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101 Travel Guide for Bora Bora

Located in the middle of the picturesque South Pacific Ocean, ideally renowned for its natural landscapes and enthralling climate conditions, the French Polynesian archipelago of Bora Bora is a perfect example of nature’s artistry that have been giving tourists a reason of keep on believing in the nature. With attributes that can make you fall in love at first sight, Bora Bora consist of a wide array of splendid mountains, impeccable shores, sandy beaches, striking coral reefs, fascinating landscapes on the mainland and a culture that is appealing enough. Each year, thousands of tourists take cheap flights to Bora Bora in order to explore the enchanting range of captivating attractions the city has. So, if you too like to have a first-hand experience of this indulging getaway option in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean, then you shall have a look at the following attributes that will help you judge Bora Bora better:

Bora Bora

  1. Transportation

The city has small yet efficient transport system that majorly connects with all the prominent sites a voyager can possibly visit. However, due to low infrastructure on the mainland and limited number of visitors and locals, the city has its limits. The bus service is quite frequent in day time but have low frequency in the nights. You can also get a taxi or hire a cab but the roads aren’t that wide or smooth to drive around. You can also rent a cycle to stroll around and enjoy the off-road attractions without being worried about a smooth parking space. As most of the resorts are located at the connecting islands and small lands, you can easily get the ferry and boat ride if you ask from your hotel for the same.

  1. Attractions

Despite being a highlight of the South Pacific Ocean, the island of Bora Bora is quite low when you speak on the number of renowned attractions as every inch of the island has its own beauty and charm. The most prominent attractions Musée de marine Bora bora, WWII Guns Faanui, Plage Matira, Monte Otemanu, Matira Point, Monte Pahia, Amanahune and Playa Matira that are the most known and reputed places to name and search on the island. Although, there are tons of other landscapes and sunset/sunrise points that will indulge you by its beauty, yet if you seek a place to laid-back and enjoy the beauty and freshness of the nature, you can walk towards any direction and you will find a place that will worth all your efforts.

  1. Activities

Being surrounded by the South Pacific Ocean and made of the volcanic activities for hundreds of years, Bora Bora has an amazing array of attributes that are enjoyed by going through myriad activities like marine safari, snorkeling, surfing, sailing, diving, walking tours, Jet Ski tours, kiteboarding, trekking tours, beach sports, parties and much more. If you enjoying the nights the most and have your partner with you, then you can always ask for the hotel property to give you the best ideas of the places that are holding parties and nightlife experiences at that particular time and you can experience plethora of activities with native culture and lifestyle.

  1. Food

As a beach destination surrounded with nothing but miles stretch of turquoise blue shallow water, this French Polynesian island is reputed for its cultural seafood culinary and you will find all the major dishes on the island of Bora Bora connected with the fishes and other seafood. The dishes served in the major restaurants in on the island are freshly caught and served with great flavors and traditional methods of cooking. Places like La Villa Mahana, Kaina Hut, Fare Manuia, Jean-Georges, Le Matira Beach Restaurant Yacht Club, Bloody Mary’s Restaurant and many more are the perfect places to taste some of the freshest seafood with exquisite taste and lip-smacking flavors.

  1. Shopping

Being a less-developed island as compared to other island cities on the Caribbean, Southeast Asia and the Indian Ocean, Bora Bora has a limited number of markets and shops which are majorly located on the mainland and consist of the traditional and cultural handicraft and souvenir shops apart from groceries and daily usable goods. Deep Sea Pearls Mall is the biggest shopping hub on the isle of Bora Bora that has almost everything you need during your vacation on this French Polynesian island. You can also come across myriad galleries that sell the fine quality of art works in the form of pottery, sculptures, painting, handicraft goods and more to bring back as a souvenir of visiting this awesome getaway destination.

Bora Bora is among the most spellbinding and naturally rich islands in the world and no matter whether you like nature, adventure, serenity or just a laid-back getaway, this island will offer you one of the finest experiences you can ever have on the face of the earth. So, if you find yourself intrigued by the spectacular beauty and charm of this superlative French Polynesian region, then all you need now is to consider the services of SmartFares to get the best deals on cheap flights to Bora Bora and enjoy a captivating and memorable getaway experience on the exquisite volcanic island on the South Pacific Ocean.

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