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10 Must Visit Destinations This Summer

We all desire to travel the world and this desire gets stronger as the summer passes by. There is no better time to get relaxed and step out of the house to enjoy the beauty and diversity of the world. As someone said that “work hard in winters and relax even harder in summers” and we all should follow the rule in order to keep the fun and excitement alive in our lives. If you follow this proverb, then you must be looking for a must visit destination in summer 2016. Here we have jotted down a list of top 10 must visit destinations this summer and giving a brief, why they are the best and why you should visit them. So, check out the list and make your summer vacation plans accordingly:

1. Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik, Iceland

Among the most unique, picturesque and dazzling destinations across the Europe, Reykjavik, Iceland is a wonderful place to spend the summer vacation. The city that enjoys the daylight of approximately 22 hours in a day during summers, you have plenty of time to explore the beauty of cold nature and get delighted by the panoramic landscapes as well as the rich culture of this fascinating town. Besides, the ideal conditions of winter will keep you away from steaming heat in the US and offer a completely different exposure.

2. Athens, Greece

Athens, Greece

Summer vacations are ideal when you spend them on the beach, and when it comes to beach, the purity of nature can be found at the European coasts and Athens has made itself on top of the list in it. The city with tons of beautiful landscapes and dazzling beaches will enhance the fun of your vacation tenfold. With a number of graceful heritage sites and modern architecture, soak yourself in the picturesque beauty of nature and get delighted by the history and culture preserved in the museums and galleries scattered across the city.

3. Milan, Italy


If you have the hobby of fashion and travel, you will love visiting Milan during summer vacation, as the fashion capital of the world, Milan hosts a number of events and festivals to showcase the booming fashion industry and introduce new dimensions in the fashion world. Stroll around the fantastic marketplaces and enchanting boulevards to explore not only gigantic brands and malls, but also to admire the lively culture and fascinating architecture of Italy.

4. Istria, Croatia

Istria, Croatia

Ideally located in the North-West region of Croatia, Istria is among the most least-known yet perfectly dazzling cities in the Europe. The triangular-shaped region is known for its raw ports, adorable and colorful architecture and cultural diversity that comes from myriad rulings, including Romans, Italians, Yugoslavians, Hungarians and a few more. Flocking tourists, booming tourism and thriving culture make it a perfect summer escape destination in the Eastern Europe region.

5. Bern, Switzerland

Bern, Switzerland

The Swiss capital and among the most refreshing destinations across the world, known for the green lands and marvelous culture, Bern is an absolute delight for summer vacation. The stunning view of landscapes, uniformed houses, colorful fountains, medieval architecture and frisky lifestyle makes Bern, among the most fabulous and must visit destination for summer vacations. With a list of world heritage sites, Bern has become one of the delightful and serene destinations to enjoy on your family summer vacations.

6. Mexico City

Mexico City

The most cliché options for summer vacation and one of the most flocking getaways for everyone, Mexico City has been a wonderful escape idea. The most bustling city in the entire North America, Mexico City has become one of the most picturesque and visit city in the region. With pre-Hispanic pyramids, exotic dining options, colonial architecture, zealous locals and bustling streets make it a pretty dynamic city. Hence, it is a great experience that will provide you the bridge between past and present.

7. Havana, Cuba


The city where time has stuck in the colonial era and where people love to live with simplicity, Havana, Cuba is a city that has been a dream destination for most of us. The Cuban capital, known for its colorful houses, congested streets and fabulous cars is something that we all love to witness once. Summer in Havana is an absolutely phenomenon where you can not only cherish the days away from home, admiring the simple and exciting lifestyle of Cubans, but can also be a part of some of the finest celebrations held in the summer every year.

8. Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro

Rio is among the most fabulous beach holiday destinations in the world, and each year, millions of voyagers travel across the world to be a part of something much more exciting and energetic. The sprawling beaches and exotic landscapes makes the city even more thriving. This year, when the city is about to host the Olympics in the month of August, travelers would love to be a part of something that big, hence loads of travelers are actually flying to Rio de Janeiro now to experience the energy of Olympics 2016.

9. Singapore


An Island city-state in the south of Malaysia, Singapore is among the most renowned and amazing summer holiday destinations in South-East Asia. With numerous beaches, isles and temples, Singapore provide the most exotic delight for travelers visiting during their summer vacations. The contrast and beauty of Singapore have always given a great escapist experience and with moderate weather conditions during summers, travelers can also soak into the sandy beaches stretched miles around the Singapore.

10. Sydney


Among the most thriving and fascinating cities in the world, Sydney has become the travel magnet during summers in last a few years. Cold weather, fabulous backdrops, electrifying atmosphere and captivating beaches make Sydney a perfect getaway for summer vacations. Although, the city is way far away from the USA, yet tons of travelers fly all the way to Australia to enjoy the cold weather, exotic beaches and magical city of Sydney.

There are endless other options to go for during this summer break, and if you are among those who are planning to step out and enjoy the best of summer vacations, search for some cheap flights this summer and take the advantages of special offers on summer travel deals.

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