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Archive for May, 2016

10 Must Visit Destinations This Summer

Wednesday, May 25th, 2016

We all desire to travel the world and this desire gets stronger as the summer passes by. There is no better time to get relaxed and step out of the house to enjoy the beauty and diversity of the world. As someone said that “work hard in winters and relax even harder in summers” and we all should follow the rule in order to keep the fun and excitement alive in our lives. If you follow this proverb, then you must be looking for a must visit destination in summer 2016. Here we have jotted down a list of top 10 must visit destinations this summer and giving a brief, why they are the best and why you should visit them. So, check out the list and make your summer vacation plans accordingly:

1. Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik, Iceland

Among the most unique, picturesque and dazzling destinations across the Europe, Reykjavik, Iceland is a wonderful place to spend the summer vacation. The city that enjoys the daylight of approximately 22 hours in a day during summers, you have plenty of time to explore the beauty of cold nature and get delighted by the panoramic landscapes as well as the rich culture of this fascinating town. Besides, the ideal conditions of winter will keep you away from steaming heat in the US and offer a completely different exposure.

2. Athens, Greece

Athens, Greece

Summer vacations are ideal when you spend them on the beach, and when it comes to beach, the purity of nature can be found at the European coasts and Athens has made itself on top of the list in it. The city with tons of beautiful landscapes and dazzling beaches will enhance the fun of your vacation tenfold. With a number of graceful heritage sites and modern architecture, soak yourself in the picturesque beauty of nature and get delighted by the history and culture preserved in the museums and galleries scattered across the city.

3. Milan, Italy


If you have the hobby of fashion and travel, you will love visiting Milan during summer vacation, as the fashion capital of the world, Milan hosts a number of events and festivals to showcase the booming fashion industry and introduce new dimensions in the fashion world. Stroll around the fantastic marketplaces and enchanting boulevards to explore not only gigantic brands and malls, but also to admire the lively culture and fascinating architecture of Italy.

4. Istria, Croatia

Istria, Croatia

Ideally located in the North-West region of Croatia, Istria is among the most least-known yet perfectly dazzling cities in the Europe. The triangular-shaped region is known for its raw ports, adorable and colorful architecture and cultural diversity that comes from myriad rulings, including Romans, Italians, Yugoslavians, Hungarians and a few more. Flocking tourists, booming tourism and thriving culture make it a perfect summer escape destination in the Eastern Europe region.

5. Bern, Switzerland

Bern, Switzerland

The Swiss capital and among the most refreshing destinations across the world, known for the green lands and marvelous culture, Bern is an absolute delight for summer vacation. The stunning view of landscapes, uniformed houses, colorful fountains, medieval architecture and frisky lifestyle makes Bern, among the most fabulous and must visit destination for summer vacations. With a list of world heritage sites, Bern has become one of the delightful and serene destinations to enjoy on your family summer vacations.

6. Mexico City

Mexico City

The most cliché options for summer vacation and one of the most flocking getaways for everyone, Mexico City has been a wonderful escape idea. The most bustling city in the entire North America, Mexico City has become one of the most picturesque and visit city in the region. With pre-Hispanic pyramids, exotic dining options, colonial architecture, zealous locals and bustling streets make it a pretty dynamic city. Hence, it is a great experience that will provide you the bridge between past and present.

7. Havana, Cuba


The city where time has stuck in the colonial era and where people love to live with simplicity, Havana, Cuba is a city that has been a dream destination for most of us. The Cuban capital, known for its colorful houses, congested streets and fabulous cars is something that we all love to witness once. Summer in Havana is an absolutely phenomenon where you can not only cherish the days away from home, admiring the simple and exciting lifestyle of Cubans, but can also be a part of some of the finest celebrations held in the summer every year.

8. Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro

Rio is among the most fabulous beach holiday destinations in the world, and each year, millions of voyagers travel across the world to be a part of something much more exciting and energetic. The sprawling beaches and exotic landscapes makes the city even more thriving. This year, when the city is about to host the Olympics in the month of August, travelers would love to be a part of something that big, hence loads of travelers are actually flying to Rio de Janeiro now to experience the energy of Olympics 2016.

9. Singapore


An Island city-state in the south of Malaysia, Singapore is among the most renowned and amazing summer holiday destinations in South-East Asia. With numerous beaches, isles and temples, Singapore provide the most exotic delight for travelers visiting during their summer vacations. The contrast and beauty of Singapore have always given a great escapist experience and with moderate weather conditions during summers, travelers can also soak into the sandy beaches stretched miles around the Singapore.

10. Sydney


Among the most thriving and fascinating cities in the world, Sydney has become the travel magnet during summers in last a few years. Cold weather, fabulous backdrops, electrifying atmosphere and captivating beaches make Sydney a perfect getaway for summer vacations. Although, the city is way far away from the USA, yet tons of travelers fly all the way to Australia to enjoy the cold weather, exotic beaches and magical city of Sydney.

There are endless other options to go for during this summer break, and if you are among those who are planning to step out and enjoy the best of summer vacations, search for some cheap flights this summer and take the advantages of special offers on summer travel deals.

Why You Should Travel To Orlando with Kids This Summer

Friday, May 20th, 2016

Summer vacations are just around the corner and if you are one of those who have promised their children to go someplace nice on holidays, you must be in hassle right now, finding places that will be best suitable for your kids as well as are within your budget. And there is no better place for summer vacations than Orlando. The engaging and thriving city of Florida, known to be the theme park capital of the world and home of Walt Disney, Orlando is a pleasant place for elders and the most fascinating place for kids to enjoy their summer vacations. Here are the reasons that will prove the point why you should travel to Orlando with kids this summer:

Cheap flights to Orlando

1) Theme Parks:

We all know, Orlando and its theme parks are the best thing that ever happened to Florida. The fascinating range of theme parks and rides are actually something that is perfect for all age groups. No matter you have a toddler along or a group of adults, the parks are loved by everyone. Whether it’s Walt Disney, Universal, LEGOLAND or any other theme park, you will love the city equally and enjoy every second in Orlando.

2) Shopping:
Orlando is a city with multiple features and have plenty of things to keep everyone indulged. The city which has developed pretty well, Orlando has a number of shopping malls and markets scattered across the city. Try out the latest trends, big brands, huge market places and gigantic malls that will please you the most. If you are a shopping fan and love to fill your cart around, Orlando will feel like a heaven for you.

3) Golfing and Sports Recreation Outdoors:
Orlando is a city of adventures and whether you agree or not, when you are with your kids, you sure like to experience some mature games and activities for yourself. Marvelous golf courses and outdoor sports recreation centers are the prime focus for all the adults who visit Orlando. With activities like paddle boarding, indoor bungee jumping, bowling alleys, arcade gaming zones and so much more, you can actually fulfil all your desires for adventure sports here in Orlando.

4) Restaurants & Nightlife:
Being a perfect holiday destination in Florida, Orlando has a wide range of restaurants and bars scattered across the city. Taste some scrumptious culinary, have some great drinks and enjoy the nights in the restaurants/bars next to you to experience the charm of Orlando. You can explore the gourmet diversity here that is brought from across the world and can enjoy myriad flavors and delicacies at one place easily. Whether you like Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Continental or any other sort of gastronomy, you can thoroughly enjoy every bite with great taste here in Orlando.

5) Art, Culture & History:
The museums and art galleries spread across the Orlando, you can explore the history, art and culture of Florida. With approximately two dozen of museums and art galleries exhibiting the culture, heritage and art of the region, get delighted by the creativity and historical insight of Florida and its culture. This way, you can enjoy the adventure as well as learn a lot about the cultural diversity and historical events held in Florida in the past a few centuries.

There are numerous other reasons why you should travel to Orlando with kids this summer. If you are impressed with the diversity and charm of the city of Orlando, it is high time that you should start searching for Orlando flight deals. Tag along your kids and book flight deals for family to visit Orlando now and save big on early booking.

5 Reasons You Should Take a Gap Year

Wednesday, May 18th, 2016

In the last few years, taking a gap year has become a trend in youth and is giving a big boost in various ways to clear the mind and approach towards the future. Whether you believe it or not, it’s true that taking a gap year after your high school gives you an edge against others. Whether it is social awareness, your inner peace, the reduction of pressure or anything else, Gap Year has given many benefits to the students and it is cited that students pursuing for further education excel in what they do after a gap year. Since, it is something everyone should consider to give a thought, we have brought a few reasons of why you should take a gap year:

Gap year Travel

1) To Ooze out The Examination Pressure

Whether our parents believe it or not, studying at high intensity increases the pressure on both body and mind, and if someone has constantly excelled in the studies, the chances of burnout are higher. Hence, it is always a great idea to take a gap year and give the mind some time to relax and think about anything else except the student curriculum. This way, you can focus back with a clear mind and improve your learning skills.

2) To Explore Career Opportunities

Many people who go for a gap year actually try to figure-out; more ways to earn and search for better career opportunities. In this competitive society, searching for unorthodox methods of earning and looking for better, sustainable and persuasive career opportunity is a great idea and to do the same, a gap year is the perfect time; when you have a fresh mind, positive spirit and minimum responsibilities.

3) To Gain Experience

Experience is the only thing that matters the most at the end of the day. The ideal way to gain the experience without spending too much is taking a gap year. Join a company as an intern and learn about the corporate world or the methods which are actually being followed in the market. These kind of activities gives some great opportunities to students of traveling the world and explore various working trends and learning different thought process.

4) To Help the Society

Many of us have the zeal to help the society and we love to make the change we want in the world. Some people go for a place nearby or someplace away from home. There are a number of government agencies as well as nonprofit organizations that give the opportunities to visit the places needs you and offer both managerial and social exposures which helps in future when reflects in your resume.

5) To Fulfil the Passion of Travel

Many of us share the same passion of travel and if you are willing to fulfil your passion, there is no better time than the gap year to fulfil it. Explore the world and get delighted by the diversity and beauty of cities across the world. You can also avail some special discounts on student travel deals that will give you a boost to go further and help you to stay stable on your funds. There is no age limit, career or special occasion required to travel the world, so earlier you pursue your dreams, the better you can fulfil with bigger passion.

There are endless reasons why you need a break between your high school and higher studies and how a gap year can help you to reach the new heights of success. Search for flight deals for students now and find out which destination can fulfil your dream of traveling and will be hosting your gap year.

5 Must Visit Father’s Day Getaways

Friday, May 13th, 2016

We all know that our dads are tough and pretend that they don’t need anything from us, but deep inside their heart, they too crave for some love and seek to be feeling a little special. This father’s day, let’s give them what they deserve to get, after all, they always have been the biggest support in our lives. Not a tie, a golf kit or an expensive pen, this father’s day, go travel with your dad and spend some quality time to strengthen your bond. Here are some must visit Father’s Day getaways that will suit your budget as well as give you the opportunity to get closer to your dad’s heart:

1) Nassau, Bahamas for Adventure Loving Dads:

Nasau, Bahamas

If your father is among those people around you who likes to test their metal every now and then and love to be a part of something thrilling and adventurous, Nassau Bahamas is a perfect place to go. With ample adventurous activities and fabulous beaches, hidden under the cloak of fascinating lifestyle, Nassau offers a variety of activities to indulge whilst options to get relaxed and enjoy some quality time away from the buzzing and busy life.

2) Orlando, Florida for Sports Loving Dads:


Being the home of many thriving theme parks and golf courses, Orlando has become a perfect getaway for fathers who enjoy golfing. Get refreshed and bask the green, enthralling and captivating golf courses spread in the major neighborhoods of Orlando. Go out and enjoy loads of golf cart riding, playing golf all day long and partying hard in Orlando to make this Father’s Day, the most memorable day of your life.

3) Galápagos, Ecuador for Nature Loving Dads:


The volcanic archipelago in the Pacific Ocean, Galápagos is one fascinating place to go and experience natural bliss. If your father loves photography and is close to nature, then Galápagos is a wonderful place to tag along. The engaging islands and bewitching beauty with a wide stretch of beaches and natural seashores give a perfect experience to get unplugged from worldly elements and get close to nature even more whilst celebrating father’s day.

4) Panama City, Panama for Cruise Loving Dads:

Panama City

In daily running life, we always suppress our wishes and carry on with bigger importance and especially when the dream requires bigger expenses like cruising. This father’s day, give your father a gift which he wished for a very long time. The day cruises begin from Panama City are perfect to enjoy imperial cruises and offer myriad experiences. If your dad love to be on the cruise too, this escape will take the delight of cruising to new heights of pleasure.

5) Rome, Italy for History Loving Dads:


The Italian capital Rome is among the most historical cities with a lot to explore and attracts millions of tourists from across the globe each year. In case your father has a keen interest in history and culture, he will love to visit Rome and explore the enchanting museums, historical sites and heritage towns spread across the Italian Capital. Also, the diverse Italian culinary will make the Father’s Day celebration even more perfect.

There are countless of other options for father’s day escape and all you need is father’s day travel deals and a bit idea of your dad’s interest. Since there are less days left in Father’s day, and you are planning a trip with him, search for the best father’s day flight deals and make this father’s day special for your dad.

Euro Cup 2016 – Travel Guide to France

Friday, May 6th, 2016

The year 2016 is full of sport events when at one place, Rio de Janeiro is hosting the Olympics and on the other side, France is hosting Euro Cup 2016. The enthralling event of soccer is hosted by France is covering many fabulous cosmopolitans across the French region. The stage is all set for the biggest soccer battle this year and travelers from across the globe visiting France to experience the magnificent performance of Soccer knights of various countries participating. If you love the sport of Soccer like many others, and have a passion towards travel, this event will offer you much more than the exposure of sports and will open the opportunity to visit the magical cities across the France. Here are the hosting cities of Euro Cup 2016, which are perfect for traveling too:

1. Paris


Among the most renowned cities in the world and a city which is considered the symbol of love is hosting the biggest battle of Soccer this year. Visit French capital Paris and get amazed by the furious matches between Northern Ireland and Germany, Ireland v Sweden, two Pre-Quarter Finals, One Quarter Final and the Finale of the Euro Cup 2016 whilst enjoying the magnificent gastronomy, Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, The Louvre and Notre Dame de Paris and countless of other fascinating experience in the French capital. Simply search for flights to Paris and experience a lot more than the Eiffel Tower this Soccer season.

2. Nice


The capital city of Cote d’Azur, Nice is one of the most impressive cities in the France as well as is one of the hosts of Euro Cup 2016. Whilst the city is preparing for Poland v Northern Ireland and a Pre-Quarter final match, Nice offers you a variety of fascinating backdrops and natural landscapes. On the shores of the Bay of Angels, Nice offers a fabulous stretch of beaches as well as thriving culture to enjoy in the city and surroundings. Stay in villas and enjoy the historical architectures in the surroundings of the stadium, giving an unbelievable experience to the travelers.

3. Marseille


Among the largest French cities and a thriving cosmopolitan in Southern France, Marseille is among the utterly picturesque metropolitans of the French region. The port city is known for preserving the heritage and culture in the Southern France and has countless places to explore. When you are on your trip to France and attending Soccer match between England v Russia, Quarter Final and Semi-Final, you will love exploring the magnificent city that has a massive range of sites, connected a frequent and fluent local transportation.

4. Bordeaux


A prosperous city in Southwestern France, known for its fabulous wine, Bordeaux is among hosting cities of Euro Cup 2016. Gothic cathedrals, contemporary art museums and fascinating riverbanks will give you a pleasant and heavenly experience. At the time of Wales v Slovakia, Belgium V Ireland or Quarter Final match, you can get delighted by the picturesque backdrops and scenic architecture that city possesses.

5. Lens


Ideally situated in the Northern France, Lens is among the most elegant cities with great architecture and fascinating culture. Although, the city isn’t among the most highlighted cities of France for Euro Cup 2016, yet if you are here for England v Wales or last league match, you should try to explore the city and its heritage. Wide boulevards and captivating architectures will give you an impression of being on a world-class destination and offer you a captivating insight about the heritage and culture of Lens.

6. Saint-Etienne


The smallest cities among all hosting metropolises, Saint Etienne is a fabulous town at approximately 4 hours of drive away in the Southwest of Lyon. With a number of architectural marvels, churches, refreshing parks and restaurants, the city offer a deep insight about the culture and traditions of Saint Etienne. Hosting England v Slovakia and another league match, Saint Etienne will offer you a variety of exposures with elegance and style.

7. Toulouse


On the banks of River Garonne, the capital city of southern Midi-Pyrénées region, Toulouse is one of the most fascinating towns in the France, preserving the heritage and history amidst fast-paced lifestyle. Known as the Pink City of France due to pink terra-cotta brick architectures and boulevards, the city possesses with St. Sernin Basilica which is the mightiest basilica in the entire Europe. Visit Toulouse to enjoy Russia v Wales and Pre-Quarter final matches and explore the fascinating architectures of the city.

8. Lyon


One of the largest French cities and ideally located between Marseille and Paris in the central France, Lyon is a fantastic city to explore the orthodox French architecture. With a number of UNESCO World Heritage sites, you can enjoy the incredible battle between Ukraine v Northern Ireland, Pre-Quarter Final and a Semi Final Match and get delighted by the exquisite event of Euro Cup 2016. Experience the French gastronomy, explore the heritage and culture of Central France and do so much more for your visit to Lyon during Euro Cup 2016.

9. Lille


The capital city of Nord-Pas-de-Calais region in Northern France, Lille is among the most blissful towns, which will impress you like no other. Wide boulevards, exquisite architectural monuments, bewitching lifestyle, magnificent bars, informative museums and calm localities will keep you on your toes to explore more whilst you are preparing for the big showdown of Italy v Ireland, pre-quarter final and a quarter final match hosted in Stade Pierre Mauroy.

The big event of Euro Cup 2016 begins in less than a month and soccer lovers are gathering in France to experience the showdown. Are you game? If so, then start searching for cheap flights to France and enjoy the furious battle between the knights.

5 Perfect Memorial Day Getaways

Wednesday, May 4th, 2016

Memorial Day is just round the corner and we all are excited for a long awaited weekend when we can’t only honor the patriots and martyrs died fighting, but enjoy a long time with family, maybe go out for a weekend vacation. There are endless cities around where you can enjoy the beautiful days with family and friends and all you need is a destination and a bit of planning to make a successful escape. No matter where you live in the US, yet if you are looking for some great escape options for this Memorial Day, following are the ideas that will escort you to the conclusion of where you must go this long weekend.

1. Washington DC


The most ideal city to experience the celebration of Memorial Day, Washington DC is a place you must visit if you are looking for a perfect Memorial Day escape. The parade, the cemetery visit and a lot patriotism can be witnessed there when you are on a Memorial Day escape with family and friends. Enjoy the fantastic event of Memorial Day Concert followed by strolling around to the monuments of the city and spectacular DC culinary tasting which taste best on Memorial Day.

2. Orlando


The theme park capital of the world, Orlando is a perfect place for any day, yet if you are looking for a memorial day escape with the family, Orlando is among the most selected and preferred destinations in the USA where you can go and enjoy a lot. Many resorts and hotels across Orlando offer great Memorial Day weekend travel deals to lure travelers planning for Memorial Day escapes.

3. Miami


Comfortable weather conditions, sandy beaches and exotic resorts are the best way to enjoy the long weekend of Memorial Day at the best. The exotic parties and extravagant celebration of Memorial Day in Miami is an absolute delight to experience with family and friends. If you or anyone in your friends or family is a shopping phonetic, you will love the city even more as the city offers a great option of shopping during Memorial Day weekend.

4. Chicago


Among the most indulging cities of the Midwest, Chicago is among the destinations that are wonderful to visit on Memorial Day. Whether you love shopping, dining, theme parks, museums, architecture or anything else. Great firework, magical music festivals, barbecue festivals and so much more gives the experience of a lifetime.

5. New York

New York

Memorial Day in New York is a whole lot of different experience than any other city in the USA. With the organization of great concerts, movies and parades, you can get delighted by tons of other fantastic activities. The weekend when military demonstrate their discipline by showcasing band concerts, aerial exhibition and a lot more. Enjoy awe-inspiring concerts and music shows, organized across the city and make your Memorial Day trip even more memorable.

Amidst all the good things that happen around Memorial Day weekend, you can save a lot by deciding your weekend escape and searching Memorial Day flight deals.

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