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Archive for March, 2016

The best of Far East

Thursday, March 31st, 2016

The round shape of the earth on the model of the globe shows that this round planet is a big ball, which is made up of several regions. Out of these regions, is the Far East; that consists of East Asia, the Russian Far East, and Southeast Asia. This whole area is one of the constituents that join together and make the planet a beautiful scenery on the globe.

With a treasure of eye-catching attractions, this unexplored region is a wonderful place that can be explored by the tourists. While you are wondering how this area adds charm to the grace of earth, here are its top jewels that shall be explored to understand the importance of this region. These magnificent destinations will give you an idea of its popularity and are going to steal your heart away. Take a look and decide where you would like to go first:

1. Shanghai:


Located on the central coast of China, Shanghai is a sprawling city that happens to be a global financial hub and a gem of the crown of the nation. It is the greatest city in the world with a modern skyline, breathtaking attractions and wonderful sights that make it a wonderful tourist destination. The unique blend of historical landmarks, modern culture and lively ambience define its majestic allure. Explore it soon and feel the magic yourself. Browse Shanghai flight deals to grab great discounts.

2. Hong Kong:

Hong Kong

Another ornament of the Far East is this wonderland, which is situated in the southeastern China and has gained fame for its vibrant nightlife, exotic food scenes and sparkling skyline. Known as the World’s most vertical city, it is a popular tourist and shopping hub that attracts tourists from various corners of the world. The religious sites, breathtaking attractions and stunning spots are the few reasons that make it a brilliant place to be at. To delve into its fascinating charisma, plan a visit soon.

3. Tokyo:


This bustling capital city of Japan is yet another gemstone that shines brightly in the Far East region and makes it a place worth exploring. Its neon-lit skyscrapers, traditional and modern sculptures and beautiful sights make it a mesmerizing and perfect spot for spending a vacation. With a plethora of things to do and sights to explore; Tokyo is a great place that shall be added to the list of must see while planning a trip. A cheap flight to Tokyo can be booked easily through our website.

4. Seoul:


Considered as a heaven for the travelers, Seoul is an elegant and amazing destination that can make you wonder in surprise and leave you awestruck. No matter who you are traveling with, each and every moment of your excursion will make you realize why is it an important part of the region. Plenty of iconic attractions and landmarks make it a stunning tourist spot that amazes all its visitors and gives them magical memories to cherish for a lifetime.

5. Jakarta:


Lastly, the melting pot of various cultures; Jakarta makes our list complete. It’s spectacular ambience, lively streets and colorful surroundings force the travelers to stay here longer and give them a visual treat with the splendid attractions and spots. The presence of numerous shopping hubs, exemplary sights and highlights make it an ideal vacation spot. The warm culture and the friendly people are going to add joy to your holiday and make it a memorable experience. Plan a visit soon to experience the fascination.

You can easily book tickets through SmartFares and fly to all these destinations without any hassle. So, book your tickets soon!

Explore the Land Down Under

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016

Founded by the European explorers, Australia is referred to as the Lander down under because of its location in the southern hemisphere. Situated just below the Asia, this beautiful continent was earlier known as Terra Australis before its discovery. The magical charm of this wonderland has not gown down since the time of its discovery and is now one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

Located just below the equator is another reason that has given it the name of ‘the land under down’ and its topography, climate and surroundings create a wonderful place that happens to be perfect spot for spending a fun-filled vacation. Comprised of six states and two territories, this paradise has a wide range of attractions that are going to leave you awestruck. Have a look at the major destinations of this phenomenal continent and peek-a-boo into its artistry.

1. Sydney:


One of the largest city of Australia, Sydney happens to be an extremely gorgeous state with an impeccable charm and attractions that make it a popular tourist attraction. Set along the sparkling harbor, this wonderland is a miraculous place that attracts tourists from various corners of the world. Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Royal Botanical Gardens, Darling Harbour, etc. are its major attractions that can be explored by booking a cheap flight to Sydney.

2. Melbourne:


Influenced by the 19th-century culture and civilization, Melbourne is another gem of the country that adds charm to its impeccable grace. This coastal city has gained fame for its vibrant culture and lively ambience that makes it a remarkable tourist destination. This unofficial sporting capital of the country is a blend of modern and ancient landmarks and attractions, which are hard to get over. Do not forget to explore its major attractions with the help of Melbourne travel deals.

3. Perth:


Known for its sparkling allure, sandy beaches and ultramodern culture; Perth is an incredibly exquisite destination in Australia, without which a trip to Australia would be incomplete. The calm and relaxing atmosphere and the amazing iconic attractions of this lovely destination will urge you to spend a vacation here and the flawless beauty will steal your heart away. King’s Park and Botanic Garden, Swan River, Port Beach, Perth Zoo, etc. are its top spots.

4. Brisbane:


This subtropical and modern city is a jewel that shines bright in the crown of the country. Located on the Brisbane River, it is home to several museums, gardens and attractions that display its magic in a wonderful manner. Being the third largest city, it has to be on your itinerary if you wish to make the most of the trip to Sunshine State. Referred to as Australia’s ‘new world city’, Brisbane should be explored for sure.

5. Gold Coast:

Gold Coast

Last but not the least, is the metropolitan city of Gold Coast that has been famous for its long sandy beaches, surfing spots and huge systems of inland waterways. With a wide range of hiking trails, rain forests, amusement parks and national parks; Gold Coast is a remarkable destination that can give you a memorable vacation experience. Take your travel buddy along and witness the illusion yourself by planning a trip soon.

There is a lot more to be seen and discovered, so visit yourself and feel the magic.

Bali through our Eyes

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016

Bali, one of the most popular and attractive tourist destinations of the world that has been known for its pristine beaches, beautiful islands, lively ambience and natural charm. This heavenly paradise has been winning the hearts of numerous visitors for the last several decades. This island town in Indonesia is so beautiful place with a treasure of eye-catching attractions and spots that add shine to its impeccable grace. After reading about Bali, you won’t be able resist yourself from bookings flights to Bali.

The mesmerizing views of this island are truly magical and hard to express in words and shall be felt with the eyes of heart and soul. If you are already impressed by the charm of its beauty while reading this, then, take a deep breath as we are going to show you the real glamour of this beautiful place through our eyes. Take a look at its top attractions and get ready to enter the world of fascination.

1. Ubud:


Considered as the heart of the Bali, Ubud is a beautiful and lovely destination located in the uplands of Bali, which is known for its scenic beauty and the artistic terraces created for the rice paddies. Home to island’s iconic sights, attractions and museums’ Ubud happens to be a perfect tourist spot with endless options for entertainment. The magic of the Balinese culture can be seen clearly here in every corner and the calm ambience will make you fall in love with it.

2. Tanah Lot:

Tanah Lot

A renowned tourist and cultural attraction in Bali, Tanah Lot happens to be a gorgeous place and an important part of the island. Known for the several ancient Hindu temples of Bali, it is situated on the southwestern coast of the island on a large rock. The magnificent temples and the alluring sights of this place make it an amazing tourist attraction that captivates the eyes of visitors and leaves them spellbound. A trip to Bali is incomplete without a visit to Tanah Lot.

3. Seminyak:


This beach resort town located on the southern end of Bali is a splendid and wonderful vacation destination, which is yet another remarkable place to be at. With a treasure trove of beach side resorts, luxurious restaurants, hotels and spas; Seminyak is also famous for its surfing and swimming spots. Its exotic Seminyak beach gives panoramic views of the Indian Ocean and gives a treat to the eyes of all its visitors. You need to be here soon to feel the magic yourself.

4. Kuta Beach:

Kuta Beach

Yet another gem in the crown of Bali is the Kuta Beach that has been named as Bali’s premier vacation destination since ages. The vibrant nightlife, breathtaking sights and impeccable charm of this beach has been making vacations happy and remarkable. To give yourself a never before vacation experience, stroll through its shores and feel the freshness of the blowing breeze. Spend a laid-back excursion here or enjoy the water sports with your buddy. Do not forget to capture the memories with your camera.

5. Pura Besakih:

Pura Besakih

Last but not the least, our list ends with one of the most important temple complexes of Bali, Pura Besakih. Situated on the slopes of Mount Agung, this religious attraction has to be a part of your itinerary if you want to make the best of your trip to Bali. The historical and religious significance of this beautiful temple makes it an important part of the island and shall be visited for sure. The scenic views of the island from this temple are worth watching.

There is no specific time to visit Bali, you just need to pack your bags and head straight whenever you are willing to spend a joyful vacation. Before booking your tickets, take a look at our Bali flight deals.

5 Things to do in Bavaria

Friday, March 18th, 2016

Situated in the southern Germany, Bavaria is a gorgeous and huge state that has been known for its rich cultural and historical heritage. Home to numerous museums, art centres and beautiful attractions; this wonderland has emerged as an amazing tourist destination that attracts visitors from various corners of the world. From relaxing and laid-back excursion and adventurous expeditions, there is so much to do here that you’ll love each and every moment of your trip.

With a treasure of iconic landmarks and eye-catching sights, Bavaria has something for everyone that makes it an ideal spot for a fun-filled holiday. Ranging from mountains to beaches, peaks and rivers; Bavaria is rich in scenic beauty and history. So, while you are planning to explore its majestic charm, here are its top attractions that should be added to the list to witness a wonderful trip.

1. Neuschwanstein Castle:

Neuschwanstein Castle

This 19th century architectural wonder is a castle located on a rugged hill above the Hohenschwangau village that catches the eyes of all its visitors. It is a Romanesque Revival architecture that has been preserved for ages and holds a special place in the history of the nation. Now converted into a sightseeing spot, the castle is extremely beautiful from inside and outside both and leaves the explorers awestruck with its charm.

2. The Bavarian Alps:

Bavarian Alps

Stretching from south of Munich to the Austria, these amazing mountain ranges is yet another gem that adds grace to the beauty of the destination. The glacier valleys, high plateaus, beautiful lakes and magnificent forests are the major highlights of these Alps. A paradise for hikers, these Alps are quite popular among travelers from various corners of the world. Berchtesgaden National Park is another important part of this mountain range. Visit yourself and feel the magic.

3. Nuremberg Castle:

Nuremberg Castle

Set on a sandstone rock in the Nuremberg city, the Nuremberg castle is a wonderful historical architecture. While planning a trip to Bavaria, do not forget to add it to your itinerary as it happens to be a must-see destination of the country. You can book a cheap flight to Nuremberg and easily visit it as it is situated in the heart of the Nuremberg city. To know more, plan a trip soon.

4. Marienplatz:


A jewel in the crown of Munich and Bavaria, Marienplatz is the largest central square of the city that happens to be hub of many shops and iconic attractions. All the important churches of Munich are present here and it is important to add it to the must see list. A cheap flight to Munich can be booked to witness the beauty of this amazing piece of architecture. Visit soon and see the difference yourself.

5. Zugspitze:


So, after you are done with the exploration of the most iconic and ancient structures of the state, it is time to give a visual treat to your eyes by paying a visit to Zugspitze. Surrounded by eastern valleys and covered with dense forests, it is an ideal hiking and walking spot that will take you towards heaven. The panoramic views of the city through this mountain range will leave you amazed and wonder in surprise.

Pack your bags, call your buddy and head straight to this lovely destination and make memories for lifetime.

Wonderful Tips for a Stress free Travel

Thursday, March 17th, 2016

Traveling is an art and a science that requires a lot of experiments, logics and creative thinking to make it successful and wonderful. Taking a trip might be an exciting thing, but planning the same is a tedious job, which plays a crucial and important role in making it feasible. We all have come across a number of problems during our travel despite of all the preparations but didn’t know what to do. This situation is apparently faced by most of us because of the poor planning and organizing before the trip.

Stress Free Travel

The stress caused by the little hassles spoils the whole trip and eventually becomes a bad memory for us. But if we create a step-by-step plan and adhere to it, then a stress-free travel can be witnessed easily. So, while you are wondering how to do the same, we have written a few tips that will make your travel convenient and stress free.

Take a look:

1. Plan Ahead: Planning plays a vital role in making anything and everything successful. To make the most out of your trip, chalk out a plan as to where to go, when to go and how to go? Do this activity at least 2 months or 2 weeks before you leave and make the necessary arrangements accordingly.

2. Prepare your itinerary: The next step towards a stress free travel is preparing the whole itinerary and keeping it always in front of your eyes or handy. By doing so, you’ll be easily able to catch your flights, reach your destination and find your hotel. Thus, it will put you in a relax mode without much effort.
3. Book Early: Once you are sorted with your travel plan of when and where to go, book your flight tickets and hotels immediately. It will not only help you get rid of the last minute hustle, but, will also help you save a lot on the tickets. The chances are higher of getting cheap airline tickets if booked advance.

4. Pack Smartly: If you want to cut down the level of stress during your travel, then pack smarter and lighter. The less your luggage is, the more happily and easily you can travel. Try to travel in loose clothes and wear the same outfit at different times and places to break the monotony and lighten up the weight of your bag.

5. Use Online Check-In: The online check-in service provided by the airlines allows you to book your seats and check-in your baggage from the comfort of your home and office. Use this service to avoid the last minute rush and the long queues of the airport and even if you get late, you’ll have plenty of time to relax.

6. Stay for 2-3 days minimum: No matter what your purpose of traveling is, always try to spend 2-3 days minimum or extra once you have reached your destination. If you are on a business trip, go for a day’s off after the work is over and if you are traveling for pleasure, don’t hesitate in staying for another day.

7. Meditate and do stress busting exercises: Even after all the planning and preparations you feel the pressure, try to calm yourself with quick meditation and stress busting exercises such as listening to music, reading magazines, playing games, etc. This way, you can kill the time at the airport and also lower the level of stress that is making you anxious.

Follow these tips and experience a hassle free travel. You can browse cheap airfare deals for extra discounts and double up the fun of the trip.

Exploring Poland – The Jewel of Eastern Europe

Wednesday, March 9th, 2016

Situated on the Baltic Sea, Poland is an eastern European country, which is known for its medieval architectures, delicious cuisines and rich heritage of the Jewish culture. This wonderful country has been treating the eyes of its visitors with its sparkling charm and impeccable grace. Home to numerous attractive spots, places and natural wonders; Poland is a great place to enjoy a joyful vacation with family, friends and loved ones. Known as the budget traveler’s paradise, this magnificent country is an emerging tourist destination that has a large number of things to do and explore.

A jewel in the crown of the Eastern Europe, Poland has been stealing the hearts of the explorers from the last so many years and gives all sorts of vacation experiences. While you are still wondering that what makes it so special, then take a look at the major highlights and attractions of this beautiful place and decide yourself.

1. Krakow:

Krakow, Poland

Poland’s most popular and oldest city, Krakow is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that happens to be the cultural centre of the nation and attracts a large number of tourists from various corners of the world. The treasure of ancient architectures, historical miracles and breathtaking sights make it an amazing place for taking a fun-filled vacation.

2. Warsaw:

Warsaw, Poland

Famous for its churches and unique architectures, Warsaw is the sprawling capital city of Poland that happens to be a blend of modern and ancient cultures, neoclassical palaces and modern skyscrapers. Its vibrant nightlife and live music scenes add magic to its allure and also make it shine like a bright star in the night sky.

3. Gdansk:

Gdansk, Poland

Yet another gem of Poland is the unique city of Gdansk that has a huge wealth of historical attractions, iconic landmarks and eye-catching sights. There are numerous bars, cafes, restaurants and museums that create a modern and lively ambience where once can enjoy a joyful vacation. Take a stroll through its vibrant streets and feel the spark yourself.

4. Wroclaw:


Set on the River Oder in the western Poland, Wroclaw is the largest city in the country that is surrounded by stunning mountains and has the treasure of flawless beauty that is going to leave you spellbound. This multicultural city is one of the reasons behind making Poland a tourist friendly nation and has been entertaining them all with the presence of magical spots.

5. Zakopane:


Zakopane is a resort town in the southern region of Poland that happens to be a hub of winter sports and many adventurous activities, including hiking and mountain climbing. The influence of the 20th-century civilization can be seen in many of its architectures and spots that make it a beautiful place to explore. Set on the foot of the Tatras Mountains, it is a must visit destination.

Poland is one of the most visited and popular tourist attractions in the Europe and has gained fame for its beautiful preserved natural beauty too. To delve into its charismatic beauty, book a cheap flight to Poland soon and have a fun-filled vacation.

Easter Vacation – The Good Times

Tuesday, March 8th, 2016

Easter is that time of the year when everybody goes gaga over the holidays and starts working out plans to make the most of these vacations. The mythological importance of Easter marks Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead and thus, is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm. Each year, Easter falls on a Sunday, thus it is popularly known as the Easter Sunday. The whole week following the Easter is considered to be the Easter Week and is known to be the holy week, which holds special importance in the culture of Christianity. It is a religious and a commercial event that has made a special place in the hearts of the people.

With the flourishment of the spring season, the Easter knocks the doors and urges them to make the most of this event. The perfect temperature and lively ambience of the spring and the holidays of the Easter are a great combination that can be utilized in a fun-filled vacation with family, friends and loved ones. Isn’t that a wonderful thing? So, while you are thinking about taking a break, we have compiled a list of the top destinations, you need to head this year for a memorable experience.

1. Amsterdam:


The blooming tulips and the spring breeze together make Amsterdam the perfect spot for spending the Easter week with buddies, family and friends. It is a festive time in this city of canals and its charm is as high as the sky. Surrounded by the beauty of colorful and beautiful flowers, the ambience of Amsterdam becomes vibrant with the events, parties and markets that are organized in lieu of this festival. People visiting their relatives, Easter get together and wonderful culture makes it an amazing place to spend a vacation.

2. Bordeaux:

Bordeaux, France

With a treasure of wineries and rich natural heritage; Bordeaux is yet another amazing destination where Easter vacations can be spent for an experience of a lifetime. The presence of numerous eye-catching attractions and sights make it a perfect place to take a vacation and cherish the moments. The influence of the French culture and lively ambience altogether make the city a wonderland whose majestic charm is worth exploring. No matter who you are taking along, every moment of your trip will be filled with joy, fun and adventure.

3. Dublin:

Dublin, Ireland

No one celebrates Easter better as the Irish people do. Taking a vacation during Easter in Dublin will make you witness the best of this lively city and enjoy it to the full. A lot of events, fests and exhibitions take place during the Easter here so you’ll be lucky enough to make magical memories if you are coming here for a vacation. Since, it is one of the most popular destinations for Easter vacation, book a cheap flight to Dublin at the earliest to avoid the last minute rush.

4. New York:

New York

The vibrant charm of this stunning city when combined with the spirit of Easter, then, the result that comes out cannot be expressed in words. The celebrations are huge and can be seen in the form of parades, feasts, events, cultural performances and several traditions that are followed for the last so many decades. The famous Easter Bonnet Parade takes place around Manhattan’s St Patrick’s Cathedral. Wearing new clothes and taking part in the felicitations is the best way of making Easter vacation happier here. So, book your tickets soon.

5. Vienna:


Operas, concerts and traditional performances are the part of the Easter celebration in Vienna. The influence of the spring’s magic can be felt and lived along with the cultural and traditional practices of the Easter. From children to adults and youngsters; everybody enjoys the festival wholeheartedly. If you are planning to take a vacation to Vienna during the Easter week, then you’ll be taking yourself to a world full of joy, happiness and adventures that make it a great place to be at. Do not forget to explore the imperial palaces and iconic landmarks during your visit here.

Take advantage of our Easter travel deals and make the most of your excursion with the discounts.

5 Perfect Destinations for Spring Break

Thursday, March 3rd, 2016

Spring Break, the time of the year when colleges, schools and other institutions call for a break to welcome a new season. This tradition has been followed from the several decades and has become a regular phenomenon. The transition of the cold weather into the breezy, sunny and colorful springs makes the ambience so lively that it is hard to come over its charm. Most people take it as an opportunity to celebrate life and thus consider taking spring break vacations to a lovely and wonderful destination.

Exploring the natural wonders during the spring season has its own pleasure and if you too are looking forward to taking a joyous and memorable vacation, here is the list of the top places that we have compiled for you. Take a look and decide where you would like to spend your spring break and make some magical memories with friends, buddies and family.

1. Puerto Vallarta:

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Situated on the Pacific coast of Mexico, Puerto Vallarta is a lively and a fabulous resort town where you can spend your next spring vacation. The gorgeous beaches, vibrant nightlife scenes and the historical heritage of this destination are the few factors that make it an amazing place to visit. A popular spot among the tourists, Puerto Vallarta caters and entertains all its visitors and gives them a never before experience. Dive into the ocean of its colorful elegance and magic and make the best of your vacation.

2. San Diego:

San Diego

Known for its warm climate, exotic beaches and scenic beauty; San Diego has been catching the eyes of the travelers from all over the world with its charismatic beauty. Visiting it during the spring could make you witness its breathtaking allure and charm, which is at its best and cannot control yourself from losing your heart to it. It is a renowned spring break destination that makes your trip remarkable with its beach parties, electric pubs and bars. Museums, gardens and parks add spark to its beauty.

3. Austin:


Nicknamed as the “live music capital of the world”, Austin is undoubtedly the best place to spend a vacation. Warm temperature, eye-catching attractions and freedom of enjoying the activities such as hiking, swimming, boating, etc. make it an ideal spot for having unlimited fun and create notable memories. Taking a spring break here will make you witness some of the iconic phenomenon and sights that are going to leave you awestruck. Take your travel buddy along to make the most of your excursion.

4. Miami:


The Caribbean culture, exotic cuisines, energetic nightlife scenes and peculiar beaches add shine to the artistic beauty of Miami, thus making it a beautiful place for spending the spring break. Its popularity, impeccable charm and flawless style have already made a mark on the hearts and minds of the travelers of various corners of the world. Plan a trip here this spring and take yourself to a new world, full of miracles, joy and unlimited fun. A perfect place for party lovers, it will never let you feel disappointed.

5. Playa del Carmen:

Tulum, Playa del Carmen

The unique blend of Mexican and Caribbean cultures are the main reasons for visiting this coastal town during the spring break. Its palm-lined beaches, coral reefs and scuba diving spots make it perfect for taking a fun-filled holiday with friends and family. No matter how long or short is your stay; each and every moment of your trip will have a heap of moments to cherish. You can get access to exclusive nightlife scenes, dance clubs and beach-lounging resorts during your visit in the spring.

Since spring is just around the corner, planning a trip soon will help you take a better vacation. Do not forget to browse our spring travel deals to get extra discounts on your travel.

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