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Archive for April, 2016

The day tours from Los Angeles

Wednesday, April 27th, 2016

Los Angeles is a vibrant city in the Californian state of the U.S that has been a renowned tourist destination for decades. Home to some of the world’s most iconic and wonderful landmarks and attractions, L.A is a wonderful destination that happens to be a great place for anybody to take a vacation.

Visiting Los Angeles and its surrounding areas is one of the best and memorable experiences that can be cherished for a lifetime. Here in this article, we have picked up the nearby areas that can be visited easily in a day’s time. Check the list and take a tour of Los Angeles greatest sights.

1. Hollywood:


Los Angeles is home to many Hollywood celebrities and is known to be the entertainment capital of the world. Hollywood is a suburb in the city with a wide range of attractions and sites that are perfect for those who wish to delve into the glamour of fashion and celebrities. It is just 5.68 miles away from L.A and can be reached within an hour’s time by road or by airplane.

2. Catalina Island:

Catalina Island

Situated in the Gulf of Catalina, this rocky island off the coast of California is one of the best attractions that can be visited easily within a day’s time from Los Angeles. A high-speed ferry ride of 15 minutes from Los Angeles will take you to this wonderful island where a magical vacation can be spent easily. Activities such as zip lining, sightseeing and kayaking, etc. can be enjoyed while being here.

3. Santa Barbara:

Santa Barbara

A city on the central coast of California, Santa Barbara is a unique city with dramatic backdrops, colonial heritage and vibrant nightlife scenes. Located at a distance of 95 miles, it can be reached by train, bus and plain too. Beaches, museums, zoos, amusement parks and many eye-catching attractions can be explored during a tour of this beautiful city. Stay for a day at an affordable accommodation and watch out for more places the next day.

4. Palm Springs:

Palm Springs

Palm Springs is just 113 miles away from Los Angeles shall be visited to satiate the desire of fun and entertainment during the trip. Filled with numerous mountains, canyons and museums, this desert resort city has a stunning charm that captivates the eyes of all the visitors. Biking, golf, hiking, swimming, and many more activities can be enjoyed while being here. Take a bus or flight to reach the city and watch the magic of its allure.

5. Laguna Beach:

Laguna Beach

This seaside resort city in California is an exciting neighborhood of Los Angeles that has the treasure of scenic landscapes, beautiful coves and historical heritage. With long coastline and marine reserves it is an ideal place to enjoy a fun-filled excursion with many festivals that are prominent throughout the year. A 56 minute journey by train and road can be taken to this heavenly gateway to experience its magical charm.

With so many things to see and discover, Los Angeles never fails to woo its travelers. Cheap flights to Los Angeles can be booked easily to take a long vacation.

The Best Places to Enjoy Your Spring Break

Wednesday, April 20th, 2016

Sunny weather, chirpy birds, colorful surroundings and the beginning of the festive season; all these things come to mind when someone says spring. The pleasure of taking a vacation during this season is mesmerizing and is hard to compare with anything else. People of every age group love to delve into the impact of this bright season and enjoy it wholeheartedly. For students, it is the spring vacation while for others, it is the spring break.

This lovely weather happens to be a great time to take a break from the monotonous life and enjoy at an exotic destination with family, friends and loved ones. The beginning of March marks the arrival of the spring season that makes an ideal time to step out for an excursion. Below are the top destinations that shall be visited this year to enjoy the spring break.

1. Miami Beach:

Miami Beach

The beaches are always the best option to have a fun-filled and memorable vacation. Visiting Miami is a wonderful idea and can never be missed at all. This spring take a vacation to the Miami Beach to feel the majestic charm of this wonderland. The lively culture and vibrant surroundings of this resort town makes it an amazing and perfect vacation spot. Feasts, events, parties and bars are the hallmark of a great spring break at the Miami Beach.

2. Cancun:


The electric nightlife, numerous exotic beaches and the Caribbean culture make Cancun an ideal place to visit during the spring break. It is one of the popular tourist destinations in North America with a treasure of beautiful attractions and numerous sightseeing opportunities. The beach-side resorts add grace to its charm and make vacations all the more remarkable. This easily affordable destination is best for the spring vacation and can be visited with family and friends.

3. Bahamas:


The electric nightlife, numerous exotic beaches and the Caribbean culture make Cancun an ideal place to visit during the spring break. It is one of the popular tourist destinations in North America with a treasure of beautiful attractions and numerous sightseeing opportunities. The beach-side resorts add grace to its charm and make vacations all the more remarkable. This easily affordable destination is best for the spring vacation and can be visited with family and friends.

4. Cabo San Lucas:

Los Cabos

A gem on the southern tip of Mexico’s peninsula, Cabo San Lucas has been picked to enjoy a never before spring vacation experience. The resorts situated on the beaches of this lovely destination, organize special parties and regulate special vacation packages during the season. Popular for its outdoor restaurants and bars, Cabo San Lucas never fails to impress its visitors and shall be visited to make magical memories. Arch of Cabo San Lucas, El Dorado Golf and Beach Club are its major attractions.

5. Maui:


The pleasant atmosphere, composed surroundings and the freedom to enjoy activities like hiking, biking, windsurfing and snorkeling make Maui a lovely place for a fun-filled vacation. Taking a break in the spring to Maui gives wonderful chances for the visitors of enjoying the natural wonders without any extra crowds. Delicious cuisines, lively markets and the dynamic nightlife scenes add charm to the grace of its flawless beauty. Many resorts provide affordable accommodation packages to the visitors to make their stay enduring. Book your flights to Maui soon to enjoy a joyful vacation.

The bells of spring have started ringing and it’s high time to plan an excursion.

Top Attractions of Central America

Thursday, April 14th, 2016

Central America is the southernmost portion of the North American continent that connects North America and South America. This beautiful destination has a wide range of destinations and attractions that adds charm to its elegance. One of the most visited and popular tourist attractions of the world, this wonderland has a treasure of ancient ruins, alluring landscapes and beautiful sights. The rich cultural and historical heritage of the region has made it a must visit destination.

Many places and spots make Central America a worth exploring destination, below is the list of its top attractions that shall be visited while being here.

1. Tikal, Guatemala:

Tikal, Guatemala

Situated in the rainforests of Northern Guatemala, Tikal is an ancient Mayan citadel, which is known for its scenic landscapes, pyramids, ancient peaks and dense forests. The beautiful and peaceful ambiance of this place makes it an amazing place from where one can see the panoramic views of the city. It holds an important part of the history of the Guatemala and a trip without exploring this attraction will be incomplete.

2. Panama Canal, Panama:

Panama Canal

A 48-mile long ship canal that connects the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, the Panama Canal is also one of the most stunning and important attractions in the region. This 100-year-old waterway is an architecture brilliance that has become a major link that connects 160 countries and 1700 ports is also known to be its popular tourist spot. A visit to the Panama Canal is must while taking an excursion to the Central America.

3. Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, Costa Rica

Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is an amazing tourist destination and the Monteverde reserve makes it even more fantastic. The natural beauty and flawless charm of this spot make it one of the prominent tourist spots in the country and the region too. Home to several species of animals, birds and mammals, the reserve also organises activities such as zip lining and canopy tours. A vacation filled with fun, excitement and enthusiasm can be witnessed here. Fine dining, world class accommodations spread around the island and it can be reached by taking a cheap flight to Costa Rica.

4. Ambergris Caye, Belize:

Ambergris Caye, Belize

The largest island of Belize, Ambergris Caye boasts a wonderful Caribbean culture that makes it one of the popular attractions of Central America. The sandy beaches, beachside resorts, lively ambiance and relaxed atmosphere are the few more reasons that urge the visitors to vote it one of the important and renowned tourist spots.

5. Antigua, Guatemala:

Antigua Guatemala

Surrounded by volcanoes from all the sides, Antigua Guatemala is a small city known for its Spanish architectures and lovely ambiance. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the city has become a must visit destination because of its mystical elegance and rich cultural heritage. Bing one of the world’s best-conserved cities, the charisma of this destination captivates the eyes of visitors and captures their heart and soul effortlessly.

Rejuvenate, enjoy and spend moments filled with love, joy and fun by taking a vacation to Central America with family, friends and loved ones.

Tips & Tricks to Planning Cheap Holidays

Wednesday, April 6th, 2016

Taking a vacation is a wonderful experience; exploring new destinations, making good memories and rejuvenating ourselves are the best part of doing the same. The art of planning a vacation is a tricky one and involves a major part of time than the duration of the holiday itself. The planning becomes more decisive when a package holiday is taken into consideration. At the point of taking the excursion, many troubles need to be handled. Package holidays on one side are a convenient way of taking a vacation whereas the other side of it gives a major pressure on the budget and expenses.

Vacation Travel

Several things need to be sorted for the holiday, including flights, accommodations and itinerary; managing them all together, is a challenging task. But the skill of finding a cheap holiday package can wave off all the bubbles of these troubles. Below are some tips that could be used while planning a cheap holiday package that are effective in a huge manner.

1. Being flexible with dates: Usually, vacations are planned in advance and the preparations are done accordingly. While opting for a cheap holiday package, it is necessary to be flexible with the dates of booking and traveling. This way a lot of money can be saved by making the bookings on the cheaper days and a better deal can be grabbed.

2. Book in advance: This tip is a very powerful tool that helps in making the holiday cheaper and budget friendly. On an average, planning and booking 3-4 months advance could help you save a lot with the tickets, hotels and help you gain other benefits too. Planning last minute can prove to be beneficial in certain cases.

3. Making the best of the Package: A package means a bundle of things and opportunities piled up together. Similarly, a holiday package consists of many advantages, privileges and offers that can make the trip a memorable experience. Try to utilize the package in the best way and make the worth of money, which will make the package cheaper, eventually.

4. Limit the Members: While planning a vacation with a holiday package, it is advised to keep the members less. Take 1 or 2 family members or friends along if you want the package to be cheaper and more efficient. The less the people, the higher would be the perks and thus a wonderful vacation can be enjoyed at budget friendly prices.

5. Buy tickets separately: Another tip on getting a cheap holiday is buying tickets, exclusive of the package. If a package is for 4 members, buy tickets for 2 members through the package and for the rest of the two, consider a spate source. There are higher chances of saving money by adopting this particular method.

6. Stay flexible with time: Time plays a major role in finding a cheaper holiday package. The time factors like how long your trip is, what time of the fly you are planning to take your flight, etc. can help a lot in saving money on the package. The more you are willing to be flexible, the higher will be the chances of saving huge.

7. Fly from a main airport: This is another hack that helps a lot in making package holidays economical. Taking a flight from a major airport can give you the opportunity of finding cheaper prices of tickets that are hard to find at the smaller airports. Also, access to several special services, such as airport lounges and duty-free shopping can be enjoyed there.

Analyze the package fully before going forward with it, finding cheap flights and cheap airfare deals can make it reasonable.

The Fascinating San Diego

Friday, April 1st, 2016

Felicitated with the crown of being ‘America’s Finest City’, San Diego is an alluring tourist destination that has been known for making all sorts of vacations a memorable affair. Home to numerous historical sites, iconic landmarks and wonderful spots; this gorgeous city has an impeccable charm that will make you fall in love with it. Its rich cultural and historical heritage has been preserved from decades and leaves its visitors spellbound. Being the oldest city of Southern California, its magnificent charm and enchanting beauty makes it one of the most popular destinations of the country.

The long stretches of beaches, beautiful parks, and warm climate blend together to form a heavenly destination that is perfect for all sorts of vacations. The major highlights of its beauty are explained below:

1. Balboa Park:

Balboa Park

Spread in an area of 1,200 acres of land; Balboa Park consists of several historical buildings, museums, gardens and green spaces. The excellent architectures and cultural attractions make this urban cultural park a must visit spot in San Diego. Influenced by Spanish and Mexican cultures, the formation and ambience of this park attract a large number of visitors from different corners of the world. The Botanical Gardens, the Museum of Man, the Museum of Natural History, the San Diego Museum of Art, and San Diego Zoo are its highlights.

2. Mission Beach:

Mission Beach

San Diego has abundant of white sand beaches and Mission Beach happens to be a sparkling gem among them all. Set between the Pacific Ocean and Mission Bay; it is one of the most popular beach areas of San Diego that draws the attention of all its visitors. A perfect spot for bicycling, surfing and sun bathing; this exotic white sand beach shall be visited to experience the magic of San Diego and to make the most of it. Open all the year around, the beach can be visited without any entry tickets.

3. Seaport Village:

Seaport Village

Located at the intersection of Harbor Drive and Kettner, the Seaport Village is one of San Diego’s most visited and must see places. With a plenty of restaurants, shopping complexes and picnic spots; this wonderful place has a vibrant ambience that captivates the eyes of all the visitors. Stroll around the beachfront, spend an evening at one of the restaurants, shop till you drop and have endless fun. There won’t be a single moment during the trip that will make one feel bored. Take pleasure of the live music and entertainment too.

4. Gaslamp District:

Gaslamp Distirct

A historical neighborhood in San Diego, the Gaslamp District is known for its bustling nightlife, entertainment venues and 20th century sites. The trendy shops, restaurants, galleries and spots add glamour to its beauty and make it shine like a diamond. A must see spot of San Diego, Gaslamp also witnesses tourists from different corners of the world. A whole day can be dedicated to this wonderful spot to delve into the magical charm and spend some memorable time. The presence of trendy of boutiques and shopping spots make it a worth exploring place.

5. San Diego Zoo:

San Diego

Situated in the Balboa Park, San Diego Zoo is an immortal part of the city and contributes a lot in making it a wonderful spot for spending a joyous vacation. It is one of the largest and most popular zoos of America that happens to be home to several rare and unique species of animals. Surrounded by hills and spread along a Canyon, the zoo makes a wonderful spot for a vacation and acts as a treat for the eyes pleasure for all its visitors. The itinerary to San Diego’s attractions would be incomplete without incorporating the zoo into it.

Exploring it will make the picture clearer. Browse San Diego flight deals and enjoy a splendid trip.

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