking from other cultures.

3. The Nightlife

The nightlife have been one of the biggest point in the debate when it comes to select between Barcelona and Madrid as both cities have different opinions and lifestyle followed by the people. Where in Barcelona, you will find people enjoying personal pubs with separate enjoyment options and specific days to enjoy the nightlife, the capital Madrid has the open party culture majorly enjoyed every day of the week. So, if you like partying occasionally with some privacy and equal amount of enjoyment, Barcelona is the place for you. Yet if you like the traditional way of partying with anonymous crowd around you every day of the week, Madrid is a perfect place to be in Spain.

4. The Nature

When it comes to natural bliss, Barcelona has always been taken the edge due to its picturesque beaches and close proximity to the scenic ocean boardwalks. Being in the middle of the nation, Madrid is quite away from this leverage, yet there are plenty of parks, gardens, lake sides, fountains and more within the city, giving a pleasant and elegant view to the capital whilst a broad reach from any part of the city. So, if you are more into beaches, Barcelona is a perfect place for your getaway for sure, yet if you are done with the sand, sun and the sea, and looking for some refreshment, Madrid is a hands down winner.

5. The Shopping

The biggest factor that makes any beautiful destination full of crap for the majority of travelers is if they are traveling with their wife or love. To those, traveling is full of shopping and a better way to feast craving of shopaholics. However, if you are traveling to Spain and confused between two tourism giants, Barcelona and Spain have some fantastic amount of delights to offer. Being the capital, Madrid has many showrooms, malls and big markets spread across the city, giving travelers a fantastic delight for shopping. However if you have bought Barcelona flight deals, you will find the city full of flea markets, shops in various parts and some huge malls scattered in various parts. Also, there are plenty of shops to buy from at the beach boardwalk, giving some fantastic offers during shoulder season.

If you are planning a trip to Europe and have a desire to visit Spain for the first time, it is quite easy to decide whether you should get Barcelona flight deals or plan a trip to Madrid. However, everything is dependent on what sort of interest you share and how you like your travel should turn up. So, whether you are up for Barcelona or Madrid, book cheap flights to Spain from SmartFares and get some spectacular discounted deals available with us.

Tips to make your New Year Plans Grand

Friday, November 25th, 2016

Every year, when the New Year come close, everyone begin to wonder about their New Year plans. Sometimes, the conversation gets so hyped, that you will find every single person around you chattering and flaunting about their own New Year plans. The only time when it hurts you the most when you are running out of some grand ideas to make the New Year’s Eve special. To cheer you up and offer you some push to get off your lazy chair and get dressed to welcome 2017, we have brought you a list of tips to make your New Year plans grand. Kindly follow the ideas below and get prepared to enjoy the welcoming the biggest day of the year which comes only once in every year:

New year 2017

1. Pay a Visit to Relatives and Friends

In search of daily bread and butter, most of us have to relocate ourselves in the different part of the nation where we make a small world of our own. However, in the festive season, when everyone have great vacation plans, you might find yourself alone and require a cozy atmosphere to enjoy the big celebration of New Year. However, if you find some amazing holiday travel deals for domestic flights, you can enjoy visiting your family, friends and relative in other parts of the nation. That way, you will be welcomed with open hearts and can thoroughly enjoy one of the biggest celebrations of the year.

2. Host a Get Together at Home

If you hate to step out of the house and wish to avoid crowded streets on the biggest celebrations of the year, the ideal way to keep everyone you love around you and have a wonderful celebration is by throwing a party. Call your friends, family and neighbors and have a spellbinding night full of music, dance, booze, delicious food and more. This can also be a great chance to find someone of your interest and getting to know all those people around you better. This is considered to be one of the flashiest, budget-friendly and amazing ways to welcome the New Year with great pomp and show whilst witnessing the huge fireworks and ball-dropping parties at the Times Square broadcasted on tele.

3. Plan a Road trip

If you are done with all the parties and wish to enjoy a vacation far away from home in the depth of nature, planning a road trip with family and friends is a nice option. Every year, thousands of families across the US tend to head their way to the national parks across the nation and enjoy the New Year in a panoramic way. Explore the beauty of nature and feel the freshness of natural bliss touching your body and soul to give you a cozy and marvelous experience. Besides, this way, you can not only spend some quality time away from home, but also give your family and friends a special attention they deserve.

4. Go Out on a Fancy Dinner or Gala

New Year’s Eve is one of those selected days of the year, when you will find many astonishing, flashy and wonderful events organized around you. To make the celebration grand, you can always go for some fancy dinner with the people you love followed by some gala or party within your town or city. All you need is to find a peaceful and wonderful place for dining and book well in advance to avoid long waiting in queues and dug out some passes that may come a bit expensive, but deserve every single penny you spend. This is the most old fashion way of celebration and most of the college students and newly working people find themselves comfortable to enjoy the New Year.

5. Spend New Year’s Eve at an Exotic Destination

Last but not the least, a holiday in a city away from home to admire the exquisitely amazing fireworks and galas is the biggest delights for a New Year’s Eve. During the New Year’s season, you can always find some amazing New Year flight deals that will give you some spellbinding budget deals. All you need is sort your interest and choose from some of the finest cities to celebrate New Year such as New York, London, Edinburgh, Dubai, Paris, Sydney, Hong Kong, Beijing, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and many more. So, if you feel like having a wonderful and grand celebration of New Year’s this year, find yourself a suitable destination and fly away to enjoy mesmerizing celebration.

There are tons of other ways to celebrate the New Year’s Eve in different manner or you can just sit idle at home and watch everyone around you posting their celebration pictures on social media. To give you a nostalgic New Year celebration, SmartFares is always there, offering New Year flight deals to make your New Year travel plans come true in budget. So, what have you planned for this New Year? Do share with us.

5 Things You Must Try On Your Next Trip

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2016

Traveling is one of the most pleasant experience you can have. The world is immense and there are tons of things that we have only read in books or heard from someone who has been there before. So, if you envy from all the tales and blogs available online and wish to make your own traveling experiences worth sharing, here we have found out what makes it better. So, here we are with top 5 things you must try n your next trip. Choose from a wide range of options that make a normal voyage into the most cheerful memory of your life. The best experience are never purchased, all you need is the spirit of a true traveler and some cheap flights to make your trip within your budget. So, next time you plan your trip, try the following things and you can have the best experience of all time:

5 Things You Must Try On Your Next Trip

1. Learn at least One Local Art

The world is quite diverse and creative. There are tons of cities that are known for their local art, music, culture and traditions. So, if you are up for a destination that has something worth experiencing, try to learn it by your own. Whether it’s cooking, making a pottery, handicraft, playing a music instrument or dancing, learning an art will always help you to broaden your mentality and learn the relevance and significance of small things in a particular culture. So, next time you plan a voyage to a local or an international destination, try to find out a way to learn the local art and impress the people in your surroundings.

2. Try Local Cuisines

We always visit the vivid destinations across the world and have the same meal we used to have back at home. No matter whether you are in an opulent city of France or a less-populated Island of Indian Ocean or Asia, there are plenty of local dishes that showcase their culture and the traditions of cooking. Whether you are in a city that has the gourmet specialty of using spices, herbs, vegetables, meat or seafood, finding the best of the gourmet is an easy task if you know where to look at. Try some local food vendors that serve hygienic food with freshness and have a scrumptious meal whilst saving a fortune as compare to those flashy restaurants and five-star hotels.

3. Make One Spontaneous Tour

There are thousands or at least hundreds of travel guides available on the internet that will give you a gist about how to explore a destination. This is a standard procedure that will give you an amazing traveling experience that everyone else has too. So, if you are planning a special getaway, try to be friendly with the locals and fetch out some information about the places that are quite amazing yet not seen by people. You can also make an unplanned trip to the towns or villages nearby your destination and learn a lot about the culture that is still unspoiled by the hyped tourism.

4. Chose Adventure over Luxury

There will be times when even after getting low air fares on your flight tickets, you will find yourself tight on budget and most of us select luxury over something much more interesting. However, if you wish to be a well-spirited traveler, you must always save some funds to go for new adventures rather than luxurious expenses. Pampering yourself is best when you do it at your home. However, if you are at an unknown land, the best way to save some money is by looking for some new and exciting adventures. Try a stroll around the local suburbs by foot rather than renting a cab or chose a 3-star hotel and save some money for adventurous activities. That way, you can learn how to be a local and discover new, unseen and pleasant experiences.

5. Capture the most Beautiful Moments

After a certain age, most of us will witness all those beautiful memories getting blurred in our minds and the best way to recollect all those memories is by taking pictures and treasuring those moments for the rest of the eternity. In this high-tech world, most of us are furnished with a smartphone and digital cameras. Capture some of the most amazing moments you have on your trip like the sunset, local dance, art, street food, selfies of you and your love next to an amazing landmark or waterbody and more. These are the most amazing things that will leave a smile on your face next time you will flip the pages of your travel scrapbook.

Traveling is an experience that is really vague and is cannot be described in words. For some people, it is a way of learning about the diversity of world, where as for others, its a way to know yourself. So, next time when you plan a trip and wish to make it more memorable, follow the tips we have mentioned above and have a happy journey whilst booking cheap flights with SmartFares at low air fares.

5 Best Holiday Beaches in Italy

Friday, November 18th, 2016

When we speak of Europe, there is one nation that has been thriving for centuries in many attributes. No matter whether you speak about the culture, gourmet, potations, lifestyle, festivals or natural beauty, Italy has always been one of the hot favorite nations across the Europe by tourists from worldwide. Hence, each yar, millions of travelers take flights to Italy from around the world to explore the utmost beauty and myriad attributes scattered across the islands. The beaches of Italy have been the biggest highlights in recent years and voyagers planning a vacation in the Europe, tend to search for beach travel deals for some of the most splendid beaches of the Italy. In case, you are among those beach lovers, we have dug up a list of 5 best holiday beaches in Italy.

  1. Cala Mariolu, Baunei, Italy

Cala Mariolu, Baunei, Italy

Among the most amazing white-sand beaches of the Italy, Cala Mariolu is one of the most ravishing and opulent beaches of Italy, offering a spectacular traveling experience with loads of happiness and adventure. With auspicious hospitality, captivating sandy shores, remarkable resorts, yachts, turquoise water, shallow beaches and a lot more, Cala Mariolu makes a perfect place for couples and young tourists. Travelers taking flights to Italy can have a wonderful time swimming and snorkeling around the beach and can get indulged in myriad parties and other beach extravaganzas.

  1. Tropea Beach, Tropea, Italy

Tropea Beach, Tropea, Italy

Tropea have been one of the finest places for beach lovers for decades, giving a glimpse of heritage, natural bliss and exquisite lifestyle with opulent hospitality at budget. If you are searching for beach travel deals in Italy and looking forward for a spellbinding beach for a superb getaway experience, Tropea Beach makes a perfect place for you. Enjoy exquisitely beautiful shores, cliffs, crystal clear water, castle on the hill top and myriad activities to indulge, Tropea Beach is a place suitable for all age groups. Enjoy soaking up some sun or have a soothing dip at the clear and refreshing water and have a pleasant time away from home, oozing out all the physical and mental stress. Party lovers will find Tropean Beach much more enjoyable for regular parties.

  1. La Cinta Beach, San Teodoro, Italy

La Cinta Beach, San Teodoro, Italy

Known for its coral reefs, sparkling waters, mountains and green boardwalks, La Cinta Beach is one of the most renowned beaches in San Teodoro of Sardinia, offering the most spellbinding traveling experience in the Italy. Ideal to visit during the summers i.e. from late March till the fall of September, this beach makes a great place for some swimming, beach volleyball, sunbathe, fishing, snorkeling and more and have some of the most fabulous resorts in this part of San Teodoro. Travelers can have a charming family getaway at La Cinta whilst adoring a magical sunrise along with myriad activities and endless party extravaganza.

  1. Taormina Beach, Sicily

Taormina Beach, Sicily

Nestled on the eastern coasts of the Sicily, Italy, this sprawling beach of Taormina is one of the most opulent, visited and bewitching beaches in the entire archipelago, offering clear blue water, hilltop attractions, green landscapes in the surrounding and many thrilling activities. If you love adventure sports across the waters, this beach makes a perfect place to tickle your adventure bone as Taormina is renowned across the region for its scuba diving, water skiing, swimming and many other water sports activities. Also, finding beach travel deals for Taormina is quite easy and available almost throughout the year.

  1. Capalbio, Grosseto, Tuscany, Italy

Capalbio, Grosseto, Tuscany, Italy

Located around 100 miles south from famous Florence, the captivating city of Capalbio is one of the most charming and alluring destinations in the Grosseto region. Best known as the “Athens of Italy”, Capalbio has many attributes to give you a dream getaway experience with the spice of beach. Although, the city of Capalbio hasn’t developed like sister and neighboring cities, yet if you are a history lover or have a keen interest in simple lifestyle, Capalbio will be a perfect place for you with a lot of astounding natural attributes. Each year, the city attracts thousands of art lovers to inspire them with natural serenity and give them an exposure to the heritage and artistry of Italy.

Italy is a vast nation and have countless beaches and islands spread across the Mediterranean Sea, visited by millions of tourists every year. So, if you feel like having a beach escape to the Italy and looking for some great beach travel deals, consider SmartFares as your preferred travel partner to avail some of the finest flights to Italy at budget.

World’s Most Scenic Train Rides

Thursday, November 17th, 2016

Technology have brought new heights of improvement and convenience in our lives and have given us many better inventions in recent decades. However, if you still look at the past, you will find many things that once used to be slow and time taking, but had a spellbinding experience related with it. For those who have heard about the stories from their grandparents and great grandparents about their journeys, most of us will be found to begin with a train ride that took them to the mysterious, magnificent and adventurous lands of tales. Have you ever wondered if you could have the same experience of traveling rather than hopping in a flight and reaching your destination in a few hours with artificial breathable air and seating area that doesn’t show you much? If you have been through the same old fashioned and boring traveling experience, here are the world’s most scenic train rides that will give you an experience of lifetime:

  1. Glacier Express, Switzerland

Glacier Express, Switzerland

Stroll through the magnificent Swiss Alps whilst traveling from Zermatt to Davos via Oberalp Pass to enjoy a spellbinding 7-hour ride, comprising an opulent traveling experience and loads of scenic photos. The tranquilizing route may seem a bit short for a 7-hour ride, but has a spectacular views to enjoy at a lower speed. Hop into the Glacier Express and rail through nearly 290 bridges and more than 90 tunnels across the route whilst exploring some of the most fantastic landscapes, some at the height of 6000 ft. from the sea level to enjoy the real beauty of vivid municipalities of Switzerland.

  1. Hiram Bingham Luxurious Train, Peru

Hiram Bingham Luxurious Train, Peru

Imagine a ride consisting a tempting view of Machu Picchu from a distance whilst giving an opulent traveling experience including some delicious delicacies from Peru culture along with entertainment options. With Hiram Bingham Luxurious Train ride, you can actually enjoy such delights. Beginning from Cuzco to the heritage city of Inca where one of the most preserved and renowned heritage sites exist. The train itself is after the name of the discoverer of the Great Machu Picchu and furnished with a wide range of amenities and luxuries onboard. So, stroll your way to the Machu Picchu in a 3 and half hours of ride (one side) whilst enjoying great views of valleys and marvelously iconic land of Machu Picchu.

  1. TranzAlpine, New Zealand

TranzAlpine, New Zealand

One of the most renowned and scenic train journeys of the world, TranzAlpine is a spectacular rail journey begin commence from Christchurch with the ending destination at Greymouth. With a total number of 9 stops within the route, this nearly four and a half hour of ride consist of many magnificent views of Southern Alps, bridges and tunnels out of which, one was made out of blasting a solid rock more than 5 miles thick. Each year, thousands of travelers take flights to Christchurch to enjoy a fantastic ride to Greymouth whilst witnessing some of the remarkable views of River Avon, Franz Josef Glacier, Canterbury Plains, Waimakiriri River, Arthur’s Pass and many other iconic landmarks of the New Zealand.

  1. Rocky Mountaineer, Canada

Rocky Mountaineer, Canada

How about a spectacular two days rail trip from Vancouver to Calgary comprising a marvelous view of pristine wilderness, glaciers, lakes, canyons, black lava cliffs and more. The astonishing train ride follows the path of Canadian Pacific train from 1885 and gives some of the most breathtaking views of bighorn sheep, rivers, Rocky Mountains and sometimes grizzly bears. So, if you feel like having a pleasant two-day trip in the 60-cared ride, you can always take cheap flights to Vancouver to begin refreshing journey to the natural bliss of western and northern Canada whilst savoring on an opulent service throughout your ride.

  1. Maharaja Express

Maharaja Express

The magnificent nation of India has one of the largest rail routes in the world along with a few of the most opulent, ravishing and delightful train rides. One of them is the world famous Maharaja Express. A service that comprises various routes from 3 to 8 days, this spectacular rail ride consist of the real and rich heritage of the nation whilst offering the most imperial, luxurious and bewitching experiences whilst covering the most fantastic destinations such as Agra, Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai, Ranthambore and more. So, if you ever travel all the way to the chronicle lands of India, do not miss this opulent ride.

There are ample of other train rides across the world that may offer a spellbinding traveling experience along with luxurious perks. However, most of these rides may require a hefty spending, so if you like having such delightful experience whilst keeping your budget well-toned, all you need is to book cheap flight deals from SmartFares and avail some delightful offers to save big.

Perfect Destination for a Perfect Christmas

Friday, November 11th, 2016

The festive season is just round the corner and everyone soon will start asking you questions especially if you have kids or wife around you about the Christmas vacation plans. Each year, when millions of people head their way to a spellbinding vacation at some place nice, a few among others sit back home and wander if they had enough budget to make an escape. Well, if you have been into the second list for a very long time and seeking out a perfect destination for a perfect Christmas, SmartFares has the perfect way of giving you the experience you have been waiting for. Try out our Christmas travel deals and plan your escape from the following perfect destinations for a perfect Christmas:

  1. Vienna, Austria


The Austrian capital have always been among the most pleasant and energetic Christmas getaway destinations, offering a tremendous variety of celebrations along with the vibes of joy and happiness. With traditional bells ringing around along with the aroma of gluhwein, travelers can enjoy a spellbinding getaway experience on budget. Each year, the city receives thousands of travelers taking flights to Vienna in order to make an ordinary Christmas holiday one of the merriest moments of the year. Try out delicious food and wines served at myriad parties and restaurants on Christmas theme and enjoy your Christmas vacations in an old-school style.

  1. Zurich, Switzerland


Zurich is one of the most favorite destinations for the tourists who frequently travel on the occasion of Christmas and New Year. With lush Alpine valleys, thriving culture, heritage sites and captivating variety of attractions, travelers can explore this stunning destinations whilst joining some of the finest celebrations going around the city. Piece of advice, if you are traveling a little early to Zurich, do not forget to witness children organizing candles afloat ceremony at Limmat River near City Hall that gives the most astounding and panoramic view of the river on December 19th every year

  1. New York City, New York, U.S.A.

New York City

The cultural hub of the United States has been quite popular among tourists who love celebrating Christmas with great pomp and show. With flashy events, alleys glittering with ornaments and sparkling lights and chanting by kids, you will thoroughly enjoy your vacation in the New York City. Visit any of the cathedral during the festival and you can come across some of the finest dining buffet as well as parties around the city. Do not forget to visit Rockefeller Center where you can witness one of the biggest Christmas Trees of the city decorated with thousands of lights and ornaments with a close proximity to the fifth avenue market where you can stroll around and enjoy some Christmas discounts.

  1. Montreal, Quebec, Canada


If you feel like celebrating Christmas in traditional style with a twist of European elegance, taking flights to Montreal will be an advantage to experience both. A city that has been celebrating Christmas in a traditional way since 1925 including Santa Clause parade comprising loads of music and floats. Also, you can stroll around the city and explore the snowy roads glittering with ornaments and lights across the city. The city is also quite astounding when it comes to European culture when many themed restaurants introduce French gourmet and make a wonderful traveling experience for the locals as well as tourists.

  1. Queenstown, New Zealand


In case, you are done with celebrating Christmas in old fashion way and seeking an adventurous way of enjoying the festive season, visit Queenstown. A city that enjoys summer during the Christmas time, Queenstown is a perfect destination if you are looking to ditch snow and chilling breeze. Enjoy visiting here when you can get delighted by the summer breaks and have a wonderful time in myriad adventurous activities including swimming, surfing, paragliding, jet board riding and a lot more. Besides, the city’s culture offer a wonderful voyaging experience. If you feel homesick in the middle of your journey, you can always visit the cathedrals and churches across the city and neighboring towns to enjoy the traditional way of Christmas but of course, no winters!

There are tons of other destinations across the world that will make a perfect Christmas destination for you. To enjoy a cheerful getaway experience this Christmas, all you need is some planning and Christmas travel deals available at SmartFares for a budget getaway with family and friends.

10 Reasons you should Never Visit Greece

Thursday, November 10th, 2016

1) What’s with all the old and fragile buildings?


2) All you can see is flowers and weird architectures. Like someone is establishing that the gods used to live here.

Temple of Athena Nike

3) Beaches without Resorts? This is highly unlikely.


4) Even the water is crowded with Dolphins.

Underwater Dolphin

5) You might wonder what is wrong with all the statues all over the country.

Greek Statues

6) Seems like people are unaware of other existing colors.


7) People here find constructing a house on the slopes is fun.


8) There is no tradition of eating with knives and forks.


9) Everything here is either blue or white.


10) Sunsets are really dull in Greece.


So, even now you don’t hate Greece, you should board a flight to Greece right now.

Essential Tips for Backpacking in Thailand

Friday, November 4th, 2016

Southeast Asia is majorly considered as one of the most pleasant, vivid and rich region when it comes to culture and if you are planning a trip to this part of the world, you must know some basic travel tips. Thailand is among the most culturally rich regions of the Southeast Asia and is one of the most pleasant backpacking getaway destinations in the world. Travelers from across the earth especially from the America tend to take a month or more backpacking trips to the calm, cozy and bewitching Thailand. If you too like the island country as your next backpacking destination, you must know a basic and essential tips for backpacking in Thailand. Following are a few ideas of how you can survive and have a wonderful time exploring this beautifully vast region of Asia:

Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

1. Know the basic culture:

Thailand is best known for its rich culture and basic etiquettes. Whether you are at the resorts of Pattaya or the bustling metropolis of Bangkok, every part of the Thailand follows the same level of courtesy and etiquettes. In Thailand, they follow the recites of Buddha, stating that respect the elders, guests, animals and above all human. So, if you have an interaction with an elder person, show some gratitude like touching the feet, having least eye-contact and more. However, if you are new to the city and people around you know, they will lead you to the basics and help you to understand the culture. Also, it is mandatory to remove your shoes while visiting a holy or religious place.

2. Know how to bargain:

Bargaining is the biggest key to survive in the country of Thailand. Markets of Thailand are more renowned for thugs and people who may charge you way more than the actual price. So, always, I repeat always bargain with any product or service you are paying for. The shopkeepers in the local flea markets and big shopping malls tend to consider tourists as their favorite subject of con, so act local and less surprised when they show you something from their culture that is unique to you and start an easy bargain. That way, you can save a lot to get some handsome Bangkok airfare deals to fly your way to the bewitching Thai capital and have a joyful trip.

3. Avoid high-class eateries:

Eating like a local will always save you. The formula is perfect to be followed in every part of the world and when it comes to Thailand, it will come handy more often. The local markets and food stalls serves a quality and large portion with great taste at budget. So, if you are strolling around the streets and find a hygienic place, good for cooking, you can have a delicious meal made of fresh ingredients. Also, try to avoid eating or buying groceries from at least two blocks of proximity from a major tourist attraction. They often tend to charge way extra and the quality is comparatively pathetic than other parts of the city.

4. Go for hostels instead of hotels:

If you are on a leisure trip with family and friends, the ideal accommodation option is resort or a hotel, but if you have plans of staying for a longer period, you must start considering better options with budget. Find local hostels and guest houses that offers value for money accommodation. Hostels in Thailand are easily available and all you need is to do some research work online and join a few local communities to find a good, safe and reliable neighborhood at affordable price.

5. Use public transport:

Taking a taxi and heading towards your next stop is easy, yet equally costly. However, if you are in a city like Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Krabi, Hat Yai and Pattaya, traveling like a local can save a lot. Go for local methods of transport like buses, tuk-tuk and trains (for inter-city traveling) and save a fortune. To be on a safe side, always know the timings of opening and closing of local transportation before planning anything that can consume a whole day. Also, fix the final amount of your journey with your cabby to avoid any argument and issues later on. Avoid the cabbies that drive you near the attraction and say that the place is closed and divert your route to a local farm, factory or gem store. These are common thugs and can shed a huge money on the name of touring.

Behaving like a local is the key to survive on a budget in any destination and when you are in Thailand, all you need to follow what locals do. Whether it’s related with food, traveling, etiquettes, lifestyle, shopping or anything else, the budget way to enjoy a splendid time in Thailand is to know the trade secrets. So, next time you plan a backpacking trip to this stunning country, book cheap flights to Thailand with SmartFares and start saving some extra for a few leisure activities as well as to afford Bangkok airfare deals easily.

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