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Archive for August, 2016

The October Travel Guide

Wednesday, August 31st, 2016

October, a month of celebration, festivals and cheerful weather across the globe is considered to be the ideal time to explore the spellbinding beauty spread across the earth. Enjoy the stunning variety of attractions while joining some of the most marvelous events occur around you. Whether you are planning a family weekend city next to you or have better plans to visit abroad, fall travel deals will always allow you to not only sticking to your budget, but also prevent you booking in rush and losing the hard-earned money. If you are still a tad confused about what to do during this month or unable to decide a place to visit, following are a few ideas that will help you to decide and make October travel much more exciting:

1. New York City

New York City

New York City is a year-round destination for travelers from across the world. No matter whether you are traveling alone or have tagged family or friends along, the city will remain equally charming and spellbinding for you. The advantage of visiting Big Apple during October is you will enjoy not only a pleasant weather conditions, but can also participate in the Halloween Parade that is considered to be one of the finest Halloween celebrations across the United States. Apart from all the sightseeing, travelers taking flights to New York can enjoy the beautiful concerts and stage shows organized in the month of October.

2. Albuquerque, New Mexico

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Albuquerque is considerably one of the most spellbinding and delightful places in the Mexico and offer myriad things to do. The attractions comprising natural beauty will be most pleasant experience unless you don’t opt for hot air ballooning in Albuquerque. The spellbinding experience you can have in Albuquerque is unparalleled and being a lesser known destination, you can get some great fall travel deals to book your flights to Albuquerque at budget. Enjoy the city’s skyline with the mountain backdrop and zealous lifestyle that will be an amazing experience despite being one of the most underrated destinations in the region.

3. Munich, Germany


Visiting Germany is the biggest delight for every voyager acquainted about the culture and festivities of the region during October. Being the home of the biggest cultural festival across the world, Munich celebrate the fascinating event of Oktoberfest where millions of gallons of beer is consumed by people along with pretzel, giving an utmost delight to the weird culture festival lovers as well as people who fond of some quality beer and capable to travel around the world to taste some great spirits. A 16-day festival comprises drinking of beer along with myriad events and performances. Get some great fall travel deals to travel all the way to Germany and get dressed with fancy and funky dresses while visiting tons of tents offering great beer and snacks along.

4. New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans

New Orleans have been among the most bewitching getaway destinations for the fall season. Every year, thousands of voyagers from across the United States as well as the rest of the world tend to take flights to New Orleans and discover the enthralling beauty of this bewitching conurbation of Louisiana. Be noted that October is one of the peak months of tourism for New Orleans, so book your accommodation and flights to New Orleans well in advance to enjoy the fascinating natural beauty of this culturally rich metropolis of Louisiana.

5. Rome, Italy


There is no bad time to visit the Italian capital that has been the home of the gladiators for centuries. However, October is the one of the shoulder months for tourism in Rome. Hence, you will find plenty of cheap flights to Rome Italy for that travel month. Also, the great weather conditions with warmer days and tad cold nights will offer you the most memorable experience with lesser crowd and more opportunities of visiting the finest attractions of the region. Go visit the Colosseum, Pantheon, Vatican Museum, St. Peter’s Basilica, Capitoline Hill and myriad other places.

October month comes with many delights where at one place, you can enjoy the outdoors with optimum weather conditions and another end will offer you the most stunning fall travel deals to stay toned on your budget. The call is yours though, whether you want to discover the beauty of the world with the blanket of autumn leaves or stay home. In case, you are planning a getaway, contact SmartFares right now and avail our stunning fall travel deals designed for family travel and couple getaways.

Top Five Destinations to Visit in September

Friday, August 26th, 2016

With the month of September, not only the heat of summers dial down a little, but also the options of bargain travel starts to get to the surface. The season when the entire world bloom on the arrival of fall, the time becomes ideal to make a dream escape. If you have been waiting for the moment for a very long time and seeking a budget holiday to the finest destinations, you are at the most apt place. Following are the places that will interest you more than anything and help you to determine your next getaway with family, friends or alone on a tight budget:

1. Aruba:


The delightful country of Aruba have always been one of the most enthralling getaway option for Americans. No matter whether you are planning a honeymoon getaway, a holiday on your anniversary, a family escape with kids or solo traveling with loads of adventure and beach extravaganza, Aruba will always interest you more than anything. Often stated as one of the most opulent and expensive getaways with high occupancy, Aruba becomes quite affordable to visit and you can easily find cheap flights as well as budget accommodation without any hassle. So, does it tickle your swimming bone? Plan a trip right now and start packing.

2. Haida Gwaii:

Haida Gwaii

Just off the coasts of the British Columbia, the small archipelago city of Haida Gwaii is truly one of the most magical, least visited and enchanting beach getaway options in the North America. A place that has many intact beaches, fabulous resorts and zealous lifestyle will please you more than any other beach destination in the region. Besides, the availability of cheap flights to the nearby airport is also quite high and you can get your stay to the most luxurious hotels or resorts at a very low price. The choice is all yours whether you are planning to visit a lesser known destination or a city that remain crowded throughout the year.

3. Barbados:


If you are a cliché traveler and looking for some beach escapes with more than beaches, you are in luck as the September month gives an immense pleasure to the travelers visiting Barbados. Sandy beaches with palm trees, houseboats, opulent shores, resorts and happy-go-lucky culture makes the city even more pleasant than ever. Also, great weather conditions with much sunny days and breeze coming from the ocean makes your life at the beach way more heavenly. Go shopping at the day time and enjoy the party extravaganza during the nights at the beach and make the best of your escapes to the shores of Barbados.

4. Panama City:

Panama City

The crown jewel of Latin America when it comes to beach escapes, Panama City is truly a magical place to experience during the month of September. Not only you can get some really cheap flights to Panama City in this month, the accommodation and other travel expenses also get quite low. Besides all the budget related points, the city is way more charming and lesser crowded due to shoulder season, making the outdoor much more delightful and enjoyable. Go visit the marine parks or the spellbinding museums, enjoy the sight of state parks or theme parks, everything in Panama City gets much more interesting when you have lesser crowd standing ahead of you in queue.

5. San Diego:

San Diego

Nestled on the Pacific Coasts, the city of San Diego is a true heaven for couple travelers. Enjoy the sweet breeze coming from the coasts while walking down the beautiful boulevards of the city where the crowd is quite lesser. Enjoy some great a la carte restaurants for your dining and get delighted by the opulent accommodations available there at an affordable price due to off-peak season. Save a lot through cheap flights to San Diego during the month of September and enjoy spending on some great gourmet tasting.

There are hundreds more destinations you can visit during the month of September that will offer you an experience of living in a paradise. However, selecting a great September getaway is entirely dependent on your travel preferences and the idea of a perfect destination in your dictionary. So, if you too are preparing for some exquisite holidays this September, book your travel with SmartFares and enjoy ample of cheap flights for your favorite destination.

Best Islands for a Perfect Destination Wedding

Wednesday, August 24th, 2016

Each year, nearly one out of three couples try organizing a destination wedding for themselves and transform a day of holy matrimony into an occasion of great escapes. To make it more perfect, people across the United States search for best islands for perfect destination wedding and enjoy the auspicious day while amidst people the care about the most. If you too are planning for a destination wedding or acquainted someone who is seeking some advice on same topic, you are at the right place as SmartFares has brought a range of ideas to make the most incredible day of your life more exciting:

1. Maui, Hawaii:


One of the most bewitching conurbations off the shores of the United States, Maui is truly a blissful and heavenly destination and ideal for the destination wedding. Nestled amidst North Pacific Ocean, the island has been a great place for holiday travel as well as destination weddings. Each year, hundreds of weddings take place in Maui and people enjoy the most amazing day of their lives here while adoring the vast stretch of natural bliss and tranquilizing amenities available at the island. Besides all the features and attractions, the destination has a close proximity from most of the western cities of the United States, making it open for all and easy to reach island for destination wedding.

2. Aruba:


An island country nestled on the Caribbean Island off the coasts of Venezuela, Aruba is sure short a renowned destination wedding place. With a quick reach from the eastern region of the United States and Latin America, Aruba makes a fine island for a perfect destination wedding. Take flights to Aruba and enjoy the most spellbinding experience of tying the knot and celebrating the biggest day of your life. The tropical beaches and fine resorts with all sorts of amenities makes it much easier and happier to enjoy the wedding day and adventurous activities to indulge after the ceremony.

3. Barbados:


One of the most prominent destination wedding venues of the North America, Barbados have been one of the top choices for married-to-be couples. With the bewitching resorts of Turtle Beach, Bridgetown and Oistins, you can not only make quick and lavishing arrangements for your wedding, but also have the scenic view of sandy beaches and magical coastline in the backdrops of all your wedding photos. Plan your wedding in the Barbados and get delighted by the beach extravaganza quickly after the ceremony and soak up some sun, sand and sea instead of getting cold feet.

4. Nassau, Bahamas:


One of the most picturesque islands on the Caribbean Sea and a potential destination wedding venue for perfect arrangements, Nassau makes the most beautiful place for your marriage ceremony. Plan a perfect day of tying a knot with impeccable weather conditions, white sandy beaches, and exquisite resorts amidst palm trees, fascinating backdrops and loads of adventure after the ceremony that can be happened in the Nassau. Board flights to Nassau and prepare for an exquisite set of arrangements on the sandy beaches where the aisle is settled for the bride, grooms and accompanying people, loads of champagne, great sea food and turquoise blue shallow water in the backdrop. Can you find anything to beat it?

5. Saint John, US Virgin Islands:

Saint John, US Virgin Islands

A wedding spot on the beautiful and heavenly US Virgin Islands is an unbeatable idea. Considering a ceremony when you can enjoy a getaway to the tropical beaches, exquisite arrangements of food, marvelous setting of the aisle and the ceremony and more, that is possible if you consider St. John as your destination wedding venue. The accommodations available in St. Johns are quite delightful and imperial in terms of services as well as budget friendly. So, you are not only enjoying a wedding ceremony, but also a honeymoon sort of occasion right after the wedding vows. There is nothing more amazing that can actually surpass a wedding at the beaches of US Virgin Islands.

There are tons of other islands across the world that can be the witness as well as the host of your wedding, yet everything depends on your preferences and the choice of ceremony you have in mind. So, plan a romantic getaway and search for some great romantic travel deals from SmartFares to enjoy the wedding like a boss.

5 Places you Should Visit to Catch a Pokémon

Thursday, August 18th, 2016

In recent months, a gaming app took over the world faster than the Star Wars and Die Hard combined. However, if you too are a tech-savvy, you must have the same game in your device. Replicating the anime world from the famous cartoon of 90s, Pokémon Go have been thrashing other gaming apps like Asphalt and more with the idea of living in a parallel virtual world where you stroll around in real world and follow the trace of these animated creatures living in game world, as well as catching them to advance against the opponents during the battle time. Catching a full house of Pokémon is quite easy if you share the hobby of traveling along with Pokémon playing. Plan your next getaway and have the same app along with you for the places we are about to disclose and catch the rare and strong Pokémon’s. Following are the 5 places you should visit to catch a Pokémon:

1. Museum of Liverpool, Liverpool, United Kingdom:

Museum of Liverpool

If you are planning to travel in the European cities, the chances to get higher category Pokémons is way more. Say for an instant, travelers visiting United Kingdom are reportedly getting the finest quality of Pokémon without breaking a sweat. Stroll around the boulevards of Liverpool near the Museum of Liverpool and you will get the chance of catching charmander, Golbat and Beedrill. Besides, the obstacle available in the city will give you better opportunities to train your Pokémon collection for further advancements and battles.

2. Central Park, New York City, United States:

Central Park, New York City

The city of Big Apple have always been the hub of everything. Even the makers of Pokémon have understood as well as implemented the same in the game. Hence taking cheap flights to New York City for some great exploration will offer you an impeccable chance of catching the star Pokémons of all time like Pikachu and Haunter. Stroll around the giant Central Park in the middle of the city and you will find the traces of myriad best and average Pokémons that are great to keep on increasing your collection and catching the level of a full house.

3. Circular Quay, Sydney, Australia:

Circular Quay, Sydney

Many critics have mentioned that the Pokémon Go have been a hit in the western region of the globe. However, professional travelers who are constantly playing Pokémon Go have found out that the success rate in catching rare Pokémons have been better otherwise. Traveling to the Australian region especially near Circular Quay, Sydney have given the players better chances to catch some of the finest Pokémons. So, if you have booked cheap flights to Sydney by any chance and looking forward to play the game there too, you should try some prone areas to find best Pokémons in the Harbor City.

4. The Colosseum, Rome, Italy:

Colosseum, Rome

A place once used to be the fighting arena for the knights and gladiators of the Roman history have now become one of the hot spots among the Pokémon players. A trending place where you can find not only the rarest but the finest quality of Pokémon, Colosseum have its rank in the chart of the best places to catch and stimulate your Pokémon. The Italian capital receives millions of tourists throughout the year and in recent months, the count of the visitors have been higher due to the Pokémon addiction that have been drawing travelers from across the globe. It may sound a bit odd, but a few things are true. Tons of tourists are found to be catching some of the greatest Pokémons in and around the area of Colosseum.

5. Disneyland, Anaheim, California:

Disneyland, Anaheim

What could be better to catch a Pokémon than the home of all major cartoons? And if you are in California, taking cheap flights to Disneyland and witnessing some of the most memorable as well as successful trails of catching Pokémons will be the most memorable moments of your gaming life. Stroll around the Disneyland and get your hands on some of the awesome Pokémons of all time. No matter whether you are searching into the woods, nearby the rides or at the food stalls, you will surely find something valuable there and all you need to do is approach the area and throw the poke ball at them.

Although, it may sound a bit odd to travel across the world to only catch a mare Pokémon, yet if you are a true player and have a zeal to travel around the world, it may seem normal to you. So, next time whenever you plan a trip while having your batteries charged, all you need to do is keep your location on and find for some of the greatest Pokémons of all time. To give you an edge against other players, we present a number of family travel deals that will allow you to approach new places and get the favorite Pokémon of your own.

5 Places to Visit in Iceland

Friday, August 12th, 2016

Nestled on the Arctic Circle, known to be one of the most volcanically active areas of the world, the nation of Iceland have always been the biggest catch for voyagers from across the world. No matter whether you like cultural diversity, bewitching natural beauty or stunning landscapes with eerie phenomenon, the nation will please you like no other. Although the size of the entire nation may stun you with small proximity, yet there are ample of places to visit in Iceland. Following are the finest attractions you can explore after taking flights to Iceland:

1. Aurora Borealis in Reykjavik:

Aurora Borealis in Reykjavik

The biggest and fascinating attraction of the Iceland is Aurora Borealis which is commonly known as the Northern lights or polar lights. Being situated nearest to the Arctic Circle, the city is blessed with the year-round beauty of Aurora blooms days and nights throughout the year. Take flights to Reykjavik and discover the fascinating view of dancing green lights in the black/blue sky when clear and enjoy the show like no other. Although the lights are more enjoyable in the remote areas, away from the metropolises. Drive out the city in the deserted landscapes and witness the show of ultimate solar activities causing green lights dancing in the sky.

2. Whale Watching near Icelandic Capital:

Whale Watching near Iceland

The capital city of Iceland have been quite a renowned city among marine life lovers. Visit Reykjavik and enjoy the rare sight of whales on your tours off the coasts of the North Atlantic Ocean. Take the pictures of the gentle marine giant splashing around you and showcasing the real acrobats while swirling around your boat/cruise. As it is quite common of hunting Whales in the Iceland, you can not only enjoy the sight of whales, but can also order some of the most scrumptious dishes at the restaurant near your residency in Reykjavik.

3. Skaftafell Park and Ice Caves:

Skaftafell Park and Ice Caves

One of the rarest and uncanny phenomenon available in the Iceland, Skaftafell Park is truly a blissful place to visit. With quite weird yet unique formation made from volcanic eruption surrounded by the waterfalls, Skaftafell Park is a place you must visit on not only a trip to Iceland, but also around the world. Right next to the waterfall and this landscape beauty, you can explore a whole new world of Skaftafell ice caves that are the most stunning and adventurous experience anyone can have. The cozy views under the glaciers and ice caves will stun you and offer the most outstanding shots to take from your camera. Don’t forget to bring something to capture those memorable moments and showcase your achievements to others after this beautiful experience.

4. Steam Shooting Geysers, Strokkur:

Steam Shooting Geysers

Strokkur, a place that has been one of the most visited attractions in the Iceland has the most unusual and beautiful natural attribute. With the volcanic activities constantly going on underneath the surface, geysers around the area have been actively shooting steam shots, making it a surreal experience to witness. Enjoy having a dip and exploring the vast stretch area, full of thermal pools, geysers and springs while covering the detailed natural landscape at a proximity of 2-hour drive east from Reykjavik.

5. Rhyolite Mountains of Landmannalaugar:

Rhyolite Mountains of Landmannalauga

Have you ever thought how it will feel being another planet with rock solid surface? If no, then you are in luck while being in Iceland as the Landmannalaugar is world renowned for being the home of Rhyolite mountains that not only offer a pleasant view of the skis, but also an experience of being at another planet with myriad hues of natural beauty. Nestled next to Fjallabak Nature Reserve with a proximity of 3-hour drive east from the Icelandic capital. Go for hiking, horseback riding or follow some picturesque trails around the region to explore the vividness of nature and exquisite earthly bliss in Iceland. The ideal time to visit Landmannalaugar is considered during the summers when the weather conditions are optimum to follow myriad trails and witness the beautiful view of the land as well as the sky.

Although, there are plenty of other places to explore in the Iceland like Hallagrim Skirja, Gullafoss Waterfall, Asbyrgi Canyon, Hornstrandir Mature Reserve, The Blue Lagoon, Reynisfjara Beach and more, yet if you are on a short trip to Iceland, you better explore these iconic places to be in the race and not feel left out among fellow Iceland travelers. So, next time when you book your flights to Iceland, don’t forget to consider SmartFares as your travel partner to get your hands on some handsome deals on flights to Reykjavik and other parts of the country.

Your Travel Guide to Australia

Thursday, August 11th, 2016

Australia, an island continent known for its impeccable versatility and fascinating cultural diversity have always been one of the most prominent and desired getaway options for us. No matter whether your interest is in food, drinks, culture, nature, beaches, reef or sports, Australia is among those limited regions of the world that has it all and that too in the most splendid quality. If you are planning to fly all the way to the other part of the world to discover the fascinating attributes of this spellbinding continent of the east, all you need is some great Australia airfare deals and your travel guide to Australia. Following we have summed up a list of top 5 places you must visit while traveling in Australia:

1. Great Barrier Reef:

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Renowned across the world for being the largest stretch of the corals and a pleasant region full of reef, Great Barrier Reef is truly an impeccable place for tourists. Each year, millions of tourists as well as divers visit this region and enjoy the most outstanding experience of being surrounded by the true as well as hidden beauty of the nature underneath the ocean surface. On the coasts of the Northeastern Australia and Queenstown, the region offer not only a stretch full of ocean and beaches, but also a variety of flora and rare fauna of marine life. Explore the marine life of Great Barrier Reef and you will stumble upon to some magnificent creatures of underwater world like Starfish, Mollusca, turtles, sharks, colorful fishes and dolphins.

2. Sydney Harbor and Sydney Opera House:

Sydney Harbor and Sydney Opera House

Sydney is one of the most renowned cities of the Australian continent as well as the Australia Pacific region. Nestled on the shores of South Pacific Ocean, the city has been one of the most visited conurbations of the world. Take flights to Sydney and explore the vividness of this giant conurbation of the NSW while strolling around the most iconic landmarks of Sydney Harbor and Opera House that are the finest and most visited attractions of the region. Stroll around the boulevards of the city near the natural harbor and experience the exquisite view of Sydney Opera House during the sunset while gazing on the sparkling Sydney Harbor from a distance and watch all the lights passes by the horizon.

3. Kings Park, Western Australia:

Kings Park

When in the picturesque city of Perth, you have the options to visit the serene beaches, heritage sites and picturesque architectures, yet there is something that is more enchanting and beautiful. Kings Park nestled on the edge of the city is among the most tranquilizing attractions of the city as well as the Western Australia. Get refreshed by the amazing beauty of this area full of floras and bewitching landscape. A botanical garden stretched in nearly 4square mile area is truly a place that everyone visiting the Business District should check once.

4. Melbourne City Center:

Melbourne City

If you are done with the architecture, natural bliss and tremendous parks of the Australia, here is the time when you must experience the cultural diversity and there no better place to showcase the cultural vividness found in Australia than Melbourne City Center. A bewitching area full of business hubs, scrumptious restaurants, bars and more, Melbourne City Center sure is a big catch for culture lovers. With a close proximity to all sorts of tourist attractions, Melbourne City Center sure is a place that you must visit and explore once on your trip to Australia.

5. Hunter Region, New South Wales:

Hunter Region

Those who have been following the tourism and activities available for tourists in the Australia, must visit the picturesque lands of Hunter Region that has been a renowned getaway option for locals as well as international tourists visiting Australia. Enjoy ample of activities comprising hot air balloon rides, wine tasting, visiting vineyards and more while getting to know about the agriculture and more. Get delighted by the spellbinding array of accommodation available in and around the country while soaking up some freshness through an exciting variety of activities to indulge.

Australia is a huge continent and have ample more attractions to explore. No matter whether you are a kid, an adult or an old man seeking some adventure, education or peace, the country itself is quite immense to keep you indulged for a very long time. So, next time you plan a getaway to the beautiful island continent of Australia, find and book Australia airfare deals with SmartFares and enjoy the most beautiful days of your life.

15 Reasons Why You Should Not Visit India

Friday, August 5th, 2016

India is dirty, unhygienic with some of the worst architecture and food. Here are 15 reasons why you should never visit India.

1. All the unhealthy and junk food is tradition (Delicious Food/Thaali)

Indian Thali

2. Weird Piece of Architecture (Jantar Mantar, Delhi)

Jantar Mantar, Delhi

3. Places where even the physics gets confused (Magnetic hill, Ladakh)

Magnetic Hill, Ladakh

4. India is full of places where there is no such thing as color combination (Bikaner)


5. People in India are so careless, they don’t even have doors in their houses (Shani Shingnapur)

Shani Shingnapur

6. There is definitely no place where you can go and enjoy some peace (Goa Beaches)


7. India is full of clumsy architectures (Taj Mahal)

Taj Mahal

8. They couldn’t find a place on solid land, so they construct over the water (Jal Mahal)

Jal Mahal

9. The wildness of this country is ineffable (Asiatic Lions, Gir National Park)

Gir National Park

10. The country is full of people who still like strolling around caves (Ajanta Ellora caves)

Ajanta Ellora caves

11. It’s like you don’t have a recent hotel to stay (Houseboat, Srinagar)

Srinagar Houseboat

12. And don’t get me started on the population (Ladakh)


13. Nobody can understand why all this mess (Holi Festival)


14. There is nothing adventurous about India (White River Rafting Rishikesh)

Rishikesh Rafting

15. India is a country of Snake charmers (Silicon Valley, Bengaluru)


5 Must Visit Music Festivals

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016

Music festivals are among the most renowned ways to bring different cultures together and showcase the wide-spread talent across the globe on one stage. Each year, hundreds of music festivals are organized around the world where musicians and artists belongs from various genres and trends come together to showcase the harmony and the spread the wisdom of music. If you are among the people who like live shows or have a bit of keen interest in music, following music festivals from around the globe will offer you a heavenly exposure of understanding the vividness and beauty of music scattered around the earth:

Glastonbury Festival, Pilton, Somerset

1. Glastonbury Festival, Pilton, Somerset:

This astounding music five-day festival was founded by Michael Eavis and organized every year in the month of June at Pilton, United Kingdom offer an impeccable beauty of music. A huge stage where every day during the fiesta, artists and music maestros gather around to showcase the talent and the real beauty of music. From past 45 years, the stage sets for an impeccable five-day music celebration and give an entertaining, spellbinding and astounding experience to the tourists and music lovers.

2. Tomorrowland, Boom, Belgium:

One of the best music festivals around the world, Tomorrowland is one of the most renowned cultural events in the Europe and highly acknowledged among the youth especially students. This annual music festival is organized in the month of July and offer the music lovers a stunning and unusual experience of vivid music styles and genres. Thousands of youngsters takes student travel deals to travel all the way to Belgium and enjoy this wonderful festival organized for three days.

3. Sunburn Festival, Goa, India:

One of the best music festivals across the Asia, this marvelous festival is organized in the last week of December followed by New Year celebration. A stage set on the shores of Indian Ocean in the beautiful resort city of Goa, this splendid festival draws music lovers and tourists from around the world and give them four days full of enjoyment and fun. Comprising trance, house, R&B, electronic, jazz, classical, theme and folk music, Sunburn festival is the largest music festival in Asia.

4. Coachella, Indio, California:

One of the finest music and art festival in United States, Coachella is organized every year in mid-April. A 10-days festival comprising huge number of performances from vivid music genres and styles, offer the most spectacular experience to the visitors. A wonderful festival to enjoy during the spring season, Coachella is a picturesque getaway festival, drawing thousands of music lovers taking group travel deals every year to attend this bewitching festival from across the United States, flocked by endless music lovers and wizards from around the world.

5. Burning Man, Black Rock Desert, Nevada:

The most unusual yet entertaining event organized in the Black Road Desert of Nevada, Burning Man is among the most renowned music festivals in the America. With a huge followership especially among youth and elders, this event invites music specialists from across the world and present a stage to showcase their talent among music fans, promoting harmony and overcoming all color, geographical and cultural barriers. This 9-days event has won several awards including UK Festival Award for Best Overseas Festival and proudly organizing this giant event in the last week of August.

There are endless other music events organized around the world on different scales, providing the talents a stage to showcase their talent and offer them the ultimate exposure of public and music lovers. Admired by people from all age group, these events have been drawing attention from around the world. As a result, you will find youngsters searching student travel deals and elders booking group travel deals to witness these delighting extravaganza.

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