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Archive for June, 2016

5 National Parks to Visit This Summer

Thursday, June 30th, 2016

Summers are just around the corner and everyone has planned the schedule to make this summer season a wonderful one to remember for a very long time. Now that the children are off from their schools and demanding for a getaway, you must be searching for some better places that may help to save budget as well as give a memorable experience. There is nothing better than an escape to the National Parks and enjoy the eternal beauty of nature with endless things to do. Following are a few options that may help you decide the best National Park as per your preferences:

1) Sequoia National Park, California

Sequoia National Park

Set at the foot of Mount Whitney, Sequoia National Park is the home of world’s largest tree “General Sherman Tree” and has been among the most thriving national parks in the entire US, drawing millions of tourists every year by its picturesque landscape and tremendous variety of flora. With an average temperature during the summers that floats around 90 degrees, Sequoia National Park is among the most beautiful places to enjoy a family vacation.

2) Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

A marvel of nature and one of the internationally acclaimed National Parks in the world, Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming have been a delight for voyagers in recent years. The national park is filled with hundreds of geysers and approximately 50 waterfalls, combines a blissful place for summer escapes. The diversity of flora and fauna found in the Yellowstone National Park is simply unbelievable and stuns both regional and international tourists visiting for summer vacations. The highlights of the national park are Trout Lake Trail, Garnet Hill Loop and of course the Yellowstone Lake.

3) Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado

Mesa Verde National Park

The exclusive cultural national park in the United States and a renowned world heritage site, located in Montezuma county of Colorado state, Mesa Verde National Park has been a delight for everyone. Treasuring both the archaeological and geological attractions, the Mesa Verde National Park has earned a lot of fame and is catering the interest of both nature and heritage. As a result, travelers from across the globe tend to visit here during summers and enjoy the beautiful landscape view whilst adoring the magnificent archeological treasures.

4) Yosemite National Park, California

Yosemite National Park

Waterfalls, natural domes, Merced Rivers, trees and vast spread natural beauty comprises the Yosemite National Park that has been a wonderful experience to have in the summers. The tempting range of attractions scattered across the Yosemite National Park is simply unbelievable and giving the most stunning experience to voyagers on their summer breaks. This adorable national park in Yosemite Valley has been a key attraction among travelers and is perfect to stroll around the nature during the summers when the maximum temperature of the day goes to 90 degrees.

5) Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

The busiest national park located in Tennessee, North Carolina, Great Smoky Mountains are among the largest protected areas as well as one of the most beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Encompassing 16 peaks, miles stretch swath and endless wilderness have made it a picturesque natural attraction and a perfect getaway for summers. Drawing millions of tourists every year, the magical land of Great Smoky Mountains National Park is the most stunning experience you can have during summers.

The rich beauty of nature and stunning views are always the best experience to have with family. If you are planning a family getaway this summer, simply book your summer flight deals with SmartFares and get the delight of cheap flights and special discounts on summer travel deals.

5 Must Visit Attractions in Brazil

Friday, June 24th, 2016

A trip to Brazil comprises a visit to the most tempting places of the world has been giving away the experience of enjoying laid-back beaches, magnificent sport arenas, vibrant culture, fantastic festivals, delicious culinary and so much more to become one of the most amazing and dreamed countries to visit among global travelers. Boasted with natural beauty like beaches, rainforests, mountains, waterfalls and more, Brazil sure know how to present itself. If you are taking flights to Brazil and planning a getaway for a very long period, here are 5 must visit attractions in Brazil:

1) Christ the Redeemer

Christ The Redeemer

The most magnificent place to visit in entire Brazil, Christ the Redeemer is located at Corcovado Mountain and is giving away a spellbinding experience to millions of travelers visiting Brazil every year. This thriving site is known for this amazing giant statue of Christ along with the breathtaking view of the city and its surroundings from a high altitude. A promising site for travel photographers as well as tourists from all age groups, Christ the Redeemer is a place to enjoy the wonderful ocean breeze whilst taking selfies with the giant Jesus Christ.

2) Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls

A combination of more than 270 falls, Iguazu Falls are among the most renowned water falls in the world as well as one of the most visited places in the Brazil. Located at Iguazu National Park, on the borders of Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina, this stunning place will allow you to explore the wonderful and tempting natural bliss of Brazilian rainforests that have been the home of myriad flora and faunas. Although the falls are deep inside the forests, yet tourists can enjoy the refreshing accommodation options available nearby the wonderful site.

3) Chapada Diamantina National Park

Chapada Diamantina National Park

Located in the state of Bahia, Chapada Diamantina National Park is one of the extremely gorgeous natural places to find in Brazil. Boasted with endless purity and magnificent natural beauty, the Chapada Diamantina National Park comprises waterfalls, mountains, caves, rivers, valleys and so much more under 400 km land, the national park is one of the greatest landscapes to come across in the entire Brazil. Drawing countless tourists from across the world for wildlife photography, nature explorers, hikers and more, Chapada Diamantina National Park is a prestigious place to visit in Brazil.

4) Fernando de Noronha

Fernando de Noronha

A beautiful volcanic archipelago in boundaries of Brazilian coasts, Fernando de Noronha is declared to be the UNESCO World Heritage Site in the year 2001. Renowned for optimum snorkeling places, diving options, swimming, scuba diving and more, Fernando de Noronha is a perfect laid-back and enjoyable resort destination in Brazil. The island has recently become quite renowned among celebrities of the Brazil, hence visiting during the low season (April till September) is the ideal time.

5) Ilha Grande

Ilha Grande

The beautiful resort island located around 150 miles from Rio de Janeiro, Ilha Grande is among the most bewitching islands in Brazil known for its picturesque landscapes, delighting mountains and endless natural beauty. Once a penitentiary for political prisoners and highly violent criminals of Brazil, this island has now become one of the best places to visit in Brazilian archipelago. Enjoy the pleasure of fabulous natural sightseeing, adorable beaches, swimming, snorkeling and so much more when you visit next time to Brazil.

Being a huge country, Brazil is featured with endless possibilities and must place to visit. Quickly take flights to Rio de Janeiro, do not forget to visit these tranquillizing places and get your Brazil flight deals from SmartFares to avail special discounted airfares and seasonal offers on travel deals.

Where to Travel this Independence Day

Friday, June 17th, 2016

Independence Day, the biggest federal celebration in the calendar year in the United States is falling after a weekend this year, making the Independence Day holiday a long weekend and giving the perfect opportunity to enjoy away from home with family and friends. Independence Day had always been a wonderful time too for having a summer getaway and head towards the most spectacular destinations across the US and with an extended weekend holidays, you can enjoy the fullest this year. Hence, here we have a few ideas of Independence Day getaways that will help you decide your travel plans this 4th of July:

1) Washington, DC

Washington DC

There can never be a better place than the Washington to enjoy the 4th of July celebration where the big parade, loads of events and fireworks on huge scale will enhance the feeling of patriotism among you. The bewitching celebration takes place every year have been drawing millions of tourists to the Washington from not only within the US, but from the rest of the world. Enjoy witnessing the wonderful military parade, beautiful fireworks glittering skies, so much more while being in the Washington.

2) Boston


The capital city of Massachusetts, Boston has been a great catch for tourists visiting US for Independence Day celebration. The city that has been celebrating the 4th of July for a very long time, has been a wonderful experience to have on the Independence Day weekend holidays. Enjoy the pleasant fireworks, performance by the Boston Pops and beautiful parade organized by the locals as well as local organizations and make the Independence Day weekend the most memorable experience of your life.

3) Bristol


A small seaport city that is celebrating the Independence Day since 1785, Bristol is like a center of attraction in the entire Rhodes Island, where the most magnificent Independence Day parade of all time takes place. The parade starts at 10:30 AM (local time) in the morning where the main parade, street is painted with red, blue and white from the center strip days ago. The parade takes place from Chestnut Street to High Street followed by a series of galas and concerts that take place in downtown Bristol.

4) New York City

New York City

The most dazzling city of all time, New York is the perfect place to enjoy the 4th of July where you can not only get the delight of Independence Day shopping sale, but can enjoy the view of the fireworks at the Manhattan and have a complete delight of witnessing the iconic Independence Day Parade. Every year the Independence Day Parade of New York draws millions of travelers from across the world who get Independence Day travel deals and visit the fantastic Big Apple.

5) Las Vegas

Las Vegas

The most unconventional way of celebrating Independence Day is by heading your way to the exotic Las Vegas. Try your luck and enjoy unlimited parties and adventure in the most bewitching town in the Nevada State whilst getting the utmost pleasure of watching the spellbinding parade on your TV set at the hotel rooms. Enjoy endless booze, great shows and incredible fireworks at the party capital of the west and get indulge in myriad competitions like Pie-eating competition and so much more.

There are endless other places like Miami, Los Angeles, Orlando and California that can be a perfect host for your Independence Day Getaway. All you need is sort out your interest and search for Independence Day travel deals and head your way to a fun and exciting holiday. So, plan out your weekend now and get the delight of cheap flights this Independence Day with SmartFares.

Where to Travel in July

Wednesday, June 15th, 2016

Right after the Independence Day Celebration, the summer kicks off and children begin to question about their summer vacation trips. Many of us have already planned and book the summer holidays earlier, yet some of us are still under the confusion about where to visit and what to do for a family holiday this summer. Following are a few ideas about the places that can be best suitable to enjoy a wonderful family or couple holidays around the world:

1) Barbados


Beat the scorching heat of summer by equalizing with the seashores and bewitching beaches and head towards the Barbados. Among the most fabulous and visited island countries of the Caribbean region, Barbados is renowned for its laid-back beaches and a marvelous range of historical, cultural, traditional and natural sites. Discover the beautiful sandy beaches and stay at the most opulent and tranquillizing resorts off-the-coasts whilst getting drenched in the myriad beach activities including swimming, volleyball, sailing, diving and surfing.

2) Pamplona, Spain


Spanish cities are way more pleasant in July when not only the weather conditions offer the magnificent opportunity to stroll around the outdoors, but the fabulous cultural and traditional festivals take place and offer the most indelible experience. Visit Pamplona in July and have the pleasure of exploring such a phenomenal city whilst enjoying the finest show of San Fermin which consist of a traditional race between the bulls and the participants wearing white attire and red scarf knotted around the collar.

3) Paris, France


Paris, the lovely and dreamy city of France is indeed a year-round destination and is absolutely the gorgeous during the month of July. Whether you are a couple on holidays or having a getaway with friends and family, Paris will never let you down. Enjoy the mild weather which gives an optimum opportunity to stroll around the boulevards during the day and long sunny hours gives more time to explore various outdoor sites. After the Independence Day celebration in the USA, Paris enjoy the wonderful celebration of Bastille Day (French National Day) on July 14th every year.

4) Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik, Iceland

In case, you have been through every city mentioned above and looking for something more miraculous as well as adventurous, Icelandic capital Reykjavik is the best option for you. The city that enjoys nearly 20 hours of daylight during the month of July, Reykjavik is absolutely a promising option for summer getaways. A place where warm winds and summer heat is nowhere to be seen and the fantastic white landscapes greet you with an absolutely adorable view of the surroundings, Reykjavik is far beyond imagination to have a family holiday. Explore the natural geysers, national parks and a wide stretch of nothing but snow covered lands and take the advantage of long sunny hours in the Icelandic capital.

5) Fiji


An archipelago country in the Oceania region, Fiji is much more amazing during the month of July when not only the pleasant weather conditions give the outdoor exploration a paramount time, but the fantastic range of natural sites blooms like no other. The beautiful city of Nadi is a place you will never forget for eternity and love to explore the enchanting temples, beaches, island hopping and so much more. Go for snorkeling, swimming, surfing, diving and many other fantastic water sports in Fiji and soak up some sun at the opulent laid-back beaches of the region.

There are hundreds of other options that will be best suitable to plan a getaway and book cheap flights this summer. However, it totally depends on your interest and your budget. So, quickly plan out your July travel trip and book cheap flight deals with SmartFares before the prices go north.

Exploring the Stunning Cinque Terre

Friday, June 10th, 2016

Cinque Terre, one of the most beautiful and iconic region of Italy established on the edge of the Italian Riviera; is among the most fascinating places you may ever come across. Announced a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997, the city is a combination of Five Towns (named after the Italian translation of Five Lands), Cinque Terre has been drawing millions of tourists every year from across the globe. Explore the rich history, magnificent residency, tranquillizing natural view of the coasts as well as the mountains and so much more while exploring the bewitching villages comprising Cinque Terre. Following are the best travel tips to explore these stunning villages that makes Cinque Terre a perfect beach holiday destination:

1) Monterosso al Mare


One of the most renowned and highly visited villages of Cinque Terre, Monterosso al Mare or commonly acknowledged as Monterosso has been the finest village by far. Featuring a perfect beach, lemon trees, tremendous resorts and well connected to the neighboring villages as well as cities nearby, Monterosso is easily accessible by foot or taxis. Standing like an emerald on the coasts, this sprawling town has everything you need in this bewitching city of Cinque Terre. Opulent resorts, fine beaches and endless fun and adventure are the reason behind the high occupancy of Monterosso during the peak season.

2) Vernazza


Enjoy an indelible experience visiting Vernazza, which is the finest and naturally blissful village in Cinque Terre, known for fabulous harbor and tempting structures built on cliffs. A small fishing village which once use to be a village of pirates is now one of the finest places in Cinque Terre to visit. Featuring a rustic yet memorable church, fountain and widespread of colorful houses, Vernazza is indeed one of the smallest yet picturesque towns in the Italy as well as the rest of the Europe. Enjoy hiking on beautiful cliffs, photography, shopping and food tasting in Vernazza.

3) Corniglia


Right in the middle of all five villages of Cinque Terre and placed at the steep promontory, followed by a couple of beaches at the slope, the tempting village of Corniglia is boasted by a splendid streetscape, giving the alluring view of ancient core and bewitching colorful houses standing on the slant surface. When you are in Corniglia, do not forget to visit Saint Pietro Church, which is probably one of the oldest structures of the city and boasted with a remarkable architectural beauty. Follow the hiking trail from the train station and get delighted by the spectacular view of other villages and striking coastline.

4) Manarola


Unlike the sister villages, Manarola is a beautiful and multi-hued town featured comprising magnificent hiking trail, tempting view of the coasts and great option of dining and drinking. Stroll around the streets of Manarola and witness the maximum number of boats hanging outside the houses which no one can tell were last seen in the water. However, the town is quite an admirable place and you can hear the chiming sound from the bell tower of Manarola. Follow the slope and explore the magnificent art of nature by discovering incredible caves, small beaches, diving points and so much more.

5) Riomaggiore


The easternmost village of the Cinque Terre, the largest among all villages, Riomaggiore is renowned for its exquisite ocean view and a small harbor ideal for tanning. The village is built on a steep and those who like to stroll around will have to face a big number of staircases. The village that dated back in 8th century for Greek refugees, Riomaggiore is among the most picturesque and adorable villages of Cinque Terre. Go for cliff jumping, hiking and shopping in the most versatile and promising village of the city.

The city of Cinque Terre is boasted with a remarkable range of stunning landscapes and myriad phenomenon of living. Where at one point you can explore the civilization backed in 8th century, on the other hand, you can get delighted by the laid-back beaches and tranquillizing resorts. Experience the delight of exploring a completely different perspective by taking Italy flight deals from SmartFares and save big on cheap flights to Cinque Terre.

Top Getaways this Father’s Day

Thursday, June 9th, 2016

The relation of father and his child is an impeccable relation where the dad is the safety net, a strong pillar for the foundation and the substantial part of our lives. However, in our daily busy life, we start to fade away to give the love and affection a father deserve. No matter your father plays a role of tough guy, he always seeks some love and time with their children. This Father’s Day, skip the traditional materialistic gifts and give your dad the gift that he deserves the most and take him out for a getaway to spend some quality time and rejuvenate the love and bonding again. Here are a few ideas of places you can take your dad for Father’s Day trip:

1) Orlando, Florida for Golfing

Orlando Golf course

There is no better refreshing place to enjoy a wonderful getaway with your dad than a golfing escape and what could beat the beauty of Orlando’s golf courses? The sprawling golf courses in Orlando are the finest places in the US to enjoy a wonderful time golfing with your dad whilst rejuvenating the love and bond between you two and spending some quality time away from all kinds of stress and engaging stuff. Choose from nearly 150 golf courses and enjoy a day or two full of golfing and getting closer to your dad this Father’s Day.

2) Chicago, Illinois for Culture Exploration

Exploring Chicago

If your father loves city culture the most, Chicago is one perfect place to visit this Father’s Day. With wonderful weather conditions after chilling winters, Chicago blooms like a shining star with ample of events and activities going on within the city. Go for boat tours, sport activities and so much more with your father this year. Try to get tickets to a baseball match or a gala held around the Father’s Day in Chicago and enjoy a pleasant time with your dad and have the most wonderful time whilst living those childhood memories again.

3) Lake Placid, New York for Peaceful Getaway

Lake Placid

Some dads like to be in peace and enjoy more when there are serene surroundings. If your father has similar likings, Lake Placid is just the place for you. A wonderful village in the Adirondack Mountains, Lake Placid is one of the most heaven like destinations to enjoy with your dad. Enjoy spending hours at the lakefront in serene surroundings with refreshing landscapes around you and get the delight of remembering those wonderful memories back of your previous holidays with your dad during childhood to rejuvenate the old love and bonding back.

4) Miami, Florida for Beach Escapade

Miami, Florida

Beat the heat of summer and enjoy the wonderful occasion of Father’s Day on the bewitching beaches of Miami, Florida with your dad whilst having a pleasant, laid-back vacation gazing at the horizon and sipping on spellbinding margarita drinks. Get the delight of swimming at the beautiful coasts and boating together or have a party time with your father in the night and enjoying the fabulous hospitality of imperial resorts whilst getting one step closer to your dad after a long pampering spell of childhood.

5) British Columbia, Canada for Outdoor Excursion

British Columbia

In case your father is among those adventure lovers who always like to spend a vacation in an unconventional way and get indulged in the most thrilling sports, British Columbia is a perfect place to go with him. This Father’s Day, get the pleasant experience of exploring the nature whilst getting one step closer to your dad’s heart whilst indulging in myriad adventure sports like rafting on the Fraser River or hiking and trekking at the beautiful Eastern Mountain System.

There are loads of other ways to give your father a much needed getaway gift and reinvigorate the love and bond. All you need is a perfect planning and cheap Father’s Day flights to enjoy the most special day of the year for your dad. So, pack your bags and book father’s day deals with SmartFares now.

Where to Travel in June

Friday, June 3rd, 2016

June, one of the ideal time to make an escape with family whilst saving big on cheap airfare deals, brings joy in everyone’s life every year. A month which is absolutely fantastic and awaited by every traveler is here. However, you just cannot pack your bags and get going to the very first destination you come across. Hence, SmartFares has brought a list of destinations that are perfect to travel in the month of June and give you a wonderful getaway along with spectacular summer travel deals.

1) Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Punta Cana

Although Punta Cana is a year-round destination, yet the city comprises a wonderful weather conditions and blissful outdoor views in the month of June. This month is also ideal to save a bit extra on your travel expenses as the city walks through the shoulder season and leaves most of the resorts available as well as within the budget. Get drenched in the natural beauty of Punta Cana whilst enjoying a laid-back family beach vacation at the sandy shores of the Dominican Republic and soaking up some sun with infinite parties and beach sports.

2) Bali, Indonesia


The crown jewel of Indonesia known as the “island of gods”, Bali is among the most wonderful and enjoyable destinations in Southeast Asia. When most of the cities become soggy in the rainy season, Bali remains intact with low rainfall, leaving the outdoors open to explore. Visit the ancient temples, bewitching beaches and tranquillizing resorts of this spellbinding isle of Indonesia whilst experiencing the marvelous landscapes and tempting culture of this magnificent Indonesian conurbation.

3) Tenerife, Spain


One of the most renowned islands of the Canary Islands archipelago, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, or commonly known as Tenerife is a blissful resort town on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean and the dream getaway for voyagers from across the world. Even though, the city is among the year-round resort destinations, Tenerife enjoys the shoulder season in the month of June, leaving the resorts vacant at cheaper cost. Enjoy a spellbinding getaway at the tranquillizing beaches and adore the laid-back culture of this stunning city of Spain.

4) Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt

Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt

On the northeastern tip of Africa, surrounded by Sinai Peninsula, the resort city of Sharm el-Sheikh is a tremendous getaway for travelers from across the world. The heaven for divers and snorkeling lovers, Sharm el-Sheikh has been a perfect destination and is a much cheaper vacation spot in the month of June. Although the temperature stirs a bit in the beginning of summer, yet if you are in Sharm, you will love taking dips and swimming at the resorts as well as the widespread sandy beaches of the city.

5) Paris, France


The lovely, dreamy and fabulous capital of France, Italy is among the most desired destinations in the entire Europe. Amidst the city is considered quite an expensive to visit, you will find Paris much affordable in the month of June when most of the tourists head towards the beach destinations to beat the heat of summers. Enjoy strolling around the boulevards, dining in the finest restaurants and admiring the epic structures across the city with a superb and romantic getaway to Paris.

There are endless other possibilities to make June month more enjoyable and if you are planning a getaway in June, search for summer travel deals and book your tickets using cheap airfare deals.

Top Beaches to Explore This Summer

Wednesday, June 1st, 2016

Beaches are the best places to be visited during summer vacations and if you are planning for a summer break this year, you must be looking for some place that can offer the most fantastic experience of summer escapade. There are tons of places across the globe that are absolutely heaven to spend the summers, yet some of them are exceptionally good and outstanding in comparison with others. Here, we have summed up a list of some of the great beach destinations to explore this summer:

1. Corfu, Greece

Corfu, Greece

Believe it or not, Greek beaches are one of the most picturesque places to explore in the world. The turquoise blue shallow water, white sandy beaches on the mountain foot, exotic watersports and endless adventure offered by these cities are something everyone desire and all can be experienced in Corfu. The multihued city of Corfu comprises beach shores, rocky coves, mountains and shimmering resorts across the beaches gives an awe-inspiring experience to voyagers on their summer breaks. Bask into the warmth of sun and enjoy the breeze from coastline and get delighted by the sip of margarita and enjoy your summer vacations in Corfu.

2. Sharm el-Sheikh


Perfectly located between Sinai Peninsula and the Red Sea, the oasis of Sharm el-Sheikh is something everyone have dreamed about. The picturesque backdrops and exotic resorts makes Sharm el-Sheikh a perfect beach holiday destination for summers. Soak yourself into the bewitching sooth of the city and enjoy endless water sports and dazzling parties in Sharm el-Sheikh. Go for diving, enjoy canoeing and many other activities here in Sharm el-Sheikh and make your summer escapes the most beautiful experience of your life.

3. Maui, Hawaii

Maui, Hawaii

A small island in the middle of mid-pacific Ocean and an important part of Hawaiian archipelago, Maui is a tremendous, less explored and enchanting island for summer vacations on the beach. The enthralling hiking range, magical snorkeling areas and fascinating beaches are worth visiting during summer vacations. Each year, thousands of travelers visit here to enjoy a tranquilizing time away from home and soak their spirits in the soothing and pure atmosphere of Maui Isle.

4. Cancun, Mexico


On Yucatán Peninsula and on the border of Caribbean Sea, Cancun is globally renowned for its resorts and exotic beaches. Each year, millions of tourists visit here to enjoy the mind-blowing beauty of nature and get drench in the adventurous spirits. The diverse coral reefs and diving points makes Cancun a perfect city for summer holidays and a perfect beach destination. You can go for rappelling, bird watching, late night parties, beach sports and so much more which will be a refreshing experience for anyone who visit Cancun.

5. Miami, Florida

Miami Beach

Unlike any other beach in the world, beaches of Miami are among the most dazzling and dynamic beaches in the world and offers the most astounding experience to visitors. The vibrant lifestyle, exotic dishes, captivating crowd and magnificent parties roll till late night are the highlights that you can enjoy during summer beach vacations. Beaches like Bal Harbor, Haulover Beach, Pelican Island, Lummus Park Beach and South Point Park are the best beaches to explore and enjoy summer vacations in Miami.

There are endless of other destinations that are absolutely perfect and best suitable for your summer vacations and all you need is summer travel deals to plan your beach vacations. Search for summer flight deals that will connect you to your dream beach holiday destination.

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