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Archive for December, 2015

Top Affordable Bucket List Adventures

Wednesday, December 30th, 2015

Traveling is a wonderful way to explore, discover and enjoy the various vistas of life. Most of us like wandering around and finding new places that give us the chance to delve into the magic of nature’s wonders and flawless charm. While many like to spend a relaxing, calm and peaceful break; there are some who just can’t get over their urge to take an adventurous ride. It is said that taking trips to new destinations helps to bring the best in you and makes you stronger in many terms.

If you too love traveling and have that undying thirst for adventure, then here is the time to tick off some amazing adventurous trips from your bucket list because the below mentioned list has the most affordable and breathtaking adventures. Pick yours and accomplish it soon.

1. Mountain Biking in Moab:

Mountain biking

Hiking, climbing and biking are the major things an adventure traveler loves to do during a trip and when that vacation is in Utah; there is no looking back. The mountain biking in Moab is a favorite excursion for the cycling enthusiasts as the huge and curvy mountains give all the desired pleasures of adventurous travel. Being close to the major outdoors such as the Salt Lake City, Denver, etc., it is easier to spend an affordable vacation.

2. Dog-sledding in Canada:

Dog sledging, Canada

Now this one is pretty much interesting and surely not one that you have done for. Sledding through the snow is a quite popular activity that we all must have done at least once. But taking your dog out for a sledding is something different and unique. It’s time to give your dog that freaking adventurous gift for all the love and care he has given to you unconditionally. Slide in the snow with your dog in Alberta and make a new record.

3. Surfing in Puerto Rico:

Surfing, Puerto Rico

This is a perfect thing for the one who loves playing with the crazy waves of water in the ocean. Since it is in the U.S, it can be accessed easily without any hassle. The fun of being on a beach and sailing on the waves can be enjoyed here at budget friendly prices. Isn’t this an amazing thing to do? Yes, it is for sure. So take your travel buddy along and have endless fun.

4. Zorbing in New Zealand:

Zorbing, New Zealand

Have you ever imagined yourself being wrapped in a hamster like plastic ball and rolling down the steep mountains? No, then it’s time to feel this nerve wrecking adventure because this is something you haven’t done in the past few years and taking a new adventure is always on your list. You can choose a ride track from the plans of Zorb Rotura and enjoy this head over heels expedition accordingly. Sounds exciting? Experience it soon, then!

The list doesn’t end here, you can add your own favorite things and places that you’ve heard from others. This once in a lifetime opportunity can give you some amazing memories that can be cherished forever. Browse a cheap flight deal at SmartFares and get going!

Top Destinations for a Sunny Holiday in January

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2015

With the chilling breeze of winter season, the urge of escaping to a hot place increases rapidly. Though there are many who wish to stay indoors and enjoy the warmth of the bonfire inside their house, but some people always look for a reason to fly away to a new destination and make some amazing memories. If you too are in search of a place where you can enjoy the dark sunshine along with a laid-back vacation, follow our list of the top places that can make you wonder in joy.

1. Florida, U.S:

Florida Keyes

There cannot be a better place than Florida to blow away your winter blues and have endless fun. Nicknamed as the ‘Sunshine State’, it has a wide range of beaches and resorts that will double up the fun of your vacation. If you are going before Christmas, you can witness the festive fever in the air and post that, the less crowded beaches and pubs will give you all the pleasures. Enjoy the vibrant nightlife scenes and relax under the sun in the morning.

2. Sao Paulo, Brazil:

Sao Paulo, Brazil

The cultural and financial center of Brazil is yet another place that we have picked to give you an awesome vacation experience. The hot weather make it an ideal spot for escaping from the winter season and stepping into a world full of wonderful sights and attractions. Whether you go during Christmas or after that, the numerous pubs and bars will satiate your desire of serving you mouthwatering drinks and meals. Do not forget to explore its major spots to add a pinch of magic to your trip.

3. Goa, India:

Goa, India

This is yet another alluring destination that we have added to our list to give you a wonderful trip. An ultimate winter destination, Goa has an awesome range of beaches, churches, beachside resorts that are going to give you a never before experience. Each and every moment of your vacation will be filled with amusement, fun and adventure. Goa has been a favorite destination of many travelers from all over the world and never leaves a chance of impressing its visitors, so plan a vacation soon.

4. Cape Town, South Africa:

Cape town

Last but not the least, our list concludes with Cape Town, the wondrous place in South Africa that will make your dream vacations come true. Breathtaking mountains, peninsulas, harbors and the beautiful islands are few of the things that make it a perfect spot apart from its warm and cozy weather. The picturesque towns and the lively streets together create a beautiful scenery that can make you wonder in surprise. To feel the magic yourself, you need to plan a holiday soon and visit it in January.

Pack up your bags, book your tickets and head straight to any of them or all of them. Also, do not forget to grab some holiday travel deals to get additional discounts on your travel.

The mesmerizing Islands in North America

Friday, December 18th, 2015

The beauty of North America is hard to describe in words. Its lovely charm, amazing sights and breathtaking landscapes are the few things that could make you wonder in surprise. Towering forests, high-plain deserts, bustling cities add grace to its alluring grace. There is so much to explore that you just can’t get enough of it. But one thing that has the best impact on most of its visitors is the mesmerizing islands that have been making the region shine like a star in the night sky.

While you are imagining these islands in your head, let us take you on a virtual trip to them and help you feel the magic.

1. Kiawah Island, South Carolina:

Kiawah Island, South Carolina

Located on the Atlantic Coast of the United States, Kiawah Island is a sea island, which is famous for its exotic beaches, large golf course spaces and many amazing attractions. Spread in an area of 10,000 acres of land, this wonderland is a great spot for spending a fun-filled vacation. With the freedom of doing activities like dolphin watching, golf playing and sightseeing, Kiawah is a pristine island that will give you a wonderful experience.

2. Newport, Rhode Island:

Newport, Rhode island

This is yet another amazing place that we have added our list to give you a neve before experience of holidaying in North America. The lively ambiance, treasure of natural beauty and the museums make it a tourist friendly spot. The 250 years old historic heritage can also be explored while being here that will double up the fun of your trip. Sailing, swimming and spending a relaxing break at the beaches are the best things to do here.

3. Orcas Island:

Orcas Island

Situated in the north-western corner of the Washington State, Orcas Island is one of the largest islands of San Juan, which is famous for horse-shoe shape, beautiful parks and numerous lakes. A paradise of cyclers and hikers, Orcas Islands make a lovely place for making memories while being on a vacation. Kayaking, whale watching, fishing, sailing and horse riding are the popular activities one can enjoy here. The alluring landscapes and hilly roads will make you fall in love with this island.

4. St. John’s Island:

St John's Island

Taking a trip to North America can never be complete without a little mix of the Caribbean culture. St. John is one with the influence of both America and Caribbean with a wide range of white sand beaches, lush green landscapes, amazing scenic views and beautiful sights that will leave you awestruck. Watching sunrise, running, walking, sailing and swimming are the popular and the top things to do while being in St. John ’s. Pack up your bags and take that long pending break to make the most of it.

Since the joy of beauty lies in feeling and living it, you need to be here soon. These budget destinations can be easily visited with the cheap airfares available on SmartFares. All you need to do is choose a destination and pick a deal accordingly. Delve into the mystical charm of these islands and have endless fun.

Must Visit Affordable Destinations in 2016

Wednesday, December 16th, 2015

2015 is about to end and it’s time to welcome the New Year with great warmth and celebrations. Everyone has different plans for the coming year, some are looking forward to give a new start to their life, some have thought to buy a new house, some might start a new business and some are even planning to make it better than the current year. While everyone is busy with their plans, we too invested our time in creating a huge list of the places that shall be visited to get full value of the year.

For all the frequent travelers and the wanderlust lovers, follow our list and take yourself for a new place you’ve never been before to because setting a goal for the New Year is a must.

1. Estonia:

Tallinn, Estonia

Located in the Northern Europe, Estonia is a country with more than 1,500 islands, wide range of rocky beaches, diverse terrains and unique cultural heritage. Whether you are looking for a relaxing break, wish to get a visual treat or get lost in the nature’s charm, Estonia is the perfect destination that will give you all the pleasures with its wonderful sights, spots and attractions. Estonian Open Air Museum, Naissaar, Haapsalu Castle, Suur Munamägi, Pühajärv, Keila Waterfall, etc. are the major spots that can be explored while being here.

2. Ho Chi Minh City:

Ho Chi Minh City

The second spot on our list has been occupied by the amazing Ho Chi Minh City, the southern Vietnamese city that has gained fame for its French colonial architectures and bustling culture. Visiting it in 2016 could make you explore its popular streets and beautiful creations in various art centers. Popularly known as Saigon, it has numerous attractions that can steal your heart, including the Củ Chi tunnels, Bến Thành Market, Museum of Vietnamese History, Ấn Quang Pagoda, Independence Palace, Bitexco Financial Tower, etc.

3. Uganda:


This east African country has been able to grab third position on this list because of its flawless beauty and rich cultural heritage. The diverse wildlife and the astonishing beauty of this country is going to leave you spellbound. Varied landscapes, snowcapped mountains and the beautiful lakes add grace to its beauty. A visit to Uganda shall never be complete without exploring its major attractions including the Queen Elizabeth National Park, Ssese Islands, Lake Mutanda, Bujagali Falls, Rubaga Cathedral, Murchison Falls National Park, etc.

4. Galicia, Spain:

Galicia, Spain

Last but not the least, our list is ending with Spain’s northwest city, Galicia that will give you a wholesome experience of traveling and exploring. Known as the ‘Land of 1000 Rivers’, this wonderland is along the Atlantic coastline that give you some beautiful landscapes, eye pleasing sights and a rich heritage of natural and cultural treasure. There are many UNESCO World Heritage Sites, charming villages and monuments that add shine to its grace. Do not forget to visit its major attractions to make the most of your trip.

Since time is running fast so its better to act fast and grab some discounted airline tickets through SmartFares because they won’t stick for long. Book your flights and head straight to any of these destinations to make magical memories.

Budget Friendly Destinations This Winter

Friday, December 11th, 2015

The cool breeze and the warmth of a cup of coffee while reading a good book; the bliss of all these things together can only be had in the winter season. There are endless reasons that make us fall for this lovely season that adds colors to the leaves of the trees and makes the surroundings look beautiful. Not only for the living beings, the season has some beautiful gifts for the environment too. While the people enjoy the beauty of the winters there are certain places that get a makeover during this season.

Exploring such destinations is a wonderful thing to do that make us appreciate the flawless elegance of Nature. To give a kick-start to the winters and make them awesome, here are the places you should head to in the winter vacations.

1. Tulum:

Tulum, Mexico

Located on the Caribbean coast of Mexico, Tulum is a resort town with a wide range of cultural and archaeological attractions, influenced from the 13th-century civilization. The turquoise blue water of its beaches and the beachfront resorts add grace to its impeccable beauty. Visiting it in the winters can make you experience the warmth of its lovely ambiance and the lively attractions. The major spots that can be explored in this budget friendly destination include the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, Playa Paraiso, El Gran Cenote, etc.

2. Santo Domingo:

Santo Domingo

This capital city of Dominican Republic is not only one of the oldest cities of Caribbean, but also a budget traveler’s paradise. Colonial architectures, cobblestone streets, vibrant nightlife and the cosmopolitan culture make it a wonderful destination to be at. From hotels to sightseeing opportunities, everything can be done at easy on pocket prices. There are many attractive spots around the city, including the Fortaleza Ozama, Museo Bellapart, Museo de las Casas Reales, Puerta del Conde, National Palace, Monasterio de San Francisco, etc. Explore them all to have a fun-filled trip.

3. Belize:

Blue Hole, Belize

The charming beaches, bright sunshine and the impeccable charm of this Central American city is the best thing that will make you spend your winter holidays happily. With activities like scuba diving, sportfishing, swimming and sailing, you can enjoy an adventurous and amazing holiday here. Do not forget to explore the major spots and attractions of this wonderland that include the Ambergris Caye, Museum of Belize, Caye Caulker, Belize Barrier Reef, Great Blue Hole, Caracol, Hol Chan Marine Reserve, Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, Guanacaste National Park, etc.

4. San Diego:

San Diego, California

Last but not the least is the city that has a warm climate and boasts a wide range of beautiful parks and gardens. Located on the Pacific coast of California, San Diego is a lively city that has a wide range of museums and art galleries that make it a wonderful tourist destination and also perfect for you next winter getaway. The attractions like Seaport Village, Cabrillo National Monument, Old Town San Diego State Historic Park, Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve, La Jolla Cove, etc. are going to give you a memorable vacation.

Since the season has already started, plan a trip soon by booking a flight through our winter travel deals. SmartFares has a wide range of attractive discounts for you.

Top Beaches of the America

Wednesday, December 9th, 2015

A vacation on a beach is always filled with fun, adventure and enthusiasm. It is a favorite type of holiday for almost all age groups, kids, youngsters and even the old aged people too. From diving to snorkelling, fishing and swimming; you can do anything you want to while being on a beach. Enjoying a sunbath and relaxing at the coast is one of the few things that we all love doing during our trips to beaches.

No matter what kind of vacation we intend to take, the exotic beaches make them the best and memorable too. So, while you are planning a trip again after reading this, let us take through the list of the top beaches of the America that are going to make you fall in love with them.

1. Manele Bay, Hawaii:

Manle Bay, Hawaii

Situated at the southern part of Lanai in Hawaii, Manele Bay is a secluded harbour with a calm and peaceful ambiance that makes it a perfect destination for those who are looking for a relaxing break. Sit along the sandy coast, enjoying the sunshine or indulge in various activities such as swimming, snorkelling, scuba diving, fishing, sailing and playing games such as golf and tennis. The bay can be easily accessed from Maui and has emerged as a wonderful tourist destination.

2. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina:

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

A popular destination in South Carolina, Myrtle Beach is a city and a vacation spot with a 60-mile long stretch of wonderful beaches. The lively culture and the vibrant ambiance of this place something you’ll love to lose your heart for. Whether you are visiting it with family or friends, each and every moment spent here will be full of fun, laughter and happiness. The well-designed golf courses, colorful beaches and the amusements parks add charm to its mystical beauty.

3. Barefoot Beach Preserve County Park, Florida:

Barefoot Beach Preserve County Park, Florida

This 2,500 metres long stretch of land with beautiful and amazing beaches is a yet another place that will make your vacations happier. The white sand beaches, crazy water waves and the eye-catching landscapes will make you fall in love with this place totally. Turtles, palms and a diverse species of flora and fauna can be easily spotted here. To make the best of your vacation here, take your travel buddy along and book a seafront resort to have unlimited fun.

4. Coast Guard Beach, Massachusetts:

Coast Guard Beach

This unique beach was formed after carving out the glaciers. This easily accessible area has been a historic U.S coast and has a wide range of spots where you can have endless fun. Hiking and biking trails, sandy beaches and eye-pleasing sights are the common views of this place. Seals and turtles can be found swimming around. Beautiful sights, landscapes and amazing ambiance make it an ideal place to spend a vacation. Plan a trip soon to enjoy the charm of this lovely spot.

Do you remember the last time you went for a beach vacation? No! Then its time head straight to any of them. Book cheap airfare deals with SmartFares and get discounts on your beach travel.

The Incredible New Year Vacation Spots

Friday, December 4th, 2015

New Year is just around the corner and it’s high time to plan something exciting to make it memorable. Everybody wants to give a kick-start to the New Year with a bang and do something unique. If you too are in search of executing your plan for a wonderful New Year eve, then it’s time to take a trip to those destinations that witness the most awesome felicitations for this grand event. No matter whether you wish to be with your friends, family or beloved, the fun and joy can be multiplied by visiting these places and making magical memories.

So while you are thinking of where to go this New Year’s Eve, here is the list of destinations you need to keep handy while you plan an excursion. The pleasure that you will get while being here can only be felt by choosing a destination, so pick accordingly.

1. Las Vegas:

Las Vegas

This resort town has been a renowned tourist destination for decades and is on the top of our list to spend a fabulous New Year celebration. The cultural events, buzzing and energetic ambiance, lively nightlife and the numerous dance clubs make Las Vegas a perfect spot for taking a New Year vacation. Dance, eat, drink and have unlimited fun here. Do not forget to take your travel buddy along to make the most of your trip.

2. Bangkok:

Bangkok, Thailand

This sprawling metropolis is yet another pick of our list that can give you a never before experience. Brilliant nightlife, eye-catching attractions, vibrant street life and astonishing culture create a blend of ultra-modern place that make Bangkok a wonderful destination to be at. You can taste different varieties of food, drinks and shop for the best trends in the malls and enjoy your trip thoroughly. If this isn’t enough, you need to visit it yourself.

3. Los Angeles:

Los Angeles

Now when we are talking about the best destinations for New Year, how could we miss the Hollywood’s home? Being in L.A is not just about partying, eating and having endless fun, it gives you an opportunity to meet your favorite Hollywood stars too. Alluring landscapes, breathtaking sights, cultural events, parades, fireworks and much more can be witnessed while being here. There are numerous bars and restaurants that serve exotic meals too.

4. Paris:

Paris, France

The city of Lights is also a wonderful place to commemorate the New Year and enjoy fun-filled vacations. No matter what kind of trip you look forward to, Paris has a treasure of attractions, landmarks and places that will leave you awestruck. This globally popular city has a hub of art centers, fashion and gastronomic places that are worth exploring. You need to create a list of things to do before flying to this amazing destination.

Now when you have the whole list of the best vacation spots for New Year, you should pull your socks up, pack up your bags and head straight to any of them to feel the magic yourself. To add wow factor to your trip, we have some jaw dropping New Year travel deals, do not forget to browse them before you leave for your trip.

The Perfect Getaways this Christmas

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2015

As soon as winter starts, the excitement for Christmas starts gearing up. This beautiful festival not only brings happiness, joy and prosperity in our lives, but also carries a huge bundle of holidays. Christmas is the perfect time to meet your friends, relatives and brace the change of the season with great zeal and glee. But don’t you think, this year Christmas celebrations should be different? We’ve been following the same rituals from the past decades, but now it’s time to do something offbeat and interesting.

Since there are abundant holidays during this festive season, how about taking a short excursion! Sounds engaging, right? So, pack up your bags and follow the list of the perfect getaways for Christmas have unlimited fun.

1. Prague, Czech Republic:


The crisp weather, amazing culture and the unique architecture of this lovely city will double up the fun of your vacation during the Christmas season. The snow showers and the beautifully decorated markets will give you the best views and make you experience the White Christmas. Do not forget to stroll through the local breweries and restaurants to taste lip smacking dishes.

2. Lapland, Finland:

Lapland, Finland

Known for its vast wilderness, summer daylight and Northern lights; Lapland is a wonderful place to experience the warmth of the season. What could be a better place to celebrate the event than the home of father of Christmas? The extremely snowy and cold weather will not only make you witness the best of winter season but also enjoy it thoroughly.

3. Zurich, Switzerland:

Zurich, Switzerland

Winters in Zurich are the best time to feel the magic of this alluring city. Christmas markets, shopping sprees, cultural events and light up streets are the common views of the city during the Christmas. The warm glow and the enchanting spirit will make you spellbound and urge you to spend a long vacation here. Take your favorite people along to make the best of your vacation.

4. Charleston, SC:

Charleston, SC

Bustling French cultural heritage, cobblestone streets and the horse-drawn carriages are the highlights of the city of Charleston. Visiting it in during the Christmas season can make you experience the best of its beauty and give your vacation an exciting and wonderful start. Many events take place in the city during this point of time, which is another reason that will make you fall in love with it totally.

5. Rome, Italy:

Rome, Italy

Last but not the least, our list ends with one of the oldest cities of the world. With a wide range of sightseeing tours and attractions, Rome is a wonderful place to spend your Christmas break. The perfect weather and the lively culture of the city will leave you awestruck. Spend the Christmas Eve here to feel the magic of traditional and unique felicitations.

Though there are many more destinations that could be explored, but to make the most of your Christmas holiday, follow our list and pay a visit to all the above-mentioned places. To add a pinch of awesomeness to your trip, do not forget to take benefit of our Christmas travel deals.

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