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Archive for June, 2015

4 Must Have Apps to Make Your Road Trip Unforgettable

Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

Traveling has always been an important part of our lives. Whether it’s summer vacations or a long weekend, we all love to have a quick break from our busy routines. These quick breaks usually include road trips with family or friends. Planning a road trip is an amazing thing to do and when done wisely and carefully, it definitely gives us a great experience. There is a huge checklist that shall be followed while taking a road trip, which requires a lot of efforts and planning too. But in this world of modern technology, a smartphone can help save a lot of your time and energy, provided it is used in the best way. This boon of technology can be a savior for us in many cases. All you need to do is, update it with the latest and appropriate applications and you are sorted.
The same thing is applicable in the case of a road trip, which can be made better with the use of the best apps. Here is a list of the apps that shall be present in your smartphone before leaving for a road trip.

Road Trip

1. Waze: This GPS-based geographical navigation application is a community-based platform that allows the users to interact and share the information about various places. It is a very convenient app as it helps in knowing the traffic position of the nearby areas thus making travel more convenient. Before packing your bag for the vacation, download this app on your smartphone and enjoy your holiday. The application has won the Webby Award for the Best Connected Product and is very much reliable for the expert drivers.
2. Roadtrippers: While you are taking a road trip, you need to take care of a lot of things, such as the vehicle you are taking along, the distance to be traveled, etc. Leave all the worries on Roadtrippers application as it helps you to discover new places and calculates average travel time, cost, etc. It uses navigation to guide you to different routes and hence make your trip easy. You can explore the lesser known yet amazing places with the help of this app and make your holiday adventurous.
3. Trip Advisor: If you are traveling to an entirely new destination and looking for a good place to stay, where to eat and want to know reviews of the same through the visitors, Trip Advisor is the perfect app for you. The reviews of various travelers, experts and the visitors will help you to take a better decision in choosing a hotel. Not only this, you can even compare prices of different hotels with this amazing application. Before gearing up for the trip, get it on your phone and keep the information handy.
4. Food Tripping: The best part of being on a road trip is that you get to eat at different places and relish your taste buds with amazing cuisines. Exploring a new place doesn’t only means that you can find interesting places, instead it gives you the opportunity to find new local places. Food Tripping is the application that helps you by providing the best restaurants around with the help of navigation. Coffee shops, vegan eateries and microbreweries can also be discovered with this fantastic app. Do not forget to save it before leaving for the trip.
Traveling isn’t only about exploring new places and relaxing for a while, it also helps you to experience new aspects of life and discover a new side of yourself. Also, to make the journey enjoyable, book a hotel before leaving for the vacation to avoid any kind of hassles and book in advance to get the best hotel deals. So,plan a road trip soon to delve into the hidden vistas of life.

Your Travel Guide to Mexico

Thursday, June 25th, 2015

Mexico is a country between the U.S. AND Central America, famous for its beaches, diverse landscapes and magnificent mountains. The Spanish, North American and Mexican traditional cultures make it a culture-rich country with a large number of tourist attractions. Being home to 26 UNESCO World Heritage sites and a bustling, vibrant nightlife, the country offers many more things to the travelers. While you are planning a trip to Mexico, we have picked up the best destinations to make your vacation worthwhile.
1. Acapulco:
Acapulco, Mexico
Acapulco is a resort city on Mexico’s Pacific Coast, which is known for its explosive nightlife, postcard beaches, unlimited watersports, and golf clubs. It is the top recommended vacation spot in Mexico and putting it in your list will only make your trip a memorable one.
2. Cancun:
The city is a blend of modern and traditional culture located on the Yucatan Peninsula, which is famous for its beaches, numerous resorts and energetic nightlife. The local markets and restaurants give you the option of tasting the best cuisines and getting the local stuff. Plan a visit soon to explore the hidden vistas of this amazing destination. Book a cheap flight to Cancun today to get huge discounts on your travel.
3. Cozumel:
Cozumel, Mexico
This island of Mexico is located in the Caribbean Sea, which is a popular cruise ship port, also famous for scuba diving. Dive into the blue waters of Cozumel and get to see the Mesoamerican reefs, dolphins, manatees and sea turtles. Enjoy a long vacation with family or friends and make magical memories. Book a flight today to avoid any kind of hassles.
4. Guadalajara

This second-largest city of Mexico is located in its Western-Pacific area which happens to be the cultural centre of the country. Famous for its tequila, the city has a large number of tourist spots too. It is also known as the City of Roses and is among popular tourist attraction spots of Mexico.
5. Mazatlán:
Mazatlán, Mexico
One of Mexico’s most alluring destinations, it is famous for its sandy beaches and is known as the ‘Pearl of Pacific’. Enjoy fishing and relish your taste buds with the lip-smacking variety of seafood dishes along with the great opera music. Watch a bullfight or take a sunbath, you’ll love spending your holiday here. Pack your bags and get ready to visit it soon.
6. Oaxaca:
Oaxaca, Mexico
Oaxaca is a state in the Southern Mexico, which is famous for its indigenous cultures, greenery and peaceful environment. If you are looking a place free from the noises of traffic and vehicles, this is the best destination for spending a vacation. Basilica of Our Lady of Solitude, Church of Santo Domingo de Guzman are the popular attractions of this state. Take a ride into its deep historical past by booking a flight today.
7. Tulum:
Tulum, Mexico
Visiting Tulum is all about checking out the Mayan ruins. Enjoy snorkelling, sunbathing and swimming in the blue water and feel the charm of this incredible destination. The spectacular coastline, pleasant beaches and the bright sun make it an amazing place to spend a relaxing yet happening destination. It should be on your bucket list while planning a visit to Mexico.
Mexico is a popular tourist hub with a plethora of attractions and tourist spots, book flights to Mexico today to watch them all.

Where to Travel In July

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015

With summer vacations coming up, July happens to be the perfect season to plan a trip. Travel around this Independence Day and enjoy quality summer time with your friends and family. Whether you are planning a quick getaway or a long break, here are some places that you should visit this July to break the monotony of your life and make memories that can be cherished for a long time. It’s time to relax and chill at the best vacation spots that have a great variety of things to offer you. Have a look at the top 5 destinations:
1. Pamplona, Spain:
Pamplona Bull Run
This historical capital city Of Navarre is famous worldwide for running of the bulls game at the San Fermin Festival, held annually from 6 to 14 July. Run on the streets and feel the adventure of being chased by thousands of angry bulls. Once you are done with the scary adventure, head to the local market or a nearby restaurant to enjoy lip-smacking Spanish dishes along with sangria.
2. Barbados:
An independent island nation located in the eastern Caribbean, Barbados happens to be an amazing destination to spend a vacation. The celebration of the end of the sugar cane harvest, one of the many Caribbean Festivals and Events can be witnessed by visiting this beautiful place in July. Experience the colourful parades, vibrant markets, and the pleasure of drink till you drop in the 5-week festival that stretches from July to August.
3. Boston:
Being one of the oldest cities of the U.S, Boston happens to be a hub of various attractions, historic sites, seafood and is famous for its tea party museum. The best time to visit this alluring city is in July when the weather is perfect for the baseball games and outdoor concerts. Celebrate Independence Day and Boston HarborFest or take a ride to the Boston Harbor. Make the best of your trip as there is a lot more to do while being here.
4. Nice, France:
Nice, France
July is the peak season of tourists in Nice, the Mediterranean weather makes it all the more exciting and enjoyable. The Pink Parade and Nice Jazz Festival are the top attractions that will make your trip worthwhile being here. Apart from this, you can enjoy a date with your loved one on a private beach or cleanse yourself with a chocolate spa and much more. Book a flight soon and land to this fascinating destination to explore more.
5. Glacier National Park, Montana:
Glacier National Park
Last but not the least, Glacier National Park is one of the top visited destinations in the month of July. The pristine forests, alpine meadows, rugged mountains, spectacular lakes, and known to be the hiker’s paradise; this place is a must visit in July. Explore the wilderness and the serenity of nature together while being here. To know more, plan a trip soon with your friends and family and feel the charm yourself.
Make the best of the vacations by visiting any of these beautiful destinations. You can find cheap airfares to almost all the destinations with SmartFares. Take advantage of our Summer Travel Deals and bag huge discounts on your travel.

5 Must have Travel Apps

Thursday, June 18th, 2015

Traveling is a pleasure that gives you an escape from the monotonous routines of your life and helps you appreciate the little things around you. Since taking a trip/vacation involves a lot of planning and efforts that can make you feel stressed, there are some apps that could become a savior for you during the trip. Simply download these apps on your SmartPhone and enjoy your vacation without many hassles. Here is a list of 5 travel apps which can be useful for you during your travel:

Travel Apps

1. Google Maps: Whether you are traveling to an entirely new destination or any nearby place, you might need to get directions to a nearby hotel, restaurant or even to the place which you have already visited earlier. Google Maps is an app that allows you to find the way and directions to any place in any part of the world. If you think you are lost in the middle of your journey, Google Maps will tell you your location and also help you to find the right direction for your destination. All you need to do is download the app on your smartphone and everything else is sorted.
2. TravelSafe Pro: No matter how prepared you are for your trip, there are chances that you forget to bring something important. Things get even worse when you are traveling abroad and you have no idea where to find the thing you want! Equipped with a database of emergency numbers for just about every country on the map, TravelSafe can be an absolute lifesaver when you’re pushed against the wall. The app has a database of all the important numbers of locals such as police, ambulance, embassy, etc. that can be used without the use of the internet.
3. Google Translate: If you are going on a trip and have no idea about the basic language of the place, then you need to have Google Translate on your smartphone and your problems are solved. Translate any language in your native language and vice-versa, and communicate without any barriers. You can change the language according to the region and select the one that suits you the best.

4. Yahoo Weather: Heading on a vacation to an entirely new place? Don’t know what kind of clothes and accessories to carry along? The answers to all these problems is Yahoo Weather, which allows to check the weather forecast of any country in the world. Download the app if you are packing your bags for your next vacation and know the exact temperature of the city/country you are traveling to.
5. Expense Manager: Traveling involves managing a lot of expenses. Doing the same is a big task that takes a lot of time and effort too. You might even forget to note down your expenses during your vacation, which eventually will affect your budget. To keep a track of all your money and itinerary, get the Expense Manager app and enjoy your trip without any worries.
Add these apps to your travel checklist to experience a convenient travel. Also, do not forget to check low cost flights and cheap hotels to travel at budget friendly prices. Make the best use of technology by adopting in your lifestyle.

5 Reasons Why You Should Travel Alone

Tuesday, June 16th, 2015

Traveling is an exercise that not only gives you the pleasure of exploring new places, but makes you experience a lot of new things. You get to meet new people, places and abundant time to relax and introspect. There are different types of traveling adventures that help an individual in improving their lifestyle, their personality, and their mindset too. Though it’s a wonderful experience to travel with your friends, family and people with whom you like to spend your leisure time with, but you need to travel alone once to understand yourself and give yourself the space which you can’t get in your busy schedule. Here are some reasons of why you should travel alone:

Why You Should Travel Solo

1. Know Yourself: While you travel with others, your mind takes usually what the majority of the group does or say. But when you travel solo, you can think rationally that makes you independent and thus you get to know about yourself, what you are good at and what are your strengths & weakness. You can do whatever you want and learn from your mistakes which will help you in making the right decisions at every point of your life.
2. Learn to Embrace the Change: It is believed that change is good for one’s personality. When you travel alone, you tend to embrace the change more easily than in normal situations. It doesn’t only helps you in keeping a pace with your life, but also infuses creativity and innovates a fresh new approach towards life. The new surroundings and the new people teach you how to respond in different situations and phases of life.
3. Become Independent: The best part of traveling solo is that you become your own boss. No one is there to teach, guide and tell you what to do and this is the best time to do what you’ve always wanted to. Become a self-motivator, self-teacher and learn from the mistakes to become truly independent. Take a solo trip soon to enjoy your freedom and realize the importance of your independence.
4. Empower Yourself: If traveling makes you a better person, then traveling alone makes you even smarter and stronger. The journey of your trip makes you accept all the challenges with courage, thus making you capable enough to solve all your problems wisely. This whole process builds up your potential and empowers your stamina and valor. A successful solo vacation can inspire you to tackle even more things in life you’ve been afraid to try.
5. Let Yourself Grow in all the ways: Traveling alone will help you grow like never before. You become all the more confident, focused and obtainable towards your life and its various aspects. You’ll be able to look through the various problems, solve them and take a lesson from each one of them. The more you travel the more you are giving a chance to yourself to let yourself grow into a better human being who is smart enough to handle his/her life smoothly.
A solo travel is not only for your self-growth, it is good for the people who are associated with you. Break the monotony and the old traditions and take a long ride to the place which is still not yet ticked off your bucket list. It’s your life, make it large by exploring more. You can easily get to your favorite destination by browsing the cheap airfare deals at SmartFares.

The Hidden Vistas of Las Vegas

Thursday, June 11th, 2015

Las Vegas, a vibrant city which is famous for its casinos, nightlife, shopping and many more fun-filled activities. It happens to be the most popular city of the U.S. which acts as the backbone of the state of Nevada. The nightclubs, casinos, shopping centres and the lively ambience of this city makes everyone feel happy and excited. It is a perfect spot for all the travelers to spend a long vacation here. But apart from these common and known activities, there are many more things that make this city a different place to be at. Check out some awesome things that you could do on your next trip to Las Vegas.
 The Strip, Las Vegas
1. Strap in and soar over Lake Las Vegas:
Rather than doing the normal and usual stuff as people do, try this amazing thing. Stand above the water of the Las Vegas Lake with the water jet that shoots you up the water once you get on the Flyboard. Mark this on your list and feel the thrilling experience of standing on the water.
2. Explore the other-worldly rock formations:
Most people visit Las Vegas to see the Red Rock Canyon, which offers some great hikes within half an hour of The Strip. But there is another wonder about an hour’s drive away, which is known as the Valley of Fire State Park. Home to several stunning rock formations — like the White Domes, Arch Rock, Elephant Rock, and Fire Wave, etc. it is an amazing place to be at.
3. Become friends with the MGM Lions:
This might sound weird, but you could actually feed the lions at the MGM Grand and become friends with them. This place has around 45 lions that are being preserved in this 7-acre area of land where they get everything they need and deserve. You can become their one-day trainer too.
4. Take a deep dive into the Ocean: If you are a curious explorer of the underwater world, head to the Mandalay Bay Shark Reef Aquarium and sneak-peek into the lives of sharks, turtles and watch them eating their meals.
5. Hang out with the locals on First Friday:
Las Vegas is a lively city where various events and festivals take place almost every point of the year. First Friday Las Vegas is a monthly downtown event where you can get an exotic variety of food, artistic crafts, artwork and chit-chat with the locales. This way you can know more about this amazing city.
6. Enjoy a night while counting the Stars:
Get an extraordinary experience of stargazing at the Las Vegas Astronomical Society. You can count the stars with the help of the special instruments and watch them falling.
7. Let the Games Begin:
The owner of the Pinball Hall of Fame, Tim Arnold, has built up a collection of 1,000 pinball game stations where people can play and have fun. The money earned through these games is donated to the charity.
Las Vegas is much more than partying, clubbing and shopping. There will be many more places which you never knew existed, but for that you need to visit it soon. Book a cheap flight to Las Vegas with SmartFares and fly at highly affordable prices.
Happy Traveling!

10 Ways in Which Traveling Changes You

Tuesday, June 9th, 2015


A lone traveler
“Not all those who wander are lost”-J.R.R Tolkein

These words of a genius are totally worth it. Traveling is an experience that gives you the power of doing the things in a better way. It is an escape that takes you to a world of new possibilities and things that once were impossible for you. Traveling brings a major change in your lifestyle and also changes you for the better. If you still wonder how traveling can change your attitude, take a look at these ways in which traveling changes you for the better.
1. Taking Trips Makes You Wiser:
You might laugh at once after reading this, but to your surprise this is actually true. Traveling to different places makes you think in different ways, thus you change your perception about a lot of things, you try to understand the reason behind different situations and hence you realize that you are saner than you actually used to be. Plan a trip soon and experience this phenomenon yourself to know more about yourself.
2. You Become More Open-minded:
Traveling and exploring new places makes you look beyond your mindset. Meeting new people, talking to them and sharing your experiences with them helps you to become extrovert. The more you travel, the more your thoughts become broader and you get a vision that makes your understanding power more strong. Pack your bags, take a long break and lose yourself in this amazing world.
3. Traveling Builds Patience:
The long queues at a ticket counter might frustrate you initially, but the pleasure of getting a ripped fruit after a long wait makes you feel elated and satisfied. Even when the things are not under your control, you tend to make efforts to get them done and all this happens when you travel across various paths, roads and areas that you have never been before.
4. You Become Confident:
Traveling makes you feel confident, especially when you travel alone. Visiting a place you’ve never been before and getting to the place without anyone’s help builds up your self-confidence. Take a trip that you’ve been delaying for long and let yourself to the new heights of confidence and self-respect.
5. You Step Out of Your Comfort Zone:
Traveling is all about stepping out of your comfort zone and do something better. The trips you take or the places you visit are not like your daily routines, a lot of effort is required to get yourself out of the same boundary that makes you weak if you stay there for long. So, when you take a trip next time, keep a note of all these things and feel the difference yourself.
6. You Start Appreciating Small Things:
Life is all about new challenges and changes. The moment you accept and brace the change, your whole life takes a new twist and thus you appreciate even the small things that affect your mood. The rain showers can only be enjoyed when you have spent long hours in the sunshine.
7. You Become More Adaptable:
Traveling teaches you to be flexible. Not all the things can be in your favor all the time and thus slowly and steadily you start accepting things which resultantly make you more adaptable to different situations and conditions.
8. You Start Believing in Yourself:
The joy of climbing a mountain or finishing a trek without a break cannot be compared with anything else in this world. These things help you believe in yourself and make you focused towards your goal.
9. You Come Closer to Nature:
Traveling and exploring takes you to the places that are far away and even those which have never been explored yet. This way, you connect yourself to Mother Nature and become closer to its virtues.
10. You Learn the Value of Journey and Destination:
The moment you reach your destination, you realize that it’s the journey that matters not the destination. This certain realization makes you change your perspective about a huge number of things.
Traveling is not just an escape from the monotonous life, it’s a process that helps you to introspect and learn new things. So, take your travel buddy along and explore the hidden vistas of life by traveling to a faraway place. You can book a cheap flight with SmartFares and grab huge discounts on your travel.

6 Breathtaking Places You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

Thursday, June 4th, 2015

There are many stories about the natural places that have no records in the history but they exist in abundance. If you are bored of traveling and exploring the same kind of places every time, then here is the list of 6 breathtaking places that you probably didn’t know existed. Have a look and add them to your bucketlist to experience an entirely different world that will leave you amazed.
1. Whitehaven Beach, Australia:
Whitehaven Beach, Australia:
Whitehaven beach is a 7 km stretch along Whitsunday Island, Australia. Located in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef, this beach happens to be among the world’s top unspoiled and beautiful beaches. It has been voted as Queensland’s cleanest beach as it boasts the presence of white silica sand and waves of crystal clear water. Dive, sail and enjoy a cruise ride with your friends and family and rejuvenate yourself with the fresh air and vigorous turquoise water by visiting this amazing place.
2. Dean’s Blue Hole, Bahamas:
Dean’s Blue Hole, Bahamas:
Situated in the Grotto Bay of Bahamas, Dean’s Blue Hole is the deepest known salt water blue hole. It is a water-filled deep cave which is famous among the scuba divers and snorkelers.The dramatic appearance of this under water cave will leave you amused. If you are an adventure lover, then this place is surely for you, plan a visit soon to meet some friendly sea turtles and tarpon fishes that swim along while you delve into its deep shadows.
3. Benagil, Portugal:
Benagil, Portugal
This small Portuguese village is one of the few remaining small Algarve fishing villages that has only seventy houses, located on the cliff tops of a small ravine that faces the beautiful beach. This small place treasures an amazing aura of beaches whose bluer than the blue beaches will catch your eyes. This beautiful place also possesses a mind-blowing sea cave which is hard to find anywhere else in the world. You will definitely not like to miss this awe-inspiring place.
4. Hamilton Pool Preserve, Texas:
Hamilton Pool, Texas
This natural pool was created when the dome of an underground river collapsed due to massive erosion thousands of years ago. Large slabs of limestone surround the pool and make a cliff kind of thing with its existence. The natural waterfall complete the view of this amazing natural scenery which shall be explored while planning a trip to Austin, Texas. The best thing about this natural pool is that it never dries up entirely so you can enjoy a bath or swim to its depth anytime of the year.
5. Ladakh, India:
Ladakh, India
This mountainous region in India happens to be one of the most amazing places in the world. Wonderful landscapes, huge mountains, deep valleys and blue water of the Pangong Tso Lake are nothing less than a heavenly experience. The sights of the natural wonders will make you wonder in surprise and you’ll definitely fall in love with its grace. The cold weather of the place is another highlight that will freeze your body within a fraction of seconds. It is surely an incredible place that shall be visited once for sure.
6. Hvítserkur, Iceland:
Hvítserkur, Iceland
One of Iceland’s many wonders, Hvítserkur is a rock formation that protrudes from the Huna Bay. Some say its shape is reminiscent of a petrified sea monster. Local birds, Arctic Terns can be found roaming around while being here. You can even see a small waterfall anywhere around the rocks that get formed with the rain. To get the experience of lifetime, you need to visit it once. Book a flight today and land to this alluring place.
There are many more places that can be explored but you should visit them all first. No matter which place you want to visit, you can find cheap flights with SmartFares. Book your travel now and grab huge discounts on your next travel.

Where to Travel this Independence Day

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015

4th July marks the celebration of the Independence Day, an annual event in lieu of the independence that we got back in the year 1941. The whole of U.S. comes together to make this day special; dazzling fireworks, parades and large number of mobs are the common sights that could be seen on the streets. This day is not just a holiday, it’s an event that can be enjoyed and utilised in many other ways. Out of which, traveling and spending the weekend with family or friends is an ideal way to do the same. So, pack your bags and take a break to spend some time together while celebrating the freedom of being independent.
Here are a few destinations that shall be visited this Independence day:
1. Boston:
Being one of the oldest cities of the U.S, Boston hosts a party of a different kind, as one of the nation’s premier July 4th destination. The activities like fireworks, concerts, kids’ days, cruises and tours are prominent in the city. Apart from celebrating the Independence Day, there are many other sightseeing spots such which can be explored too, these include the Freedom Trail, Fenway Park, Public Garden, Boston Harbor, Museum of Science and Faneuil Hall etc. Plan a trip your buddies and enjoy the weekend in a unique way.
2. Chicago:
Chicagoans are quite excited for celebrating the Independence Day. The enthusiasm can be seen among the residents who start making the arrangements in advance. Spectacular firework displays, fun festivals, rockin’ concerts and ballgames make the city an obvious choice for a holiday. Also, the various spots such as Lake Michigan, Navy Pier, Willis Tower, Lincoln Park Zoo, Grant Park and Buckingham Fountain make it a perfect destination for spending the weekend. Book your flights now to avoid any kind of hassles.

3. Philadelphia:
There cannot be a better place to celebrate the Independence Day than in the city of the Nation’s birth— Philadelphia. The old stomping grounds of the Founding Fathers, this history-rich city lays claim to being the place where the Declaration of Independence and Constitution were both drafted. The historical past of the country will definitely urge you to explore it thoroughly. Not just this, the Independence hall, Liberty Hall, Independence National Historical Park, Philadelphia Zoo and Franklin Square are some of the places that can make your visit worth during the weekend.
4. San Diego:
San Diego, California
While you are looking for a town that celebrates the Independence Day with some barbecues, beer, bonfires and fantastic fireworks, then San Diego is the place to be at. Enjoy an evening along the Mission and Pacific beaches which are crowded with merry sunbathers from dawn ’til dusk. Your visit can be more exciting if you visit the major attractions like, San Diego safari park, Birch aquarium, Belmont Park etc. Do not forget to witness the Big Bay Fireworks show at 9 pm. That happens to be the largest celebration event that lights up the sky with amazing fireworks.
5. Washington, D.C.:
There cannot be a better place to celebrate the Independence Day other than its capital. Several exciting events lead up to the culmination of the July 4th festivities, one of which is the Smithsonian Folklife Festival along the National Mall. There are many historic landmarks, parks and neighbourhoods that include the famous National Space and Air Museum, Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, International Spy Museum, Newseum, Ford’s Theatre etc. There is so much to see in Washington D.C. that you’ll definitely enjoy spending your weekend here.
Though there are many more places that can be visited during the Independence weekend but celebrating while exploring is a perfect idea. You can fly to any of these places by grabbing huge discounts with the Independence Day Deals and save big. Book your flight now to avoid any kind of hassles.

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