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Archive for October, 2015

Airport Hacks You’ve Never Heard Of

Wednesday, October 28th, 2015

Traveling involves a lot of things, problems and even pleasures. The most common ones that we face are the flight delays, long queues and waiting at the airport. Many times we get irritated and feel stuck that eventually makes our journey wistful. Though we cannot control everything, but there are certain issues and aspects that we never paid so much heed to but they can brighten up our day easily.

A few of them mentioned below are aimed at making your travel convenient and give a kick start to the same. So, the next time you are flying somewhere, do not forget to keep these hacks in mind and enjoy a hassle free journey.

1. Choose the Left Lane:

Airport Counter

A long queue at the check-in counter of the airport is the probably the worst thing that could happen to us. We all have faced it many times, but there is hardly any solution we have been able to get. But this time trying this hack will definitely save much of your time during this process. The trick is, while moving towards the line, always take a left turn, because chances are there will be less crowd in that line, and the reason behind the same is most people are right-handed and they act accordingly.

2. Bring an Empty Water Bottle to Airport:

Empty water bottle

You must be thinking that we are joking, but we aren’t at all. Trust us, the trick that we are sharing with you will help you save a lot of money. Bringing an empty water bottle to the airport can save you from the extra charges of the taxes that you have to pay while buying a mineral water bottle from the shops at the airport. There isn’t a chance to get stuck in the security check with an empty bottle, thus you can carry it easily and fill it with water from the taps/fountains.

3. Take a Screenshot of Your Boarding Pass:

Boarding pass

Thanks to technology, that we don’t need to carry any kind of documents that need constant care and can cost us too much if lost. While traveling, we already have baggage that is quite difficult to handle and requires much attention. In this situation, carrying certain things such as boarding pass or tickets becomes an extra task. But since we have a boon with us, that is our mobile phone, we can keep our tickets and boarding passes in it. Take a screenshot of the boarding pass in order to save time and efforts.

4. Carry a Power Charger:


With so many benefits of the technology, we feel happy, but there are times when we have to suffer because of this technology too. It is seen that laptops and mobile phones are the most used devices during a stopover at the airport. And using them all the time can result in power loss, thus detaching our connections for the outside world. Running at the airport for a power charger isn’t an easy task and neither can be found all the time. So, carry your power bank/ charger with you to save yourself from the last minute hustle.

Follow them all to have a happy journey. To add a pinch of magic, browse cheap airfare deals for your destination.

Veteran’s Day Weekend Getaways

Friday, October 23rd, 2015

Veterans Day, an event dedicated to the valor of the people who sacrificed their lives while serving the U.S. army. Commemorated as a national holiday, this day is a vital part of the history. Many people celebrate the day in their own way, some pay tribute to the soldiers, others participate in the parade while a lot of people take advantage of the weekend and spend it at an exotic destination.

If you too are planning for a quick break this Veterans Day, here is the list of the destinations that could be visited easily. The pleasure of sightseeing and the honor of saluting the brave souls, experience both the things by booking a Veteran’s Day flight soon.

1. Arlington, Virginia:


There cannot be a better place to celebrate Veterans Day than Arlington. The Arlington National Cemetery is a place where you can pay homage to 25,000 soldiers at one single place. There are many historical sights too that can be explored. So feel the privilege and enjoy a fun-filled weekend by visiting Arlington this Veterans Day.

2. USS Arizona, Honolulu:

USS Arizona, Honolulu

A memorial in the name of the Battleship of 1941 in the Pearl Harbor will make you give tribute to 1,102 sailors in the USS Arizona. This amazing Whitehall memorial isn’t just a place to remember the heroes but has a lot more to see that will take you back to the old era.

3. Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Washington D.C:

Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Washington

The names of 60,000 deceased soldiers carved on a wall will bring tears in your eyes when you visit the Vietnam veterans Memorial. This unique way of recalling the bravery of the war heroes is one way in which you can celebrate the event. Pay a floral tribute and walk around to explore the historical monuments present around the city.

4. Liberty Memorial, Kansas City:

Liberty Memorial, kansas

Located at the National World War I Museum, Kansas city, Liberty memorial is another place where you can relive the stories of the thousands of unsung heroes. A great event is organized here on each Veterans Day so you can be a part of felicitations too. After being a part of the same, an excursion to Kansas City can also be enjoyed.

5. Gettysburg Battlefield, Philadelphia:


This area has experienced a huge military war whose traits can be easily found in the museums and cemeteries around this region. The sacrifices of the war heroes can be seen in the 4.5 acres of the Gettysburg battlefields. The scenic beauty and the gentle hills of the city will make you feel the magical charm and give you a wonderful vacation experience.

It is because of the dead heroes that we are leading a happy and free life, so to thank them we shall celebrate Veterans Day with great zeal and enthusiasm. Take benefit of the Veterans Day deals available on SmartFares and visit all the memorials and war cemeteries to honor the bravery of the great people. Since Veterans Day is not very far, do not forget to book a cheap flight soon.

Where to go this Thanksgiving

Friday, October 16th, 2015

Thanksgiving isn’t just an event, it is a festival which is celebrated all over the United States and Canada with great zeal and enthusiasm. It is that time of the year when everybody unites, share food and thank each other, following the traditional customs. Different people have different ways of celebrating the event, but most of us usually waste it by staying at home or watching a football match on TV when we can spend in an exciting way. Forget about the old things, this time do something new by utilizing the Thanksgiving holiday in exploring a new destination. The thanksgiving flight deals on SmartFares will make your holiday all the more memorable.
So, check out this list and select your destination to make the holiday special.

1. New York City:

New york city

The Thanksgiving Day parade of the city is something you’ll never want to miss. Thousands of participants and millions of spectators make it an amazing and vibrant fest that will make you wonder in joy. Not just this, the decorated streets and the beautiful sights make the city look like a fair. Get ready to have some fun in this lively city on this special occasion. You can even enjoy the sightseeing of major spots, such as the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Top of the Rick, etc. And if you still have time, go try some lip-smacking dishes.

2. Santa Fe, New Mexico:

Santa Fe, new mexico

Famous for its Pueblo-styled architectures and creative arts, Santa Fe is yet another destination that we have picked for making your holiday memorable. Numerous art galleries and museums make the city and epicenter of cultural heritage which will help you in celebrating the day in a unique way. The Friday after Thanksgiving commemorates the three-day annual fest, known as the Winter Indian Market where you can enjoy and have fun with more than 200 artists who perform dance and music during the festival. There are many eye pleasing attractions that will captivate your attention towards them.

3. Charleston, South Carolina:

Charleston, South Carolina

Many parts of the country celebrate Thanksgiving Day in a special way and Charleston is one of them. The popular Holiday Festival of Lights and the Turkey Day Run & Gobble Wobble make this city a perfect spot to spend the short vacation. The warm climate adds beauty to its impeccable charm, resulting in many beautiful sights which will surely steal your heart away. Shop till you drop in its colorful markets and delve into the majestic elegance and friendly people will double up the joy of being in this amazing city.

4. New Orleans:

New Orleans

Nicknamed as the ‘Big Easy’, this amazing city is known for its vibrant nightlife, live music scenes and many more events that are perfect for celebrating Thanksgiving Day in a modern way. The unique blend of French, American and African cultures make the city a melting pot of civilizations, thus giving you incredible views of the felicitations. Join the huge groups in costume parade or give your taste buds a treat with some mouthwatering snacks and dishes. There is so much to do and see that you will want to go on an extended Thanksgiving Day holiday.

Since Thanksgiving is approaching fast, decide quickly and book a cheap flight with SmartFares to experience a hassle free travel.

The Best Beach Destinations of Oceania

Wednesday, October 14th, 2015

Oceania is a region centered on the tropical islands of the Pacific Ocean, which is famous for its alluring beaches and impeccable beauty, which is hard to find anywhere else. It is majorly divided into four parts, Australia, Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia, which makes it an amazing and alluring part of the world that needs to be explored definitely. To your surprise, these destinations have been awarded as the best holiday spots that have all the important factors which you are looking for in your island vacation. And if you are a beach lover and all you want to do is enjoy the turquoise blue waves, Oceania is definitely the region you should head to. In short, to experience the best beaches, here is the list you need to follow to feel the magic yourself.

1. Australia :

Bondi Beach, Australia

Australia has been a favorite destination for many travelers since the last few decades. The alluring landscapes, natural wonders and the magic of the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean make it a wonderful island destination that will double up the fun of your vacation. A wide range of beaches, tropical rainforests and eye pleasing scenic beauty will steal your heart away. Make sure you visit them all to get a reason to differentiate among them all.

2. Cook Islands:

Cook Island

A south archipelago nation in the region, the Cook Islands is another destination of the region that will leave you awestruck. If you are looking for a remote and isolated place, Cook Islands make the perfect and ideal spot for your holiday. Spectacular and white sand beaches can be easily found here. Known as the water sports and beach paradise of Oceania, the destination is worth exploring if you are looking for that exuberant outing.

3. Fiji:

Fiji Island

Fiji is a country in the South Pacific with more than 300 islands that boasts palm-lined beaches, blue lagoons and rugged mountains. This island nation has a wide range of breathtaking beaches that will make you fall in love with it totally. No matter what kind of vacation you seek, Fiji is a gem of Oceania that will let you live your dream vacation easily. You can enjoy snorkeling, trekking, surfing, diving and bird watching at this ultimate destination.

4. French Polynesia:

French Polynesia

Made up of 118 scattered islands, French Polynesia is one of the top destinations of Oceania that has to be on your list while you are planning a trip to the Oceania. Don’t forget, Bora Bora and Tahiti are a part of this wonderful destination and the charm of their elegance cannot be explained in words at all. Whether you wish to relax on the beach or need an adventurous ride on the waves, French Polynesia will never leave a chance to impress you.

5. New Caledonia:

New Caledonia

Among the top destinations of Oceania, New Caledonia is less popular, but has the equal amount of wonderful spots like the other destinations. Surrounded by dozens of islands, this astonishing place has exotic beaches, blue lagoons and has the world’s largest marine life. Tropical rainforests and lovely beaches are its assets and earn all the desired attention. Vibrant nightlife, unique wildlife and lip-smacking French dishes will make your vacation all the more memorable.

Don’t get confused in picking one, explore all of them by booking a cheap flight to Australia and delve into the magic of these best beach getaways.

The Perfect Travel Destinations This Fall

Wednesday, October 7th, 2015

The fall season is an amazing time of the year when the colors of the trees become brighter and the weather becomes cooler. The transition makes us experience the best sights of nature and puts us in the state of awestruck. Fall/Autumn usually starts from the end of September and stretches till March. The bright colors of the season brings prosperity and smiles on the faces as it is apparently one of the most favored seasons of the year. It is also known as the ‘shoulder season’ as many destinations and places get influenced by its passage. Thus, makes it an ideal time to visit them and enjoy their vistas. Make the best of this offbeat season and plan a vacation soon. But if you are wondering where to go, here are the top destinations you should visit this fall to make some magical memories.

1. Atlanta:


This sprawling capital of Georgia is on top of the list of the destinations that you shall visit this autumn. The amazing culture and the lovely weather will make you fall in love with this city. There are many festivals and events being organized during this period, so you’ll be lucky if you plan a vacation here in the season. There are many attractions that will make your vacation a memorable one.

2. Denver:

Denver, Colorado

The second spot on the list is owned by the capital city of Colorado, Denver that makes a wonderful spot during the fall season. The beautiful landscapes, attractive sights, astonishing sights and the favorable weather acts as an asset for the destination. This cultural city has many reasons to visit, including the craft beer, skiing, adventurous activities and much more. Plan a trip soon to discover the best spots of the city and enjoy a fun-filled vacation.

3. British Columbia:

British Columbia

Surrounded by eye-catching mountain ranges along the pacific coast, British Columbia is a flawless destination that has been the choice of many frequent travelers since ages. Known for its parks, reserves and skiing spots, this wonderful city welcomes all its visitors with great warmth and serves them with the best sights during the season. The majestic valleys, attractive vineyards and exotic cuisines will make your vacation filled with joy.

4. Napa Valley:

Napa Valley

Located on the northern part of the San Pablo Bay in California, Napa Valley is a world-famous wine growing region that makes an awesome destination to create some good memories during your trip. The warm weather, scenic beauty and the spotless natural sites are going to steal your heart away. The Californian culture and the harvest festival combine together to give you a pleasant experience of discovering its charm. Visit it soon to feel the magic yourself.

5. San Diego:

San Diego, California

This is another masterpiece of California, which is famous for its art galleries, museums, beaches, parks and warm climate. This seaside city is going to captivate your eyes with its phenomenal charisma and leave you stunned. Talking about the fall season, there cannot be a better time to delve into the magic of this city as the natural beauty of this city is at its best during this season. Adventure and fun will be always around if you visit this destination.

There are many more destinations that can be visited, so pack up your bags and get ready for a wonderful excursion.

Columbus Day Getaways

Thursday, October 1st, 2015

Columbus Day or the foundation day is a perfect event to commemorate the special day in the United States. With the beginning of the month of October, the fall season also starts that makes a wonderful time to travel and explore the colorful season. So, while you are planning to celebrate the Columbus Day in a different way, we have picked up the top destinations to give you a unique vacation experience. Visit them all and delve into their elegance and make the best of the weekend.

1. San Francisco, California:

San Francisco

This amazing city celebrates the Columbus Day in such a manner that nobody else can. Start your vacation while taking part in the felicitations and then head to watch its alluring spots, including the Golden Gate Bridge, Fishermen’s Wharf, Alcatraz Island, Golden Gate Park, Union Square, Chinatown, Coit Tower, Twin Peaks, etc. Do not waste time in thinking, pack up your bags and enjoy a fun-filled trip.

2. Boston, Massachusetts:


Boston has played a vital role in the American Revolution and has a deep historical past that makes it a worth exploring destination this Columbus Day. Not just the celebrations, but the attractions of this wonderful city are so magnificent that you’ll easily lose your heart to it. Freedom Trail, Fenway Park, Boston Harbor, Black Heritage Trail, Trinity Church, etc. are the major spots that can be explored.

3. Montauk, New York:

Montauk, New York

This unique city in the New York is something one would imagine in their dreams, attending the celebrations will be a wonderful experience that you’ll remember for your lifetime. The fall festival starts from the Columbus Day weekend itself, so you’ll witness double blast on this special occasion. Its popular attractions include the Hither Hills State Park, Montauk Point, Shadmoor State Park, Fort Pond Bay, Gurney’s Inn, etc.

4. Denver, Colorado:

Denver, Colorado

Denver is an ideal place to watch the biggest Columbus Day parade of the nation. A fun-filled vacation in Denver can be enjoyed post the celebrations by visiting its popular attractions, such as the Elitch Gardens, Clyfford Still Museum, Cherry Creek, Ogden Theater, Dinosaur Ridge, Barr Lake State Park, Grant Frontier Park, etc. There cannot be a better option spending and celebrating the Columbus Day weekend here.

5. New Port, Rhode Island:

New Port, Rhode Island

New Port’s Oktoberfest is the evidence that why visiting it on the Columbus Day weekend will make you feel happy and joyful. The amazing culture and the colorful ambiance of the city make it a perfect destination to spend a quick break with your loved ones. To enjoy your trip thoroughly, do not forget to delve into the beauty of its famous spots, like the New Port Cliff Walk, Fort Adams State Park, Rosecliff, etc.

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