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Archive for November, 2013

Thanksgiving Travel Tips

Thursday, November 21st, 2013


The Thanksgiving holiday is beyond any doubt the busiest travel time of the year with all transportation delays, traffic and travel snags meeting travelers at each turn. But pre-planning is the best option to save your time and money. We will be share some important travel tips in this blog and hundred percent sure you’ll be thankful for these travel tips.

Plan Ahead

It’s never too early to start your holiday planning. Within the early travel booking, you can take advantage of lower rates and seats aplenty. If you want to get some discount coupon or deals for your travel, you have to sign up for newsletters and notifications from your preferred airlines and travel website. You must follow your favourites on Twitter and Facebook, where special sale notifications could pop up before they’re out there to the overall public.

Travel Lite

As a lot of airlines start charging for checked luggage, it is a good idea to pack lite-weight and continue your bag. But keep on mind that your fellow travelers can all have an equivalent plan and overhead area is also tight aboard. To lighten your traveling load, contemplate shipping a number of your belongings to your final destination prior to time, especially presents and bulky items like diaper or extra clothes that you won’t need during the journey.

Choose the Best Days

The day before Thanksgiving is the busiest travel day of the year closely followed by the Sunday when the big day once travelers tear themselves far away from the leftovers and soccer to create the journey home. To avoid being late and awful weekday travel rush, fly out on Monday or weekday or perhaps Thanksgiving morning. When you’re ready to head home, take flight on Friday when the masses have moved on from the airports to the shopping centres to score the best holiday deals. The crowds devour once more on Saturday, reaching a vital peak on Sunday, before levelling out on Monday.

High-Tech Troubleshooting

It’s common sense to arrive at the airport early — you will need the time for parking and security. But you’ll avoid some airport hassles by taking advantage of helpful applications that may be used on your smart phone. Airlines as well as Southwest, Delta and American Airlines all have mobile websites wherever passengers will check in, make sure seats and keep track of their flight status.

Top National Parks to See in the Fall

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

For lovers of the great outdoors, America offers many National Parks for visitors to explore the beauty of nature in fall season on their holidays to the USA. Discover glittering streams and waterfalls, see exotic birds and experience the majesty of a tropical jungle where the quiet is only broken by the sounds of nature, then you will enjoy the following must-see national parks in USA. The following are just a few of the many parks that you will find throughout the country, there are just far too many to mention them all.

Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park, Maine

The Acadia National Park is home to many plants and animals, and the tallest mountain on the U.S. Atlantic coast. Today visitors come to Acadia to hike granite peaks, bike historic carriage roads, or relax and enjoy the scenery. In Acadia National Park you will find granite cliffs side by side with sand and cobblestone beaches. Glacier-carved mountains rise from the sea, cupping deep lakes in their valleys. Here, too, are meadows and marshes and dense evergreen forests. Everywhere the ocean makes its presence felt, whether by sight, sound, or smell.

Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park

Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park, Texas

Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park tells the story of 36th President beginning with his ancestors until his final resting place on his beloved LBJ Ranch. This entire “circle of life” gives the visitor a unique perspective into one of America’s most noteworthy citizens by providing the most complete picture of an American president.

Mammoth Cave National Park

Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky

Mammoth Cave National Park is a U.S. National Park in central Kentucky, encompassing portions of Mammoth Cave. This is the world’s longest known cave system, with more than 400 miles explored. Early guide Stephen Bishop called the cave a “grand, gloomy and peculiar place,” but its vast chambers and complex labyrinths have earned its name – Mammoth.

Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore

Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, Michigan

Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore is a United States National Lakeshore located along the northwest coast of the Lower Peninsula of Michigan in Leelanau County and Benzie County. It is peaceful and serene. A place where gazing out into the world, night or day, and realizing that the universe is truly a magical, majestic mystery and humans are just a very small part of it all.

Valley Forge National Historical Park

Valley Forge National Historical Park, Pennsylvania

Valley Forge National Historical Park is a peaceful reminder of freedom won by sacrifices long ago. It was here that General George Washington forged his Continental Army into a fighting force during the winter encampment of 1777-78.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Great Smoky Mountains National Park, North Carolina and Tennessee

Great Smoky Mountains National Park is a United States National Park and UNESCO World Heritage Site that straddles the ridgeline of the Great Smoky Mountains, part of the Blue Ridge Mountains, which are a division of the larger Appalachian Mountain chain. World renowned for its diversity of plant and animal life, the beauty of its ancient mountains, and the quality of its remnants of Southern Appalachian mountain culture, this is America’s most visited national park.

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